Mexican Showdown | Canelo Alvarez vs. Jaime Munguia Fight Highlights

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4 May 202403:03


TLDRIn a thrilling boxing match sponsored by William Hill, Canelo Alvarez takes on the challenge of fighting a formidable opponent, Herman 'Mongia'. The script narrates a tactical battle where Canelo uses his jab effectively to force Mongia to retreat, a strategy that Mongia is not accustomed to. As the fight progresses, Canelo's explosive combinations and powerful punches, including an uppercut that visibly rocks Mongia, demonstrate his superior power. Despite Mongia's attempts to counter, Canelo's precision and ferociousness prove too much. After a grueling 12 rounds, the judges' scorecards declare Canelo the winner by unanimous decision, maintaining his title as the WBC, WBA, IBF, and WBO Undisputed Super Middleweight Champion of the World.


  • 🥊 Canelo starts the fight by using his jab effectively to back up Mongia, who is not used to moving backwards.
  • 🥞 Canelo's strategy is to land explosive combinations and powerful punches, which could potentially hurt Mongia.
  • 👊 Mongia attempts to batter Canelo, but Canelo responds with a right hand, showcasing his own power.
  • 🌟 Canelo lands an uppercut that Mongia didn't see coming, demonstrating his ability to surprise and hurt his opponent.
  • ⏳ Mongia has been rocked in previous fights but has never faced someone with Canelo's level of power.
  • 🤔 Canelo's tactics make Mongia think about the origin of his punches, which could be a key to winning the fight.
  • 🚨 Mongia needs to be cautious of Canelo's counter shots, which are looking to capitalize on any opening.
  • 🥽 Canelo stands in the pocket, engaging in a more expected Mexican-style firefight, exchanging combinations.
  • 💥 The ferociousness of Canelo's punches is noted to be on another level compared to previous opponents.
  • 🥋 After 12 rounds, the judges' scorecards determine the winner by unanimous decision, with Canelo retaining his titles.
  • 🏆 Canelo remains the WBC, WBA, IBF, and WBO Undisputed Super Middleweight Champion of the World.

Q & A

  • What is the main strategy suggested for Canelo against Mongia?

    -The main strategy suggested is for Canelo to use jabs to force Mongia to move backward, as he is not accustomed to it, and then follow up with explosive combinations and punches.

  • How does the script describe Canelo's performance in the first four rounds?

    -Canelo is described as making Mongia think about where his punches are coming from, often coming around the guard, which is a key strategy for him.

  • What is the significance of the uppercut that Canelo lands on Mongia?

    -The uppercut is significant because it is a powerful punch that Mongia did not see coming, and it is the kind of punch that can hurt a fighter the most, especially one who has never been hit by someone with Canelo's power.

  • How does the script characterize the fight in the later rounds?

    -The fight in the later rounds is characterized as a more traditional Mexican standoff, with both fighters standing in the pocket and throwing combinations, including more body shots.

  • What is the outcome of the fight as per the judges' scorecards?

    -The outcome is a unanimous decision in favor of Canelo, with scores of 117-110, 116-111, and 115-112 from the three judges.

  • Who is the sponsor of the boxing event described in the script?

    -The event is sponsored by William Hill.

  • What does the acronym 'WBC' stand for in the context of the script?

    -WBC stands for World Boxing Council, which is one of the organizations recognizing Canelo as the undisputed super middleweight champion of the world.

  • What does the acronym 'WBA' stand for in the context of the script?

    -WBA stands for World Boxing Association, another organization recognizing Canelo's championship status.

  • What is the significance of the 'ibf' in the context of the script?

    -IBF stands for International Boxing Federation, which is yet another boxing organization that recognizes Canelo as the undisputed champion.

  • What does the acronym 'WBO' stand for in the context of the script?

    -WBO stands for World Boxing Organization, which also recognizes Canelo's championship title.

  • How does the script describe the level of ferocity in Canelo's punches?

    -The script describes Canelo's punches as being on another level, indicating that his punching power and intensity are superior to his opponent's.

  • What is the significance of the body shots in the fight?

    -The body shots are significant as they are a key part of the fighters' strategy, aiming to wear down the opponent and potentially set up for more powerful punches.



🥊 Boxing Strategy and Fight Dynamics

The paragraph discusses a boxing match between Canelo Alvarez and his opponent, presumably Miguel Cotto, referred to as 'Mongia' in the text. It details a strategic approach where Canelo uses jabs to force his opponent to retreat, a tactic that is unfamiliar to Mongia. The summary highlights key moments in the fight, including a powerful uppercut from Canelo that visibly hurts Mongia. The paragraph also notes that Canelo has been landing punches around Mongia's guard, which could lead to a counterattack opportunity for Canelo. The fight culminates in a close battle with both fighters exchanging combinations, and ultimately, Canelo wins by unanimous decision, retaining his undisputed super middleweight champion titles.




Boxing is a combat sport in which two participants, usually wearing protective gloves, throw punches at each other with the aim of winning matches through points awarded by judges or by knockout. In the script, boxing is the main theme, as it describes a match between Canelo and Mongia, highlighting the techniques and strategies used by the fighters.

💡Canelo Alvarez

Canelo Alvarez is a professional boxer who is mentioned as one of the competitors in the described match. He is known for his explosive combinations and punches, which are discussed in the context of the fight, emphasizing his power and skill.


Jabs are straight punches typically thrown with the lead hand in boxing, used to establish distance, test the opponent's defense, or set up more powerful punches. In the script, Canelo is described as using jabs to control the distance and to back up Mongia, disrupting his rhythm.


An uppercut is a type of punch thrown upwards towards the chin or midsection of an opponent. It is often a powerful and surprising move. The script describes a significant uppercut from Canelo that caught Mongia off guard, demonstrating the effectiveness of this punch in the fight.


In boxing, a firefight refers to an intense exchange of punches between two fighters. The term is used in the script to describe a moment in the match where both Canelo and Mongia engage in a flurry of punches, indicating a shift to a more aggressive phase of the fight.

💡Counter Shot

A counter shot in boxing is a punch that a fighter throws in response to their opponent's punch. It's a strategic move that takes advantage of the opponent's vulnerability during their attack. The script mentions that Mongia's attempts to hurt Canelo also opened him up for a counter shot, which Canelo was looking for.

💡Body Shots

Body shots are punches aimed at an opponent's torso or midsection. They are used to wear down an opponent or to set up other punches. The script highlights Canelo's use of body shots, which were effective in damaging Mongia and showcasing Canelo's ferociousness.

💡Judges' Scorecards

In boxing, judges scorecards are used to tally points awarded to fighters based on their performance in the match. The outcome of the fight is determined by these scorecards when there is no knockout. The script mentions the scores from three judges, which led to Canelo's unanimous decision victory.


These acronyms represent major boxing sanctioning organizations: World Boxing Council (WBC), World Boxing Association (WBA), International Boxing Federation (IBF), and World Boxing Organization (WBO). In the context of the script, Canelo is the undisputed super middleweight champion of these organizations, indicating he holds all the belts in his weight class.

💡Unanimous Decision

A unanimous decision in boxing is a victory where all judges score the fight in favor of one fighter. It is a clear indication of dominance in the match. The script concludes with Canelo winning by unanimous decision, reflecting his superior performance throughout the fight.

💡Explosive Combinations

Explosive combinations refer to a rapid and powerful series of punches thrown by a boxer. The script describes Canelo's punches as explosive, emphasizing the impact and effectiveness of his offensive strategy during the fight.


Ferociousness in the context of boxing describes the intensity and aggressiveness of a fighter's style. The script uses this term to characterize Canelo's punches, suggesting that his fighting style was particularly intense and dominant in the match.


Canelo starts by using jabs to back up Mongia, who is not used to going backwards

Canelo lands a big right uppercut that hurts and rocks Mongia for the first time in his career

Mongia has been hurt in previous fights but never by someone with Canelo's power

Canelo has made Mongia think about where his punches are coming from by coming around the guard

Mongia needs to attempt to land a hurtful punch to Canelo to win, but leaves himself open to a counter shot

The fight turns into a firefight with both fighters standing in the pocket throwing combinations

Canelo's ferocious punches are on another level compared to Mongia's

Mongia lands good right hands and body shots, but Canelo answers back with powerful punches of his own

Canelo's body shots are very effective, as shown by Mongia's reaction to them

After 12 rounds, the judges' scorecards are announced

Judge Tim Cheum scores the fight 117-110 for Canelo

Judge David Southernland sees it 116-111 for Canelo

Judge Steve Weissfeld scores it 115-112 for Canelo

Canelo wins by unanimous decision and retains his WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO Undisputed Super Middleweight Championship

This was the fight everyone was expecting - two Mexicans standing in front of each other throwing powerful combinations

Canelo's strategy of using jabs and uppercuts to hurt and confuse Mongia proves to be very effective

Mongia's attempts to land hurtful punches leave him open to Canelo's dangerous counter shots

Canelo's power and precision prove to be too much for Mongia to handle

The fight showcases Canelo's dominance in the super middleweight division



boxing on the Zone sponsored by William


Hill I think he'll serve Canelo right to


start trying to back up mongia with Jabs


just like that if you could do that and


Jab to the chest and back up mongia who


is not accustomed to going backwards


then you'll get leted off on


combinations and explosive combinations


and punches if your Canelo oh right from


mongia and he's trying to batter Canelo


who answers with a right hand of his own


and then an up


cut oh M down for the first time in his


career and this is what's going to turn


into a firefight an uppercut that he


didn't see


coming this is what happens Hae mongia


has been hurt and rocked in previous


fights he has never been hit by a guy


with this kind of


power just to land that big big right


uppercut from


Mia didn't see that Punch Coming those


are the ones that hurt you the most you


know one thing canelo's done in these


first four rounds he has made H mongia


think about where his punches are coming


from he's been coming around the guard a


lot there's an important R for H mongia


if he wants to attempt to win this fight


by hurting trying to hurt Canelo Alvarez


but it also open him up for a counter


shot which is what canelo's looking for


just like that




is standing in the


pocket and this is more of the fight


that we all were expecting here two


Mexicans standing in front of each other


throwing combinations but throwing more


body shots good right hands from mugia


and another couple and then Canelo


answers back and you can see the


ferociousness of his punches are just on


another level




body shot you could see it the right


hand comes down again doesn't like those


body shots ladies and gentlemen after 12


rounds of action we go to the judges


scorecards judge Tim cheum sees the


contest 117 to 110 Judge David


southernland sees it 116 to


111 and judge Steve weissfeld sees it


115 to 112 for your winner by unanimous


decision and still the WBC WBA ibf WBO


Undisputed super middleweight champion


of the world so






Al boxing on the Zone sponsored by


William Hill