Inside the NBA Reacts to Joel Embiid's Comments on Knicks Fans Taking Over 76ers Arena

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28 Apr 202404:33


TLDRThe video script features a discussion about the impact of fans on the outcome of sports games, specifically focusing on basketball. The conversation revolves around the loyalty and dedication of the New York Knicks' fan base, their presence at games, and the frustration expressed by some players when home fans sell tickets to visiting team supporters. The participants also touch on the importance of players performing well to silence the opposition's fans. The discussion highlights the competitive nature of playoff games, the need for teams to adjust strategies, and the significance of offensive rebounds in determining game outcomes. Additionally, there's a mention of the legendary basketball player Bernard King, with a shout-out to his achievements and the respect he commands among fellow New Yorkers.


  • ๐ŸŽ‰ The speaker appreciates the dedication of the Knicks fan base, acknowledging their consistent support regardless of the team's location.
  • ๐Ÿ˜ค There is a sense of disappointment expressed about Philadelphia fans selling tickets to Knicks fans, which the speaker finds frustrating given the competitive spirit of Philadelphia sports.
  • ๐Ÿค” The speaker questions whether fans are aware that their tickets might be sold to supporters of the opposing team when they list them for sale.
  • ๐Ÿ€ The responsibility of a player is emphasized, particularly the need to engage the home fans and suppress the enthusiasm of the visiting team's supporters.
  • ๐Ÿคจ A disagreement is mentioned regarding the effectiveness of playing well to silence the opposing team's fans, with the speaker arguing that it didn't fully work in a previous game despite a good performance.
  • ๐Ÿšซ The speaker strongly advises against Philadelphia fans selling their tickets to New York Knicks supporters, emphasizing loyalty and sportsmanship.
  • ๐Ÿค“ A comparison is made to a situation in San Francisco where a small number of Toronto fans had a disproportionately loud impact, suggesting that even a few dedicated fans can make a difference.
  • ๐Ÿ“Š The speaker is surprised by the lack of adjustment by the Sixers from game one to game four, highlighting the importance of adaptability in a playoff series.
  • ๐Ÿค The Knicks' performance, particularly their offensive rebounds and second-chance points, is noted as a significant factor in their success.
  • ๐Ÿ‘ A shout-out is given to Jaylen Brunson for his impressive performance, drawing a parallel to the legendary Bernard King, a favorite player of the speaker.
  • ๐Ÿ† The importance of maintaining the team's strengths, such as being the number one offensive rebounding team, is stressed as a key to postseason success.

Q & A

  • What does the speaker think about the New York Knicks fans' presence at the game?

    -The speaker loves the Knicks fans and acknowledges their dedication by stating that they are 'for real' and will be present regardless of the location.

  • Why does the speaker express disappointment about the situation?

    -The speaker is disappointed because Philadelphia sports fans are selling their tickets to Knicks fans, which he finds disrespectful to the home team and its loyal fans.

  • What does the speaker believe is the responsibility of a player when playing at home?

    -The speaker believes it is the player's job to ensure that home fans are engaged and that visiting fans are not overly disruptive during the game.

  • How does the speaker feel about the performance of the Knicks in game three?

    -Despite the Knicks playing well in game three, the speaker was still upset by the loud presence of the opposing team's fans.

  • What does the speaker suggest about the behavior of Philadelphia fans?

    -The speaker suggests that Philadelphia fans should not be selling their tickets to New Yorkers and should be more supportive of their home team.

  • What does the speaker think about the atmosphere at Madison Square Garden?

    -The speaker highly praises the atmosphere at Madison Square Garden, stating it's an honor and privilege to play there and implying it's a great venue for the home team.

  • What was surprising to the speaker about the series between the Knicks and the Sixers?

    -The speaker was surprised by the Sixers' lack of adjustment in their strategy, particularly regarding offensive rebounds, despite the Knicks consistently getting multiple shots per possession.

  • Who is Jaylen Brunson and what did he achieve in the game mentioned?

    -Jaylen Brunson is a player for the Knicks who had an impressive performance in the game, scoring 47 points and grabbing 10 rebounds.

  • Why does the speaker mention Bernard King and what is his significance?

    -Bernard King is mentioned as the speaker's favorite basketball player ever. The speaker also mentions wearing number 30 in honor of King, who had a significant impact on the speaker's appreciation for the sport.

  • What is the 'Lost Battalion' reference about?

    -The 'Lost Battalion' reference seems to be a nostalgic mention of a past event or team that the speaker and others are reminiscing about, possibly related to their basketball experiences or a historical sports moment.

  • What does the speaker imply about the importance of fan loyalty in sports?

    -The speaker implies that fan loyalty is crucial for the home team's morale and that the presence of dedicated fans can significantly impact the game's atmosphere and the players' performance.



๐Ÿ€ Fan Loyalty and Home Court Advantage

The paragraph discusses the dedication of the Nicks fan base, their presence at games regardless of location, and the disappointment felt when Philly fans sell their tickets to New Yorkers. The conversation touches on the responsibility of players to engage the home crowd and quiet the opposition. It also addresses the lack of crowd noise even when the home team is performing well, and the pride players feel playing in iconic venues like Madison Square Garden. The importance of fan support in creating a home-court advantage is a key theme.




MVP stands for 'Most Valuable Player,' an accolade given to the most outstanding player in a sports league or competition. In the context of the video, it refers to the recognition of a player's performance, particularly in a free throw situation, which is a critical moment in basketball games. The mention of MVP in the script highlights the high expectations and the pressure players face to perform well.


Fans are the supporters or enthusiasts of a sports team or a player. The script discusses the loyalty and dedication of the 'Nick fans,' referring to the New York Knicks' fan base. The conversation indicates the importance of fan support and the impact it can have on a team's home-court advantage, as well as the frustration when home fans sell tickets to opposing team supporters.

๐Ÿ’กFree Throw

A free throw is a type of unopposed shot in basketball, awarded to a player who has been fouled. It is a moment of high tension and can significantly influence the game's outcome. In the script, the mention of an MVP chance at the free throw underscores the critical nature of this play and the importance of capitalizing on scoring opportunities.


Philadelphia is a city in the United States, known for its passionate sports fans. The script refers to Philadelphia in the context of its sports culture and the behavior of its fans, particularly when discussing the sale of tickets to opposing team fans, which is seen as a point of contention among the speakers.

๐Ÿ’กHome Court Advantage

Home court advantage refers to the benefit a sports team has when playing in their own arena, often due to the support of their fans. The script discusses the importance of this advantage and how it can be undermined if home fans sell their tickets to supporters of the visiting team, as mentioned in the context of Philadelphia.


The playoffs are the postseason tournaments in professional sports, where teams compete for a championship after the regular season. The script mentions playoff games as high-stakes events where the support of fans is crucial. The discussion highlights the disappointment when fans of the home team sell their tickets, potentially affecting the atmosphere and the team's performance.

๐Ÿ’กOffensive Rebounds

Offensive rebounds are when a team regains possession of the ball after a missed shot, without the defense gaining control. The script points out the importance of offensive rebounds in basketball, indicating that the team's ability to secure them can be a significant factor in their success. The discussion suggests that the Knicks' performance in this area has been impressive and a key to their gameplay.


Adjustments in sports refer to strategic changes a team makes in response to the performance of their opponents. The script discusses the lack of adjustments made by the Sixers from game one to game four, implying that their inability to adapt has been a weakness in the series. This highlights the importance of tactical flexibility in competitive sports.

๐Ÿ’กJaylen Brunson

Jaylen Brunson is a professional basketball player mentioned in the script as having an outstanding performance, scoring 47 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. His individual performance is highlighted as a significant contribution to the team's success, showcasing the impact a single player can have on a game.

๐Ÿ’กBernard King

Bernard King is a retired professional basketball player, mentioned in the script as a favorite player of one of the speakers. King is recognized for his exceptional skills and contributions to the sport. His mention in the script serves to draw a comparison between past and present players and to emphasize the lasting impact of great athletes on the game.

๐Ÿ’กLost Battalion

The term 'Lost Battalion' refers to a group of soldiers who are isolated from their main force and unable to communicate with them. In the script, it seems to be used metaphorically or as a reference to a past event or story involving the speaker and Albert King. It adds a layer of personal history and connection to the narrative.


The Knicks fan base is described as 'for real', showing dedication no matter where they are.

There's disappointment expressed over the idea that Philadelphia sports fans might sell tickets to Knicks fans.

The importance of home-court advantage and the role of fans in supporting their team is discussed.

The responsibility of players to perform well and influence the crowd's behavior is highlighted.

A debate on whether fans can be 'taken out' of the game by the opposing team's performance.

The observation that even when the Sixers won Game 3, the crowd was still very loud.

A commentary on the Sixers' failure to adjust their strategy from Game 1 to Game 4.

The Knicks' strong performance in terms of offensive rebounds and second-chance points is noted.

Jaylen Brunson's standout performance, scoring 47 points and 10 rebounds, is praised.

A shout-out to Bernard King, mentioned as a favorite basketball player and a connection to New York.

The mention of Albert King and his impact on high school and college basketball.

The discussion about the 'Lost Battalion' and its significance in the conversation.

The pride expressed in playing at Madison Square Garden and the atmosphere it provides.

The expectation that Philadelphia fans will not be loud at the next game in Madison Square Garden.

The mention of the number of tickets sold and the presence of opposing team's fans in the stadium.

The comparison of fan presence and noise levels in different arenas, like in San Francisco and Toronto.



what does that say about the Nick fan


base when you're hearing MVP chance at


the free throw it means that they're for


real they're for real and no matter


where we are they're going to be there I


love our fans um think it's unfortunate


and I'm not calling them out but it it


is disappointing kind of pisses me off


especially because Philly is Con Sports


down so you know they've always shown up


and um I don't think that should


happen sounded like Chuck um well people


don't know stop it on listen wait time


people don't know when they list their


tickets to be sold that they're going to


be bought by Nick fans they just trying


to sell their tickets because most check


the box for team Allegiance no but most


but most of the tickets are sold out


somebody had to sell those they're


selling their tickets because playoff


game that's my


point yeah but it's your job as a player


especially if you're home to make sure


the home fans are in it make sure the


the fans that are not rooting for you


make sure they sit down and shut up yeah


yeah I understand that I mean but 2000


you can't do that Ernie no by playing


well he said Ernie you make him sit down


and be quiet first of all by playing


well or just or or but yes fact they


played well in game three and they were


still loud but hold on my point is


you're in my city and you got on another


Jersey okay watch this give me the ball


so it's a player job you know not to be


whing and complain about you got to make


the Knicks fans be quiet yeah but see


Shaq I I you to take the fans


out I'm


tell I'm going tell you why I disagree


with Shaq because I won a w game three


and we talked about it it was still loud


as hell in there the other night yeah


and the Sixers won the game and the


Sixers got off to a good start today and


then so they and then they let it get


away yeah but the crowd was going crazy


anyway I didn't like that at all


Philadelphia fans should not be selling


their tickets to New Yorkers New York


they're not selling them to New York


nework New Yorkers got great New York


the garden the Gard the garden is


awesome I've always it's been an honor


and a privilege play at the Boston


Garden and M Square Garden I guarante


them to you won't be no loud


Philadelphia people there next game well


they they don't maybe they don't want to


travel but if you if you have an


opportunity come on man you can't sell


all them down tickets but no listen


Honestly though if you have only let's


say I don't know how many hostes let's




19,000 and it's 3,000 Nick fans 3,000


when Remember When were in s in San


Francisco and the Toronto fans it was


only like 25 but it sounded like it was


so it sounded like they had 10,000 in


Philly come on man stop it stop come on


take him out the game fans aside New


York um plus 10 on the boards 15


offensive rebounds 21 to8 in second


chance that's the thing that surprised


me about this series the most um uh the


the the amount of uh like from game one


to game four the seven or Sixers have


not adjusted you watch each one of these


game the Knicks are getting three or


four shots sometime you're like whoa but


you can that can happen in that can only


happen in one game Ernie you have to get


on your players ass guys we can't give


up all these offensive rebounds the


Sixers have not adjusted at all yeah


that's but you know when you're going to


succeed in the postseason you do the


things that got you there and one of the


things that got him there being number


one offensive rebounding team having the


best rebound differential and those


things have have kept up and having a


guy like Jaylen Brunson who is uh again


getting it done today to the tune to 47


and 10 um shout out to the great Bernard


King that's my favorite basketball


player ever Bernard King that's why what




30 y' have nothing in common yes we do


no you don't both New Yorkers no that's


it y'all both are New York y got both


made the leagues both were great players


just stop it man stop send them fish


just look at the


graphic I played with his brother Albert


who was was a great guy Albert was


unbelievable high school and college but


he was a he was a really good guy Albert


King was you're a great you bought you


Bernard King was great players huh start


telling the stories from the Lost


Battalion oh lost Battalion oh baby you


know about that ER