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27 Apr 202404:37


TLDRThe video script narrates the creator's journey with Minecraft, a game that doesn't spoon-feed its players with instructions. Initially overwhelmed, the narrator found solace in watching other gamers play, which helped them navigate the game's mechanics. The video reflects on the joy of creating within the game, from building a 'chicken pit' to a 'great terracotta vein', despite the occasional mishaps and the narrator's self-deprecating humor about their navigational skills. It also touches on the community's role in learning and the importance of landmarks over digital maps for directionally challenged players. The script concludes with a shout-out to viewers who helped the narrator find a story in an old Cosmo girl magazine, showcasing the creator's appreciation for their audience's engagement.


  • ๐ŸŽฎ The speaker has a complicated relationship with video games, finding them both enjoyable and distracting from their work.
  • ๐Ÿ˜ค They experienced frustration and loss when they lost their enchanted items in a game, leading them to look up cheats to recover them.
  • ๐ŸŽ The act of creating videos, despite the pain it caused in the past, has rekindled the speaker's creativity and joy.
  • ๐Ÿ“ˆ The speaker is considering making more informal videos and asks for feedback from the audience through likes and comments.
  • ๐Ÿค” They question why people talk about back rooms and the impact of playing video games on their productivity.
  • ๐Ÿšซ The speaker admits to not indulging in video games often due to their counterproductive nature with their job.
  • ๐ŸŽจ They tried playing Cuphead for its animations but found it challenging and humorously acknowledges their failures.
  • ๐Ÿค” The speaker reflects on the difficulty of getting into video games like Minecraft, which doesn't provide much guidance for new players.
  • ๐Ÿ“š They prefer learning games through observation or guidance rather than reading extensive manuals.
  • ๐Ÿ—๏ธ The speaker shares their Minecraft creations, including a 'chicken pit' and a 'great terracotta vein,' showcasing their sense of humor and creativity.
  • ๐Ÿงญ They express their dislike for using maps in Minecraft and instead create physical landmarks to navigate the game world.
  • ๐Ÿ” The audience was engaged in helping the speaker find a story in an old Cosmo girl magazine, with some providing the edition and others sending photos.
  • ๐Ÿ™ The speaker expresses gratitude to the audience for their support and participation in their content creation.

Q & A

  • What did the speaker do after finishing their base in the Nether in Minecraft?

    -The speaker set their respawn point and then looked up cheats to recover lost enchanted items after getting frustrated with losing them.

  • Why did the speaker find their Minecraft world boring after using cheats?

    -Using cheats to recover items made the game less challenging and thus less engaging for the speaker, leading to boredom.

  • What was the speaker's suggestion for their viewers regarding the creation of more videos?

    -The speaker asked viewers to like and comment on the video if they would like to see more of these informal, white background videos.

  • How does the speaker describe their relationship with video games?

    -The speaker compares their relationship with video games to a needy ex who keeps showing up with good pizza, indicating a love-hate relationship.

  • Why did the speaker try playing Cuphead?

    -The speaker tried Cuphead because they were interested in experiencing the game's beautiful animations.

  • What was the speaker's observation about learning to play Minecraft for the first time?

    -The speaker observed that Minecraft does not provide much guidance on how to play and leaves players to figure out the game mostly on their own or through the help of others.

  • How does the speaker feel about reading a lengthy user manual while playing a game?

    -The speaker finds it impractical to read a lengthy user manual during gameplay, preferring a more engaging and concise learning method.

  • What did the speaker create in Minecraft to help with their sense of direction?

    -The speaker built a structure called the 'great terracotta vein' to serve as a landmark and sign system to help them navigate within the game.

  • How did the speaker's viewers help them find their story in Cosmo Girl magazine?

    -Viewers helped the speaker by identifying the correct edition of Cosmo Girl and some even sent messages or photos of the story from the magazine.

  • What was the task the speaker set for their viewers in the last video?

    -The task was to help the speaker find their story featured in Cosmo Girl magazine.

  • Why does the speaker feel they are considered as an 'internet mom' by some viewers?

    -The speaker attributes this perception to their age (36 years old) and the advice-giving nature of their content.

  • What does the speaker appreciate about the gaming community?

    -The speaker appreciates the gaming community for keeping them informed and involved in the gaming sphere despite their own limited direct engagement with video games.



๐ŸŽฎ Minecraft and Gaming Dilemmas

The speaker discusses their experience with creating a base in the Nether within the game Minecraft. They recount a frustrating incident where they lost valuable enchanted items and resorted to using cheats to recover them, which subsequently led to the game becoming less enjoyable. The speaker expresses a desire to create informal videos with a white background, seeking audience approval through likes and comments. They reflect on their complex relationship with video games, comparing it to a needy ex who brings good pizza. Despite the challenges of balancing gaming with their job, they appreciate the gaming community for keeping them informed. They also touch upon the difficulty of getting into gaming due to its demanding nature and share their brief experience with the game Cuphead. The speaker humorously acknowledges their age and the perception of them as an 'internet mom' by some of their audience. The narrative then shifts to how they were drawn into playing Minecraft, which significantly impacted their productivity. They share their initial observations about the game's learning curve, noting the minimal guidance provided to new players. The speaker appreciates the social learning aspect of Minecraft, similar to traditional games like chess and baseball. They also describe some of their in-game creations, including a chicken pit and a terracotta landmark to help with their real-life sense of direction. The video concludes with the speaker thanking the audience for their help in finding a story in an old Cosmo girl magazine and signing off.




The Nether is a dangerous, alternate dimension in the game Minecraft where players can find unique resources and face new challenges. It is a significant part of the game's exploration and progression. In the script, the speaker mentions finishing their base in the Nether, indicating a level of expertise and accomplishment within the game.


Respawning refers to the process of reappearing in the game world after a player's character has been defeated or 'died'. It is a fundamental mechanic in many video games, including Minecraft, which allows players to continue playing after failure. The speaker mentions setting their respawn point, which is a way to choose where the player will reappear after dying.

๐Ÿ’กEnchanted items

Enchanted items are game items that have been improved with magical abilities, offering enhanced properties or effects. In Minecraft, these items are highly sought after for their benefits during gameplay. The speaker expresses frustration at losing these valuable items and the lengths they went to recover them, highlighting the importance of these items in the game.

๐Ÿ’กCheat codes

Cheat codes are sequences of inputs that players can use to alter the normal rules of a game, often to gain advantages or unlock special features. The speaker mentions using cheat codes to recover lost items, which suggests a moment of desperation and a deviation from the intended gameplay experience.


Creativity is the use of imagination to create something new, and it is a central theme in the video. The speaker talks about the joy and creativity they experienced while making a video, which is a form of content creation that allows for personal expression and innovation.

๐Ÿ’กBack rooms

The term 'back rooms' is not explicitly defined in the script but seems to refer to a place or concept that is frequently mentioned or discussed, possibly in the context of video games or online communities. The speaker questions why everyone is talking about it, indicating it's a topic of interest or debate.


Counterproductive means producing an effect that is opposite to the one intended or desired. The speaker uses this term to describe their past experiences with video games, which interfered with their ability to perform their job effectively.


Cuphead is a challenging, run-and-gun video game known for its unique 1930s cartoon-inspired art style and difficult gameplay. The speaker mentions trying Cuphead for its animation, which is a testament to the game's visual appeal and the speaker's interest in the aesthetics of gaming.


Minecraft is a sandbox video game that allows players to build and explore their own worlds made of blocks. It is a highly influential and popular game within the gaming community. The speaker discusses their experience with Minecraft, emphasizing its open-ended nature and the learning curve associated with starting the game.


Productivity refers to the efficiency of an individual's work or the rate at which products are produced. The speaker humorously talks about how playing Minecraft affected their productivity, suggesting that the game was so engaging that it distracted them from their work.

๐Ÿ’กLandmarks and signs

Landmarks and signs are used in the context of the game to help players navigate and remember important locations. The speaker, admitting to being directionally challenged, created their own system of landmarks and signs in Minecraft to overcome their spatial navigation difficulties.

๐Ÿ’กCosmo girl

Cosmo Girl was a magazine targeted at teenage girls, which the speaker mentions in relation to a task set for the viewers. It's an example of the speaker's engagement with their audience and their willingness to involve them in personal quests or challenges.


The speaker finished their base in the Nether in Minecraft and discusses the frustration of losing valuable items.

They mention using cheats to recover lost items, which led to the game becoming boring.

The speaker asks for feedback on making informal, white background videos and relates it to creativity and joy.

A relationship between video games and the speaker is described as complicated, with a humorous analogy.

The community of gamers is credited for keeping the speaker engaged in the gaming sphere.

The speaker admits to having a problematic history with playing video games due to it being counterproductive to their work.

Cuphead is mentioned as a game the speaker tried due to its appealing animations.

A philosophical reflection on persistence versus knowing when to quit is shared.

The speaker humorously acknowledges their age and the perception of them as an 'internet mom' by some viewers.

The invitation to play Minecraft with a YouTuber named 'Technical Anim' is highlighted as the start of a drop in productivity.

Minecraft is observed to not be very instructive for first-time players, leaving them to figure out the game mostly on their own.

The importance of learning games like Minecraft through observation and guidance from others is emphasized.

The speaker shares their creations in Minecraft, including a 'chicken pit' and a 'great terracotta vein'.

A personal challenge of being directionally challenged is mentioned, and a solution within the game is described.

The speaker recounts an incident where they accidentally fell off their creation in the game.

A task set by the speaker in a previous video is mentioned, where the community helped find a story in Cosmo Girl.

The October 2004 edition of Cosmo Girl with Angelina Jolie on the cover is identified as the magazine containing the story.

The speaker thanks the community for their help and shares their intention to return to their work and Minecraft.



ah there we go finished my base in the


nether I don't know why I haven't seen


other Gamers do this well time to set my




point that actually happened to me and I


got so mad about losing all my really


beefed up Enchanted items that I looked


up a bunch of cheats to get them all


back and then that world got really


boring would it be okay if I


periodically made these little informal


white background videos because despite


my excruciating pain in the last one I


got a big search of creativity and joy


for making it really replenished the old


HP you know if that's okay just give me


a like and a comment on this video let


me know and maybe we'll make it a thing


hey it just means more videos for you


guys right you see that title right


there yeah it says oh no I like


Minecraft because video games and I have


a complicated relationship like a needy


ex who keep showing up at your door but


he brings the good pizza I love watching


Gamers play video games and I am very


grateful to that Community because I


would be totally out of the loop in the


gaming sphere if not for them why does


everyone keep talking about back rooms


but actually sitting down and playing


video games myself has proven


problematic in the past namely it's been


counterproductive to me doing this job I


can quit any time so I don't really


indulge in video games that often I did


try cuphead because I wanted to see all


the pretty animation but through all of


your battles and all of my Rhymes you


have failed and perished uh ooh are you


sure you want to know yes I mean I'm all


for not giving up and following your


dreams but sometimes you need to realize


when those dreams are dead this was all


a very well and good arrangement I can


enjoy my games from a distance and still


get my my work done but then




Minecraft I know I know late to the most


popular game ever created oh look at


Becca she's a cringe weird old person


yes I know I'm 36 practically in the


grave and according to some of you I


apparently am your internet mom well


then go sit in the corner this whole


thing started when a YouTuber named


technical anim asked me to play


Minecraft with him in a video and that


was the end of my productivity for a


while One does not simply play Minecraft


once that's like eating one potato chip


here's my observation about playing


Minecraft for the first time this game


doesn't try very hard to teach you how


to play when you open the game for the


very first time ever you're like a


newborn giraffe falling 6 feet to the


ground in its first few seconds of life


you're dropped into a hostile world with


nothing to your name and are expected to


just figure it out you get one pop-up


telling you to go punch a tree and


that's it but why yes technically you


can press Escape navigate to this user's


manual here and read paragraphs of text


for 20 minutes while in game your guy is


left out in the open completely


unprotected as night approaches pausing


is for Chumps so what's kind of cool


about Minecraft to me is that it almost


functions like traditional games like


chess and baseball yes there are rules


written down somewhere but you more


often learn about the ins and outs of


the game by having another person show


you whether that's an actual friend


walking you through it or watching


somebody play the game online and I I


tell you what if I hadn't been watching


Gamers play Minecraft for years before


this I would be completely lost hey


developers I don't have time to read a


college thesis on how to play this is


the age of short attention spans and my


doctor won't give me riddlin you want to


see some things I made some of it's cool


most of it's dumb like this it's a


chicken pit and if you stand here long


enough your ears begin to


bleed or how about this putri it isn't


it I call it the great terracotta vein


you see I am a directionally challenged


person and I'm pretty sure I ow GPS my


soul but I hate using maps in Minecraft


what is this this is a bunch of pixels I


need landmarks and signs people my brain


don't do north south east and west very


well so I made this to always know where


I am to a certain distance has it taken


way too much time to make yes have I


fallen off of it and accidentally unived


myself only twice believe it or not but


my goodness is it not a beauty to behold


like a great Monument to stupidity hey


you know that task I set to all of you


in my last video to help me find my


story in Cosmo girl well you all did not


disappoint it was the October 2004


Edition with Angelina and Jolie on the


cover Karen bonds 264 was the first that


I found to write it in the comments and


dreamy actually sent me a photo of the


story in the magazine my thanks to both


of you and anyone else who sent me a


message I know there was a lot of you


let's just put this up right here Ah


that's nice I did that anyways


explainers and entertainers I'll get out


of your hair now return to my little den


of animation and my Minecraft until the


next one thank you so much for tuning in


but now I got to tune out bye