NRL 2024 | Wests Tigers v Sharks | Match Highlights

NRL - National Rugby League
23 Mar 202403:49


TLDRThe West Tigers, coached by Benji Marshall, delivered a thrilling performance in the third round of the NRL, showcasing their skills and determination. The game was marked by impressive runs, high-energy tackles, and strategic plays, with the Tigers pulling off surprising moves and scoring key tries. The crowd was on their feet, especially during the pivotal moments of the game. The Tigers' victory was not just a win on the scoreboard, but also a display of their potential under the new era of leadership, ending the match with a resounding 32 to 6 score against the Sharks.


  • 🏈 The game is the third round of the Super Saturday League.
  • 🏃‍♂️ Hazelton from Goldber has transitioned to the NRL, showing impressive performance with six runs and 64 meters gained early in the game.
  • 🥅 The Tigers start strong with an early score, showcasing their dominance from the beginning.
  • 🎯 TIG takes advantage of a high kick that hits the leg of Stains, gaining territory on the left-hand side of the field.
  • 🤼‍♂️ A high tackle by the Tigers leads to an exciting play, keeping the crowd engaged and on their feet.
  • 🦁 Corel Caesar's presence on the field is notable as he patrols the right side, contributing to the Tigers' defensive efforts.
  • 💡 A display of skill and deception from the Tigers leads to a remarkable play, highlighting their creativity on the field.
  • 🥊 Burrows demonstrates impressive determination and skill with a crucial play, contributing to the Tigers' success.
  • 🛑 The Tigers face a high tackle challenge but manage to maintain possession, showcasing their resilience.
  • 🏆 The Tigers achieve a significant victory under the coaching of Benji Marshall, marking a new era for the team.
  • 📈 The final score reflects a resounding win for the Tigers, with a 32 to 6 victory over the Sharks.

Q & A

  • Which team scored the first try of the game?

    -The Tigers scored the first try of the game, with Hazelton being involved in the play.

  • What was significant about Hazelton's performance in this game?

    -Hazelton had an impressive performance, scoring a try and showing great determination and skill in his six runs and tackles.

  • Who was the player that made a crucial play before Hazelton's try?

    -Corusell made a crucial play before Hazelton's try, which led to the Tigers scoring.

  • How did the crowd react to Hazelton's try?

    -The crowd was very excited and engaged, with everyone on their feet in the L of Robinson stand.

  • What was the final score of the game?

    -The final score was Tigers 32, Sharks 6.

  • Who is the coach of the Tigers mentioned in the script?

    -The coach of the Tigers mentioned in the script is Benji Marshall.

  • What was the Tigers' performance like under coach Benji Marshall?

    -Under coach Benji Marshall, the Tigers not only won but also put on a great show, demonstrating their skill and entertaining the fans.

  • Which player was noted for their high-quality play and was rated 10 out of 10?

    -Corusell was noted for their high-quality play and was rated 10 out of 10.

  • What happened during the play involving Galvin and the ball being kicked over the top?

    -Galvin received a deep kick over the top, which led to a scramble for the ball and eventually, the Tigers gaining possession.

  • How did the Tigers manage to keep the momentum going after their first try?

    -The Tigers continued to show great skill and teamwork, pulling off impressive plays and maintaining the crowd's excitement.

  • What was the Tigers' strategy for maintaining possession and scoring tries?

    -The Tigers used a combination of deception, quick plays, and offloads to keep the opposing team guessing and to create scoring opportunities.



🏉 Super Saturday NRL Game Highlights

The script describes an intense rugby league match from Super Saturday's third round. It features the Tigers and Sharks competing, with the Tigers showing impressive plays and teamwork. Key moments include a strong start with six runs by Hazelton, high-energy tackles, and strategic plays. The Tigers' deceptive tactics and the crowd's excitement are palpable. Notable players include Corus, who scores a try, and Burrows, who makes a crucial stop. The game culminates in a significant win for the Tigers under coach Benji Marshall, marking the start of the Beni Marshall era with a 32-6 victory.



💡Super Saturday

Super Saturday refers to a day when multiple significant sporting events take place, often in the context of a league or tournament. In the script, it indicates a day packed with rugby league games, which is a major theme of the video.


The National Rugby League (NRL) is the top-level professional rugby league club competition in Australia and New Zealand. In the context of the video, NRL signifies the league in which the teams are competing, and the script discusses players and games related to it.


In this context, the Tigers refer to a rugby league team, likely the Wests Tigers, an Australian professional rugby league team. The video discusses the team's performance, strategies, and key players, highlighting their significant role in the game.


In rugby, a 'try' is scored when a player touches the ball down in the opponent's in-goal area. It is the primary way of scoring points in the game. The video describes various tries and the players involved, emphasizing the dynamic nature of the game and the teams' efforts to score.


An offload in rugby is a skillful move where a player passes the ball to a teammate while being tackled or under pressure. It showcases a player's ability to maintain possession and continue the attack despite defensive pressure. The video highlights the offload as a key tactic used by the players.


A tackle in rugby is a defensive action where a player attempts to bring an opponent carrying the ball to the ground. Tackles are crucial for preventing the opposing team from advancing and scoring. The video discusses tackles as part of the game's defensive strategies.

💡Benji Marshall

Benji Marshall is a professional rugby league player and coach, mentioned in the context of the video as the coach of the Tigers. His presence signifies a notable aspect of the team's management and coaching strategy.


In the context of the video, 'score' refers to the points accumulated by the teams during the game. It is a central aspect of the competition, as teams aim to outscore each other to win. The video discusses various scoring events and the overall score, indicating the game's progress and outcome.


Corus, as mentioned in the script, likely refers to a player or a key figure in the game. The term is used in the context of scoring and game strategy, indicating the player's involvement in significant moments of the match.


Buller in the context of the script likely refers to a player or a specific move in the game. It is used in a way that suggests a significant action or play involving this term, contributing to the game's dynamics and the team's performance.


Deception in rugby can refer to tactics or moves designed to mislead the opposing team, allowing the offensive team to gain an advantage. The video mentions deception as a key element of the game strategy, highlighting the skill and cunning involved in rugby.


Underway game three Super Saturday Fox, League round number three.

UTO Kamu and Brayden Hazelton's impressive start with six runs and evading tackles.

Taloto's early score setting the tone for the game.

Tigers' first try from a well-executed set play.

Excitement in the stands as the Tigers show their support.

Corey Caesar's impactful presence patrolling the right side of the field.

The Tigers' first try from a high kick challenge.

The crowd's reaction to the Tigers' second try.

The Tigers' third try showcasing their deceptive play.

Burrows' crucial late offload leading to a try.

The Tigers' impressive comeback with a high tackle to stop the hardest runner.

Galvin's deep kick and the ensuing scramble for the ball.

The Tigers' resilience as they recover from a loss to secure the ball.

The start of the Beni Marshall era with a resounding win for the West Tigers.

The Tigers' fans and players celebrate a big win under coach Benji Marshall.

The final score: Tigers 32, Sharks 6.



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show they are so good tonight the Tigers


fans are up the Tigers players


embrace the Tigers have a big win a


resounding win under coach Benji


Marshall Tigers


32 to the shark