I wrote a song for my long distance boyfriend.

Liv Swearingen (LIV)
19 Feb 202405:36


TLDRThe video script narrates the journey of an artist preparing to record a song about their long-distance love, who is set to meet them in Sweden. The artist shares their morning routine, the excitement of recording, and the creative process in the studio, including the challenges of getting the music and lyrics just right. The anticipation builds as they travel to Sweden, nervously awaiting their reunion. The emotional climax comes when the artist plays the song for their loved one, eliciting an emotional and positive response. The summary captures the essence of the artist's creative process, the emotional depth of long-distance relationships, and the joy of sharing one's art with a loved one.


  • 🎵 The artist is in the process of recording a new song early in the morning, which is about someone they will see in Sweden.
  • ⏰ They have a tight schedule, as they are leaving for Sweden on Tuesday and need to complete the song in time.
  • 🧊 The artist prefers iced coffee in the morning as it helps wake them up and prepare for the day's work.
  • 🎹 They start by playing around on the piano and then move on to recording, relying on their producer for technical aspects like chords.
  • 🎧 The artist experiences some technical difficulties with their headphones but remains committed to getting the song right.
  • 🎤 They mention the need to warm up their voice and express frustration when things don't go as planned during the recording session.
  • ✈️ The artist travels to Sweden after completing the recording session, enduring a 15-hour flight.
  • 🤗 Upon arrival in Sweden, they are nervous about meeting the person the song is about, comparing the feeling to first date jitters.
  • ❤️ The song is a heartfelt expression of the challenges and emotions of a long-distance relationship.
  • 🎉 The person the song is for reacts positively, expressing admiration for the artist's talent and the emotional impact of the song.
  • 😢 The artist is moved to tears by the positive reaction, indicating the deep personal connection to the song and its subject.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the song that the artist is recording?

    -The main theme of the song is about the artist's long-distance relationship and the anticipation of reuniting with the person they are in a relationship with.

  • Why did the artist decide to record the song before leaving for Sweden?

    -The artist wanted to complete the song before leaving for Sweden to show it to the person they are in a relationship with, as the song is about him.

  • What does the artist consider as the first step in the process of recording a song?

    -The first step in the process, as mentioned by the artist, is getting out of bed.

  • Why does the artist prefer iced coffee over hot coffee in the morning?

    -The artist prefers iced coffee because the coldness of the ice helps to wake them up in the morning.

  • What does the artist do to prepare for their studio session?

    -The artist does a little hair and makeup, puts on a cozy sweater, and also picks up a latte for their producer before heading to the studio.

  • What is the artist's approach to creating the music for the song?

    -The artist starts by playing around on the piano and then transfers the tune to a digital audio workstation, relying on the producer for the technical aspects like chords and other 'nerdy' details.

  • How does the artist feel about the long-distance aspect of their relationship?

    -The artist acknowledges that long-distance relationships are hard, especially when they are across the world, but they believe that the distance will make their relationship stronger.

  • What is the artist's reaction to the long-distance relationship and the challenges it presents?

    -The artist expresses nervousness and the feeling of first-date jitters when meeting their partner after a period of separation, but also finds the reunion magical and exciting.

  • Why does the artist feel the need to warm up their voice before recording?

    -The artist feels the need to warm up their voice because it is tired, and warming up helps to prepare it for the recording session.

  • What does the artist do to get into the 'zone' for recording?

    -The artist prefers to turn off the metronome as it distracts them from getting into the right emotional state for recording.

  • How does the person the song is about react to hearing it for the first time?

    -The person the song is about reacts positively, expressing that they love the song and complimenting the artist on their talent.

  • What is the main message or sentiment of the song?

    -The main message of the song is about enduring the challenges of a long-distance relationship with the hope that it will strengthen the bond between the two individuals.



🎼 Song Recording Journey 🎼

The video begins with the artist waking up early to record a song about someone they will meet in Sweden. They share their excitement about the process, from the initial morning routine with iced coffee to getting ready and heading to the studio. The artist collaborates with a producer, playing around on the piano, and working on the song's chords and lyrics. Despite some initial struggles and nerves, they manage to complete the recording session. The artist then travels to Sweden, expressing their anxiety about the reunion, but ultimately sharing a heartfelt moment with the song's subject. The video ends with a snippet of the song, which is about enduring the challenges of long-distance relationships and the hope of being reunited.


🎉 Emotional Reaction 🎉

In the second paragraph, the artist describes the recipient's emotional reaction to the song. The recipient is deeply moved, expressing their admiration and appreciation for the artist's talent. The video captures the artist's own emotional response, starting to cry, which underscores the personal significance and the emotional weight of the song they've created.




The term 'morning' refers to the time of day that is after dawn and before noon. In the context of the video, it sets the scene for the artist's day and the beginning of the creative process. The script mentions, 'oh good morning it is 7:13 in the morning,' indicating the start of a new day and the commencement of the artist's work on their song.


Recording is the process of capturing and preserving sound or other data. In the video, it is central to the artist's activities as they are preparing to record their next song. The script includes, 'I am recording my next song,' which highlights the main action taking place and the artist's purpose for the day.


Sweden is a country in Northern Europe. In the video, it is significant as the destination the artist is traveling to, which is also related to the song's theme. The artist says, 'I leave for Sweden on Tuesday,' which ties the song's creation to a personal connection and the upcoming journey.


A studio is a place where artistic work, such as music or film production, takes place. In the script, 'drove to the studio' indicates the location where the artist will be recording their song, emphasizing the professional environment for music creation.


A producer in the context of music is a person who works with an artist to create a piece of music, often overseeing the recording process. The script mentions, 'I stopped and got my producer a latte,' which shows the collaborative relationship between the artist and the producer in the song creation process.


The piano is a musical instrument played by striking keys on a keyboard. It is used in the video as a tool for composing music. The artist says, 'Dilly Dilly, dle didly doodle around on the piano,' which illustrates the piano's role in the initial stages of songwriting.


Chords in music are combinations of different notes played together. They form the harmonic foundation of songs. The script includes, 'I need the chords to my own song,' which indicates the artist's reliance on chords to structure and give form to their melody.


Lyrics are the words of a song. They convey the song's message and tell a story or express emotions. The artist mentions, 'I should know these lyrics I wrote them,' which underscores the importance of lyrics in completing the song and the personal connection the artist has with their own words.


Distance in this context refers to the physical or emotional space between people. The song is about the experience of being far away from a loved one. The lyrics 'they say distance makes the heart grow fonder' capture the theme of longing and the strength that can come from being apart.


Travel is the act of moving from one place to another, often over a long distance. In the video, the artist is preparing to travel to Sweden, which is a significant part of the narrative. The script states, 'it was time to travel to Sweden,' highlighting the journey's importance to the song's inspiration and the artist's emotional state.


A performance is the act of presenting a form of art, like music, to an audience. The artist's reaction to the song is a form of performance, as it conveys their feelings and reactions non-verbally. The script describes, 'you like it I love it,' which is a performance of appreciation and validation of the artist's work.


Love is a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties. In the video, love is the underlying theme of the song and the emotional connection that the artist is expressing. The lyrics 'so I'll wait a little longer for you' reflect the artist's commitment and the power of love despite the challenges of distance.


The artist is recording a new song that is about someone they will see in Sweden.

The song was completed about a week prior to the recording session.

The artist plans to take the audience through the entire process of recording a song and working with a producer.

Iced coffee is preferred in the morning as it helps wake the artist up.

The artist does some hair and makeup and wears a cozy sweater before heading to the studio.

The artist buys a latte for their producer before starting the recording session.

The recording process begins with playing around on the piano and then moving to a digital audio workstation.

The artist collaborates with a producer who handles the technical aspects of music production.

The artist needs the chords for their own song, indicating a reliance on the producer's expertise.

There is a playful moment where the artist is unsure if they appear taller than they are.

The artist experiences feedback issues during the recording session.

The artist finds it difficult to get into the 'zone' with the metronome on.

The lyrics of the song are mentioned, hinting at a personal and emotional connection to the subject.

The artist expresses nervousness about the long-distance aspect of their relationship.

The song is about the challenges and emotions of a long-distance relationship.

The artist travels to Sweden for a 15-hour flight to meet the person the song is about.

Upon arrival in Sweden, the artist is extremely nervous to meet the person the song is about.

The person's reaction to the song is captured, expressing love and admiration for the artist's talent.

The song's lyrics are shared, emphasizing the theme of waiting and the strength that distance can bring to a relationship.





oh good morning it is 7:13 in the


morning yeah my brain doesn't work at


this hour I am


recording my next song I leave for


Sweden on Tuesday I needed to fit in


time to record this song so that I can


show him when I'm there cuz it's about


him I finished the song maybe a week ago


I'm going to take you guys on this whole


process of going to the studio working


with a producer it's kind of a lot but I


love it the first step is getting out of


bed this is what we're working


with okay let's go iced coffee is better


than hot coffee in the morning because


ice is cold and it wakes you


up yeah that's good stuff so I did a


little hair and makeup put on a cozy


sweater and drove to the studio but I


stopped and got my producer L latte and


now it was time to start the magic first


things first so I'm going to Dilly Dilly


dle didly doodle a doodle around on the


piano and then it's going to go straight


onto this guy he does all the nerdy


things that I know how to do but I'm not


good at I need the chords I need the


chords to my own


song Oh petal okay P there you go I want


to play with that I want to


go and


then yeah I like that


yeah and then it goes back oh dang it I


want to do it right sorry I know you can


fix it but dang it it's this it's this


it's this it's this it's this I'm


ready do they think that I'm this tall


because I am not oh jeez that was Heavy


we got to warm up and my voice is tired


I don't need this oh we got feedback for


days there we go there oh no the the


headphone things okay we're








good come on diaphragm do your


thing let's do this funny because do I


need the lyrics I should know these


lyrics I wrote them ah


we're starting can we turn that awful


metronome off though I can't get into


the Zone


with feels just like yesterday well I


can't show you the song yet but we


wrapped up the session and it was time


to travel to Sweden 15-hour flight let's


go I finally got there and I was waiting


for him to pick me up and I was actually


peeing my pants I was so nervous that's


the thing about distance is when you see


each other you get like first date


Jitters it's oh it's so exciting but but


then finally we hug I just forget what


that feels like and uh it's magical but


yeah let's skip all the lovey-dovey


stuff let's just get to his reaction


nervous really kind


of long distance is hard


mhm especially when it's across the


world but I wrote you a little


something you're ready yeah I think so


okay feels just like


yesterday you had a by way and we just


couldn't say




goodbye you hel me extra tight said it


would be all right that you were




away now there's just


space now there's just time on a day


goes to was without


now we just


wait now we just


try counting the days till your hands in


mine just one more


day just one more


night they say distance makes the heart






so I'll wait a little longer for


you they say it's only going to make us


stronger so I swear my eyes will never


Wonder from


you I'll see it


through till the distance brings me back








you like


it I love it I love it you're so


talented thank


you that got me you probably see it in


the freaking video I was like starting


to ugly







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