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22 Apr 202403:40


TLDRThe creators of the Watcher platform have issued a public apology for their initial announcement of leaving YouTube, acknowledging the valid concerns and feedback from their community. They express gratitude for the support they received since starting the company in 2020 and apologize for the insensitivity of their initial message. Recognizing the impact of the cost on their audience, they have revised their approach, allowing content to be available on YouTube for free after a one-month exclusive period on their platform. They offer refunds to early subscribers and explain their decision to launch their own platform was to maintain content quality and independence from the fluctuating YouTube landscape. They also address their Patreon community, offering free subscription codes and refunds to those who have already subscribed. The creators are committed to continuing their shows and expanding their content, inviting their community to join them on this new chapter, whether on YouTube or their new platform.


  • 📣 The creators announced their departure from YouTube and the launch of their own streaming platform, but have since acknowledged their mishandling of the situation.
  • 🗣️ They listened to the community's feedback and are now apologizing for their initial approach and communication.
  • 🙏 They express gratitude for the community's support since the beginning of their journey, especially during the pandemic in 2020.
  • 🎥 The creators initially left YouTube to have full ownership and control over their content, but now they are making changes to accommodate their audience.
  • 📉 They recognized their insensitivity in the original announcement and the lack of acknowledgment of the audience's importance.
  • 💰 They apologized for their ignorance regarding the impact of the cost of their new platform on the audience.
  • 🆓 They are offering a way for the community to continue watching their content for free, with a one-month early access for paid subscribers.
  • 💳 They are offering full refunds to those who have already subscribed to the platform if they wish to reconsider their membership.
  • 📈 The creators wanted to stay relevant and not compromise their content to fit advertising requirements, which led to the decision to launch their own platform.
  • 🤝 They are committed to paying their staff fairly and creating new, ad-free content, including expanding with new shows and voices.
  • 🔄 They realize they overlooked the audience's perspective in the logistics of their platform launch and are asking for patience as they learn from their mistakes.
  • 🎉 Patreon members will receive a free subscription code to the new platform, and those who already purchased a subscription can get a refund.

Q & A

  • Why did the company initially decide to leave YouTube?

    -The company decided to leave YouTube to launch their own streaming platform to maintain control over the content they create, ensure they could pay their staff fairly, and avoid compromising their content to meet advertising requirements.

  • What was the community's reaction to the initial announcement of leaving YouTube?

    -The community expressed valid comments and concerns, which led the company to re-evaluate their decision and communicate more effectively with their audience.

  • How did the company respond to the feedback from their community?

    -The company acknowledged their mistakes, apologized for the way they handled and communicated the transition, and made immediate changes to their plans to accommodate their community's concerns.

  • What changes did the company make to ensure their content remains accessible for free?

    -The company decided to allow their shows to be watched for free on YouTube a month after they are released on their new platform, ensuring that their community can continue to access their content without additional cost.

  • What is the refund policy for those who have already subscribed to the new platform?

    -The company is offering a full refund to those who reconsider their membership due to the changes, and they will continue to make past episodes and series available on YouTube.

  • Why did the company initially believe that the cost of the new platform was affordable for everyone?

    -The company acknowledges their ignorance around the impact of the cost and regrets stating or implying that it was affordable for everyone. They have since realized that this was not the case and have adjusted their approach.

  • What is the reason behind the launch of the company's own platform?

    -The company wanted to create shows they were proud of, with ownership and without compromising content to meet advertising standards. They faced challenges in staying relevant to advertisers and the changing YouTube landscape, which led to the decision to launch their own platform.

  • How will the company ensure that their content remains ad-free?

    -By launching their own platform, the company can control the content and ensure it remains ad-free, providing a better experience for their audience without the need to cater to advertising requirements.

  • What is the company's stance on Patreon members in relation to the new platform?

    -The company is grateful for Patreon members' support and will provide them with a free subscription code to the new platform. If a Patreon member has already purchased a subscription, they are eligible for a full refund.

  • What are the company's plans for the future regarding content creation?

    -The company plans to continue making shows and introducing new content, including new shows and voices, on both their new platform and YouTube, ensuring they expand their content offerings while remaining accessible to their community.

  • How does the company feel about the support they have received from their community?

    -The company is incredibly grateful for the support they have received from their community, which has helped them in various ways, such as watching their content, attending live shows, and providing encouragement over the years.

  • What is the company's message to their community regarding their next steps?

    -The company expresses their hope that the community will join them in the next chapter of their journey, whether it's on YouTube or on their new platform, and they remain committed to creating quality content for their audience.



📣 Apology and Platform Transition Announcement

The creators start by acknowledging their recent announcement about leaving YouTube and launching a new streaming platform. They admit to making mistakes and not handling the situation well. They express regret for their insensitivity and poor communication, and for not adequately explaining the reasons behind their decision. They also apologize for underestimating the cost impact on their audience. They announce immediate changes, including the option to watch their shows for free on YouTube a month after they air on their new platform, and offer refunds to those who have already subscribed to the platform. They explain their motivation for launching their own platform was to maintain control over their content and to continue producing high-quality shows without compromising to advertising standards. They also address their Patreon community, offering them a free subscription code to the new platform.




YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users upload, share, and view videos. In the video's context, it is the platform the creators initially used to share their content. The creators' decision to leave YouTube is a significant part of the video's theme as they discuss their reasons and the community's reaction to this change.

💡Streaming platform

A streaming platform is an online service that delivers media content like video and audio directly to consumers over the Internet. The creators announce the launch of their new streaming platform as an alternative to YouTube, which becomes a central topic as they address the community's feedback and concerns.


The community refers to the viewers and supporters of the creators' content. The creators express gratitude for their community's support, which includes watching content, attending live shows, and financial contributions. The community's feedback is crucial as it influences the creators' decisions and the changes they implement.


Patreon is a membership platform that allows creators to receive financial support from their fans. In the script, Patreon members are mentioned as a key part of the community that has supported the creators from the beginning. The creators offer a free subscription code to their new platform as a token of gratitude to their Patreon supporters.

💡Content ownership

Content ownership refers to having control over the content one creates, including the rights to its distribution and monetization. The creators emphasize their desire for content ownership as a reason for launching their own platform, reflecting their aim to maintain creative control and provide the quality of content they believe their audience deserves.


Ad-free means that the content is provided without advertisements. The creators highlight the ad-free nature of their new platform as a benefit, allowing them to focus on creating high-quality content without the constraints of advertising requirements. This is a selling point for their new platform and a response to the challenges they faced on YouTube.


A refund is the act of returning money to a customer. The creators offer a full refund to those who have already subscribed to their new platform if they are not satisfied with the changes. This demonstrates their commitment to fair business practices and respect for their community's choices.

💡Cost impact

Cost impact refers to the effect that the price of a product or service has on consumers. The creators acknowledge their oversight regarding the cost impact of their new platform on their audience. They express regret for not considering how the cost would affect their community and view it as a learning experience.


Ignorance in this context refers to a lack of awareness or understanding. The creators admit their ignorance about the financial implications of their decision for their audience. This admission is part of their apology and commitment to learning from their mistakes.


A transition is a process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. The video discusses the transition from YouTube to a new streaming platform, which is met with mixed reactions from the community. The creators' handling of this transition becomes a focal point for discussion and apology.


Support, in this context, refers to the assistance and encouragement provided by the community to the creators. The creators express their gratitude for the various forms of support they have received, such as watching their content, buying merchandise, and becoming Patreon members. Support is a recurring theme as it underpins the creators' ability to produce content and make changes based on feedback.


Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. Throughout the script, the creators repeatedly express their gratitude towards their community for their support and understanding. Gratitude is a key element in their message as they seek to acknowledge the importance of their audience in their journey.


Announcement of leaving YouTube and launching a new streaming platform.

Acknowledgment of mistakes and the impact of the community's feedback.

Apology for the way the initial announcement was handled and communicated.

Gratitude expressed for the community's support since the start of the company.

Recognition of the community's role in the company's journey post-BuzzFeed.

Apology for insensitivity in the original YouTube farewell message.

Admission of ignorance regarding the cost impact on the community.

Announcement of changes to allow free content viewing after a one-month delay on the new platform.

Offer of full refunds for those reconsidering their subscription due to the change.

Explanation of the decision to launch their own platform for content ownership and relevance.

Mention of challenges faced with advertiser relevance and the YouTube landscape.

Desire to avoid compromising content or laying off staff.

Introduction of a platform to ensure the company's and staff's financial sustainability.

Introduction of accessible options for the platform.

Apology for overlooking the impact on the community during the logistical planning.

Address to the Patreon community with an offer of a free subscription code.

Commitment to continue creating shows and introducing new content on both YouTube and the new platform.

Expression of gratitude towards the community and an invitation to join the next chapter of their journey.



- Hey, everyone.


Last Friday, we announced that we're leaving YouTube


and launching our new streaming platform.


- We messed up.


A lot of you spoke out


with extremely valid comments and concerns,


and we wanna take the time now to address those.


- We've been reading the things you've been saying,


and we're sorry for the way we handled this,


as well as the way we communicated it.


We understand where you're coming from,


and we're making immediate changes.


- First, we wanna affirm that you are the reason


why we've been able to do anything at this company.


You helped us every step of the way when we left BuzzFeed


to start Watcher at the top of the pandemic in 2020.


- You've supported us in so many ways


by watching our content, attending our live shows,


buying our merch, becoming members of our Patreon,


and giving words of encouragement over the years.


And we are incredibly grateful for your support.


- We're sorry for how we originally delivered


our goodbye message to YouTube.


It was insensitive.


We didn't properly express


how much we appreciate all of you.


And we did a really bad job


of explaining the reasoning behind this transition.


- We also want to deeply apologize


for our ignorance around the impact of the cost.


We regret stating and implying


that it's a price that anybody can afford,


and we fully acknowledge that it is not.


We didn't take the proper consideration


for how this cost would affect you


and hope you know that we are taking this


as a serious learning experience.


With that in mind, we're making some changes


to ensure that there's a way for our community


to continue watching our content for free.


- If you wanna watch our shows early and ad-free,


you can catch them on the Watcher platform a month earlier.


After that,


you'll be able to watch our shows on YouTube for free.


For those that have already subscribed to the platform,


we are so grateful for your support.


But if this change has you rethinking your membership,


we will issue a full refund.


And all past episodes and series


will remain available on YouTube.


- As for the question


of why we decided to launch our own platform,


when we started Watcher in 2020,


we wanted to create shows that we were proud of,


that we had ownership over,


and that would provide you the caliber of content


that we felt you deserved.


However, we were finding it harder and harder


to stay relevant to advertisers


and the constantly changing YouTube landscape.


We faced some incredibly challenging decisions.


We didn't want to compromise our content


to ensure they met advertising requirements.


And we definitely did not want to lay people off


that have brought Watcher to life behind the scenes.


And we didn't want to bring Watcher to a close,


which would have happened if we stayed solely on YouTube.


- That's why we decided to launch the platform,


so that we as a company could continue,


we could pay our staff fairly,


and not only continue to make great content for you


but expand with new shows, new voices, all ad-free.


And now with the addition of accessible options,


this is a decision that we all believe


is the best for Watcher.


- However, we realize that in figuring out


the logistics of what this might take,


we overlook the way it would impact all of you.


We hope you'll be patient with us through these mistakes


and we remain incredibly sorry


that they were made in the first place.


We also want to directly address our Patreon community,


who have played such a key role


in supporting us from the very beginning.


All current Patreon members


will receive a free subscription code to the platform.


If you already purchased a subscription,


please contact us and we will issue you a full refund.


- We Look forward to continuing to make shows


and introducing all the incredible things


that we've got planned for the platform alongside YouTube.


And in the meantime, we are forever grateful


to all of the people who make up our community.


And we hope that you consider joining us


in this next chapter of our journey,


whether that's on YouTube or on the platform.


- Thank you.


- Thank you. - Thanks, everybody.

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