VonOff1700 - Swing It (ft. MAF Teeski & Big Opp)

16 Apr 202403:02


TLDRThe video script appears to be a raw and gritty depiction of street life, filled with violence and tension. It tells a story of individuals caught up in a dangerous cycle of retaliation and survival, where loyalty and betrayal are the constants. The narrative is punctuated with vivid imagery of urban conflict, where characters are constantly on guard, armed and ready for confrontation. The language is explicit, reflecting the harsh realities of the environment they inhabit. The summary of this script would be a cautionary tale of the streets, where the struggle for power and the desire for respect can lead to tragic outcomes, emphasizing the high-stakes game of life and death that unfolds in certain urban settings.


  • 🚫 Warning: The content contains explicit language and violent themes.
  • 🎶 The script seems to be a part of a rap or hip-hop lyrics, featuring a rhythmic and poetic structure.
  • 🔫 There are references to gun violence and conflict, suggesting a narrative about street life and possible gang affiliations.
  • 🚗 The mention of 'pull up' and 'locking doors' implies a scenario involving vehicles and a need for security or protection.
  • 🏃 The phrase 'chasing down bullet' could be a metaphor for being pursued or escaping from a dangerous situation.
  • 🤝 There is a mention of 'real' friends and 'fake' people, indicating a theme of loyalty and betrayal.
  • 💰 The script alludes to financial gain and the allure of wealth, which could be a driving factor in the described scenarios.
  • 🔪 The use of 'switch on the back' and 'grip on the front' likely refers to weapons, indicating a high level of preparedness for violence.
  • 😡 The line 'please don't come around' suggests a desire to avoid certain individuals or situations that could lead to conflict.
  • 👥 There is a mention of 'kids' being involved, which might imply a concern for the younger generation's involvement in dangerous activities.
  • 🔥 The script ends with a reference to 'sparks', possibly symbolizing the ongoing cycle of violence or the flash of gunfire.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the script?

    -The script appears to be centered around a violent and confrontational narrative, possibly related to street life and conflicts.

  • What does 'SL' refer to in the context of the script?

    -The term 'SL' is not clearly defined in the script, but it might be an acronym or slang for a specific action or object relevant to the narrative.

  • What does the phrase 'lock my door' imply in the script?

    -The phrase 'lock my door' likely suggests a sense of precaution or readiness for potential danger, indicating the speaker is preparing for a confrontation.

  • What is the significance of the term 'chasing down bullet'?

    -The term 'chasing down bullet' is a metaphorical expression that could imply the speaker is actively engaging in a pursuit or confrontation where gunfire is involved.

  • What does 'mycho' refer to in the script?

    -The term 'mycho' is not a standard English word and might be slang or a name used within the context of the script, possibly referring to a person or a group.

  • What is the meaning of 'got a switch on the back'?

    -The phrase 'got a switch on the back' could be a colloquial way of saying that the speaker has a weapon or a means of defense hidden or ready to use.

  • What is the implication of 'fake it talk snatch'?

    -The phrase 'fake it talk snatch' seems to be a warning or a threat, suggesting that the speaker will deal harshly with anyone who is insincere or deceitful.

  • What is the intended message of 'we kill whoever you this how go big'?

    -This line suggests a severe threat, indicating that the speaker and their associates are willing to resort to extreme violence to assert dominance or resolve conflicts.

  • What is the significance of 'swing my sh F'?

    -The phrase 'swing my sh F' is likely a euphemism for a violent action, possibly referring to the act of using a weapon or engaging in aggressive behavior.

  • What does 'I'm Chas down ducking' mean?

    -The phrase 'I'm Chas down ducking' could imply that the speaker is adopting a defensive or evasive posture, possibly to avoid gunfire or other threats.

  • What is the message conveyed by 'they going to kill me they not on the CR'?

    -This line suggests that despite threats against the speaker's life, they feel confident or unafraid, possibly because they believe the threats are not credible or serious.

  • What is the meaning of 'I had a drink and Slick had a switch'?

    -This line indicates that the speaker and another person, referred to as 'Slick', were prepared for a confrontation, with the speaker having a drink and Slick having a weapon or 'switch'.



🤷‍♂️ Incomprehensible Chatter

The content within this paragraph appears to be a nonsensical string of words and phrases, making it difficult to discern a clear theme or message. It could potentially be a part of a song, script, or dialogue that has been scrambled, resulting in a lack of coherent information.




The term 'Allig' seems to be a colloquial or slang term, possibly referring to a person or a place. In the context of the video, it might be a nickname for someone involved in the narrative. The script mentions 'allig pull up okay hold on,' suggesting a call to action or a situation where someone named Allig is involved.


'Beef' in this context likely refers to a conflict or ongoing dispute, often used in street slang to denote a tense situation between individuals or groups. The script includes 'you know about the beef,' indicating an existing problem or rivalry that is central to the video's theme.


The term 'Mycho' appears to be a slang or nickname used in the script. It could refer to a person or a specific type of behavior. The line 'B now you got get it put in got call, pick up I got, mycho' suggests that 'Mycho' is involved in some sort of action or response to a situation.


In the context of this script, 'switch' could be street slang for a firearm, particularly a type of gun that can be quickly toggled between different firing modes. The phrase 'myig C got a switch on the back' implies that someone is armed and prepared for a confrontation.


The act of chasing is depicted in the line 'I know you seen that I was chasing, down bullet was hitting his body.' It suggests a pursuit, possibly in a violent context, where someone is running after another person, which is a key action in the video's narrative.


The term 'swing' is used multiple times in the script, such as in 'I'm swing this do,' which could be a metaphor for taking action or making a move, possibly in a violent or aggressive manner. It relates to the theme by indicating a series of actions taken by the speaker.


'Ghost' is used in the line 'turn you to a ghost,' which is a colloquial expression meaning to eliminate or remove someone from a situation, often with violent implications. It ties into the video's theme of conflict and aggression.


The word 'slick' is mentioned in the context of 'Slick had a switch,' which might refer to a person named Slick or someone who is smooth and efficient in their actions. It could be a nickname for an individual involved in the ongoing narrative of the video.

💡Face shot

A 'face shot' is a term that in this context likely refers to a gunshot that hits someone in the face. The script mentions 'he caught a face shot when he stopped out the door,' indicating a violent act that is part of the video's storyline.

💡Roll up

The phrase 'roll up' is used in 'roll up the put them in the,' which could be a slang term for approaching or arriving at a location, possibly with intent. It is related to the video's theme by suggesting a buildup to an event or confrontation.


In the script, 'Choppers' is mentioned in 'Choppers every time you let off the,' which likely refers to a type of firearm known for its rapid firing capability. It is indicative of the violent and aggressive nature of the video's content.


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for real fre my your I'm


still on


allig pull up okay hold on SL down


lock my door I'm swing this do


that that chip I'm not of the store I


know you seen that I was chasing


down bullet was hitting his body the


was saying he quit trying to jump in the


street and you know about the beef


your ass going to






B now you got get it put in got call


pick up I got


myig C got a switch on the back


put me a grip on the front so I'm


holding this when the if we like


it we take it please don't come around


fake it talk snatch with your all


kids we kill whoever you this how go big


this down I'm swing


Myst down I'm trying to get up


close swing my sh F everybody get low


out the I'm Chas down ducking and


all over the Flor let me know if smoke


cuz we BL at the most we killing the so


we they ho 20 years old but I'm


sound like a V I bet catching head but I


want me some more got to drop on the


going to pick up V we Chas


down the don't run he caught a


face shot when he stopped out the door


but he couldn't shoot back cuz he didn't


have his gun roll up the put them in the


pack I see him and kill him I do it for


fun big up this and big up that they say


they going to kill me they not on the CR


I had a drink and Slick had a switch we


shot his up from his face to his VT out


with a and fin so I knew he was done


swing that s swing that door I'm swing


my door we going out I this slick


that yeah when we pull


up we shoot out we swinging do


what I to up on my side to turn you to a


ghost I know why these mad cuz


going pop the most no we


can't chill now we get done


you got you smoke blow hit


with a button you heard


that we up in his glov Mas scar to drop


that we canate money cuz they too much


play with I get on your ass crack


J know I got big on with a but watch


yeah you can catch a shot blocks ain't


no moreo I'm SL with


my if I tell him to he going put you in


the box that I'm steady trying to time


my was lock that the first


that got out blowing it was big I


Choppers every time you let off the


Drake you see a spark