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TLDRThe video script details a disturbing incident involving a property dispute in West Virginia that escalated into a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment rights of James Knotts. The situation began with a neighbor, Charles Shorter, falsely claiming that Knotts' wife's car was on his property, leading to a police intervention. Despite initial recognition by the officers that it was a civil matter, the interaction took a drastic turn when Deputy Knots (sharing the same last name as the complainant) and Deputy Han arrested Knotts on his own porch without a warrant, using excessive force, which resulted in Knotts requiring surgery. The charges against Knotts, including obstructing and battery on an officer, were later dismissed due to a lack of evidence and a Fourth Amendment violation. The video script serves as a critique of law enforcement's actions and a call to action for the public to hold authorities accountable for such abuses of power.


  • ūüö® A neighbor in West Virginia falsely accused James Knotts of parking on his property, leading to a police intervention.
  • ūüĎģ Deputy Knotts and Deputy Han of the Preston County Sheriff's Department were dispatched for a property dispute involving a firearm mention.
  • ūüďú The neighbor, Charles Shorter, presented a property deed and markers, but the car was actually parked on the roadway, not his property.
  • ūüöß Deputy Knotts incorrectly arrested James Knotts on his own property without a warrant, violating the Fourth Amendment.
  • ūü§ē The arrest involved excessive force, causing James Knotts to require surgery for a shoulder injury.
  • ūüöę Despite the false arrest, no evidence was provided that James Knotts threatened anyone with a firearm.
  • ūüŹ† The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unlawful arrests on their private property without a warrant.
  • ūüďČ All charges against James Knotts were eventually dismissed after a motion to suppress based on the Fourth Amendment violation.
  • ūü§Ē There's an implication that Deputy Han may have been untruthful or acted inappropriately, as suggested by the body cam footage.
  • ūüďė The public defender's office played a crucial role in getting the charges dismissed and protecting James Knotts' rights.
  • ūüďč A civil rights lawsuit (Section 1983) is planned to be filed in federal court due to the blatant constitutional violations.

Q & A

  • What was the initial reason for the police being called to the scene?

    -The police were called because a neighbor, Charles Shorter, claimed that James Knots' wife's car was parked on his property and that there was a property dispute involving a mention of a firearm.

  • What was the legal status of the car parking according to the neighbor's claim?

    -The neighbor claimed that the car was parked on his property without permission, which he supported with a property deed and property markers.

  • Why was the police's initial response to treat the situation as a civil matter?

    -The police initially treated it as a civil matter because parking a car on private property without permission is generally not a criminal offense but a civil dispute that requires legal action such as filing a lawsuit.

  • What law did the neighbor claim supported his stance to have the car removed?

    -The neighbor referred to West Virginia Penal Code S7C-14, which he believed allowed for criminal charges and the possibility of having the car towed off his property.

  • What was the actual location of the car in relation to the property lines?

    -The car was parked within the roadway, not within the 264-acre property owned by Charles Shorter Jr., as indicated by the survey plat.

  • Why was the arrest of James Knots considered unlawful?

    -The arrest was unlawful because it was made without a warrant on private property, and there was no immediate threat or evidence of a crime being committed that would justify a warrantless arrest.

  • What constitutional right was violated during the arrest?

    -The Fourth Amendment right, which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures, was violated as the officers entered the property and arrested James Knots without a warrant.

  • What was the outcome of the criminal case against James Knots?

    -The charges against James Knots were dismissed after a motion to suppress was granted based on the Fourth Amendment violation and the lack of evidence for the alleged crimes.

  • What further legal action is planned in response to the incident?

    -A Section 1983 civil rights lawsuit is planned to be filed in federal court against the officers involved for the violation of James Knots' constitutional rights.

  • What was the role of the body cam footage in this case?

    -The body cam footage was crucial as it provided clear evidence of the officers' actions, the violation of James Knots' rights, and the lack of legal basis for the arrest.

  • What advice is given to the public regarding the officers involved?

    -The speaker encourages the public to exercise their First Amendment rights to express their views on the officers' actions and to hold the Preston County Sheriff's Department accountable for the violation of their oath.



ūüöĒ Police Dispatch for Property Dispute

The video script begins with a tense situation where a man is threatened with arrest for parking his car on what a neighbor claims to be his property. The police are called, and the situation escalates when the man refuses to move his car. The police, representing the Preston County Sheriff's Department, are informed about a property dispute and a mention of a firearm. The deputies, after reviewing the property deed and markers, incorrectly conclude that the car is on the neighbor's property. The video suggests a violation of the Fourth Amendment rights, as the man is arrested on his front porch without a warrant.


ūüďú Property Survey and Legal Boundaries

The second paragraph delves into the complexity of the property dispute. It highlights that law enforcement is not equipped to make legal determinations on property ownership at the scene. The narrative mentions an individual, Charles Shorter, who has a history of legal issues, including a conviction for obstruction. The deputy discusses West Virginia penal codes, specifically S7C 14, which addresses the parking of vehicles on private property without permission. The dispute involves a driveway that Mr. Shorter claims as his own, but a survey suggests that the car is not on his property, and the ownership of the land in question is possibly an alley with unknown ownership.


ūüö® Unlawful Arrest and Fourth Amendment Breach

The third paragraph describes an unlawful arrest that took place without a warrant. The individual, Mr. Knots, is ordered to come down from his front porch by the police, which he refuses to do. The police then arrest him, which is a breach of the Fourth Amendment as it protects citizens from unwarranted arrests in the absence of probable cause or a warrant. The video footage is said to capture the arrest and subsequent use of force, which is considered excessive and unconstitutional. The situation is further complicated by the police's inability to prove a threat was made with a firearm, leading to questions about the legitimacy of the arrest.


ūü§ē Use of Excessive Force and Legal Repercussions

This paragraph outlines the violent arrest of Mr. Knots, which resulted in him needing surgery for a shoulder injury. The use of force by Deputy Han is criticized as excessive and unwarranted, especially since Mr. Knots was not threatening the officers and had not committed a crime. The narrative also points out that the car in question was not on Mr. Shorter's property but rather on a roadway. The police's actions are depicted as a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment, and the lack of evidence for a firearm threat further undermines the legitimacy of the arrest.


ūüŹõÔłŹ Dismissal of Charges and Planned Legal Action

The final paragraph discusses the dismissal of all charges against Mr. Knots. The public defender's office, appointed to represent him, filed a motion to suppress based on the Fourth Amendment violation. The case was dismissed by the magistrate, and despite an attempt by the prosecutor's office to appeal the decision, the case remained dismissed. The video script ends with a call to action for viewers to express their concerns about the violation of civil rights and the announcement of a planned Section 1983 civil rights lawsuit to be filed in federal court against the officers involved.



ūüí°Fourth Amendment

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures. It is a fundamental right that prevents law enforcement from entering a person's property without a warrant or probable cause. In the video, it is violated when police officers arrest Mr. Knots without a warrant on his own property, which is a significant part of the video's narrative.

ūüí°Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant is a legal document issued by a court that authorizes the police to arrest a person. It is a crucial element for a lawful arrest. In the context of the video, the absence of an arrest warrant for Mr. Knots is a key issue, as the police officers arrest him without one, leading to a violation of his constitutional rights.

ūüí°Excessive Force

Excessive force refers to the use of more force than is necessary or reasonable to accomplish a law enforcement purpose. In the video, the police officers are accused of using excessive force against Mr. Knots, a disabled man, when they arrest him without a warrant and allegedly cause him injury, which necessitates surgery.

ūüí°Civil Matter

A civil matter typically involves disputes between individuals or entities where the state is not seeking to punish a party but rather to resolve a conflict, often through monetary damages or an injunction. In the video, the dispute over the car's parking is characterized as a civil matter, not a criminal one, which should be resolved through legal channels such as a lawsuit, not by police intervention.


ūüí°Property Dispute

A property dispute arises when there is a disagreement over the rights to use, enjoy, or dispose of real estate. In the video, the conflict between Mr. Knots and his neighbor revolves around a property dispute, with allegations that Mr. Knots' car is parked on the neighbor's property without permission.


Obstruction, in a legal context, often refers to the act of interfering with or impeding the operation of law enforcement or the course of justice. In the video, Mr. Knots is charged with obstructing, which is one of the criminal charges levied against him, suggesting that he interfered with the police officers in the course of their duties.

ūüí°Battery on an Officer

Battery on an officer is a criminal offense that involves the use of force or violence against a law enforcement officer. In the video, this charge is mentioned as one of the additional charges brought against Mr. Knots, although the video's narrator argues that the charge is unfounded based on the evidence from the body cam footage.

ūüí°Search Warrant

A search warrant is a legal document issued by a court that authorizes law enforcement to search a person or place for evidence of a crime. It is an important aspect of the Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures. The video implies that the police officers in question did not have a search warrant when they entered Mr. Knots' property.

ūüí°Criminal Case Dismissal

A criminal case dismissal occurs when a court terminates the prosecution of a case before it reaches a verdict. In the video, it is mentioned that all charges against Mr. Knots were dismissed after a motion to suppress was granted based on Fourth Amendment violations. This is a pivotal moment in the video's narrative, as it highlights the resolution of the criminal case.

ūüí°Civil Rights Lawsuit

A civil rights lawsuit is a legal action that seeks to protect the rights of individuals from infringements by government bodies or officials. In the video, the narrator, presumably a lawyer, states an intention to file a Section 1983 civil rights lawsuit in federal court against the officers involved, based on the video evidence of alleged constitutional violations.

ūüí°Body Cam Footage

Body cam footage refers to video recordings captured by cameras worn by law enforcement officers. These recordings can provide an objective account of interactions between officers and the public. In the video, body cam footage is a central piece of evidence, illustrating the alleged constitutional violations and excessive force used by the police officers.


A neighbor in West Virginia falsely accused James Knotts of parking on his property, leading to a police intervention.

Deputy Knotts, who shares a last name with the accused, was dispatched for a property dispute involving a mention of a firearm.

The neighbor, Charles Shorter, claimed that Knotts' wife's car was on his property, which the police initially accepted without thorough verification.

Deputy Knotts was arrested on his own property without a warrant, violating the Fourth Amendment.

The body camera footage captured a potential excessive use of force against Knotts, a disabled man, by Deputy Han.

The footage shows a dispute about property lines, with a survey indicating that the car was not on Shorter's property.

The police were informed that the property dispute was a civil matter and not within their jurisdiction to resolve.

Knotts was charged with obstructing and battery on an officer, but these charges were later dismissed.

The case was dismissed based on a motion to suppress due to the Fourth Amendment violation.

Despite the dismissal, the prosecutor's office attempted to continue the case, but it was ultimately dropped.

The video serves as one of the most egregious examples of police misconduct and disregard for the Fourth Amendment rights.

The speaker intends to file a Section 1983 civil rights lawsuit in federal court based on the video evidence.

The Preston County Sheriff's Department is criticized for the actions of the deputies involved in the incident.

The speaker encourages the public to express their views on the violation of civil rights and to hold public servants accountable.

The incident occurred on July 31, 2022, in Tunnelton, West Virginia, and has only recently come to light.

The video raises questions about the training and understanding of police officers regarding the Fourth Amendment.

The neighbor's aggressive behavior and past legal issues are highlighted as potential factors influencing the interaction.



you need to come down here now or you're  going to go to jail you need to move your  


car no I a move my car okay you're under  arrest you're under arrest no you've seen  


some of the crazy cases that I've personally  had in West Virginia here's another one for  


you this sketchy neighbor calls the cops on my  client he convinces the cops that my client's  


wife's car is parked on the neighbor's  property I I asked him this morning to  


move or I was going to call you guys out here  to have him move cuz there's a law states on  


the books that he can't do that it's uh s c  d do they say it's a civil matter you have to  


file a lawsuit take them to court I can't have  a car towed off of private property I know I can  


have it towed but you can do the Criminal  part I mean it's right here in black and


white this is what they actually did come down  here come here no you my problem no come here  


you need to come down here now or you're  going to go to jail you need to move your  


car no move my car okay you're under arrest  you're under arrest no hurt me stop resist


thing see that steak you're on the wrong  side of it no yes he has the same Fourth  


Amendment rights that you do right I understand  that but I'm just trying to save a whole big  


spill here and ironically that was just  said after those two police officers just  


arrested my client off of his front porch  without a warrant which literally violates  


the Fourth Amendment this is has got to be  one of the best body cam videos I've seen  


in a long time so let's break it down I'll  show you some of the biggest constitutional  


violations really that have ever appeared  on body gam I'll tell you what happened  


with the criminal case it's now over and what  we're going to do next and how you can help


this happened almost two years ago July 31st 2022  in tunnelton West Virginia which is in Preston  


County that's up in the northern part of the  state this involves the Preston County Sheriff's  


department and specifically two deputies and this  is pretty funny the main Deputy Who's involved  


Deputy knots has the same last name as my client  in this case James knots Deputy knots wrote in  


his police report that he was dispatched to this  location in tunnelton for a threats complaint that  


the caller this is the neighbor Charles shorter  had stated that his neighbor James knots was was  


having a property dispute and that Mr knots had  made mention of a firearm during the dispute so  


Deputy knots and the other Deputy who's named  Deputy Han arrived and spoke to Mr shorter Who  


provided the property deed and showed the deputies  the property markers they concluded and wrote in  


the report that Mr Nat's car was obviously parked  on Mr shorter's property this guy here okay we had  


to while back he said the property live here  well survey okay the property lines where the  


fence is okay so he moved his car out now he  moved it back after so many months he's trying  


to block his driveway so I can't get up around I  got a road to goes up around there to my building  


okay I I asked him this morning to move there  I was going to call you guys out here to have  


him move cuz there's law states on the books that  he can't do that it's uh s c Das no why can't we  


can't make him move a car off private property you  can tow the car off of private property well you  


tell him well cuz he when I told him that he told  me he was going to go in the house and get a gun  


shoot me okay we'll go talk to him about the  gun thing but as far as the property dispute  


goes that's not a criminal allw that's so I can  legally have it towed right I mean state with  


this law that states it I can I can pull it right  here up on West Virginia penal codes right here it


is it's s7c 14 that's and it says they can  be charged with $100 in the court systems so  


that's a criminal fence I can I can't have a car  towed off of private property I know I can have  


it tow but you can do the Criminal part no why  can't you I mean it's right here in black and


white this dispute between neighbors involves a  RightWay that Mr shorter claims belongs to him and  


Mr knots apparently had his vehicle parked there  who the property belongs to if anyone remains  


in dispute and is for a circuit court judge to  decide if somebody files a lawsuit to determine  


that issue but the necessary filings would have  to be made law enforcement officers on the scene  


are not capable nor can they nor should they nor  they nor are they legally allowed to make such  


determinations at the scene not their job and this  starts out sort of the correct way the officers  


properly telling him look this is a civil matter  you have to take this guy to court and in fact he  


doesn't seem like somebody you'd want to take  his word for it anyways I mean he's very agitated  


and some of the criminal litigation there was a  footnote written by my client's criminal lawyer  


that says this Council for defendant cannot  from the discovery provided from the state  


determine if this is the same Charles shorter  that Council has been able to research if it  


is the same Charles shorter then this individual  has had his own run-ins with the law including a  


conviction for obstruction and in Galia County  for not leaving a residence after a domestic  


disturbance and according to the law enforcement  officer that wrote the criminal complaint taking  


a combative stance with the officer and allegedly  telling the woman at his home that she was done  


for B use your imagination on that word it  further appears that Mr shorter has had at  


least two domestic violence protective orders  issued against him his agitation on the body cam  


footage certainly makes it appear that he is the  same person in fact he made a thinly Veiled Threat  


of his own at the end that he would have to shoot  Mr knots and we'll get to that but here's the rest  


of the deputy's conversation with Mr shorter  and somehow you'll see things changed it says  


it shall be unlawful for any driver or vehicle  to stop park or leave standing unattended any  


vehicle on private property roadway or driveway  private property without having Express or impli  


permission from the owner tenant leasy such land  any person that violates this provisions of this  


section of guilty MISD misdemeanor do you have  your deed that shows this yes this is my 20 foot  


right away do you have you have paperwork  that shows that can you show it to me yes


where's this guy lit will you run a registration


where does he live in the trailer  yeah he trailer no matter what I  


want him arrested for cting me with  a gun period that is against the


allall right here is my property right  here this is my 20ft R I had it pinned  


all the way down through there but  they ripped them up you know what  


I mean okay so where's where's this line at right


here than right right there he's just doing it  to be a dick so I can't use this driveway cuz he  


always thought it was his and I just told him I  want going to argue with you I going to have it  


survey do it legal way I've done everything on  my legally you know what I mean title to real  


estate is not the sort of split-second decision  that police officers are supposed to make at the  


scene as previously discussed but this guy pulls  out a survey PL which is what this is and he's  


claiming that this is proof that this car is  parked on his property now I don't have a copy of  


that survey but we can actually pull a screenshot  off the officer's body Cam and zoom in enough  


enough to where I can see this guy's survey plat  and if we look at it you see Mr shorter's boundary  


it says it's where it says Charles shorter Jr and  it's the Bold dotted line 264 Acres all right that  


that is Mr shorter's property to the right of that  is James R's property that's my client's property  


now where the car is parked is in this area that  says Middle School Drive formerly I believe it  


says Franklin possibly Avenue so it's within  the roadway the stake marker that Mr shorter  


keeps pointing to is presumably and it appears  to be along his bold dotted line as indicated  


ated on the plat of survey therefore the car is  not parked within the 264 Acres that this plat  


of survey says that he owns in fact if you look  above his property it points to the the area that  


is contiguous to this alleged disputed piece  of property it says unknown ownership possible  


alley so it appears to me as a West Virginia  lawyer it appears if his survey is correct  


that he does not even own the property  where this car is sitting he might have  


a rideway across it but I don't see where  this car is blocking him using this roadway  


to access his property okay all right  we'll go talk to we'll be right back


I'm move that car come down


here I don't care come down here I don't care  come come down here no come here no my no come  


here no and here is where we go completely  off the rails this was just a call there's no  


arrest warrant that's been issued no warrant  involved at all ironically the officers have  


just been shown a survey plant identifying  where Mr Knot's boundary lines are at his  


home they cross the boundary onto his property  they walk towards the trailer that he lives in  


they encounter him standing outside his front  door on his porch officer knots orders Mr knots  


to come down off his own front porch Mr knots  says no the officer again demands that he come  


off of his porch the officer is standing on his  property as an American citizen you can order  


anyone to leave your property including police  officers unless they have an arrest warrant  


for you or a search warrant for your residence  the fourth amendment gives you that protection  


it was given to us by our founding fathers it  blows my mind that police officers across the  


country apparently don't like either understand  that or they were never taught that they treat  


these situations just like they're encountering  a pedestrian in the parking lot at Walmart or  


on a sidewalk somewhere they don't appreciate the  fact that all right they're on this guy's property  


not just his property but they're standing in  his front yard and he's standing on his front  


porch that completely changes the Constitutional  analysis they have no right to be on his property  


without his consent unless they come back  with a warrant come here I'm not po I'm  


not moving you need to come down here now or  you're going to go to jail I don't po down


jail you go got cup all you want


to listen no it's not no it's not no it isn't is  this no it's not on I tell you no it's not no Cup  


on it it is not you back up on you no listen you  need to move your car no I move my car okay you're  


under ARR you're underr no notice how Deputy  Han off to the right acting like a total goo MO  


is putting on his leather gloves to get ready  to attack this 60-some year old disabled man  


right on his own front porch after being asked to  leave the property what's the most important fact  


here that's that these officers do not have an  arrest warrant police officers cannot perform a  


warrantless arrest of somebody at their residence  they must have an arrest warrant for this to be  


a legal arrest assuming there was even probable  cause to arrest him they'd have to leave go get a  


warrant and then come back and arrest him but they  didn't they just put on the gloves and grabbed him  


now the violent Parts I'm going to have to censor  but in the link below at the blog post I will put  


the uncut raw violence that was used against  Mr knots and that includes Deputy Han going  


behind him grabbing Mr Knot's arm and twisting  it violently behind his back and throwing him  


through the air this resulted in Mr knots having  to get surgery to repair the rotator cuff on his  


shoulder and when you look at these screenshots  of exactly what Deputy Han violently did to this  


guy who was standing on his own porch who was not  threatening the officers in any way who had not  


committed a crime it's completely unreasonable  and in my opinion a excessive force violation  


yet another for Amendment violation on top of the  fact that they performed an illegal false arrest  


of Mr knots within the curtil edge of his home and  and when I say in his home the US Supreme Court  


in Florida versus jardines held that the front  porch is an integral part of the home and it's to  


be considered as the same thing as being inside  the home so even though he's on his front porch  


legally speaking constitutionally speaking it's  treated the same as as if he was inside his house  


stop resisting put your  hand behind your back right


now you're hurt me stop resisting  it do have to go like this you


understand me up no you sit still you'll get  up when I say you can get up you understand


[ __ ]


anything roll


over all


right you're in service damn it hurt me no 10:15


can I show you see that steak that's it you're  on the wrong side of it no yes I'm right there no  


you're on the wrong side of it but the deput  is absolutely wrong the car is on the road  


way side of the stake it's not on the other  side of the stake which presumably would be  


on Mr shorter's property what is he even talking  about and that's not an arrestable offense anyways  


that is a civil matter and he wasn't arrested  for allegedly threatening anyone with a firearm  


no firearm was found this guy doesn't even own a  firearm according to his wife and then the cops  


come back on the rails sort of and they inform Mr  shorter that there's no evidence that a firearm  


had anything to do with this and they can't arrest  him for allegedly threatening Mr shter with a  


firearm despite everything they just did I'm  right no you're not you're on the wrong side of


it you're under rro


truck 66 come on sir


he's going he's going to jail quite right now so  yeah he's intoxicated you can smell the problem  


with the threatening thing is it's he it's one he  said he said she said or he said he said right I  


got cameras all around but they don't take pick  up sound you know what I'm saying he's going to  


jail but I I can't charge him with threaten you  with a gun cuz I don't have any evidence of it  


actually happened I'm not saying he didn't  well I'll talk to master about it cuz you  


can get a personal safety order against him y but  there's there's I have to have evidence that the  


crime occurred and you saying it okay just the  same as he could come remember and say the same  


thing right I don't say nothing that's [ __ ] I  but he could easily say that about you and if if  


I could just go arrest him because you said it  I could go arrest you cuz he said it right you  


understand I just don't want him come back being  ignorant pulling a gun and I have to shoot him I  


don't want that on me I don't want you to have  to do that either but he has the same Fourth  


Amendment rights that you do right understand  that but I'm just trying to save a whole big spill


here document it if you can well there I'm going  have all right y by the way notice how Deputy Han  


Mr tough guy doesn't need the gloves  anymore he's taking the gloves off  


and he's putting them back in his pocket  let's review Deputy Han puts his gloves on  


getting ready to use violence against  this old man who is disabled you need  


to come down here now or you going  to go to jail I don't give a [ __ ]


ja you bet got C all you want to I'm over he  all your listen L it's not puppy I don't give  


a [ __ ] it's not puppy no it isn't is this  no it's not what I tell you and Deputy Han  


taking the gloves off again come back being an  ignorant pulling a gun and I have to shoot him I  


don't want that on me I don't want you to have  to do that either but he has the same four am  


rights that you do right I understand that but  I'm just trying to save a whole big spill here


docent you all


right obstructing  


what I told you to come downstairs or  down off the porch and talk to us no you


didn't 6X con James knots was arrested without a  warrant he was charged with obstructing and that  


was the only charge that the officer told him  he was charged with but when I guess they sat  


around and came up with some additional things  they could charge him with they charged him with  


more they also Char and this is laughable in  addition to obstructing they charged him with  


battery on an officer I mean I don't need to  show you the screenshots again clearly that  


was battery on an officer two counts of battery  on an officer and refusal to fingerprint I mean  


give me a break but the ending was a good one the  public defender office was appointed to represent  


Mr knots and they got all the charges dismissed  and it wasn't just because the prosecutor took  


a look at the body cam footage and did the right  thing no they had to force it through the criminal  


justice system so they filed a motion to suppress  based on the Fourth Amendment violation that took  


place as I had already explained to you and on  September 29th of 2022 the magistrate dismissed  


the case based on that motion to suppress in the  prosecutor's office was still intent on prose  


Ting poor Mr knots they even filed a petition  for rid of prohibition to the Circuit Court to  


try to get that overturned but the case from my  understanding remained dismissed and went away  


as it had to that was a blatant Fourth Amendment  violation and also blatant excessive force this  


is as I said one of the most egregious body  cam videos I've ever seen certainly worst  


things have happened to people but I've never  I don't know if I've ever never seen police  


officers just so blatantly disregard really the  most important constitutional right and that is  


our home is our Castle the fourth amendment  that is the heart of the Fourth Amendment I'm  


willing to guarantee there's been no discipline  to the officers here and that's where you come  


in express your first amendment protected free  speech and let them know how you feel let the  


Preston County Sheriff's Department know how  you feel about public servants violating their  


oath and treating people in this way and for  my part I'm going to file a section 1983 civil  


rights lawsuit in federal court here it's been  almost two years I just got this yesterday and  


I'm going to file lawsuit as soon as possible but  this should be one of the easiest cases probably  


I've ever had it's all on video and there's just  blatant violations here so if you want to follow  


along Please Subscribe both here and at the blog  at the Civil Rights if you have a video  


you want me to review use the submission link  below also follow me on Twitter at John Brian  


Esq or on Facebook at the John hban attorney at  law page remember freedom is scary deal with it