LFR17 - Round 1, Game 4 - Effort - Bruins 3, Maple Leafs 1

27 Apr 202421:08


TLDRIn this passionate and detailed video script, the host, Steve, discusses the struggles of the Toronto Maple Leafs during their playoff series against the Boston Bruins. He criticizes the team's performance, particularly their goaltending with Ilya Samsonov, and questions the coaching staff's strategies. Steve also highlights the team's inability to capitalize on power plays and their lack of scoring. Despite the team's efforts, he expresses frustration with their repeated failure to advance in the playoffs. The host further discusses a promotional advertisement for EMKAL, a Canadian-based IT solutions company, and sarcastically compares the team's situation to trying to circumvent the salary cap in hockey. The summary concludes with the Toronto Marlies' playoff game, where they managed to win in overtime, providing a brief moment of relief amidst the Maple Leafs' challenges.


  • ūüŹí The Toronto Maple Leafs are facing a challenging situation, down 3-1 in their series against the Boston Bruins, echoing past disappointments.
  • ūüó£ÔłŹ Steve expresses frustration with the team's performance and questions the coaching staff's strategy, particularly regarding goaltending.
  • ūü§∑‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ Steve suggests that Ilya Samsonov's time with the Leafs is over, advocating for a change in the starting goaltender for the remainder of the series.
  • ūüö® Criticism is leveled at the team's power play and its inability to score, with a history of the team's recent playoff performances highlighted.
  • ūüė† There's a call for immediate changes to the coaching staff, with Steve arguing that the current staff is not effectively utilizing the team's talent.
  • ūü§Ē Steve ponders the team's ability to come back in the series, given the historical context and the current state of the team.
  • ūüďą An advertisement for EMKAL, a Canadian IT solutions company, is creatively woven into the commentary, emphasizing the need for robust IT infrastructure as a competitive edge.
  • ūüėĒ Mention of internal team dynamics, including arguments between players Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner, and William Nylander's comments from the bench.
  • ūüĎć A positive note is struck with the performance of the Toronto Marlies, the Leafs' farm team, which won an overtime game, showcasing resilience.
  • ūüďČ Steve discusses the potential consequences for the Leafs' management if the team fails to turn their season around, hinting at significant changes to come.
  • ūüďÖ The narrative concludes with a look ahead to the next game, emphasizing the urgency and importance of the upcoming match for the Leafs' season.

Q & A

  • What is the situation of the Toronto Maple Leafs in the series mentioned in the script?

    -The Toronto Maple Leafs are facing elimination in Boston after losing game four to the Boston Bruins, putting them at a 3-1 series deficit.

  • What is the main issue the speaker has with the Maple Leafs' performance?

    -The speaker is critical of the Maple Leafs' goaltending, particularly Ilya Samsonov's performance, and believes the team's inability to score and poor penalty killing are significant problems.

  • What does the speaker suggest about the coaching staff of the Maple Leafs?

    -The speaker suggests that the coaching staff is deeply flawed and may be a significant reason for the team's repeated failures in the playoffs.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on Ilya Samsonov's future with the Toronto Maple Leafs?

    -The speaker believes that Ilya Samsonov has played his final game for the Toronto Maple Leafs and that the team should not re-sign him.

  • What historical reference does the speaker make regarding the Maple Leafs' playoff performance?

    -The speaker references the Maple Leafs' past playoff performances in 2013 and 2018, where they lost after being up in the series, to illustrate a pattern of disappointment.

  • What does the speaker think about the power play of the Maple Leafs?

    -The speaker criticizes the power play as being ineffective and a significant factor in the team's losses, despite it being a crucial part of the game.

  • What promotional offer is mentioned in the script for EMKAL's IT services?

    -The promotional offer mentioned is that by visiting EMKAL.ca/sdpn and using the promo code 'dangle', customers will receive an extra month free of service.

  • What is the speaker's view on the Maple Leafs' effort level in the game discussed?

    -The speaker disputes the coaching staff's claims that the team's effort level is not the issue, arguing that despite trying hard, the team is still losing due to poor coaching.

  • What does the speaker suggest is the problem with the Maple Leafs' defensive strategy?

    -The speaker suggests that the Maple Leafs' defense is unable to effectively move the puck out of their own zone and that their forwards are not adequately supporting the defense.

  • What is the situation with the Toronto Marlies, the Maple Leafs' farm team, as mentioned in the script?

    -The Toronto Marlies are in a close playoff series against the Belleville Senators, winning a crucial game in overtime to continue their series.

  • What is the speaker's final stance on the Maple Leafs' current situation?

    -The speaker is highly critical and suggests that if the Maple Leafs do not come up with solutions and improve their performance, it might be the last time this particular team is seen together, implying significant changes could be on the horizon.



ūüŹí Hockey Talk and IT Solutions

Steve discusses the performance of the Toronto Maple Leafs, their loss to the Boston Bruins, and the need for better goaltending. He also promotes IT solutions by EMKAL, emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity and robust IT infrastructure for businesses, comparing it to investing in elite defense for hockey teams.


ūüó£ÔłŹ Critique of Coaching and Team Performance

The speaker expresses frustration with the Toronto Maple Leafs' coaching staff and their performance in the playoffs. He criticizes the team's inability to score, the power play's ineffectiveness, and the goaltending. He also mentions specific players and incidents from the games, including arguments on the bench and a goal that is described as a 'carnival act.'


ūü§¨ Strong Words for the Coaching Staff

The speaker calls for the firing of the coaching staff, citing their inability to lead the team effectively. He questions the team's effort level and strategy, despite claims from the coaching staff that the players are trying their best. He also discusses the potential impact of injuries on the team's performance.


ūüŹČ Marlie Minute and Playoff Update

Nick Barden provides an update on the Toronto Marlies' playoff game against the Belleville Senators. Despite being down in the series, the Marlies manage to win in overtime, keeping their playoff hopes alive. The summary highlights key moments from the game, including a missed opportunity and the eventual game-winning goal in overtime.


ūüė§ Frustration and Final Thoughts

The speaker expresses his frustration with the main Toronto Maple Leafs team, questioning how they could possibly win the series given their performance. He talks about the need for saves from the goaltender and the importance of moving the puck effectively. The speaker ends with a note of desperation, hoping for a turnaround in the series.



ūüí°Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs are a professional ice hockey team based in Toronto, Ontario. They are a part of the National Hockey League (NHL) and are the central focus of the video script, which discusses their performance in a series of games.

ūüí°Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins are another professional ice hockey team in the NHL and are the opponents of the Toronto Maple Leafs in the series being discussed in the video. Their performance and interactions with the Leafs are a significant part of the video's narrative.


EMKAL is mentioned as a company that provides IT solutions and is used as a metaphor in the script to compare the investment in cybersecurity and IT infrastructure to the investment in a hockey team's defense. The company is based in the greater Toronto area and is advertised in the context of the video.


Goaltending refers to the role of the goaltender in ice hockey, who is responsible for preventing the opposing team from scoring by blocking the goal. In the video, the performance of the goaltender Ilya Samsonov is a point of contention and is discussed in detail.

ūüí°Power Play

A power play in ice hockey occurs when one team has more players on the ice than the opposing team due to penalties. The video discusses the Toronto Maple Leafs' power play performance, criticizing their inability to score during these advantageous situations.

ūüí°Sheldon Keefe

Sheldon Keefe is the head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The video script contains critical commentary on his coaching and the team's performance under his guidance, suggesting that changes may be necessary.

ūüí°Ilya Samsonov

Ilya Samsonov is a goaltender for the Toronto Maple Leafs. The video script discusses his performance in the games, with the speaker expressing strong opinions about his suitability for the team and his future with the Leafs.

ūüí°Calder Cup playoffs

The Calder Cup playoffs refer to the postseason tournament of the American Hockey League (AHL), which is the primary developmental league for the NHL. The video mentions the Toronto Marlies, the Leafs' farm team, and their participation in the Calder Cup playoffs.

ūüí°Durability and Consistency

These concepts are discussed in the context of a goaltender's performance. Durability refers to the ability to perform over a long period without significant decline, while consistency implies a stable level of performance from game to game. The video questions the durability and consistency of Ilya Samsonov's goaltending.

ūüí°Salary Cap

The salary cap in professional sports like the NHL is a limit on the total amount of money that teams can pay their players. The video uses the salary cap as a metaphor when discussing EMKAL's IT services, suggesting that their services allow businesses to 'circumvent' such limitations by getting high-quality IT support at a lower cost.

ūüí°Existential Dread

Existential dread refers to a deep, often philosophical, sense of unease or anxiety about the nature of existence or reality. In the video, it is used humorously to describe the speaker's feelings about the performance and future of the Toronto Maple Leafs.


Steve expresses frustration with the Toronto Maple Leafs' performance and their lack of progress despite changes in the team.

An advertisement for EMKAL, a Canadian IT solutions company, is humorously compared to the investment in a hockey team's defense.

Steve discusses the historical performance of the Leafs in the playoffs, highlighting their tendency to extend the series before losing.

Criticisms are directed at individual players, such as Ryan Reaves and Ilya Samsonov, for their performance during the game.

Steve passionately argues against the idea of keeping Ilya Samsonov as a goalie for the Leafs, citing his inconsistent performance.

The power play's ineffectiveness is called out as a significant factor in the Leafs' inability to score.

Steve reads a statistic highlighting the Leafs' poor goal-scoring record in their last 11 playoff games.

There's a discussion about the team's coaching and whether the current staff is capable of leading the team to success.

Steve reacts to post-game comments from Sheldon Keefe and Morgan Rielly, questioning their assessments of the team's effort and game plan.

Auston Matthews' absence from the third period is noted, with speculation about his health status.

Steve addresses the need for the Leafs to win the upcoming games to continue the series, expressing doubt about their ability to do so.

The Marlies' playoff situation is discussed, with a focus on their recent win and the performance of key players.

Steve ends the segment with a plea for the Leafs to step up and a promise to discuss the team's future if they fail to improve.

A call to action for viewers to like, subscribe, and share the video is made at the end of the transcript.



ÔĽŅHAT GUY: You know what? Just go off bro STEVE: I wasn't going to wait for your¬†¬†


blessing but I appreciate it just the same Let’s go! - good we all feel - stop! - never  


gets rusty! - What am I doing? - INNA  MY KITCHEN - Producer Drew can you fix  


all this? - *screaming* - And when it comes  to the Toronto Maple Leafs you can crumple  


crumple YEET - Saw that going differently -  with you wherever you are welcome to LFR  


*Steve comes into frame, screaming* *various  sounds of figurines moving* Wait but these took so  


long to put up! Now I got to like - now I got to  - I had a minor tantrum and now I gotta- they're  


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dangle and what do you get? Receive an extra  month free! EMKAL, E-M-K-A-L.ca/sdpn use the  


promo code dangle! EMKAL your locally outsourced  IT department. Now what do we even do?! WHAT DO  


WE EVEN DO?! Well here's what I'm going to do -  here's how we start. Leafs lose 3-1 in game four  


to the Boston Bruins and ironically fall down 3-1  in the series. They are now facing elimination in  


Boston. What happened in 2013? Leafs lost game  one, Leafs won game two, Leafs lost games three  


and four, but then they win four and five to  force SEVEN and lose in Boston. But all right,  


what did the Leafs do in 2018? They lost game one  they won game two. They lost games three and four  


even though in game four the Bruins didn't even  have BERGERON IN THE LINEUP! ON HOME ICE!  


But somehow the Leafs decided to win game five  and win game six and they were forced to game  


seven in Boston! That they LOST! 2019 was a bit  of a different little thing uh the Leafs were  


probably the better team for the vast majority of  that series and then it went to game six and they  


had an opportunity to close it out on home ice  and then Jake DeBrusk fed them their food and  


then in game seven in a series that was pretty  tight, the Leafs ended up losing 5-1. So hey!  


Stick around! What are you losing hope for?  You're all acting like the season's already  


over! You're acting like it's going to be over in  the next game in game five! When history suggests  


the far more likely scenario is the Leafs string  you along for another week, force game seven,  


and blow it again! In Boston! I mean what do you  want to talk about? Like what do you even want to  


talk about? Talking about the game as it went  I think would be cruel and unusual torture.  


We got to do themes because it was the same thing  over and over and over AND OVER AND OVER! Look  


we can talk about the goals? I guess you want  to talk about the goals? Ryan Reaves with the  


giveaway he is poke checked by Lohrei who looked  like far away the Bruins worst player when he came  


into the lineup. Nope not anymore strips Ryan  Reaves and JVR scores a goal. Now that was a  


bad giveaway from Ryan Reaves, he shouldn't have  gave that puck away, can I show you Ilya Samsonov?  


*guttural scream* Put it right here! Ilya Samsonov  looks like the symbol that Charizard makes when  


he does fire blast! What is that?! Who?! What  goalie school?! You got a five hole the size of  


the Pyramids of Giza! Producer Drew was in my  ear during the streams like “oh I think you're  


being too hard on Sammy like maybe he wasn't set-‚Ä̬† WASN‚ÄôT SET? HE‚ÄôS THE GOALIE! Like that goal from¬†¬†


Trent Frederic ‚ÄúOh he was distracted from Tyler¬† Bertuzzi and Brad Marchand‚ÄĚ scream what are you¬†¬†


talking about distracted?! The puck! You're a  goaltender! TEND THE GOAL! The puck! The puck!  


The puck! Follow the puck! JVR went five hole,  75% of the people watching this video right now  


could have seen that coming! That dude loves  three things! Chewing on a green mouth guard,  


Phil Kessel, and going five hole! How don't you  know that?! Honourable mention to going in between  


his legs for no reason on the power play because  it worked once. But no yeah do whatever this is!  


This is great! Next the Bruins get a power play,  not good! In my mind this comes right after a  


missed call on the Bruins but like it doesn't get  called every time whatever. And then Max Domi gets  


one like 15 seconds later and I'm swearing  and I'm cursing and I'm like “let me see a  


replay of the stupid thing!‚ÄĚ And it is Max Domi¬† rearranging David Pastrnak‚Äôs spine and I'm like¬†¬†


‚ÄúAll right fair enough!‚ÄĚ Bruins go to the power¬† play. Marchand gets the pass. GET. A. MAAAAAAAP!¬†¬†


Once again is this well executed from the Boston  Bruins? Yes. Is this bad penalty killing from the  


Toronto Maple Leafs? Always. *guttural scream* AH!  Not even close! Not even close to making a save!  


He doesn't know where the puck is! He's lost! He's  lost! And then less than a minute to go in the  


second period it's David Pastrnak finishing off  a two on 0 because TJ Brodie got VAPORIZED.  


I assume Brodie was in the line because Timothy  Liljegren was not at 100%, nope nope uh-uh nope!  


Next game you put in a guy who's not at 100% over  TJ Brodie! That's enough! That's over! And you  


know what else is over by the way? Ilya Samsonov  as a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Done,  


over, forever. Forever. If Sheldon Keefe names  Samsonov the starter for game five you fire him,  


you fire him and do it yourself! Brendan Shanahan  and Brad living like they've been around the NHL  


for long enough that - “oh no you're actually a  crazy person, you're fired and we'll try to coach  


the game ourselves.‚ÄĚ It couldn't go much worse¬† than it's been going! You try to do it yourself¬†¬†


if he tries to name him the game five starter.  He's not going to unless Joseph Woll gets hurt.  


Ilya Samsonov has played his final game in a Leaf  uniform. It's done, it's over. Unless Joseph Woll  


gets hurt in I don't know next game or the Leafs  magically come back and they win this series,  


it wouldn't be the first time that the Boston  Bruins blew a 3-1 series lead. If Joseph Woll  


can carry the team later into the playoffs  deeper into the playoffs this is still Ilya  


Samsonov's final final final game as a member of  the Toronto Maple Leafs unless someone gets hurt.  


You can't go back to him. You pulled him for the  third period it's over, it's over. I was willing  


to see how it goes. He was really really solid  in well not the whole of game two but the second  


and third period of game two. You need a save,  you need a save, you need a save. He's a gem,  


he's a great guy, I think he'd be a great person  to have on Facebook, I really do! Like I think  


he's a wonderful human being! You don't know  what you're getting game in game out period in  


period out shot in shot out! You need a save! Teams make mistakes! Teams blow it. Teams do  


that all the time! You need saves! The Leafs teams  that so many many of you watching this right now  


growing up had goalies who gave them saves. Go  back and watch, I promise you go back and watch  


Curtis Joseph with the Toronto Maple Leafs. You'll  think that the Leafs were the worst defensive team  


in the entire world and they might have been,  that dude pulled off miracle after miracle  


after miracle. Ed Belfour? That guy stole games.  Freddie Andersen? Great to see him - just great  


just great seeing him doing so well in Carolina!  It just tickles me pink! That dude stole games,  


stole games for the Leafs and cost them games!  Dude you know who stole games for the Leafs,  


stole, stole games for the Leafs? Ilya Samsonov.  Last year he stole games for this team. He STOLE  


them. Go watch the highlights for game six  against Tampa that game shouldn't have made  


it to overtime let alone the Leafs took a  lead into the third period! Tampa scored one,  


the Leafs got lucky over and over and over again  and overtime and Tavares gets one that goes in off  


a skate! They won that by the skin of their teeth  but they won it go start it they won! It's not the  


same goalie. It's just not. You can't re-sign this  person. I know that's an off-season discussion  


you cannot resign this goalie. You have no idea  who or what you're getting on a nightly basis.  


You can't do it. There are so many other goalies,  you got to go after one of those guys and even if  


they can't give you Sammy's high end you gotta  keep them above the low. They have no shot to win  


these games, no shot to win these games. ‚ÄúSteve,¬† when are you going to talk about them-‚ÄĚ NOW. ¬†


Even though Sammy's not giving them the best  goaltending, the power play is a big part of the  


discussion. But forget the power play, the power  play was horrible in this game again, cost them  


the game again. They don't score! Ever! Forget the  power play?! Whoa now why we pick it on the power  


play they don't score at all! From Jonas Siegel,  and I'm going to read this in reverse order “goals  


for the Leafs in their last 11 playoff games two  two two two two two two one three WOOOO! two and  


one!‚ÄĚ You know what's crazy about that? The Leafs¬† went seven straight games with only two goals in a¬†¬†


playoff game. And over their next four games that  average DROPPED! Does toughness appear to be the  


problem for the Leafs this year? I I don't think  so they're play with snot! Unfortunately the dude  


like in charge of the snot is giving away pucks  for the first goal of the game. S’not helping  


the team win! They can't score, they can't score,  they can't score. Marner and Matthews arguing with  


each other on the bench! Then they show William  Nylander on the bench I don't know who he was  


talking to in this clip but he said ‚Äústop crying¬† bro‚ÄĚ and then he either said ‚Äúthis isn't junior¬†¬†


or just shoot it.‚ÄĚ Marner throwing his gloves and¬† getting roasted on national TV by Kelly Hrudy in¬†¬†


Canada and on national TV in the United States  by Paul Bissonette! And then he pulls off the  


most ridiculous carnival act of a goal ever. It's  incredible, it's his first to the playoffs and the  


Leafs have life, and that lasted for WHAT? Listen  I've spoken to Sheldon Keefe I've actually spoken  


to Guy Boucher, I've spoken to a bunch of members  of the Leaf's coaching staff. I've had nothing but  


good interactions with them, they're they're  lovely people but I have a responsibility to  


everyone watching this right now to not BS them -  fire them, fire them immediately! Like you can't  


go forward with anyone on the staff! Like I mean  maybe like this assistant or that assistant - head  


coach and whoever's running the power play?  Absolutely not! Chip it in, no one's attacking,  


Bruins collect it, out! Chip it in, no one's  attacking, Bruins collect it, out! Dump it in,  


Bruins collect it, because no one's attacking,  out! The amount of times - what you know you know  


dump and chase? They just dump and weirdly that's  what it looks like! Dump! There's no dump and  


chase in this lineup, just the old dump and wipe! With regard to the Leaf's effort here's what I'm  


getting at from Sheldon after the game this is  just a miserable quote! “Sheldon Keefe on the  


level of frustration within the Maple Leafs: I  don't sense any frustration. Guys are pushing  


each other. Guys want to win. Keee adds there¬† was nothing wrong with our effort level tonight‚Ä̬†¬†


Great! Great! That's great! That means that  they're trying really hard and they really want  


to win and it's all there. If those things are  true, then they are a profoundly poorly coached  


hockey team! Like talking about the Bruins ‚ÄúHey¬† that's a really good team at the other-‚ÄĚ SHUT UP!¬†¬†


WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?! One series win! It's always a  good team! IT’S THE PLAYOFFS! It's a good team,  


what do you got! What do you got?! If they're  winning because they have a good team and you have  


a team who's trying, and they care, and they're  getting their lunch fed to them anyway, what do  


you got?! What do you have?! Other than a deeply  bitterly hateable product. Are you serious? This  


from Morgan Rielly like no one wants to hear this  right now, “Morgan Rielly on whether the Leafs  


game plan needs to change: No it's always come¬† down to execution and work ethic.‚ÄĚ So wait though,¬†¬†


wait though, it comes down to execution and work  ethic? I thought you were trying? I thought you  


were working? I don't give a crap! No one gives  a crap if you're working hard but every night,  


every year, every series, you are the second  hardest working team! No one cares! I know that  


you're like ‚Äúoh I got the passion for this‚ÄĚ I know¬† you take the ice wanting to win and I know that¬†¬†


you're you're grinding - the other team is better!  They're better! Every time they're better! Another  


Banger from Sheldon Keefe ‚Äúyou can question a lot¬† of things you can't question the effort.‚ÄĚ Yes I¬†¬†


super can because this is a free country, and also  Morgan Rielly just said it comes down to execution  


and effort and you lost 3-1 on home ice in a  game that put you down 3-1 in the series!  


And by the way, by the way, Austpn Matthews  didn't play the third period. Don't know what's  


wrong with him, they got two days off between game  four and game five. We'll see if he plays. And I'm  


seeing ‚ÄúWell this guy's not at 100%‚ÄĚ And well¬† ‚Äúthis guy is-‚ÄĚ DUDE! Every year with this! How¬†¬†


are you willing to believe that this is just the  unluckiest team on the face of the planet, and not  


a team that deeply bitterly at their core, at the  tiniest ring of the tree that gives birth to the  


branches that house these Leafs that we love so  much - how do you not believe at the tiniest ring  


of that tree that they just can't do it? They just  can't hang! So here's the thing - the series isn't  


over. Game five, going back to Boston, hopefully  you win it then it's game six, you go back to  


Toronto, hopefully you win it, and then it's game  seven in Boston you want a chance to exercise your  


demons there you go right there. I'm not willing  to talk about the offseason right now and Sheldon  


and Brad and Brendan and all of that! I'm not  willing to talk about any of that because there is  


still a series that they can win. The problem that  I'm having is envisioning them winning it! How on  


Earth do they win this series with ANYTHING that  we have seen them do? The defense can't move the  


puck! They can't get out of their own zone! They  can't move the puck! The forwards can't enter and  


when they dump it they don't go after it! They're  on a line change or something. The Bruins are  


better at everything. Dude, we have talked about  in the past the last few years certain coaches  


stuffing Sheldon Keefe into a locker. Jon Cooper  did it a few times, Sheldon ended up getting the  


better of him. Paul Maurice did it in five games.  Jim Montgomery, like this is the worst one. This  


is the worst one! Dude, three minutes to go in  a game - you got your fourth line on the ice  


and you've evaporated like a quarter of the time  remaining in the game! You got your third pair and  


your fourth line out there, screw your head on!  Pay attention to friggin’ hockey! What?! What? Pay  


attention to what's going on out there! Pardon?  This is easily the worst one. Cooper, Maurice,  


Torts, Dominique Ducharme. Dominique Ducharme  beat Sheldon Keefe he Leafs in a playoff series!  


No one has dominated, gotten Sheldon Keefe in  the full Mount and started just slapping him  


around like Jim Montgomery. This is tough to  watch. Tough to watch! Now let me collect my  


thoughts here for a second, because we have a  Marlie Minute. The Leafs farm team very nearly  


blew it in the playoffs against the Belleville  Senators, they didn't, they won in overtime and  


they continue their series here's Nick Barden  to talk about it all with Marlie Minute.  


NICK BARDENl It was a Do or Die game on Friday  night inside Coca-Cola Coliseum for the Toronto  


Marlies, who are down one nothing in their  three-game series to the Belleville Senators  


in the first round of the Calder Cup playoffs.  But in Toronto fashion, they decided to make it  


interesting. Joseph Blandisi, Kyle Clifford and  Marshall Rifai each had a goal for Toronto and  


going into the third period it was 3-2, and what  was a close game for both teams. With less than 2  


minutes remaining in the third period the Marlies  were tasked with having to kill another penalty,  


this time it was Logan Shaw who went  to the box for slashing. At that point  


the Belleville Senators pulled their goalie  and had a six on four and they were pushing,  


and they were pushing really hard. The Marlies had  a few chances to clear the puck but there was no  


better chance than Blandisi who had the puck and  the game on his stick with just over 20 seconds  


remaining in the period. He was almost all alone  entering the Belleville zone and what did he do?  


He missed the empty net. And what happened after  that? Well in the leafiest fashion possible the  


Belleville Senators came the other way, scored and  tied the game in what could have been the Marlies  


final game of the season. One thing that stood  out about Blandisi over the course of this season  


is his ability to be there in big moments for the  Marlies and what happened in that overtime period  


was just another moment of brilliance featuring  Blandisi himself. 50 seconds into overtime  


Blandisi blew past one Defender, took the puck,  put it through another Belleville Defender skate,  


threw it on net the rebound from Mads Sogard went  right to Dylan Gambrell who hit it and it went  


into the net with Gambrell not even knowing that  it went into the net until Blandisi was coming  


over and yelling and giving him a hug. It was a  moment where the Marlies showed that they could  


rally around each other and there will be another  moment for that on Sunday when they take on the  


Belleville Senators in Belleville for game three  which is a Do or Die game for both teams.  


STEVE: Thank you Nick, thank you! I needed a  a break very badly! I don't know what to say.  


Like how they win games five and six to force to  seven. It starts I guess with saves from Joseph  


Woll. The defenders have to move the puck, they  have to. Like how close are we from going “I don't  


know try Conor Timmins?‚ÄĚ Like dude - I don't I¬† don't even know I don't even know Gio? I don't¬†¬†


even know! I don't even know! How close are we  to that? How close are we to forwards firing  


shots against Jeremy Swayman that even tickle the  guy? How close are we to that? I have a headache,  


I have no voice. I have two full days Sunday and  Monday before game five in Boston on Tuesday. And  


they better come up with some answers or this is  the last time you're going to see this team. It's  


the last time you're going to see this team.  Dubas so so very nearly blew it up last year.  


They ended up canning him and doing virtually  nothing other than making the team a little bit  


tougher. This is it. I know we always say, this  is it. They're firing the president. There's no  


justification to bring anything back. Anything.  This is it. It's do or die and for once I would  


just love for the Leafs to do. That is it for this  one, thank you very much for watching, click like  


if you like this video, click subscribe if you  really liked it, tell all your friends - brand  


new Steve Dangle Podcast tomorrow. I'm gonna go  take something for this headache and re-group