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TLDRفي هذا الفيديو، يحاول Tom Benson التغلب على تحديات معينة مع مشاركة فريق متعدد اللاعبين. يبدأ الحدث بمحاولة الفوز في ثلاث تحديات، ثم ينتقل إلى مواجهة فريق الكابتن. يشير Benson إلى أنه قد يكون هناك مفاجأة في الأداء، ويشدد على أهمية الجهد المضاعف. يحتفل Benson بإنجازاته مع الجمهور، مع التركيز على الأهداف المرتقبة والتكتيكات القوية، مثل الrinting والتكتيكات الشاملة. يشير إلى أن الأداء الجيد يمكن أن يرسل إلى المدارس العليا. يشير إلى مقاطع الفيديو الأخرى، وتشير إلى مقاطعة ممتعة من لعبة Man City. يختتم الفيديو بالتأكيد على الأداء الجيد والإنجازات.


  • 🎮 Tom Benson is introducing a new video where he will attempt to beat three challenges.
  • 🏆 The goal is to win three challenges, which seems to be a recurring theme in the video.
  • 🤔 Tom mentions setting the scoring as a 'gift', which could imply a special scoring system or a humorous reference.
  • 😲 There's an acknowledgment that someone else might be playing, adding an element of surprise or confusion.
  • 💪 The script talks about putting in more effort, suggesting a competitive or challenging aspect to the game.
  • 🤯 Tom expresses excitement and disbelief at a player's overhead kick, which seems to be a significant moment in the video.
  • 🚫 He initially doubts the success of the overhead kick, but is proven wrong by the player's skill.
  • 🇰🇷 A player named Korean Menudo scores three out of five, indicating a high level of performance.
  • 🏃 There's a sense of urgency to score the next two goals to win.
  • 🎓 Tom promises to send the video to top five schools, emphasizing the impressive nature of the gameplay.
  • 📺 The video includes a reference to checking out Rachel's video for all three challenges, suggesting it's part of a series or related content.
  • 🎂 An 'overhead cake' is mentioned, which might be a term for a specific move or a humorous way to describe the overhead kick.

Q & A

  • ما هي الهدف الرئيسي في هذا الفيديو؟

    -الهدف الرئيسي في هذا الفيديو هو محاولة الفوز على 'كابتن' في ثلاث تحديات.

  • ماذا تشير العبارة 'let's run being scored let's go let's go' إلى؟

    -تشير هذه العبارة إلى بدء المحاولة الأولى في التحديات.

  • ماذا يشير إلى 'I can pan, web seems boström'؟

    -هذا النص غير واضح بشكل واضح، قد يكون هناك خطأ في الكتابة أو الترجمة، ولكن بشكل عام قد يشير إلى القدرة على التحكم في الأحداث أو الأحداث المرتقبة.

  • ماذا تعني العبارة 'scorching as a gift'؟

    -قد يشير هذا النص إلى أن النتيجة أو النتيجة النهائية ست被授予 ك هدية، ولكن النص غير واضح بشكل واضح.

  • لماذا يذكر Tom Benson أنه قد يرسل هذا الفيديو إلى المدارس الأعلى؟

    -يذكر ذلك لأن الأداء في التحديات كان ممتازًا و百分之百 ساحرًا، لذا يعتقد أنه يستحق مشاركة المدارس الأعلى.

  • ماذا تشير العبارة 'Korean menudo he got three out of five' إلى؟

    -تشير إلى أن الشخص الذي يتحدث في الفيديو حصل على ثلاث أهداث من خمسة محاولة في التحدي.

  • ماذا تعني العبارة 'I see, oh my god you'll have to school one more'؟

    -تشير إلى أن الشخص يحتاج إلى محاولة أخرى لتحقيق النجاح في التحدي.

  • ماذا تشير العبارة 'every single one of us have beaten roaches' إلى؟

    -تشير إلى أن جميع الأفراد في الفريق قد فزوا بالتحديات التي تواجهها.

  • لماذا يشير Tom إلى مشاهد Rachel في الوصف؟

    -يشير إلى مشاهد Rachel لأنها تتضمن جميع التحديات التي تم مناقشتها في الفيديو.

  • ماذا تشير العبارة 'overhead cake was pretty good' إلى؟

    -تشير إلى أن الأداء الذي أُعرف بـ 'overhead kick' في الفيديو كان جيدًا.

  • ما المعنى من 'cue the clip bass'؟

    -هذا النص يشير إلى بدء تشغيل مقطع موسيقي مع بأس الصوت.

  • ماذا تشير العبارة 'shit's gone' إلى في هذا السياق؟

    -قد يشير إلى أنه حدث خطأ أو مشكلة غير متوقعة، أو أن الأداء قد انتهت بشكل غير متوقع.



😀 Introduction to the Challenge

The video begins with Tom Benson enthusiastically greeting the audience and introducing the challenge of the day. He explains that they will attempt to beat three captains, having won three previous challenges. The atmosphere is competitive, with a focus on scoring and a playful banter about possibly being someone else. The speaker also hints at a surprise or impressive feat that he promises to share with top five schools, indicating the significance and quality of the content to follow.




In the context of the video, 'captain' likely refers to a challenge or level named after a captain figure, symbolizing leadership or a higher level of difficulty. The narrator mentions attempting to beat three captains, which suggests a competitive scenario, possibly in a video game or a sports challenge. The term sets the stage for a themed challenge that each participant must overcome, indicating a structured and goal-oriented activity.


The term 'challenges' in the video refers to specific tasks or goals that the participants aim to achieve. These are framed within a competitive context where success is measured by accomplishing set objectives. Challenges are central to the video's theme, providing structure and a sense of progression as each participant attempts to complete them. The narrative implies a series of efforts, each with its own difficulty, enhancing the video's engagement and excitement.


Scoring is a recurring theme in the video, referring to the act of achieving points or goals in a challenge. The urgency and excitement around scoring are highlighted by phrases like 'let's run being scored' and 'blast it and try like baguette top bins.' Scoring serves as a measure of success and a direct way to gauge performance in the video's competitive setup.

💡overhead kick

An 'overhead kick' is a skilled and visually impressive soccer move used here as a key moment in the video. It is specifically mentioned as a highlight, suggesting a significant achievement in the challenge. The narrator's anticipation and reaction to the overhead kick underscore its importance in the context of the video, showcasing skill and possibly turning the tide in the challenge.


The term 'tightrope' metaphorically refers to a critical or risky phase in the video where outcomes are uncertain, and the stakes are high. Used here in a context like 'on a tightrope,' it suggests that the challenges are balanced finely between success and failure, adding tension and drama to the narrative.


In this script, 'virtuals' likely refers to virtual challenges or competitions. This term, embedded in the phrase 'instead of virtuals,' contrasts actual achievements with hypothetical or simulated ones, underscoring the reality and authenticity of the challenges faced in the video.


A 'goal' in this video script serves both as the literal objective in a sports context and as a metaphor for broader ambitions within the challenges. Goals are central to the video's plot, driving the participants' efforts and the overall narrative. Scoring a goal is celebrated and is a key measure of success.


Effort in this script is highlighted in phrases like 'a lot of put 2 more efforts,' emphasizing the hard work and determination required to succeed in the challenges. The mention of effort adds depth to the participants' journey, showcasing their commitment and enhancing viewer engagement by highlighting the struggle behind each achievement.


Reacting in the video refers to the participants' immediate responses to events during the challenges, such as when a goal is scored or missed. This keyword underscores the dynamic and interactive aspect of the video, where viewer engagement is heightened by witnessing genuine reactions to unfolding events.


The 'video' in this context is the medium through which the story and challenges are presented. It is both the format and the narrative device, serving as a window into the competition and interactions among the participants. The video encapsulates the entire experience, from challenge setup to participant reactions and outcomes.


Tom Benson introduces a new video where he aims to beat three challenges

The first challenge involves scoring goals in a game, with the aim to score at least three

Tom sets the scoring system as a gift, implying it may be a unique or unusual method

He mentions that the scoring system might be different from what viewers expect

Tom puts in more effort in the second attempt, showing determination to succeed

He uses a unique strategy of using overhead kicks to score goals

Tom expresses confidence that he will score at least one goal in the next two attempts

He reacts with excitement when he successfully executes an overhead kick

Tom promises to share the impressive moment with top five schools, indicating its significance

In the third challenge, Tom scores three out of five goals, exceeding expectations

He compares his overhead kick to a famous move by footballer Rudy Games

Tom credits the success to the unique scoring system he used

He encourages viewers to check out Rachel's video for more on the three challenges

Tom thanks viewers for watching and recaps the highlights of the video

The video ends with a humorous reference to a memorable moment from a previous video

Overall, the video showcases Tom's creativity, determination and passion for football

It provides valuable insights into innovative scoring methods and strategies in football

The video has a significant impact on viewers, inspiring them to think outside the box

Tom's unique approach to scoring goals has practical applications in improving football skills

The video serves as a valuable resource for football enthusiasts looking to improve their game



Tom Benson hey guys looking here


welcome to new video now today we are


going to be trying to beat three captain


since winning three challenges we're all


going to do one it's as simple as that


let's run being scored let's go let's go


first try


awesome left I can pan


web seems boström let's go set the


scoring as a gift keep in mind not said


that I might be someone else


a lot of put 2 more efforts


blast it and try like baguette top bins


be brutal score if he gets one goal out


the next two on a tightrope voice we


pick know he'd see me reacting when he's


asking for their overhead kick I say no


you're just gonna miss and it's you're


gonna give it to row to shore but look


what he's about to do and I promise you


this is 100% legit


I can literally send this to so many top


five schools the weeks and I will do


because it is so good


Korean menudo he got three out of five


instead of virtuals - I see


oh my god you'll have to school one more


out the next two I need to school this


to win


every single one of us have beaten


roaches your school bar only just gonna


go check out Rachel's video with all


three of these challenges it's in the


description thank you guys for watching


nice overhead cake by the way guys


overhead cake was pretty good well it


was he remind you of water weight Rudy


Games Man City cue the clip bass


shit's gone

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