How Melania reacted when she learned about Trump's alleged affair with Stormy Daniels

16 Apr 202409:16


TLDRThe transcript discusses the absence of former President Donald Trump's family, including his wife Melania, from the courtroom during the first two days of his trial. It highlights Melania's reaction to the allegations of an affair with Stormy Daniels and the subsequent hush money payments. The summary also touches on the jury selection process, noting the speed at which jurors have been seated and the potential impact of having two lawyers on the jury. The discussion includes expert opinions on the trial's pace, the importance of social media in revealing jurors' true feelings, and the challenges the prosecution faces in proving Trump's knowledge and involvement in the falsification of business records.


  • 👥 No family members, including Melania Trump, have attended the courtroom with the former president during the first two days.
  • 📰 The New York Times reports that Melania Trump shares her husband's anger but has avoided the courtroom.
  • 💸 A lawyer for President Trump reportedly arranged a significant payment to an adult film star, Stormy Daniels, due to an alleged affair.
  • 🛫 Following the allegations, Melania Trump was seen leaving for Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, distancing herself from the situation.
  • 🚗 Melania broke tradition by driving separately from her husband to the U.S. Capitol for his State of the Union address in January 2018.
  • 🤔 The White House claimed Melania's separate transportation was to attend a reception, but it occurred after allegations of hush money payments to Stormy Daniels.
  • ❌ Donald Trump has denied having an affair with Stormy Daniels but is currently in court regarding payments made to conceal it.
  • 👉 Melania is said to believe the hush money trial is unfair, according to sources cited by The New York Times.
  • 😠 Former aide Stephanie Grisham recalls President Trump expressing worry about Melania's reaction and discussing potential statements to release.
  • 🧐 Legal experts and a jury consultant discuss the pace of the trial, the potential biases of jurors, and the importance of social media posts in revealing true feelings.
  • 👨‍⚖️ The foreperson of the jury is a man originally from Ireland, working in sales, and consumes news from a variety of sources.
  • 💭 Trump's statement about marking payments to Michael Cohen as legal expenses could be significant in the context of the case about falsifying business records.

Q & A

  • Why did Melania Trump avoid the courtroom during the trial?

    -Melania Trump was reported to be angry and avoid the courtroom, possibly due to the personal nature of the allegations and the public scrutiny involved.

  • What was the reason for the payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels?

    -The payment was arranged by a lawyer for President Trump due to an alleged sexual affair with Stormy Daniels.

  • How did Melania Trump react to the news of the alleged affair with Stormy Daniels?

    -Melania Trump reportedly reacted strongly to the allegations, breaking tradition by traveling separately from her husband to the U.S. Capitol for his State of the Union address.

  • What was the significance of the Access Hollywood tape in relation to Melania Trump?

    -The Access Hollywood tape, which contained lewd comments by Donald Trump, was another instance of public personal drama involving her husband that Melania Trump had to manage.

  • What was Donald Trump's stance on the alleged affair and the hush money trial?

    -Donald Trump denied the affair took place and considered the hush money trial to be unfair, similar to his wife's belief.

  • Why was Melania Trump's reaction to the Access Hollywood tape significant?

    -Melania's dismissal of the tape as 'locker room talk' was significant as it was a public display of support for her husband amidst a scandal.

  • What role might Melania Trump play in Donald Trump's decision to take the stand at his trial?

    -Melania Trump, being someone whose advice Donald Trump may listen to, could influence his decision on whether to testify in court.

  • How did the presence of two lawyers as potential jurors impact the trial?

    -The presence of two lawyers as jurors could be a double-edged sword, as they might provide guidance to other jurors but also prolong deliberations due to their legal expertise.

  • What was the pace of seating jurors in the trial?

    -The pace was faster than expected, with seven jurors seated in the first two days and the judge suggesting that opening statements could happen by Monday.

  • What was the significance of the foreperson's background and news sources?

    -The foreperson, being originally from Ireland and working in sales, along with his diverse news sources, could bring a unique perspective and potentially influence the jury's deliberations.

  • How might the jury's composition affect the outcome of the trial?

    -The jury's composition, including individuals from different backgrounds and professions, could affect the outcome as they may interpret and weigh the evidence differently.

  • What was the potential issue with how Donald Trump characterized the hush money payments?

    -The issue lies in whether Trump knowingly falsified business records by marking the payments as legal expenses, which could be a key point in the case against him.



🏛️ Melania Trump's Absence and Alleged Hush Money Payments

The first paragraph discusses the absence of former President Donald Trump's family, particularly his wife Melania, from the courtroom during the first two days of a trial. It references a New York Times headline indicating Melania's avoidance of the courtroom, but sharing her husband's anger. The paragraph details the reaction of Melania to the allegations of an affair with Stormy Daniels, including her separate travel to the State of the Union address and the reported hush money payment made to Daniels. It also touches upon Melania's influence on Trump's decisions and her handling of public personal dramas involving her husband, including the Access Hollywood tape. The summary concludes with insights from legal experts on the jury selection process and the potential impact of jurors' social media posts on the case.


🗣️ Jury Selection and Trump's Statement on Legal Expenses

The second paragraph focuses on the jury selection process for Trump's trial, noting the seated jurors, including two lawyers, and the potential implications of their presence on the jury. It discusses the diversity of New York and how this is reflected in the jury composition. The paragraph also highlights the role of the foreperson, a man originally from Ireland, and the possible influence he may have on the jury's deliberations. The summary includes commentary on the broader jury selection system in New York and the impact of eliminating exemptions from jury service. It concludes with a discussion of Trump's statement regarding the alleged hush money payments, suggesting he may argue that accountants, not he, were responsible for recording the payments as legal expenses, and the challenge for the prosecution to prove otherwise.




A courtroom is a room where legal trials and hearings take place. In the context of the video, it is where the former president is dealing with allegations of making payments to cover up an alleged affair. The absence of his family in the courtroom is noted as significant.

💡Melania Trump

Melania Trump is the former First Lady of the United States and wife of the former president. The video discusses her reaction to the allegations against her husband, including her avoidance of the courtroom and her reported shared anger over the situation.

💡Adult Film Star

An adult film star refers to a person who performs in adult films. In this video, the adult film star in question is Stormy Daniels, who is alleged to have had an affair with Donald Trump, leading to a payment being made for her silence.

💡Alleged Affair

An alleged affair implies a romantic or sexual relationship that is claimed to have occurred but has not been proven. The video discusses the alleged affair between Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels and its subsequent impact on his family and public image.

💡Hush Money

Hush money is a payment made to someone to prevent them from revealing potentially damaging information. The video mentions an alleged hush money payment made to Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about the affair.

💡State of the Union Address

The State of the Union Address is an annual speech given by the President of the United States to Congress. The video notes that Melania Trump broke tradition by driving separately to the event following the allegations against her husband.

💡Jury Selection

Jury selection is the process of choosing suitable individuals to serve on a jury for a trial. The video discusses the pace and considerations involved in selecting jurors for the trial of Donald Trump.


Fairness refers to the state of being just, equitable, and impartial. The video mentions potential jurors trying to convince attorneys of their ability to be fair, despite any prior statements they may have made.

💡Social Media Posts

Social media posts are messages, photos, or other content shared by users on social media platforms. The video suggests that lawyers can look at potential jurors' social media posts to gauge their true feelings and biases.


A foreperson, or foreman, is the leader of a jury, responsible for reading the verdict in court. The video discusses the selection of an Irish man working in sales as the foreperson and the implications of his role.

💡Falsification of Business Records

Falsification of business records refers to the act of intentionally making false entries in a business's official records. The video highlights this as the core issue in the case against Donald Trump, regarding the recording of alleged hush money payments as legal fees.

💡Legal Expense

A legal expense is a cost incurred for legal services, such as fees for attorneys or court costs. The video discusses Donald Trump's claim that he marked the payments to Stormy Daniels as legal expenses, which is central to the allegations against him.


No member of the former president's family attended the first two days of the courtroom proceedings, including his wife, Melania.

Melania Trump's reaction to the news of her husband's alleged affair was to leave for Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, away from the drama.

Melania broke tradition by driving separately from her husband to the U.S. Capitol for his State of the Union address in January 2018.

The White House explained Melania's unusual move by saying she could attend a reception with guests in the first lady's box.

Melania gave birth to the couple's son, Barron, just four months before the alleged hush money payment was made to Stormy Daniels.

Donald Trump has denied the alleged affair with Stormy Daniels, but is now in court fighting allegations of making payments to cover it up.

Melania is said to share her husband's anger and believes the hush money trial is unfair.

Former aide Stephanie Grisham recalls Donald Trump's concern about Melania's reaction and her potential influence on his trial strategy.

The jury selection process is moving quickly, with seven jurors seated and opening statements potentially happening on Monday.

Potential jurors are trying hard to convince attorneys that they can be fair, despite any preconceived notions about the former president.

The foreperson of the jury is a man from Ireland who works in sales and gets his news from various sources, including The New York Times, Daily Mail, Fox, and MSNBC.

New York's jury system has evolved to include more high-income individuals due to fewer exemptions from jury service.

The case revolves around the falsification of business records related to alleged hush money payments.

Donald Trump's statement outside of court suggests he may argue that he was relying on accountants' advice regarding the legal expenses.

The defense may focus on Trump's lack of direct involvement in the bookkeeping process of his organization.

The prosecution's challenge is to prove that Trump knowingly initiated or supported the recording of payoffs as legal fees.

Trump's statement about marking down payments as legal expenses could be used in the jury's deliberation.

The trial brings attention to the role of social media in revealing potential jurors' true feelings and opinions.

The inclusion of two lawyers among the seated jurors could influence the dynamics and decision-making process in the deliberation room.

The case highlights the importance of impartiality in the jury system and the potential impact of personal biases on the legal process.



One other interesting courtroom note.


These first two days, not a single member of the former


president's family has been there with him.


That includes his wife, Melania.


The headline in today's New York Times, Melania Trump avoids the courtroom,


but but is said to share her husband's anger.


More now from our Randi Kaye.


The Wall Street Journal reporting that a lawyer for President


Trump arranged a hefty payment to an adult film star. Why?


Because of an alleged sexual affair.


When news of Donald Trump's alleged affair with adult film


star Stormy Daniels first broke, what did his wife Melania, do?


She jumped on a plane and headed for Mar a Lago in Palm Beach.


Away from all the drama.


That was January 2018.


You know, I spent a ton of time with her when the news was breaking


about Stormy Daniels, when those came out that he allegedly had these affairs.


And she didn't take it lightly at all in the wake of the allegations,


she broke tradition and drove separately from her husband to the U.S.


Capitol for his state of the Union address.


Later that month,


the White House at the time said the unusual move was so


she could attend a reception with guests in the first lady's box.


But remember, that State of the Union was her first public event


since The Wall Street Journal first reported that an alleged hush money


payment was made to Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election


for her alleged affair with Trump in 2006.


That would have been just four months after Melania gave birth


to the couple's son, Barron.


Hello, everybody.


Donald Trump has denied the affair took place, yet now finds himself in court


fighting allegations that he made payments to cover it up.


This is an embarrassment to him for with his family and more importantly,


with his wife, Melania.


Like the former president, Melania believes the hush money trial is unfair.


That's according to The New York Times, which spoke with several people familiar


with her thinking back in 2018 when the Stormy Daniels story picked up steam.


Former aide Stephanie Grisham remembers Donald Trump calling her from Air Force


One to discuss Melania, to basically see how angry she was


and to see if we were putting any statements out.


He definitely was worried.


She's the one person that I think Donald Trump really fears.


She's also the one person whose advice he may listen to


about whether or not to take the stand at his trial.


I think behind closed doors, as a husband and wife, she would probably say,


look, if you have nothing to hide, take the stand for the thing.


This certainly wasn't the first time Mrs.


Trump has had to manage


a very public personal drama involving her husband Nearly two years


before the stormy Daniels story, there was the Access Hollywood tape


automatically attracted to me, and I just started kissing them.


It's like a magnet. You just.


When Anderson Cooper asked Melania about the 2005


tape in October 2016, she dismissed it, agreeing with her husband.


It was just locker room talk.


People think and talk about me like, Oh, Melania.


Oh, poor Melania.


Don't feel sorry for me.


Don't feel sorry for me.


I can handle everything.


Randi Kaye, CNN, Palm Beach County, Florida.


He's now two former federal prosecutors, Jeffrey Toobin and Jessica


Roth, also jury consultant Alan Turkheimer.


So, Jeff, you predicted last night


that this trial would move along in typical fashion.


And here we are tonight, seven jurors already seated.


Does the pace even exceed what you expected?


It does. This is really fast.


And the judge suggested he didn't say commit.


But he said today that he thought opening statements could happen Monday.


And remember, there's no court tomorrow.


He doesn't sit with a jury on Wednesdays.


So he thinks the jury will be will be filled out in two more days.


And as I said last night, you know, people don't


follow these cases as closely as we think they do.


They're obviously aware of who Donald Trump is.


But based on the answers, they did seem like a group


that could listen to the evidence


and reach a verdict not based on prior feelings about the defendant.


Jessica, what do you make of potential jurors who seem to be


trying extra hard to convince the attorneys that they can be fair?


Would that raise a red flag to you or should that approach to citizens


should be commended?


I actually think it is to be commended that people are saying


that they think they can be fair and impartial,


notwithstanding some statements they have made in the past,


perhaps on social media pertaining to the former president.


I think what has to happen, though, is that the parties have to evaluate


whether they think that that actually is true, that the juror can put aside


any previous feeling.


But I think that it is to be commended that people are taking


seriously what the judge is telling them, which is that


they would only be seated if they could actually put aside any prior


conceptions and decide the case based solely on the evidence.


But I also think it's good that the lawyers on both sides


can look at the social media posts because that is an indication


of people's true feelings.


They obviously weren't posting on Facebook


or Twitter thinking that they were going to be on the jury.


It's a good insight into what they really believe,


and both sides deserve the right to know what people really think about issues


relevant to this case.


I would say the process is working as it should.


I mean, that's really what we're seeing unfolding.


Alan, the foreperson is, we know, is a man


originally from Ireland who works in sales as he gets his news from The New York


Times, Daily Mail, Fox and MSNBC.


What do you think he will bring to that post?


And is it it's not unusual, obviously, in a city as big as New York to have


to have jury members and a four person who's from someplace else originally.


That's New York.


It's a melting pot of people from all walks of life.


And a lot depends on what the personality is.


Now, you might have jurors inclined to go one way or the other,


but now it's really about the influence that each side thinks


they're going to have in the deliberation. And what really struck me


is not to minimize the contributions of other jurors.


New Yorkers are usually fully engaged.


You have two lawyers that are already seated.


And that's that's a risky proposition for


for both parties involved and could cut one way or the other.


But some might think that this is a jury of two right now.


Now, I'm not saying these lawyers are going to just dominate,


but jurors, the other jurors will look to these lawyers for guidance.


And if something comes in, a fellow juror makes an argument about something


extra legal that's in evidence,


a lawyer might shut that down and get them to focus.


Or lawyers like to argue.


So if there's a celeb to water tended to if there's a contrarian personality


by this lawyer, that lawyer might just keep the deliberation going.


It's very interesting.


You know, Anderson, about a decade ago, Chief Judge Judith Kaye


created a system where almost all


exclusions, all exemptions from jury service were out there.


Lawyers, we've both served on juries.


I mean, everybody serves in Manhattan and in all of New York state now.


And so you get a much more upscale jury in


in particularly in Manhattan,


which has a lot of high income people in it than you used to,


because there's so many fewer exemptions from jury service.


Just I


mentioned with some some the former president had to say outside


of court today about the alleged hush money payments at the heart of the case.


I just want to play a clip of that.


I was paying a lawyer


and mark it down as a legal expense account, and


I didn't know much about the legal expense.


That's exactly what it was.


And you get indicted over that.


So that wasn't incriminating.


Yeah. So that was an interesting statement.


I don't think we should overstate how incriminating it was.


I mean, his name he signed some of the checks


to Michael Cohen, reimbursing him for these fees.


When he started to say I marked it down as legal expenses, my ears perked up


because it's been a little bit unclear exactly how the state is going to prove


that Trump falsified the records because many of these entries


may have been made by the Accountants for the Trump Organization.


And Cohen was.


Cohen is apparently gonna testify that Trump was part of the scheme to falsify.


It seemed there that Trump was saying that he marked it down as legal expenses,


and then it seemed like he caught himself and said the accountants marked it down.


So he may still argue that he was essentially


relying on the advice of the accountants or the accountants entirely on their own.


We're marking it down as legal expenses.


But remember, the whole case is about the falsification of these business records.


And, you know, Trump has potentially the argument, look,


I run a multibillion dollar company.


I don't know how the accountants, how the bookkeepers record things.


That's a that's going to be a big issue in the case.


How how is the government going to prove that Trump


knew and initiated or at least supported


the idea that these payoffs were recorded as legal fees?


He said to mark them down.


Now, you know, as as Jessica said, he's sort of caught himself, but you know that


that video could be played before the jury, No question.