Glitching Trump SILENCES stunned crowd, Fox News CUTS AWAY

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2 May 202409:24


TLDRThe video script features a commentary on a campaign event in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where former President Donald Trump is criticized for his appearance and speech during a rally. The speaker mocks Trump's mispronunciation of 'infrastructure' and discusses his threats regarding the country's future if he doesn't win an election. Trump's past statements about the consequences of a Biden victory are highlighted, pointing out their inaccuracy. The speaker also addresses Trump's confusion about economic terms and his claims of innocence supported by various commentators. The script ends with a bizarre reference to Master Lock, which Trump seems to recall as a childhood toy, leading to a moment of confusion and a cutaway by Fox News. The commentary suggests that Trump's rallies may not be convincing voters and could potentially harm his cause.


  • 🔒 The speaker reminisces about using Master Lock as a child, referring to it as a toy with puzzles.
  • 🗣️ Donald Trump is mentioned as having attempted a rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin, despite being on a day off from his criminal trial.
  • 🤔 There's a discussion about Trump's pronunciation and language use, suggesting he's trying to turn English into a tonal language.
  • 🗣️ Trump is criticized for making threats regarding the country's survival if he doesn't win an election.
  • 📉 Trump is quoted as saying that the economy is crashing with GOP growth plunging, which is disputed as inaccurate.
  • 👥 Trump is said to be relying on the opinions of certain individuals, claiming his innocence in his criminal case.
  • 😴 There's a jab at Trump's use of nicknames for Joe Biden, contrasting with Trump's own apparent fatigue.
  • 🗓️ A revisionist account of the events of January 6th is mentioned, which the speaker finds bizarre and untruthful.
  • 🚫 A claim is made that Trump offered to send soldiers that were not wanted by Nancy Pelosi or the mayor of Washington, which is labeled as a lie.
  • 🔑 There's confusion about what Master Lock is, with Trump seemingly mistaking it for a toy from his childhood.
  • 📺 The segment ends with a note that even Fox News cut away from Trump's speech due to the strange content.

Q & A

  • What is the speaker's opinion on Master Lock?

    -The speaker seems to have a nostalgic view of Master Lock, recalling using it as a child and associating it with puzzles.

  • Why did Speaker 1 mention Donald Trump's trial?

    -Speaker 1 mentioned Trump's trial to highlight the fact that Trump attempted to hold a rally on his day off from what the speaker refers to as his 'criminal trial' in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

  • What is the issue with the pronunciation of 'Waukesha'?

    -Speaker 1 has previously mispronounced 'Waukesha' and mentions that people have corrected him, emphasizing the correct pronunciation.

  • How does Speaker 1 describe Trump's appearance at the rally?

    -Speaker 1 describes Trump as looking bloated, haggard, sweaty, and disoriented, gripping the lectern tightly.

  • What does Speaker 1 find linguistically fascinating about Trump?

    -Speaker 1 finds it fascinating that Trump seems to be attempting to turn English into a tonal language, where the tone changes the meaning of words.

  • What threats has Trump allegedly made previously?

    -Trump has made threats implying that if he does not win, the country will not survive, and has made similar statements in the past about what would happen if Biden won.

  • What is the speaker's view on Trump's threats?

    -The speaker views Trump's threats as an attempt to intimidate voters into compliance, and points out that these threats have not come to pass.

  • Who was president three years ago according to the speaker?

    -According to Speaker 1, Joe Biden was president three years ago, not Trump.

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  • What does Speaker 1 imply about the state of the economy?

    -Speaker 1 implies that contrary to Trump's claims of plunging GDP, the economy is not actually in a state of decline.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on Trump's legal situation?

    -The speaker suggests that Trump's claims of innocence, citing various figures, are not necessarily credible and are part of his attempt to deflect from his legal troubles.

  • What nicknames does Trump use for Joe Biden?

    -Trump uses the nicknames 'Crooked Joe' and 'Sleepy Joe' for Joe Biden.

  • What does Speaker 1 think about Trump's version of events on January 6th?

    -Speaker 1 believes that Trump's version of events on January 6th is a completely fabricated and bizarre revisionist history.

  • Why did Fox News cut away from Trump's speech?

    -Fox News cut away from Trump's speech possibly due to the confusion and incoherence of his statements, as indicated by the speaker's reaction.



😀 Trump's Campaign Event and Linguistic Quirks

The first paragraph discusses the speaker's past use of Master Lock puzzles and segues into a description of Donald Trump's rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin. It details Trump's appearance and behavior during the event, highlighting his 'glitching' and physical state. The speaker also touches on Trump's mangling of the word 'infrastructure' and his threats regarding the country's survival if he does not win an election. The paragraph ends with a critique of Trump's claims of innocence and the support he believes he has from various public figures.


😨 Trump's Revisionist History and Confusion

The second paragraph delves into Trump's alleged misrepresentation of events that transpired on January 6th, likening it to a science fiction narrative. It describes Trump's indictment and his claims of innocence, citing various personalities who, according to him, vouch for his innocence. The paragraph also criticizes Trump's nicknames for Joe Biden ('Crooked Joe' and 'Sleepy Joe') and his own courtroom demeanor. It concludes with Trump's confusion about Master Lock, which he seems to recall as a childhood toy, and ends with the note that even Fox News decided to stop covering his speech.



💡Master Lock

Master Lock is a well-known brand that produces locks and security products. In the context of the video, it is used metaphorically by Speaker 5 to describe his childhood experience with puzzles, indicating a sense of nostalgia and familiarity. However, it is later mentioned in a confusing context by Trump, which leads to a moment of bewilderment and is cut off by Fox News.


Waukesha is a city in Wisconsin where a campaign event is being discussed in the video. It is significant as the location where Donald Trump attempted a rally, and it is also the place where he is referenced as being 'on trial', indicating a legal context related to his presidency.


Infrastructure refers to the basic physical and organizational structures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise. In the video, it is mentioned in the context of a 'fake infrastructure' plan, suggesting a critique of a proposed plan's authenticity or efficacy, which is a central theme in political debates.


The term 'threats' in this context refers to the warnings or dire predictions made by Trump regarding the potential consequences if he does not win an election. It is a recurring theme in the video, highlighting the tactics used by political figures to influence voters, which is a critical aspect of the discussion.


GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product, which is the total value of goods produced and services provided in a country during one year. In the video, there is a mention of 'GOP growth plunging,' which is likely a miscommunication for GDP. This keyword is significant as it reflects on economic discussions and the state of the nation's economy.


Indictment refers to a formal accusation that someone has committed a crime. In the video, Trump mentions being indicted, which is a key point in the narrative as it relates to his legal troubles and the public perception of his presidency.

💡January 6th

January 6th refers to the date of the storming of the U.S. Capitol, a significant event in American history. The video discusses Trump's revisionist history of the events of that day, which is a contentious issue and a focal point of the narrative.

💡Crooked Joe and Sleepy Joe

These are derogatory nicknames used by Trump to refer to Joe Biden. 'Crooked Joe' implies dishonesty, while 'Sleepy Joe' suggests a lack of energy or competence. These nicknames are part of the political discourse and are used in the video to illustrate the adversarial nature of political campaigns.

💡Unselect Committee

The term 'Unselect Committee' is used by Speaker 5 to refer to a committee investigating the events of January 6th, which Trump and his supporters view as a politically motivated 'hoax.' It is a key concept in the video as it relates to the ongoing political and legal fallout from the Capitol storming.


A rally is a gathering of people in support of a cause or a political campaign. In the video, Trump's attempt at a rally is discussed, with commentary on its effectiveness and the reactions it elicits from the audience, which is central to understanding the political strategy and public engagement.

💡Fox News

Fox News is a conservative-leaning news channel in the United States. The video mentions Fox News cutting away from Trump's speech, indicating a moment of controversy or unexpected content, which is significant in understanding media reactions to political events.


Speaker 1 recalls using Master Lock during childhood, referring to it as a toy with puzzles.

Speaker 1 discusses an attempted rally by Donald Trump in Waukesha, Wisconsin, during a criminal trial.

Speaker 1 humorously corrects the pronunciation of 'Waukesha', referencing past mistakes.

Description of Trump's appearance at the rally, noting his bloated and disoriented state.

Speaker 5 discusses a $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan, which Speaker 1 humorously mispronounces as 'para eat infrastructure'.

Speaker 1 comments on Trump's linguistic peculiarities, suggesting he's turning English into a tonal language.

Trump issues threats regarding the survival of the country if he does not win the election.

Speaker 1 refutes Trump's past threats about the country's survival if Biden wins, pointing out their inaccuracy.

Speaker 1 corrects Trump's confusion about who was president three years prior.

Speaker 5 expresses determination to not allow 'this horror to continue', referencing the state of the nation.

Trump's mispronunciation of 'GOP growth', which Speaker 1 interprets as a reference to GDP.

Speaker 5 cites opinions from various commentators, claiming they all agree Trump is innocent.

Trump humorously asks the crowd whether they prefer 'Crooked Joe' or 'Sleepy Joe', despite his own legal issues.

Speaker 1 criticizes Trump's revisionist history of the events on January 6th, calling it 'almost science fiction'.

Trump's false claim that he offered to send soldiers during the January 6th event, which Speaker 1 refutes.

Speaker 1 mocks Trump's fabricated version of events and his nicknames for Joe Biden.

Trump's confusing reminiscence about Master Lock, which he likens to a childhood toy, leading to a Fox News cutaway.

Speaker 4 abruptly ends the broadcast, expressing confusion over Trump's statements about Master Lock.



I used to use Master Lock all the time when I was  a little child I take Master Lock at go nice lots  


of nice little puzzles you put them all right.  Keeping an eye on this campaign event in Waukesha,  


Wisconsin this afternoon. Speaker 1: Donald Trump  attempted to do a rally yesterday on his day off  


from his criminal trial in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  I think I got it right this time. I used to say  


Waukesha and people wrote in, they said, sir, no,  it's it's Waukesha, I believe it's Waukesha. I  


hope I'm getting it right. And Trump was glitching  so badly, looking bloated and haggard, sweaty and  


disoriented, gripping the lectern like his life  depended on it. And right off the bat, another  


one of these trademark short circuiting was one  the when it came to the word infrastructure. 


Speaker 5: Work out to $1.2 trillion for  their fake infrastructure share power, heat. 


Speaker 1: Infrastructure, para eat infrastructure  para eat. It's actually hard to say. Some  


of these. I think I. Speaker 5: Have Saudi  


Arabia and Russia will repeat your. Speaker 1: Will read beat do It's almost  


like he turns English into a tonal language. You  know, there are certain languages where the tone,  


whether it's an up or down tone or flat,  changes the meaning. And trump, I think,  


I mean, linguistically, it's fascinating what  he's doing. He's trying to, turn English into  


a tonal language. Trump again, issuing some  of the same threats he's made before. If  


he. He doesn't win. The country will not survive. Speaker 5: We also have to run our country. It's  


nice to be nice. It's nice to be good. We got to  run our country. Our country is in trouble. Our  


country might not survive. I'll tell you what.  If we don't win this election, I don't think our  


country is going to survive. I will say it. And  I've never said that publicly. I don't think. 


Speaker 1: He has said it publicly. He  said it in 2020. In 2020, he said, oh,  


a few dozen times. If Biden wins, we're not going  to have a country. If Biden wins, the stock market  


will crash like 1929. If Biden wins, you're not  going to have heating and cooling. If Biden wins,  


you're going to have to flush your toilet 10 to 15  times. If Biden, none of it happened. I'm flushing  


six times, not 10 to 15. So he was very much  wrong. He makes these threats every single time,  


and he's threatening you. He's trying to  threaten you, the voter, into compliance.  


But he makes these threats every single time, and  it never happens. Trump sort of confusedly saying,  


three years ago we were a great nation.  Do you remember who was president three  


years ago? It wasn't Trump. Speaker 5: But we are not  


going to allow this horror to continue.  Three years ago, we were a great nation  


and we will soon be a great nation again. Speaker 1: Joe Biden was president three years  


ago. Now Trump can't say four years ago because  four years ago we were in the throes of Trump's  


mishandling of the Covid pandemic. So you can't  say four years ago, three years ago, Biden was  


president. I guess things were pretty good three  years ago. And if you want to go back to that,  


or I guess stick with it, you would stick with Joe  Biden. Trump, again glitching and confused, says  


that GOP growth is plunging. I guess he means GDP. Speaker 5: Economy is crashing,  


with the GOP growth plunging by more than 50%. Speaker 1: GOP growth has decreased dramatically.  


I guess he means GDP, which, by the  way, is very much not plunging. It's not  


plunging. Trump pulling out this now new  favorite line. All of my friends say I'm  


totally innocent and that there's no crimes here. Speaker 5: Over the last period of time. You know,  


it's funny. I wouldn't have said that, right?  But then something happened that was really,  


horrible. Horrible, I got indicted. I'm a  president of the United States. I did everything  


right. And they indicted. Speaker 1: Me, right. 


Speaker 5: And I got indicted. Don't  think of it for nothing. In fact,  


if you read Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan  Turley, the great Mark Levin, you read,  


Gregg Jarrett today. He did an incredible  piece. You read any of these? Alan Dershowitz,  


they all said. And these are not fans of mine  necessarily. They're not. They all said there's  


no crime. He didn't do anything wrong. Speaker 1: All my friends are saying  


I'm completely innocent. What else do  you need? Knowing no bounds of satire  


or parody. Trump asks the crowd whether  they prefer Crooked Joe or Sleepy Joe,  


missing the reality that Trump is falling  asleep every single day in court. His lawyers  


are trying anything they can think of to keep him  awake. And he's still laughing about Sleepy Joe. 


Speaker 5: The nicknames are good. What do you  like better, Crooked Joe or Sleepy Joe? They're  


both accurate. What do you like better? Hey. Speaker 1: Anyway, Sleepy Joe are two words  


that should never come out of his mouth ever  again after he is literally sleeping through  


his criminal trial. Trump then makes up a  completely bizarre revisionist history of  


what happened on January 6th. It's almost  science fiction. What Trump is describing. 


Speaker 5: Here have been higher. Unidentified: Than the. No  


higher than they've ever been. Speaker 5: But when that happened,  


you know, I was not that tough on Biden. I felt  he was a grossly incompetent person. I felt he  


was a very corrupt person. But I wouldn't  go around and say what I say now. Once I  


got indicted the first time, I got indicted four  times. Think of it four times for nothing. J they  


say J6J6. Nancy Pelosi didn't call in. Speaker 1: The police wasn't up there. 


Speaker 5: I said, I will send you  10,000 soldiers. She didn't want them. 


Speaker 1: That's a lie. It never happened. Speaker 5: And the mayor of Washington  


in writing didn't want them. And by the  way, the hoax committee that they set up,  


I call it the Unselect Committee. It's  an unsigned. I always like that term. 


Speaker 1: All right, so I think you get it. Trump  rants with a completely fabricated version of  


events from January 6th. And then lastly, and this  is just complete and total confusion. You know  


the company master lock, they make different  kinds of locks and deadbolts. And you know,  


at the gym depending on what kind of gym  you. I don't know what kind of gym you go to,  


but the gyms I go to, you need to bring your own  lock and they make those types of locks. Trump  


seems to think that Master Lock is some kind  of a toy that he used to play with. And then  


it gets so bad that even Fox News cuts away. Speaker 5: Master lock closed down. I used to  


use Master Lock all the time when I was a little  child. I'd take Master Lock at home being nice.  


Lots of nice little puzzles. Speaker 4: You put them all right.  


Keeping an eye on this campaign event  in Waukesha, Wisconsin this afternoon. 


Speaker 1: Whoa. Abort! Get us out of here.  What is Trump talking about? All right,  


so Trump reminiscing. It's like Lego. He seems to  think of it, a very, very strange rally. I don't  


know if these rallies are convincing anybody  to vote for him. It seems to me they either  


are neutral or actually hurt his cause, as the  audience is sometimes stunned into silence by the  


things Trump is saying. So rallying occasionally  claims he should be on the campaign trail,  


but he's stuck in court, mostly playing golf  when he's not in court. But he did a couple of  


rallies. We'll look at the other one tomorrow.  Let's take a very quick break. We will discuss  


housing when we get back. Hey, make sure you're  signed up for the new, for The David Pakman Show  


YouTube channel at Slash, the  David Pakman show, it's free, it's free,  


and we're going to 2.5 million subscribers, so  let's do it. We'll take a break and be right back.

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