Trump can barely speak, quickly ends event & leaves stage

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27 Feb 202407:32


TLDRThe transcript details a concerning speech by former President Donald Trump where he exhibited signs of cognitive decline, including slurred speech, disorientation, rambling incoherently, and abruptly ending the event. Medical professionals, such as psychiatrist John Gartner, have expressed concerns that Trump may be suffering from dementia based on his performance. The video highlights various instances of Trump's struggles, including forgetting his own actions, mispronouncing words, and delivering nonsensical statements, leading to a growing belief that something serious may be affecting his mental faculties.


  • 😬 Former President Donald Trump delivered a speech to the National Association of Christian Communicators that raised concerns about his cognitive abilities due to significant slurring, disorientation, and incoherent ramblings.
  • 🤔 Trump made bizarre statements such as claiming that Israel became the capital of Israel thanks to him, and struggled with words like 'evangelical.'
  • 🥴 At times, Trump's speech devolved into complete word salads, lacking any coherent syntax or meaning.
  • 😶 There were long, awkward silences during the speech, as if Trump had lost his train of thought.
  • 🤯 Trump made peculiar assertions, such as categorizing people into 'men, women, and religion.'
  • 😵 The speech was cut short abruptly, with Trump leaving the stage unexpectedly, raising further questions about his mental state.
  • 👨‍⚕️ Psychiatrist John Gartner suggested that Trump's behavior could be indicative of gross dementia.
  • 😕 While Biden is known to make occasional gaffes, Trump's speech was described as 'just as bad as any of it and extended,' with concerning signs of confusion and disorientation.
  • 🚨 Medical professionals are increasingly voicing concerns about Trump's cognitive abilities based on his recent public appearances.
  • 😟 The overall speech performance has raised alarm bells about Trump's mental fitness and potential cognitive decline.

Q & A

  • What was the notable physical symptom observed in Trump during his speech?

    -Trump's notable physical symptom during his speech was slurring his words and a shoulder glitch, indicating difficulty in speech.

  • What organization did Donald Trump address in his speech?

    -Donald Trump addressed the National Association of Christian Communicators in his speech.

  • What did psychiatrist John Gartner suggest about Trump's condition based on his speech?

    -Psychiatrist John Gartner suggested that Trump seems to be suffering from gross dementia based on his speech.

  • What incorrect statement did Trump make regarding Israel?

    -Trump incorrectly stated that thanks to him, 'Israel has become the capital of Israel,' confusing his action of moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem with the establishment of Israel's capital.

  • What does Trump's speech suggest about his cognitive state, according to the speaker?

    -The speaker suggests that Trump's cognitive state is concerning, highlighting his slurry speech, cognitive gaffes, and disorientation.

  • How did Trump describe his interaction with a pilot during a flight?

    -Trump described a hesitant interaction with a pilot regarding the safety of their flight, expressing his lack of courage to turn back despite the pilot's uncertainty.

  • What was the audience's reaction during parts of Trump's speech?

    -During parts of Trump's speech, the audience was silent enough that 'you could hear a pin drop,' indicating a lack of engagement or confusion.

  • What metaphor did Trump use to describe the state of Washington D.C.?

    -Trump used metaphors describing dirty roads, falling medians, crime, graffiti, and swastikas to negatively portray the state of Washington D.C.

  • What three categories did Trump mention as needing a political voice?

    -Trump mentioned men, women, and religion as the three categories that need a political voice.

  • What was Trump's stance on AM radio in his speech?

    -In his speech, Trump expressed a commitment to protect AM radio content that is 'pro God,' indicating his support for preserving traditional media platforms.

  • How did Trump conclude his speech?

    -Trump concluded his speech abruptly, thanking the National Religious Broadcasters and expressing appreciation for their work before leaving the stage.



😮 Trump's Concerning Speech at the National Association of Christian Communicators

The video script presents a concerning speech by former President Donald Trump at the National Association of Christian Communicators. Trump appears disoriented, slurring his words, and exhibiting cognitive gaffes throughout the speech. He makes nonsensical statements, struggles with basic vocabulary, and seems to ramble incoherently at times. The speech is punctuated by awkward silences and moments where Trump appears lost or confused. Psychiatrist John Gartner suggests that Trump's behavior indicates signs of gross dementia. The script highlights various concerning moments, including Trump's inability to correctly state that he moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, his struggles with the word 'evangelical,' and his rambling about God, content, and context in an incoherent manner.


😔 Trump's Abrupt and Concerning Exit from the Speech

The script describes Trump's abrupt and concerning exit from the speech at the National Association of Christian Communicators. After exhibiting numerous signs of disorientation and confusion throughout the speech, Trump appears to wrap up the event unexpectedly and quickly departs the stage. The script notes that Trump showed up late, slurred his speech multiple times, and seemed disoriented and confused during various parts of the address. Despite reading from a teleprompter, Trump struggled with the material and appeared lost at times. Ultimately, he cuts the speech short and leaves the stage, raising further concerns about his cognitive state. The script suggests that this behavior, coupled with the other warning signs during the speech, has led medical professionals to express growing concern about Trump's potential cognitive decline or dementia.




Dementia refers to a decline in cognitive abilities, including memory, language, and decision-making, severe enough to interfere with daily life. In the video, psychiatrist John Gartner suggests that Donald Trump seems to be suffering from 'gross dementia' based on his disoriented and slurred speech during the event. This allegation relates to the central theme of Trump's apparent cognitive decline.


Slurring refers to a defective pronunciation or indistinct articulation of words, often associated with intoxication or certain medical conditions. The video repeatedly mentions Trump's slurred speech, describing it as 'the worst we have seen him slurring' and pointing out numerous instances where his words were slurred and difficult to understand. This observed slurring contributes to the speculation about Trump's cognitive abilities.


Being disoriented means having a lack of awareness or understanding of one's surroundings, time, or situation. The video states that Trump appeared 'as disoriented and slurry as we have seen' during the speech, suggesting that he seemed confused and disconnected from the event. This disorientation, along with the slurring, is presented as evidence of potential cognitive impairment.

💡Cognitive Gaffes

Cognitive gaffes refer to mistakes or errors in thinking, reasoning, or speech that may indicate underlying cognitive difficulties. The video highlights several instances of Trump making 'cognitive gaffes' during his speech, such as incorrectly stating that 'Israel therefore became the capital of Israel' instead of recalling that he moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. These gaffes are presented as potential signs of cognitive decline.

💡Word Salad

A 'word salad' is a confused or unintelligible mixture of words and phrases that lack coherent meaning or syntax. The video describes one of Trump's moments as a 'word salad' and challenges the viewer to 'parse the syntax' of the jumbled, nonsensical statement he made. This 'word salad' is used as an example of Trump's apparent difficulty forming coherent thoughts and speech.


A glitch refers to a temporary malfunction or error in performance. The video notes a 'glitch' that happens with Trump when trying to say the word 'evangelical,' where his shoulder goes up, and he struggles to get the word out. This 'glitch' is presented as an unexplained issue that may be related to cognitive difficulties or impairment.


Unintelligible means impossible to understand or comprehend. The video describes Trump 'ranting unintelligibly' during numerous parts of the speech, suggesting that his statements were incoherent and lacked clear meaning. This unintelligible speech is portrayed as another potential indicator of cognitive decline or impairment.

💡Syntactically Incoherent

Being syntactically incoherent means lacking logical structure or grammatical sense in one's speech or writing. The video states that one of Trump's rants about 'God, content and context' was 'not syntactically coherent,' implying that his statements lacked proper syntax and were difficult to follow or make sense of. This incoherence is presented as further evidence of potential cognitive issues.

💡Medical Professionals

Medical professionals refer to individuals trained and licensed to practice in the medical field, such as doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists. The video mentions that 'medical professionals' are starting to say that 'something is wrong' with Trump, likely referring to the psychiatrist John Gartner's assessment of Trump potentially suffering from dementia. The opinions of medical professionals are presented as carrying weight in evaluating Trump's cognitive state.

💡Warning Signs

Warning signs are indicators or evidence that suggest a potential problem or issue. The video states that 'the warning signs continue to grow' regarding Trump's cognitive abilities, referring to the various instances of slurred speech, disorientation, cognitive gaffes, and other indicators presented throughout the speech. These warning signs are positioned as mounting evidence of possible cognitive decline or impairment in Trump.


Former President Donald Trump delivered a speech to the National Association of Christian Communicators that was characterized by slurred speech, cognitive gaffes, and disorientation.

During the speech, Trump struggled with word retrieval, often getting stuck on words like 'evangelical' and making nonsensical statements like 'thanks to him, Israel became the capital of Israel.'

Trump went on incoherent rants, at one point talking about protecting 'pro-God content and context' and 'AM radio in our cars' without making much sense.

The speech was punctuated by long periods of silence and uncomfortable pauses, suggesting Trump was having difficulty following the teleprompter.

Trump made bizarre statements, such as categorizing the world into 'men, women, and religion,' and spouting nonsensical word salads.

The speech ended abruptly, with Trump cutting it short and leaving the stage, raising concerns about his cognitive state.

The commentator noted that while Biden also sometimes says things that don't make sense, Trump's speech was 'just as bad as any of it and extended.'

Medical professionals, such as psychiatrist John Gartner, have started to suggest that Trump may be suffering from gross dementia based on his behavior during this speech.

The overall tone of the commentary suggests growing concern about Trump's cognitive abilities and mental state, with his speech performance being described as 'the worst we have seen him.'

The speech highlighted Trump's struggles with word retrieval, coherence, and staying on topic, which are often associated with cognitive decline.

Trump's difficulty in following the teleprompter and his tendency to go off on tangents and rants raised red flags about his ability to communicate effectively.

The commentator emphasized that the warning signs about Trump's cognitive state continue to grow, and medical professionals are starting to voice concerns.

The speech provided a platform for Trump to showcase his cognitive abilities, but instead, it raised questions about his mental fitness and potential cognitive impairment.

The contrast between Trump's struggle to deliver a coherent speech and the expectations of a former President highlighted the growing concerns about his cognitive abilities.

The overall tone of the commentary suggests that Trump's speech performance has added to the growing body of evidence that his cognitive state may be in decline.



Speaker 1: Failed. Former President Donald  Trump spoke to the National Association of  


Christian Communicators the other day. This  is the worst we have seen him slurring,  


ending the speech quickly and getting off the  stage rather than doing the normal wind down and,  


even showing up late for unexplained reasons and  starting off very slurry. This speech has now led  


to psychiatrist John Gartner saying Trump  seems to be suffering from gross dementia.  


We'll get to that a little bit later. Here  is the start. And I have to say, this is as  


disoriented and slurry as we have seen Trump. Speaker 2: There was no way I was going to  


miss this plane was coming in. That plane was  coming in. I said, are we okay? To the pilot,  


he said, I think so. I didn't like that is  I think we're okay, sir. I think we should  


be okay. I'm saying, should we turn back?  He said I wouldn't mind if we did. I said,  


I don't have the courage to turn back from  these people. This land is psychologically so. 


Speaker 1: Trump very slurry and  a number of cognitive gaffes.  


Trump saying that thanks to him,  Israel has become the capital of  


Israel. Weird thing to say, isn't it? Speaker 2: Nothing happened. But I did  


it. And Israel therefore became the capital and  it was a big thing. And on Monday I called back  


the biggest leaders in the whole world. Speaker 1: And of course, what Trump  


means is he moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to  Jerusalem. He doesn't even remember what he did,  


instead saying, thanks to him, Israel became  the capital of Israel. Trump with that glitch  


that often happens on the word evangelical. And  we're not going to play all of these. But there  


were a bunch of these during this. Speaker 2: Speech of Christ,  


the stories of the Holy Bible and voices of famed  evangelical people and evangelists, evangelists  


like the late, great Pat Robertson, who was. Speaker 1: And that's that glitch. We've seen  


it before. Trump's shoulder goes up and he seems  to sort of be unable to get the word out that he's  


trying to get out. We still don't really know  what that is. Trump ranting unintelligibly in  


numerous parts of this speech, talking here about  God, content and context and just kind of going  


in circles. It's not syntactically coherent. Speaker 2: It's like I will protect the content  


that is pro God. We're going to protect  pro God context and content. To that end,  


at the request of the NB, I will do my part  to protect Am radio in our cars. You know,  


we like to listen to Am radio. Yeah. Speaker 1: Not really making any sense.  


At one point the speech ground to  a halt and it is silence. You could  


hear. You could hear a pin drop in this. Speaker 2: Audio getting killed. They end  


up getting shot, mugged. Terrible things happen.  And, can't be that way. Can you imagine foreign  


leaders coming in from other lands? They hear  all about Washington here in the United States,  


and they're driving in dirty roads. Speaker 1: There is a room full of people  


I know. It's hard to tell from the dead. Silence. Speaker 2: Assholes all over the place,  


medians that are falling down into the road,  and crime and graffiti. Graffiti all over  


those beautiful marble columns. Swastikas. Speaker 1: Swats. It's like a pot sticker,  


a swastika. I don't know what it's stuffed with. Speaker 2: Can you imagine what they must think  


about our country? And I worked hard on that. You  know, when I was when any time I drove, when I  


saw, like 1 or 2 tents starting to form, I say, go  out there immediately and take down those tents. 


Speaker 1: So anyway, the crowd,  it's almost like there's no crowd,  


but there is a crowd at Trump at one point  making the really interesting declaration  


that you've got men, you've got women, and you've  got religion. Those are your three categories. 


Speaker 2: They have to have a political  voice. You know, if you think about it,  


you have men, you have women, and you have  religion. If you look at it, you have more  


than the men. You have more than the women. Speaker 1: Right? You know, I, I have to admit,  


that's not something I've ever really  considered. Maybe the most rambly  


moment in the speech was this word salad. And I  challenge you to parse the syntax on this one. 


Speaker 2: We will never allow the big media  or left wing pressure groups to silence you,  


censor you, discriminate against you, or in  any way tell you what you have to say. They  


want you to say what they want you what they  want to have you say, oh, we're not going to  


let that happen. You're going to say, as you  want and you're going to believe and you're  


going to believe in God. You better believe in  God because God is here and God is watching. 


Speaker 1: Right as you can. Tell a  deeply spiritual Donald Trump really,  


really struggling to read this nonsense  off of the teleprompter. And then lastly,  


and this was the biggest sign that something  was up. Trump showing up late and slurring five,  


six, seven disoriented and confused bits of  speech, and then abruptly wrapping the speech  


and getting off the stage, cutting it very short.  And every indication Trump was just not something  


was up and he was trying to get out of here. Speaker 2: Revival. So again, I want to thank  


you and I want to thank you. National religious  Broadcasters. I cannot state strongly enough what  


an incredible job you do. God bless you and God  bless America. Thank you very much. Thank you. 


Speaker 1: And there it is. And then Trump just  leaving. So the warning signs continue to grow. I  


mean this is not I'll be the first to tell you.  Biden sometimes says things that don't make a  


whole lot of sense. But this is just as bad as any  of it and extended. And while reading the speech,  


Trump seems confused by the words and gets lost  in his own head. We now are again starting to see  


medical professionals say something is wrong  here, and I want to talk about that next.

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