Lefties losing it: Rita Panahi slams ‘clueless’ hosts on The View

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1 May 202405:21


TLDRThe transcript captures a critical discourse on media narratives and student protests. It features commentary from Whoopi Goldberg, cautioning the media about pushing narratives that students are resisting. The discussion touches on controversial figures like Karen Elaine Johnson, criticized for Holocaust remarks and her non-Jewish appropriation of a Jewish name. The narrative then shifts to student protests, particularly at Ivy League schools, where a professor's altercation with police is highlighted. The script questions the students' demands for food and water during an illegal occupation, contrasting their revolutionary stance with requests for humanitarian aid. It also includes a student from Columbia University expressing the need for basic necessities, despite the predicament being of their own making. The summary ends with scenes from the University of South Florida and California, where the behavior of law enforcement and protesters is juxtaposed, illustrating the tense and complex nature of campus activism and the challenges faced by independent journalists.


  • 📺 The segment begins with a critique of 'The View' and its hosts, implying they have a history of making controversial statements.
  • 🤔 Whoopi Goldberg advises the media to be cautious with narratives, suggesting there's a pushback from students against certain portrayals.
  • 😠 Criticism is directed at Karen Elaine Johnson for her comments regarding the Holocaust, indicating a lack of sensitivity or understanding.
  • 🏫 A student at Emory University is mentioned, where a professor was involved in an incident with the police during a protest, highlighting tensions on campus.
  • 🚨 The narrative shifts to discuss student protests, particularly focusing on those at Columbia University, where students have taken over a facility.
  • 🍲 Columbia is criticized for not providing food to students who have occupied a building, with a debate on the university's responsibility to these students.
  • 🤷‍♀️ A student protester argues for 'basic humanitarian aid,' despite the fact that the situation was a result of the students' own actions.
  • 🏛️ The discussion moves to the University of South Florida, where students' unity is questioned after police intervention leads to a quick dispersal.
  • 📰 An independent journalist is harassed in California, raising concerns about freedom of the press and intimidation tactics used by protesters.
  • 🚫 The journalist is told he is not allowed in a public space, suggesting a lack of respect for public property rights and press freedoms.
  • 🤔 The segment ends with a general commentary on the state of student protests and the reactions of universities and law enforcement.

Q & A

  • What is the main concern expressed by Whoopi Goldberg regarding the media's handling of a particular situation?

    -Whoopi Goldberg cautions the media to be careful about pushing a narrative that people are against, as it may lead to students pushing against it as well.

  • Why is Karen Elaine Johnson criticized in the transcript?

    -Karen Elaine Johnson is criticized for inappropriately using a Jewish name despite not having Jewish ancestry and for her controversial comments about the Holocaust.

  • What incident is mentioned involving a professor at Emory University?

    -A professor at Emory University was thrown to the ground for asking the police what they were doing to peacefully protesting students.

  • Why was the professor at Emory University actually thrown to the ground?

    -The professor was thrown to the ground because she hit an officer on the head, which she admitted to while being led away in handcuffs.

  • What is the student protester from an Ivy League college arguing for?

    -The student protester is arguing for basic humanitarian aid, such as food and water, for students who have illegally taken over a facility.

  • What is the contradiction in the student protester's argument regarding food and water?

    -The contradiction lies in the student initially demanding that Columbia University feed them, then claiming they are being stopped from purchasing their own food and water.

  • What does the student protester suggest about Columbia University's obligation to students?

    -The student suggests that Columbia University is obligated to provide food to students who pay for a meal plan and questions the university's community and obligation to its students.

  • What is the situation with the University of South Florida students as described in the transcript?

    -The University of South Florida students are initially portrayed as united and strong, but they quickly disperse within 10 seconds of the police arriving.

  • How is the situation in California described in the transcript?

    -In California, the situation is depicted as being ruled by violent mobs, with an independent journalist being harassed, intimidated, and having his property stolen.

  • What is the issue raised about the presence of a free press in the situation described?

    -The issue raised is the apparent lack of a free press, as the independent journalist is told he is not allowed to be there and is pushed away, suggesting a suppression of press freedom.

  • What is the general sentiment towards the students' actions as portrayed in the transcript?

    -The general sentiment is critical of the students' actions, describing them as thuggish and highlighting incidents that show them in a negative light.



😤 Controversial Media Narratives and Student Protests

The first paragraph discusses the media's portrayal of student protests and the viewpoints of the ladies from 'The View.' It highlights Whoopi Goldberg's caution to the media about pushing narratives that may provoke a backlash. The paragraph also touches on the controversial statements made by Karen Elaine Johnson regarding the Holocaust and the actions of students at various universities. It criticizes the students for their demands during a protest, where they took over a facility and then requested food and water, which the speaker finds hypocritical. The narrative suggests that the students are not being reasonable in their requests and questions their tactics, especially when they claim to be engaging in humanitarian efforts.


📰 Suppression of Press Freedom

The second paragraph focuses on the challenges faced by an independent journalist in California. It describes an incident where the journalist is harassed and his property stolen by a mob while he is covering a story. The journalist asserts his rights to be on public property and to report freely, but he is met with resistance and intimidation. The paragraph emphasizes the lack of free press in the area and suggests that there is an attempt to silence the journalist, which raises concerns about press freedom and the public's right to information.




The term 'lefties' is often used to refer to individuals who hold left-wing or liberal political views. In the context of the video script, it is used to describe a group of people who are criticized for their perceived misguided opinions. The script suggests that these individuals are losing credibility or are 'losing it' due to their takes on various issues.

💡The View

The View is a long-running American talk show known for its panel of women discussing the day's 'Hot Topics', often with a political slant. The script mentions 'The View' to highlight the program's perceived bias and to criticize the opinions of its female co-hosts as 'chronically clueless' and 'spectacularly stupid'.


A narrative is a story or account of events, often implying a particular perspective or interpretation. In the script, Whoopi Goldberg is cautioning the media to be careful about the narrative they are pushing, which is seen as contrary to the views of students and the public. The video suggests that the media's narrative is being challenged.

💡Humanitarian Crisis

A humanitarian crisis refers to a critical situation where there is a significant shortage of basic needs like food, water, and shelter, often due to a disaster or conflict. The script uses this term to describe the situation at a university where students have taken over a facility and are demanding basic necessities. It is implied that the university's response is exacerbating the situation.

💡Ivy League

The term 'Ivy League' refers to a group of eight prestigious universities in the United States known for their academic excellence, social prestige, and competitive admissions. In the script, it is used to emphasize the high cost of education at these institutions and to critique the behavior of students there who are portrayed as 'thugs'.


A protest is a public expression of objection to a policy, decision, or situation. The script describes various instances of protests, including students at an Ivy League school and a situation at the University of South Florida. Protests are a central theme in the video, with the portrayal of protesters as either misguided or as victims of police action.

💡Media Bias

Media bias refers to the perceived or actual favoritism or prejudice of journalists or news organizations towards certain viewpoints. The script suggests that there is a media bias in pushing a particular narrative that does not align with the views of the students or the public, which is a key point of contention in the video.

💡Free Press

The free press is a term that refers to the freedom of the media to report news without censorship or restraint. In the context of the video, the phrase is used when an independent journalist is harassed and his property stolen, suggesting a lack of respect for the free press in the situation described.


In recent internet culture, 'Karen' has become a pejorative term used to describe a woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is considered reasonable. The script uses the term to criticize a person named Karen Elaine Johnson for her comments on the Holocaust, implying that her views are both inappropriate and entitled.

💡Campus Thugs

The term 'campus thugs' is used in the script to describe students who are participating in protests or disruptions on a university campus. It carries a negative connotation, suggesting that these students are behaving aggressively or violently, which is a central point of criticism in the video.

💡False Incarceration

False incarceration refers to the unlawful detention or imprisonment of an individual. In the script, this term is used by a person claiming to be a journalist who is being pushed or restrained. It implies that the actions of the police or authorities are unjust and a violation of the individual's rights.


Whoopi Goldberg cautions the media to be careful about pushing a narrative that people are pushing against

Karen Johnson criticized for appropriating a Jewish name and making disgraceful comments about the Holocaust

Sunny Hostin accused of standing with campus thugs and making false claims about police violence

Ivy League students interviewed express that the situation is a humanitarian crisis

A student protester from Columbia argues that the university is obligated to provide food to students who pay for a meal plan

The same protester accuses the university of stopping the delivery of basic humanitarian aid like food and water

A PhD candidate from Columbia criticized for being illogical and unhelpful in the situation

University of South Florida students shown initially appearing united but quickly dispersing when police arrive

In California, a journalist is harassed and intimidated by violent mobs while trying to report on the situation

The journalist's property is stolen, highlighting a lack of respect for press freedom in the situation

Overall, the transcript highlights a tense and controversial situation on college campuses with differing perspectives and reactions

There is a call for media responsibility and accuracy in reporting on the events

Cultural appropriation and offensive comments are criticized as contributing to the tension

Misinformation and false narratives are identified as problematic in the discourse around the protests

The perspective of students as victims of a humanitarian crisis is challenged with conflicting accounts of events

The role of universities in supporting or opposing student protesters becomes a point of contention

The importance of respecting press freedom and allowing journalists to report without harassment is emphasized

The situation underscores the complexity of navigating protests, free speech, and public safety on college campuses



but now it's time for lefties losing it


and where would this segment be without


the ladies of the view and their


chronically clueless always always


spectacularly stupid takes on everything


take it away Whoopi I would caution the


media to be very careful about what


they're doing and how they're handling


this because what they seem to be doing


is pushing a narrative that people are


pushing against which students are


pushing against which I'm to see cuz I


like when students get mad and say we


want a change made you know it's time


Karen Karen Elaine Johnson stopped


appropriating a Jewish name she's not


Jewish and she has no Jewish ancestry


and let's not forget her rather


disgraceful comments about the Holocaust


just being about white onwhite violence


and it wasn't just her was sunny hoston


as well uh standing with these campus


thugs the students that I have spoken to


at many of the Ivy League schools and a


student that I did speak to also at


Emory where a professor was thrown to


the ground simply for asking the police


what are you doing to these peacefully


protesting students um the the students


are telling me this is a humanitarian


crisis of course she has no idea Sunny


uh that Professor was thrown to the


ground because she hit an officer on the


head which she admitted to as she was


led away in handcuffs yeah she was


stupid enough to admit to that on camera


and let's check in with one of these


Brave student protesters from an Ivy


League college that costs upwards of


$70,000 a year us here is one of these


students uh and she's asked why should


Colombia be required to feed students


who have illegally taken over a facility


listen to this rather demented answer


uh well F first of all we're saying that


they're obligated to provide food to


students who pay for a meal plan here


but you mentioned that there was a


request that food and water be brought


in unless I misunderstood to allow it to


be brought in I mean well I guess it's


ultimately a question of what kind of


community and obligation Colombia feels


it has to its students um do you want


students to die of dehydration and


starvation or get severely ill even if


they disagree with you if the answer is


no then you should allow basic I mean


it's crazy to say because we're on an


ivly campus but this is like basic


humanitarian Aid we're asking for like


could people please have a glass of


water she goes from demanding Colombia


feed her and her ilk to claiming they


are stopping them from purchasing their


own food and water and having it


delivered when she's reminded that


they've put themselves in this


predicament she comes up with a whole




story but they they did put themselves


in that very deliberately in that that


situation and in that position so it it


seems like you're sort of saying we want


to be revolutionaries we want to take up


this building now would you please bring


us food and water nobody's asking them


to bring anything every we're we're


asking them to not violently stop us


from bringing in basic humanitarian Aid


they're stopping the delivery of food I


we are looking for a commitment from


them that they will not stop it by they




sto we well I don't I'm not I don't know


to what extent it has been attempted but


we're looking for a commitment that is a


Columbia student a PhD candidate Noel


she's supposed to be one of our


brightest minds but she's quite clearly


as thick as a brick uh but a lot less


useful now let's look at some of these


college kids from the University of


South Florida first clip they're acting


all tough they're saying there that uh


they are united they will not be divided


but Watch What Happens within 10 seconds


literally 10 seconds of the cops rolling




people United will never beeded defeated


this is what we






need that is right that is right


everyone from the river




they're not too United there that was


much easier than everyone expected well


that's how they handle things in Florida


but in Lefty Heartland California the


violent mobs rule look at this


independent journalist they harassed


they're intimidated and this poor guy


also had his property stolen by these


Charmers stop pushing me stop pushing me


moving right now this is false


incarceration this is false


incarceration I'm allowed to be in here


I'm a journalist


credential okay this is public


property oh hey locks lock oh here we




apparently no Free Press here exists we


don't allow aggressive me