Cody Rhodes reveals what The Rock gifted him, addresses being interrupted after WrestleMania

12 Apr 202405:37


TLDRIn a captivating monologue, the speaker reminisces about an encounter with 'The Rock' and the impact of his presence. They reveal their journey from underdog to the Undisputed WWE Champion, highlighting their upcoming international premium live event in Leon, France, where they will face one of six formidable competitors. The speaker asserts their readiness, stating that those who challenge the king must not miss, signifying a shift from being the hunter to the hunted.


  • 🎤 The speaker was interrupted during a previous event by music and applause.
  • 🎶 The entrance of a person named 'Rock' is highlighted, indicating his significant presence.
  • 🤔 The speaker contemplates a friend from Detroit's reaction to the open mic night situation.
  • 🗣️ An apology for cursing is made, showing a level of professionalism and awareness.
  • 🥊 A 'wartime Overture' is mentioned, symbolizing a challenge or a significant event.
  • 🌟 'Rock' is expected to go to Hollywood and return, seeking out the speaker.
  • 🏆 The speaker declares himself the Undisputed WWE Champion, emphasizing his accomplishment.
  • 🌍 An upcoming international event in Leon, France is announced, called 'Backlash'.
  • 💪 Six potential competitors are mentioned, all of whom could be facing the speaker at the event.
  • 👥 The speaker acknowledges the sold-out audience and the shift from being the hunter to the hunted.
  • 🚀 A message is sent to the competitors: if they challenge the speaker, they must not miss their chance.

Q & A

  • What event was the speaker attending on the past Monday?

    -The speaker was attending an open mic night.

  • How did the atmosphere change when the music started and the person referred to as 'Rock' entered?

    -The air got colder and the mood changed significantly.

  • What item did 'Rock' place in the speaker's hand?

    -A wartime Overture, which was a gift from the speaker to 'Rock'.

  • What did the speaker believe about 'Rock' going to Hollywood?

    -The speaker believed that 'Rock' was going to Hollywood and would come back looking for them.

  • What significant announcement does the speaker make about their future?

    -The speaker will be participating in an International premium Live Event in Leon, France, facing one of the six competitors mentioned.

  • Who are the potential competitors the speaker might face in Leon, France?

    -The potential competitors include Santos Escobar, Rey Mysterio, La Night, AJ Styles, Bobby Lashley, and Kevin Owens.

  • What does the speaker imply about their relationship with AJ Styles?

    -They are two of the only four men who have been both inwa champion and WWE Champion.

  • What is the speaker's stance towards his friend Kevin Owens?

    -They are friends who happen to be wrestlers and have a competitive relationship, each believing they are better than the other.

  • How does the speaker describe his journey in the wrestling world?

    -The speaker went from being undesirable to undeniable, and now he is the Undisputed WWE champion.

  • What message does the speaker have for the six competitors?

    -If they come at the king, they better not miss.

  • What is the speaker's new position in the wrestling community?

    -The speaker is now the hunted, rather than the hunter.



🎤 Reflective Monologue on Unexpected Encounters

The speaker begins by recounting an interrupted monologue from the previous Monday, highlighting the unexpected entrance of a person, referred to as 'Rock,' marked by music and applause. The speaker ponders how someone from Detroit would react to the situation, and then vividly describes an encounter with Rock, who handed them a wartime Overture, a gift that was both uncomfortable and awkward. The speaker expresses unwavering belief in Rock's promises, including his return from Hollywood. The speaker then shifts focus to upcoming events, specifically an international premium live event in Leon, France, and the potential competitors they might face, including notable figures like Santos Escobar, Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles, Bobby Lashley, and Kevin Owens. The speaker acknowledges the tension between being a hunter and the hunted, and ends with a challenge to those on the blue brand of Smackdown who claim unfamiliarity with them.


🏆 Introduction of the Undisputed WWE Champion

In this paragraph, the speaker introduces himself as Cody Rhodes, emphasizing his transformation from once undesirable to the undeniable Undisputed WWE Champion. This declaration serves as a powerful assertion of his status and accomplishment within the wrestling community. The speaker's confidence and pride in achieving this title are evident, as he positions himself as a figure of authority and success in the sport.



💡Open Mike Night

Open Mike Night refers to an event where individuals gather to perform, typically involving music, poetry, or comedy. In the context of the script, it appears as a humorous misunderstanding, as the speaker was not expecting to perform when they arrived at the venue, as indicated by the line 'who the hell told you tonight was open mike night'.


Detroit is a city in the state of Michigan, known for its rich history in the automotive industry and influential music scene. In the script, the speaker mentions someone from Detroit to establish a connection with the audience and to create a sense of familiarity.

💡Wartime Overture

Wartime Overture is a term that seems to be used metaphorically in the script to represent a significant and possibly challenging item or situation. It suggests a sense of drama and conflict, which is fitting for the context of a competitive event or a high-stakes performance.


Hollywood is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, famous for its film industry. In the script, it represents a place of aspiration and achievement, where the speaker believes 'the Rock' is going to pursue a career or further success.

💡International Premium Live Events

International Premium Live Events refer to high-quality, ticketed events that are held around the world and often involve performances, sports, or other forms of entertainment. In the context of the script, it indicates the global reach and prestige of the events the speaker is participating in.


In the context of the script, 'Backlash' appears to be the name of a specific event, likely related to wrestling or sports entertainment. It suggests a significant confrontation or conflict, which is typical for such events where competitors face off in a high-stakes match.


WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, a professional wrestling promotion company. It is a globally recognized brand that produces live events, television shows, and pay-per-view events featuring wrestling matches and storylines. In the script, it establishes the context of professional wrestling and the competitive environment the speaker is in.

💡Inwa Champion

INWA Champion likely refers to a championship title within a wrestling organization, though the acronym is not standard in the wrestling industry. It could be a fictional or specific title relevant to the context of the script. The term suggests a prestigious title that signifies accomplishment within the wrestling world.


Smackdown is a weekly television show produced by WWE, featuring professional wrestling matches and storylines. It is one of the company's primary brands, alongside Raw and NXT. In the script, the mention of Smackdown indicates the specific WWE brand that the speaker and other competitors are associated with.

💡Undisputed WWE Champion

Undisputed WWE Champion refers to a wrestler who has won the top championship title in WWE, undisputedly meaning without any controversy or challenge to their claim. It represents the pinnacle of achievement within the WWE, signifying that the wrestler is the best in the company.

💡Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is a professional wrestler and executive producer known for his work in WWE and other wrestling promotions. In the script, he is mentioned as the speaker's name, indicating that the speaker is addressing the audience in the first person and establishing their identity within the wrestling narrative.


The speaker was interrupted by music and applause, setting an energetic tone for the event.

A personal anecdote about someone from Detroit was shared, adding a relatable and humorous element to the speech.

The mention of 'Rock' and his impact on the atmosphere, indicating the presence of a notable figure and the influence of his entrance.

The speaker received a wartime Overture, a gift from 'Rock', symbolizing a connection and shared history.

The speaker's belief in 'Rock' going to Hollywood and returning, showcasing trust and the anticipation of future events.

The announcement of the speaker's participation in an International premium Live Event in Leon, France, highlighting a significant upcoming event.

The potential opponents for the speaker in Leon, France, including Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio, were mentioned, emphasizing the competitive nature of the event.

The reference to La Night, a notable event in WWE, and the connection to AJ Styles, indicating the importance of this event and individual.

The speaker's recognition as one of the few to hold both the inwa and WWE championships, underlining his achievements and status.

The mention of Bobby Lashley, another competitor, adding to the list of potential opponents and showcasing the depth of talent.

The speaker's friendship and rivalry with Kevin Owens, illustrating the personal dynamics within the wrestling community.

The realization of being 'the hunted' rather than 'the hunter', reflecting a shift in the speaker's position and mindset.

The speaker's declaration of being the Undisputed WWE champion, emphasizing his current title and success.

The speaker's name, Cody Rhodes, is revealed, providing a personal connection and identity to the audience.

The journey from 'undesirable' to 'undeniable' is highlighted, showing the speaker's growth and recognition in his career.



this past Monday I was out here doing


some talking and I was interrupted by








rock as his music hit and he strolled


out here I was thinking about somebody I


know somebody who happens to be from


Detroit and what would they say and I


think it went a little something like


this who the hell told you tonight was


open mik night


forgive me for cursing




I don't know what's gotten into


me I can tell you when Rock was in here


the air got a little colder the mood


certainly changed he placed an item in


my hand I instantly knew what it


was it was a wartime Overture if you


will something that I had gifted to the


rock it was


uncomfortable it was


awkward but I believed The Rock when he


said that he was going off to Hollywood


and I believed him even more when he


said that he would be coming back here


and when he did he would be looking for


me well rock you do not have to look


very far I will be standing right


here but that uh that's in the rear view


we need to look forward three weeks from


now I'm going to hop on a plane and I am


going to fly to the first of our


International premium Live Events


backlash in Leon


France and I am going to face one of the


six competitors you see here


tonight it could be Santos Escobar




could be Rey


Mysterio could be the fastest rising


star in all of WWE La




yes can't talk about La night without


talking about AJ Styles




AJ and


myself two of the only four men who are


ever inwa champion and WWE


Champion then


there's Bobby


Lashley Bobby Lashley




and of course I can't leave out my


friend Kevin


Owens like all friends who happen to be


wrestlers Kevin thinks he is better than


me Bell to Bell I think I am better than


him sometimes there's only one way to






out if you'll forgive me for for a


moment it's not lost on me that we are


very sold out here




tonight I'm going to briefly turn my


back on this camera because I want to


see everybody in here tonight


this is also so fresh for me I am no


longer the hunter but I am the hunted


and my message for those six competitors




tonight if you come at the king you best




miss for those on the blue brand on


Smackdown who claim to be unfamiliar


with me I will make it easy for you my


name is Cody rhods once


undesirable become


undeniable and now your




WWE champion