OG Ads vs. CPAGrip: Navigating the Complex World of Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Anders Larsson
4 Nov 202306:34


TLDRIn this insightful video, the speaker shares their personal journey in the world of affiliate marketing, highlighting the allure and pitfalls of chasing the next big strategy on platforms like OG ads and CPA grip. They recount their initial obsession with finding quick wins, only to be met with disappointment and the realization that many strategies fail to deliver on their promises. The narrative shifts as the speaker discovers the importance of genuine understanding of one's audience, recognizing regional and device-specific preferences, and the quality of traffic. They emphasize the need for a deeper, more authentic approach to digital marketing, advocating for trusted sources of education over quick-fix solutions. The speaker's epiphany leads to a transformative experience with a digital marketing platform that not only changed their life but offers a solid foundation for success. They invite viewers to explore this platform through a link in the description, offering a free video training and an opportunity to learn from their experiences.


  • 🔍 The speaker initially struggled with finding effective strategies on platforms like Black Hat World, which often led to disappointment.
  • 🌐 OG Ads and CPA Grip are platforms in affiliate marketing that have generated mixed results for users, with some experiencing success and others not.
  • 🖥️ It's suggested that CPA Grip might be more effective for desktop users, particularly with US or Canadian audiences.
  • 📉 Some users reported high click numbers on CPA Grip but low earnings, indicating potential inefficiencies or issues with the platform.
  • 📈 A contrasting experience on UG Ad showed a few clicks leading to a conversion rate of 56%, suggesting a significant difference in effectiveness.
  • 🤔 The speaker expresses skepticism about the honesty of claims made on Black Hat World and suggests there may be ulterior motives behind them.
  • 📊 The importance of understanding audience preferences, regional differences, and the quality of traffic is emphasized over just focusing on platforms or strategies.
  • 🔄 The speaker discusses the frustration of feeling stuck in a cycle of failed strategies and the toll it can take on motivation.
  • 💡 An epiphany led to the realization that genuine guidance and understanding the nuances of digital marketing are more important than chasing quick fixes.
  • 📚 The speaker recommends seeking out trusted sources and genuine education for a deeper understanding of digital marketing.
  • 🔗 A free digital marketing video training is offered for those interested, along with an affiliate product that the speaker endorses and earns from.
  • 📈 The speaker shares a personal transformation story, suggesting that a solid foundation in digital marketing can lead to success.

Q & A

  • What are the two platforms mentioned in the script that are popular in the affiliate marketing space?

    -The two platforms mentioned are OG Ads and CPA Grip.

  • What is the speaker's personal experience with strategies found on Black Hat World before 2019?

    -The speaker was constantly refreshing pages on Black Hat World, obsessed with finding the next big strategy, but every strategy turned out to be a mirage or a broken promise.

  • What is the claim about CPA Grip's success, particularly for desktop users from the US or Canada?

    -Some claim to have had great success with CPA Grip, suggesting it might be more ideal for desktop users, especially if the audience is mainly from the US or Canada.

  • What contrasting experience did someone have with CPA Grip in terms of clicks and earnings?

    -Someone claimed they had 300 clicks on CPA Grip but earned only $220, and another time 500 clicks led to zero earnings.

  • What was the speaker's realization after feeling like every direction was the wrong one?

    -The speaker realized that maybe they were looking in all the wrong places and decided to distance themselves from the noise and seek genuine guidance.

  • What did the speaker find on YouTube that led to a change in their approach to online marketing?

    -The speaker found a fellow online marketer on YouTube whose approach was straightforward and genuine, different from anything on Black Hat World.

  • What is the speaker's belief about the key to success in online marketing?

    -The speaker believes that success isn't about finding the right web service or strategy, but about understanding the nuances, intricacies, and subtle differences that make one strategy work over another.

  • What is the importance of genuine education and trusted sources according to the speaker?

    -The speaker emphasizes the importance of genuine education and seeking out trusted sources for a deeper, more genuine understanding of the audience and the quality of traffic.

  • What did the speaker discover in 2019 that changed their life and could potentially change others' as well?

    -The speaker discovered a platform in 2019 that provided genuine digital marketing knowledge, which changed their life and could potentially do the same for others.

  • What is the speaker offering to those who are interested in learning more about digital marketing?

    -The speaker is offering a link to a landing page where interested individuals can sign up for free digital marketing video training.

  • How can viewers stay updated with the speaker's content?

    -Viewers can subscribe to the speaker's channel and click the Bell notification to get notified when a new video is uploaded.

  • What is the speaker's final message to the audience?

    -The speaker's final message is to stay awesome and take care, indicating a friendly and supportive tone.



🤔 Struggles and Insights in Affiliate Marketing

The speaker, Laan, shares personal experiences and insights on affiliate marketing platforms like OG ads and CPA grip. He discusses the initial excitement and subsequent disappointment with strategies that failed to deliver as promised. Laan highlights the varying experiences of marketers, with some claiming success while others report zero earnings despite high click rates. He emphasizes the need for a deeper understanding of audience preferences and traffic quality. Laan also talks about the realization that success in marketing is not just about finding the right platform or strategy, but understanding the subtleties that make a strategy effective.


📚 The Importance of Genuine Education in Digital Marketing

Laan emphasizes the importance of seeking genuine education and trusted sources in digital marketing. He shares how discovering a platform in 2019 changed his life and could potentially change the viewer's as well. He differentiates between quick fixes and building a solid foundation in digital marketing. Laan invites viewers to sign up for free video training on his landing page and also mentions an affiliate product related to the education platform he uses. He encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and turn on notifications for new video uploads.



💡Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where businesses reward affiliates for each customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. It is central to the video's theme as the speaker discusses their journey and insights within the affiliate marketing space, particularly focusing on platforms like OG ads and CPA grip.

💡OG Ads

OG Ads is mentioned as one of the platforms in the affiliate marketing space that the speaker explores. It is used as a point of comparison to CPA grip, with the speaker sharing experiences and results from using the platform, highlighting the variance in outcomes and conversion rates.

💡CPA Grip

CPA Grip is another platform discussed in the video that is used for affiliate marketing. The speaker contrasts experiences with CPA Grip and OG Ads, noting the differences in success and earnings, which is crucial to the video's analysis of these platforms.

💡Conversion Rate

The conversion rate refers to the percentage of clicks that result in a desired action, such as a sale or sign-up. It is a key metric in the video as the speaker evaluates the effectiveness of the platforms by comparing their conversion rates, with an example given where a 56% conversion rate led to earnings.

💡Black Hat World

Black Hat World is a community and forum often associated with less ethical or more aggressive online marketing strategies. The speaker uses it as a backdrop to discuss their past experiences and the disillusionment with strategies that did not yield expected results, which is a pivotal part of the video's narrative.

💡Regional Preferences

Regional preferences highlight the importance of understanding the geographical differences in audience behavior. The video emphasizes that success in marketing is not just about the platform but also about tailoring strategies to suit regional tastes and habits, which is a critical insight for affiliate marketers.

💡Device Specific Preferences

Device specific preferences pertain to the different behaviors and expectations users have based on the device they are using, such as desktop or mobile. The video suggests that understanding these preferences is key to effective marketing, as it can influence the success of a campaign.

💡Traffic Quality

Traffic quality refers to the engagement and value of the audience visiting a website. The speaker argues that the quality of traffic is crucial for the success of an affiliate marketing campaign, as opposed to just the quantity of clicks, which is a central theme in the video.

💡Genuine Guidance

Genuine guidance is presented as a solution to the speaker's past struggles, emphasizing the need for authentic and trustworthy sources of information and education. The video suggests that seeking out such guidance can lead to a more sustainable and successful approach to affiliate marketing.

💡Digital Marketing Knowledge

Digital marketing knowledge is portrayed as essential for navigating the complexities of online marketing. The video stresses the importance of understanding the nuances of digital marketing, which is contrasted with the quick-fix mentality often found in less reputable forums like Black Hat World.

💡Affiliate Product

An affiliate product is a good or service promoted by an affiliate marketer, for which they earn a commission for each sale made through their referral. The video mentions an affiliate product associated with the education platform the speaker endorses, illustrating the practical application of affiliate marketing.


The speaker shares personal experiences with affiliate marketing platforms like OG Ads and CPA Grip.

Mentions the allure of finding the 'next big thing' in the affiliate marketing space.

Discusses the disappointment of strategies not living up to their promises, like mirages.

Contrasting experiences with CPA Grip, where some users report success while others face low earnings.

Highlights the importance of understanding regional and device-specific preferences in marketing.

Suggests that the quality of traffic is a critical factor in the success of marketing strategies.

Expresses skepticism about the honesty of claims made on Black Hat World.

Advocates for a deeper understanding of marketing beyond just using platforms.

Shares a personal epiphany about the ineffectiveness of constantly seeking new strategies.

Talks about the emotional toll of repeated failures in finding effective marketing strategies.

The realization that success might lie in understanding the subtle differences between strategies.

Emphasizes the value of genuine education and trusted sources in digital marketing.

Recommends taking a step back to consider the bigger picture in digital marketing.

Provides a link to a landing page for free digital marketing video training.

Mentions an affiliate product that the speaker uses and recommends to the audience.

Encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and enable notifications for more content.

Ends with a positive note, inviting viewers to stay awesome and promising to see them in the next video.



what's going on guys and laan here so I


recently stumbled upon some insights


about OG ads and CPA grip two popular


Platforms in the affiliate marketing


space if you're looking for an analysis


I think this might be something worth


diving into but first let me set the


stage with a personal backdrop a few


years back before 2019 I was that guy


constantly refreshing pages on Blackout


World obsessed with finding the next big


thing every fresh strategy seemed like a


Beacon of Hope but here's the thing


every Beacon turned out to be a mirage a


broken promise and I couldn't figure out


why maybe you are nodding along finding


parallels with your own journey and


that's why I wanted to talk about this


today now let's address the elephant in


the room why are platforms like OG ads


and CPA grip causing such a stir some


claim to have had a great success with C


grip interestingly they suggest it might


be more ideal for desktop users


especially if the audience is mainly


from the US or Canada yet on the flip


side there is a different narrative some


claimed they had a whooping 300 clicks


on CPA grip but earned a mere


$220 and another time 500 clicks led to


Sil NADA zero earnings you feel that


it's that sinking feeling of yet another


strategy not living up to its promise


been there felt that but hold on it's


not all gloom and doom transitioning to


ug ad seems to paint a different picture


a US shared their experience a mere few


clicks led to an earning of 22 cents


with a 56% conversion rate if that is


true that's a significant difference


don't you think but my experience tells


me that there are a lot of things on


blackhead world that is not really


honest and there might be an ulterior


motive behind those claims behind any


claim here is where things get


interesting I began noticing a trend


amidst the chatter and the ever growing


mountain of this work for me claims I


started seeing the need for a deeper


more genuine understanding it's not just


about platforms it's about understanding


your audience recognizing Regional and


device specific preferences and the


quality of of your traffic it's so easy


to get wrapped up in the search for the


next strategy you find mountains of


information and they all seem promising


they all seem to offer a direction to


success but in reality it's not as rosy


at it looks but you know what is even


harder realizing that the direction you


are headed might not be the right one


and there are people that will never


even come to that realization and they


keep on struggling they keep on doing


the same mistakes over and over again I


remember feeling that same way I felt


like every direction was the wrong one I


felt like I was caught in a loop the


same platforms the same promises the


same results the cycle was endless it


was draining and with every failed


strategy my motivation dwindled it's in


this Whirlwind of confusion that I had


an epiphany I realized that maybe yes


maybe I was looking in all the wrong


places it was time to distance myself


from the noise and seek genuine guidance


but how how can I find genuine guidance


well I did something I couldn't stay


doing nothing


so the path led me to a person that I


found on YouTube a fellow online


marketer her approach unlike anything on


black hat world was straightforward and


genuine that is when it clicked maybe


success isn't about finding the right


web service or the right strategy on


Blackout World maybe it's about


understanding the nuances the


intricacies the subtle differences that


make one strategy work over another


that's why I always emphasize the


importance of genuine education of


seeking out trusted sources if what I'm


saying makes sense to you if it


resonates with your journey I urge you


to take a step back look at the bigger


picture consider seeking out genuine


digital marketing knowledge the platform


I discovered back in 2019


it changed my life and I believe it


could change yours too this isn't about


quick fixes it's about laying a


foundation and building upon it if you


are curious to know more I have put a


link in the description that will take


you to my landing page and there you can


sign up for my free digital marketing


video training if you're interested


otherwise I have a red button on that


page that will take you directly to the


education platform that I use and the


same platform also allows me to earn


money because it has an affiliate


product and this is an awesome affili


product that maybe you are interested in


checking out but anyway if you found any


value in this video then why not click


the like button and if you want to see


more videos from me then please


subscribe and click the Bell


notification to get notified when I


upload a new video Stay awesome take


care and I'll see you in my next video



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