LFR17 - Round 1, Game 7 - Eulogy - Maple Leafs 1, Bruins 2 (OT)

4 May 202440:13


TLDRThe video script is a passionate and detailed analysis of the Toronto Maple Leafs' performance in the NHL season, focusing on their loss to the Boston Bruins and the subsequent implications for the team. The speaker, presumably a Leafs fan, expresses frustration at the team's repeated failure to advance in the playoffs, despite high expectations. He discusses the team's history of playoff disappointments, the pressure on the channel's viewership following the team's elimination, and the financial implications for the channel. The speaker also touches on the potential changes to the team's core, including trades, coaching staff changes, and the impact of contract negotiations. The summary concludes with the speaker's commitment to continue providing content and his hope for the team's future success.


  • ūüŹí The Toronto Maple Leafs lost again, causing disappointment among fans.
  • ūüė§ The speaker expresses frustration with the team's performance, particularly their inability to win in the last game of the season.
  • ūüďČ The Leafs' elimination from the playoffs leads to a significant increase in viewership for the channel, with a quarter million people tuning in.
  • ūü§Ď Despite not being rich, the speaker and his wife enjoy some luxuries like organic bananas, indicating a level of financial comfort.
  • ūüéôÔłŹ The speaker plans to freestyle the commentary without notes or watching the game highlights, showcasing his deep knowledge of the team's history.
  • ūüŹÜ The Boston Bruins win 2-1 in overtime against the Toronto Maple Leafs, with a significant play by David Pastrnak.
  • ūü§ē Injuries and health issues affected key players like Auston Matthews and Joseph Woll, impacting the team's performance.
  • ūüė≤ The speaker criticizes the team's inability to score and suggests that the current mix of players is not working effectively.
  • ūüĎ• There is speculation about significant changes to the team's core, including potential trades or buyouts for players like Mitch Marner and John Tavares.
  • ūüĎć The speaker praises the Bruins' performance and acknowledges their structured play and strong goaltending.
  • ūüďČ The repeated failure to advance in the playoffs despite high expectations leads to a call for a shakeup in the team's management and coaching staff.

Q & A

  • What is the main reason for the Toronto Maple Leafs' repeated playoff losses according to the speaker?

    -The speaker suggests that the recurring issue is the team composition, or 'the mix,' which doesn't work effectively for the Leafs, leading to consistent problems with goal scoring and an inability to win crucial playoff games.

  • How does the speaker describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Leafs' financial expectations?

    -The speaker mentions that the pandemic halted the expected growth of the salary cap, which had significant implications for the Leafs' financial planning and the aging of their players' contracts.

  • What does the speaker imply about the future of Sheldon Keefe as the head coach of the Leafs?

    -The speaker implies that Sheldon Keefe may be on his way out, suggesting that a new voice or head coach might be necessary for the team to progress.

  • How does the speaker summarize the Leafs' performance in the most recent playoff series?

    -The speaker summarizes the Leafs' performance as a loss in a tight, seven-game series against the Boston Bruins, with the Bruins winning game seven in overtime.

  • What is the significance of the speaker's mention of the 'core' of the Leafs' team?

    -The 'core' refers to the team's key players, and the speaker suggests that one or more of these players may be leaving the team due to the repeated failure to achieve success in the playoffs.

  • What does the speaker think about the role of Brendan Shanahan in the Leafs' management?

    -The speaker holds Brendan Shanahan responsible for the team's performance over the years, as he has been part of the organization's leadership since 2014, and suggests that it might be time for a change at the top.

  • Why does the speaker believe the Leafs' power play was ineffective during the series?

    -The speaker believes the power play was ineffective due to the structured play of the Boston Bruins, who were adept at neutral zone control and protecting their net, thereby stifling the Leafs' scoring opportunities.

  • What is the speaker's view on the importance of adjusting to the changing dynamics of the game?

    -The speaker emphasizes the need for the Leafs to adjust their strategies and tactics, as the failure to do so has led to their consistent playoff losses.

  • What does the speaker suggest about the Leafs' future if changes are not made?

    -The speaker suggests that if the Leafs do not make significant changes to their team composition and management, they will continue to fall short of winning the Stanley Cup.

  • How does the speaker describe the emotional impact of the Leafs' losses on the fans?

    -The speaker describes the emotional impact as one of disappointment and frustration, with a sense of pressure and expectation that is not met by the team's performance.

  • What is the significance of the speaker's mention of the 'LFR video of the Season'?

    -The 'LFR video of the Season' is a recurring video content that the speaker creates to discuss the Leafs' elimination from the playoffs, which has become an annual tradition reflecting the team's end-of-season disappointments.



ūüŹí Leafs' Loss Lament and Channel Pressure

The speaker expresses disbelief and frustration over the Toronto Maple Leafs' loss, discussing the emotional impact and the pressure felt by the channel when the team loses. They mention the unpredictability of when they'll see each other again due to the Leafs' performance, and the speaker's commitment to the channel despite potential job losses. The speaker also humorously addresses the need to click like and subscribe, and their readiness to freestyle the rest of the video without preparation, given their deep knowledge of the Leafs.


ūü§Į Bruins' Victory and Injured Leafs

The speaker discusses the Boston Bruins' victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs in game seven, highlighting the historical significance of the win and the Leafs' repeated failures. They touch upon the potential trades and changes to the team's core, emphasizing the need for a shakeup. The speaker also shares a personal story about Ian Scott, a goalie who was drafted instead of Jeremy Swayman, and the unfortunate career path that followed due to injuries.


ūü§Ē Injuries and the Impact on the Game

The focus is on the injuries sustained by key players during the series, including Joseph Woll and Auston Matthews. The speaker questions the team's performance, particularly Ilya Samsonov's gameplay and the team's inability to capitalize on scoring opportunities. They recount specific moments from the game, including goals and near-misses, and the emotional toll these moments had on the players and fans.


ūüŹÖ Pastrnak's Game-Winning Goal and Series Reflection

The speaker describes David Pastrnak's game-winning goal in overtime, emphasizing its significance and the skill involved. They reflect on the series as a whole, noting the challenges the Leafs faced in generating offense and the structural strength of the Bruins. The speaker also shares a post-game comment from coach Sheldon Keefe, which is interpreted as a sign of potential changes to the team's management and coaching staff.


ūüďČ Performance Analysis and Speculation on Roster Changes

The speaker analyzes the performance of key players, noting their individual statistics and contributions to the team. They discuss the potential dismantling of the team's core, speculating on which players might be traded or released. The speaker also criticizes the team's inability to score consistently and the need for a new approach to achieve success.


ūüĒĄ Team History and Shanahan's Tenure

The speaker reviews the history of the team under Brendan Shanahan's leadership, from drafting core players to multiple disappointing playoff exits. They recount the team's struggles and the emotional investment of the fans, highlighting the repeated cycles of hope and disappointment. The speaker also discusses the potential consequences for Shanahan and the team's future direction.


ūüéôÔłŹ Future of the Podcast and Hope for the Leafs

The speaker addresses the future of their content creation, including the Steve Dangle podcast and plans to cover upcoming games and potential team changes. They express gratitude to the viewers for their support throughout the season and encourage them to continue engaging with the content. The speaker concludes with a note of hope for the Leafs' future success, despite the current disappointment.



ūüí°Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs are a professional ice hockey team based in Toronto, Ontario. They are a part of the National Hockey League (NHL) and have a passionate fan base. In the video, the team's repeated failure to advance in the playoffs despite high expectations is a central theme, with the speaker expressing disappointment and analyzing their performance.


The playoffs in the context of professional sports, such as the NHL, refer to the postseason tournament where teams compete for the championship. The term is integral to the video's theme as the speaker discusses the Toronto Maple Leafs' elimination from the playoffs and the implications for the team and its management.


Elimination in sports signifies the removal of a team from championship contention, typically after a loss. The video script frequently mentions the Leafs' elimination, highlighting the recurring pattern of disappointment for the team's fans and serving as a backdrop for discussions about the team's future.

ūüí°Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins are another professional ice hockey team in the NHL and are significant in the video as they are the team that eliminated the Toronto Maple Leafs from the playoffs in the discussed season. Their victory over the Leafs is a pivotal moment in the narrative, leading to an in-depth analysis of the game and its aftermath.

ūüí°Game Seven

Game Seven refers to the seventh and deciding game in a series where the teams have an equal number of wins. It is a high-stakes match that can significantly impact the narrative of a sports season. In the video, the speaker discusses the Leafs' loss in Game Seven, emphasizing the team's inability to close out tight series.

ūüí°Sheldon Keefe

Sheldon Keefe is the head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs, responsible for the team's strategy and performance. His potential job security and the team's need for a 'new voice' or coaching change are discussed in the context of the team's repeated failures, suggesting a possible overhaul in leadership.

ūüí°Brendan Shanahan

Brendan Shanahan is the President and Alternate Governor of the Toronto Maple Leafs. His role and the team's performance under his tenure are critiqued in the video, with the speaker suggesting that the Leafs' consistent failure to advance in the playoffs might warrant a change in the team's executive leadership.


In the context of sports, contraction can refer to the reduction or dismantling of a team's core roster due to performance issues. The video discusses the potential 'blowing up' of the Leafs' core, indicating significant changes to the team's roster and structure as a response to their playoff elimination.

ūüí°Goal Scoring

Goal scoring is the act of scoring a goal in hockey, which is crucial for winning games. The video script discusses the Leafs' issues with goal scoring, particularly during the playoffs, as a key factor in their inability to secure victories and advance in the postseason tournaments.

ūüí°Salary Cap

The salary cap in professional sports like the NHL is a limit on the total amount of money a team can pay its players. The video touches on the salary cap's impact on the Leafs' ability to build a competitive roster, especially in the context of long-term contracts given to key players and the financial constraints they impose.

ūüí°Jim Montgomery

Jim Montgomery is mentioned in the video as the head coach of the Boston Bruins. His interaction with John Cooper and Mike Babcock before Game Seven is highlighted, emphasizing the strategic and psychological aspects of coaching in high-stakes games.


The Toronto Maple Leafs lost again, leading to frustration and disappointment among fans.

The speaker expresses a sense of déjà vu with the Leafs' repeated losses every year.

Steve humorously suggests the channel's viewership increases when the Leafs' employees get fired.

The speaker reminisces about the pressure of creating content after the Leafs' elimination from the playoffs.

A dramatic increase in channel viewership is mentioned when the Leafs are eliminated, comparing it to a Canadian city's population.

The speaker discusses the financial implications of the channel's success, mentioning the purchase of organic bananas as an example.

The Boston Bruins are praised for their historic win against the Toronto Maple Leafs in game seven.

The speaker humorously offers consolation to the Leafs, suggesting they are trying to cause the speaker to starve.

The Leafs' loss is described as a eulogy, indicating the end of an era for the team's current lineup.

The speaker criticizes the officiating in past games but commends the fairness of the latest series against the Bruins.

Jeremy Swayman's performance is highlighted, including his motivation stemming from not being drafted by the Leafs.

The unfortunate story of Ian Scott, a promising goalie whose career was cut short by injuries, is shared.

The absence of Joseph Woll in game seven due to an unspecified injury is discussed.

Auston Matthews' performance despite illness is praised, as he sets up the Leafs' only goal of the game.

Ilya Samsonov's performance as a goalie is critiqued, with the speaker expressing frustration at a crucial goal allowed.

The Bruins' David Pastrnak is celebrated for his game-winning goal in overtime.

The speaker predicts significant changes to the Leafs' roster and possibly the firing of the team's president and head coach.

The need for a new coaching voice and strategy is emphasized to overcome the team's consistent failure to score.

The speaker reflects on the team's history under Brendan Shanahan's leadership and the need for a change.

The Leafs' failure to advance past the first round of the playoffs for multiple seasons is highlighted as a critical issue.

The speaker expresses a mixture of disappointment and hope for the future success of the Toronto Maple Leafs.



ÔĽŅHAT GUY: No dude, NOOO! No! I¬† can't believe they lost again!¬†


STEVE: You can't? HAT GUY: Oh I hate the  


last LFR video of the Season! Every year!  When am I even going to see you again? 


STEVE: On this channel? Probably  when everybody gets fired


Let’s go! - good we all feel - stop! - never gets  


rusty! - What am I doing? - INNA MY  KITCHEN - Producer Drew can you fix  


all this? - *screaming* - And when it comes  to the Toronto Maple Leafs you can crumple  


crumple YEET - Saw that going differently  - with you wherever you are welcome to LFR


Iggy this isn't a victory puppy treat, you just  deserve it. I-I'm half convinced the Leafs are  


trying to see you die of starvation. Dude I  I love you - I okay all right it's - I don't  


need consolation anyway it's cool it's great! Aw  hello hey how you doing HELLO. HI! Once again!  


It's funny every year this video, EVERY YEAR,  you know it's a lot of pressure. It's a lot of  


pressure when the Leafs get eliminated from  the playoffs. It's always a lot of pressure  


because suddenly this channel that like it  gets good viewership it does pretty well!  


It does pretty well! Like I'm not a rich man but  sometimes me and my wife we buy organic bananas  


you know what I mean? You know what I mean?!  We do okay but every year when the Leafs get  


eliminated a quarter million people show up! Like  a decent sized Canadian city! All you can do,  


all you can do here's your tax here's your  payment all right you sicko?! Here watching this,  


here watching this! This is all I ask you to  do click like click subscribe and tell all your  


friends - Producer Drew who edits these videos,  I'm going to do my best. This is just going to  


be off of the Dome. Off of the top of the Dome,  freestyling off from memory, from nothing, I don't  


even know from what! ‚ÄėCause here's the thing - all¬† day, all day, I was thinking about what I would¬†¬†


say when the Leafs won. When the Leafs won, all  day. And I thought to myself “is this arrogance?  


Is this just me assuming the Leafs - THE LEAFS?¬† - would win?‚ÄĚ No! Because I'm not nuts, I'm not¬†¬†


nuts all right?! I know what I'm talking about!  I know who the Leafs are! Famously! Actually!


I was thinking about what I would say today when  the Leafs won all day and I didn't realise until  


just now why that is. Because I had to think about  it! I don't have to think about this! I don't even  


have any notes in front of me! I haven't even  watched the highlights back! Saw a couple Clips  


on Twitter. I'm still calling it Twitter. I'm  never going to call it X! I am not even going  


to watch the highlights back. I don't have to!  I'm a historian! I know this! I know this team!  


Boston Bruins fans, I know your team! You know the  narrative change was right there too, you know it  


was right there. Oh you know it was right there! I  was going to take a crown, I was going to take an  


actual crown and hand it to you because it would  be the Leafs as like the all-time chokers right?  


But the Bruins become the first team in North  American Sports history to blow a 3-1 series lead  


in back to back years?! Anybody can do that in  one year, the Leafs, but it takes a truly special  


team. It's never happened in the history of  Hockey baseball basketball on this continent and  


the Bruins - one goal away from doing it! But you  didn't. You didn't because the Boston Bruins win  


2-1 in overtime of game seven against the Toronto  Maple Leafs. Oh I just remembered something that  


I have to do! You're not going to believe it!  You're not going to believe it! You're not  


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today that's I-N-J-U-R-Y-A-S-S-I-S-T.ca! Now  to talk about that game and can I tell you?  


Can I tell you what I was looking down at  my phone what I just read?! From Luke Fox  


“Jim Montgomery got encouragement from John  Cooper and advice from MIKE BABCOCK BEFORE  


GAME SEVEN! [purer deranged laughter] I found  the hammer! [Laughter that becomes coughing]  


oh my - what was that website again?! Injury  assist.ca got it! Oh tears in my eyes!


Listen Leaf fans, we all know what’s going on  here, this is a eulogy. This is a eulogy for  


the Leafs. Bruins fans? Listen, this was a very  different series from series in years past. And in  


some series in years past, there have been a lot  of things to complain about honestly. Officiating  


was… interesting! Festive! It uh benefited the  Bruins greatly uh to be frank and some player  


safety decisions also. This year? None of that.  None of that. A little bit of that here and there  


didn't like this non call, didn't like that one  the Leafs had plenty of that go their way too!  


They did - dude look at the first goal of this  game! Dude I I thought Tyler Bertuzzi was getting  


called for sure! It's the third period, trips up  his guy or the guy tripped or whatever happened,  


it sure looked like it real time, he gets  it to Auston Matthews to William Nylander  


scores! - “Bert out there with Matthews and  Nylander, Matthews with it behind the net,  


on oh stopped, Benoit comes up with it, he's  deep Matthews where is it?! Blocked he knocks  


it loose! Carlo comes up with it! Bertuzzi takes  down his man, no call, Matthews SETS UP NYLANDER,  


WHO SCORES! Oh Baby! That's going to cause some  controversy! But the Leafs score! The dude who  


got the puck is celebrating! And William Nylander  who called it? This guy! Gets the first goal of  


the game! 10:59 to go in the third period! 2013  they couldn't hold, 2019 they couldn't hold,  


2018 they couldn't hold, can they hold this?‚Ä̬† But Bruins fans damn damn! The Leafs lost fair¬†¬†


and square. You won fair and square. I I I got  nothing to complain about in that regard. I  


don't! I don't! It was a tight series, real tight  series, obnoxiously tight series, I don't even  


know if that series was pleasurable to watch for  either fanbase or any of the other 30! Maybe the  


outcome but not throughout! Not through - if the  Canucks Predators had the most painful Series this  


was number two, this was number two. The Boston  Bruins were incredible. They were incredible and  


and I know a lot of people have been saying  “The Florida Panthers are gonna smack whoever  


they play in the second round!‚ÄĚ First of all yeah¬† second of all you don't know that! You don't know,¬†¬†


that that would have been my prediction for sure  whoever if it was the Leafs or the Bruins uh I  


mean the Panthers smacked, smacked Tampa in  five and now they're gonna play an exhausted  


busted up team. Neither team took over this  series, like ever ever. When the Bruins did  


get ahead it's because the Leafs couldn't stop a  beach ball and also they couldn't score a goal!


But the Bruins were a big part of the reason that  they couldn't score a goal. Jeremy Swayman was a  


big part of the reason they couldn't score a goal!  Now let's talk about this, Jeremy Swayman. I know  


a lot of Bruins fans know this but there's a  narrative going on around there and if a lot  


of people are going to watch this video I want  to nip it in the bud. Jeremy Swayman was mad,  


mad, big mad, that the leaf didn't draft  him because they said they might and the  


pick comes in the fourth round think it's 110th  overall and the Leafs select a goalie who is not  


Jeremy Swauman they selected Ian Scott, Jeremy  Swayman went to the Boston Bruins with the next  


pick that is haunting stuff and it is the sort  of thing that has fueled Jeremy Swayman and it  


fueled him through this series and it fueled him  to get a big game seven win! Ian Scott was not  


a bad draft pick. This dude was CHL goalie  of the year in 2019. He looked like he was  


going to be incredible. He played seven pro  games, he had to retire in his early 20s due  


injuries. In fact there was one, it was so cruel,  he finally rehabs his way back from injuries, he  


plays one exhibition game with the Leafs, he looks  incredible in that exhibition game, and he doesn't  


even get to complete the like one period that he  was assigned to play because he was injured. It's  


just the worst. It's just the frigging worst and  I just wanted to tell that story because I know  


it's been out there like ‚ÄúOh the Leafs made¬† a stupid pick and who the hell is Ian Scott!‚Ä̬†¬†


Ian Scott is a dude who should be playing pro  hockey right right now but life's not fair. Our  


bodies are not fair. Things happen and speaking  of bodies - Joseph Woll did not play in this  


game! And we don't know why yet! I'm waiting for  an injury update, haven't got it. Haven't got it,  


but he wasn't even the backup for this game! After  stealing game five and stealing game six - what  


improved for the Leafs in games five and game six?  They didn't score, the power play still didn't  


score, what happened in game five?! Joseph Woll  became the started goalie! And he was incredible  


in game five and he was incredible in game six  and he almost got the shutout and he didn't.


Because the Bruins scored with 0.1 seconds  left and Joseph Woll tried to make a save  


on a shot that didn't matter, and didn't make the  save anyway. And if that is the play that he was  


hurt on, and that is the reason that he couldn't  play in game seven, dude. If you go watch the  


blueprint clip that the Leafs put on social media  Joseph Woll gets the game puck, and he makes a  


speech to the guys and he goes ‚Äúlet's go get a win¬† in Boston!‚ÄĚ There was a way he said it where I was¬†¬†


like ‚Äėthis kid is cold, this kid is COLD.‚Äô And¬† now I watch it in a completely different light.¬†¬†


He knew he wasn't going to play. He knew he wasn't  going to play and I don't know what happened and I  


know it must have killed him in the moment but I  think he had a strong inkling he wasn't going to  


be able to play. I don't know what the injury  was. Speaking of which, I talked about Auston  


Matthews setting up the goal, setting up the one  goal that the Leafs scored in this game! I don't  


know what his injury is either, he had an illness  and it turned into an injury. He was pulled by the  


doctor in game four. Couldn't play game five, an  elimination game, Leafs won anyway, couldn't play  


in game six an elimination game, Leafs won anyway,  then he played in game seven battling whatever the  


hell demons and he was tied for the Leaf lead  in scoring with one point, setting up the Leafs  


only goal of the game. I mean what do you want?  What else do you want? What I want is A SAVE!  


AAAAAA! The puck, the puck, the puck! We think  Ilya Samsonov has played his final game as a  


Toronto Maple Leafs, Joseph Woll goes in net,  Joseph Woll plays spectacular, Joseph Woll  


gets hurt so it's Samsonov again. And all night  long Samsonov hadn't allowed a goal, he hadn't  


allowed a goal, that's the gig I guess! But like  goalies get beat, goalies get beat sometimes, he  


hadn't allowed a goal. The Bruins though they kept  putting a lot of them into his chest. He made a  


few really good saves, he did, he did and then the  Bruins are getting their opportunities and well  


I'll just I'll just let me walk you through it. “Leaf's running around a little bit here,  


running around running around. McCabe strong  on the puck but falls down, Bruins where is it?  


Rebound? OVER THE NET, it touched the top of the  net they score! Boston has tied it. Trent Frederic  


9:38 to go in the third. Hampus Lindholm leading  the draw, it was someone. Let's see how this  


happened. It was Hampus Lindholm with 9:38 to go  in the third. Boy you know this is going to be a  


story tomorrow. Leafs blow a uh third period lead  in 2013 and 2018, we'll see about 2024. The puck  


hit the top of the net and JVR finds Lindholm,  yuck! I don't know if Sammy was screened or what.  


Ewwww.‚ÄĚ I know if you play with fire you're going¬† to get burned and the Leafs were playing with fire¬†¬†


and the Bruins were putting on great pressure -  THAT CAN’T GO IN, MAN! I know a goalie is going  


to get beat. That goal sucks dude. When did Jeremy  Swayman get beat by that in this series and not  


have it go off of someone? You know what I mean?  When did Jeremy Swayman - games one through seven  


in overtime when did Jeremy Swayman get beat like  that?! When did Linus Ullmark? I wouldn't remember  


he only played one game and it was game two and  they never went back to him! Because they didn't  


have to! Haunting stuff, haunting stuff. And now  because the Leafs got the lead in the third period  


in game seven, in Boston, and then lost that lead  in the third period, in game seven, in Boston,  


that means three times in the last 11 years the  Leafs have had a lead in the third period of game  


seven, in Boston, AND BLOWN IT. You're the worst,  you're the worst, you're the absolute worst! Three  


different goalies did that. Three different  Dcores. Did any of those three teams have any  


overlap? Like in terms of Dcore? Rielly 2018 and  uh and uh 20 - uh this year that's got to be it  


right? That's got to be it! Like any of the 2013  guys were in 2018 I don't think so! Maybe Gardiner  


oh Gardiner oh, Gardiner. Hm. Well two. It's not  a lot! Wouldn't need overtime if you got a save  


there. Wouldn't need overtime if you scored more  than one goal! And we go to overtime, and it's  


early in overtime, we've been through a lot in  this game. There's tons we haven't even talked  


about Connor Dewar on his Breakaway, stopped.  Bruins getting some glorious opportunities,  


power plays going back and forth, Matthew Knies  with the penalty shot that apparently wasn't a  


penalty shot. And it all comes down to this in  overtime. Hampus Lindholm with the play of the  


playoffs to David Pastrnak. “That won't be ice  no way no shot. 18:20 to go in the first overtime  


I mean we're a - oh what a play! Off the boards,  series winner. Big play from a big player after  


being challenged by his coach. David Pastrnak.  The Bruins for the first time, in seven attempts,  


win an elimination game and they will go on to the  second round to take on the Florida Panthers. An  


absolutely magnificent play, a magnificent¬† play.‚ÄĚ Do you want to see my impression of¬†¬†


Jim Montgomery calling out David Pastrnak after  game six saying Pasta needs to step up? You want  


to see my impression? There, there it is. That's  that's my Jim Montgomery impression right there!  


Calling out a star and his star wins the series in  game seven in overtime! And by the way my producer  


reliably tells me that some of you might have  found that inappropriate like I was no no no no,  


that that wasn't a gesture it was Jim Montgomery  telling David Pastrnak bounce the bad narratives  


away - just bounce, simply bounce away from  them that's that's that's what he was telling  


them. It was a magnificent goal! Magnificent. And  Lindholm drew that up, it was beautiful, Pasta  


drew that up, it was beautiful and I didn't see  it coming and neither did the Leafs! Jesse Blake  


uh found some screenshots we could just throw  them up - we don't even need to throw to them,  


uh Mitch Marner coming off the bench he's with  David Pastrnak, I don't know if he knows it and  


then David Pastrnak guns it and Marner doesn't.  I'm not saying Marner should have known he  


was there and would have been pretty chill if  he did. Would have been pretty chill if he did.


Would have been pretty chill if Rielly got to  that puck first. Would have been pretty chill  


if Samsonov made a save. But Lindholm perfectly  puts the puck off the boards, Pasta lightning  


speed to the puck and Ilya Samsonov gave David  Pastrnak just a puck size hold to shoot at,  


doing the splits. And that's where Pasta put it.  Al Dente. Just beautiful. A big play from a big  


player. The Leafs - did they get that? Did they?  How often did they get it? Look at this - Auston  


Matthews like sick and injured, a goal not the  greatest and three assists. Four Points in five  


games! You know? Pretty good right? Pretty good.  Max Domi making three mil, goal three assists,  


four points in seven games. And also their number  one center by the end of it. Tyler Bertuzzi,  


goal three assists four points. William Nylander  only played four games this series HE LED THE  


TEAM IN GOAL SCORING. WITH. THREE. Matthew Knies  two goals and one assist for three points. Mitch  


Marner in seven games one goal and two assists for  three points. That's going to go great. He, um is  


actually tied for scoring uh with two defensemen  uh Morgan Rielly and Ilya Lyubushin with  


three assists each and John Tavares, OOF visually  I didn't think he played this bad but one goal  


one assist two points in seven games. Guys!  Here's where we are, and I'm going to explain  


why everyone who's going is going. The core is  getting blown up. However the core gets blown up,  


fill your boots! Don't know, don't care. I assume  Matthews is staying, scored 69 goals, and did  


pretty good these playoffs. William Nylander  just signed an extension, scored three goals  


in four games in these playoffs. I assume he's  staying. That leaves Mitch and John! Who combined  


for Five Points by the way! Two and three, and  two goals. They combine for as many goals as  


Matthew Knies who's a 21 year old! They haven't  scored - how many times - they haven't scored  


more than three goals in a playoff game since  when? Since when? Game four of the Tampa series!


They have a core four of forwards who can't¬† score. ‚ÄúOh a couple of them scored-‚ÄĚ the¬†¬†


combo doesn't work! ‚ÄúIt'd be nice if someone¬† else stepped up‚ÄĚ It would be nice! You know¬†¬†


Kerfoot scored six points in seven games against  Montreal?! AH! You wasted that?! The - it doesn't,  


the mix doesn't work. It doesn't work. One of  them goes down with injuries, you're dead or  


they're playing short-handed at the end of the  season or you don't have a goalie! Or or or you  


got to play short-handed to sign Knies at the  end of the season and all these cap gymnastics  


and LTIR and university goalies and all this stuff  over the years! The mix. Doesn't. Work. When have  


they all been on at the same time?! How is this  team's problem, their consistent overarching theme  


problem GOAL SCORING?! It's because THE MIX.  DOESN’T WORK. With my entire chest it doesn't  


work! STOP! Stop. It has to stop. It could be any  of them, it could be more than one of them. The  


list has to be JT who's going into his final year  and Marner who's going into his final year. Has  


to be. Now, the fingerprints of this go back to  Dubas. He signed those guys to big money, and they  


were going to age into their contracts, they were  going to get better and better and better and the  


cap was going to go up and up and up. The world  stopped! The world stopped and the cap stayed  


flat. And then something happened. 2020 bubble.  Leaf took a - Leafs took a step backwards heading  


into COVID then they win the Canadian Division  and blow a 3-1 series lead to Montreal! That was  


it! That was the moment! Hindsight is 2020, we  all wondered! We all wondered if that was the  


moment to blow it up! And now we know it was! It  was! And who's been there the whole time? “Steve,  


you're talking about Dubas, they can't fire Dubas¬† again!‚ÄĚ No but they can fire the guy who hired¬†¬†


him. Brendan Shanahan, was hired in April of 2014!  10 years ago, it's a long time ago a little over  


10 years ago. And he took that team from bad bad  bad bad bad so bad to drafting William Nylander,  


that was his first first round pick, and  Mitch Marner the next year, and Auston  


Matthews the next year and that is the core. And in 2017 they go to the playoffs and they play  


the President's Trophy winning Washington Capitals  and they make it interesting and five of the six  


games go to overtime, the Leafs had a 2-1 series  lead and the Leafs go to overtime on home ice,  


they had a one-nothing lead in overtime  game uh and lost 2-1 in overtime to uh lose  


that game as well, but they get there and I was  there! Game six I was there they lose the series!  


We cheered them off the ice because of how magical  that season was and how low the expectations  


were - it's okay it's okay, don't worry about  it, nothing was expected of them anyway. And then  


the next year the Leafs take on who? The Boston  Bruins! Again! The Bruins had a 3-1 series lead  


again! The Leafs force 7 again! They had a third  period lead again! And the Bruins win anyway! They  


didn't even need overtime for it. They kind of  kicked the Leafs up and down the ice in the third  


period but what do we expect of them? What do we  - it's only year two! It's year two. Next year the  


Leafs are going to be better, Leafs are going  to be better and they get the Bruins again oh  


here's redemption and the least win game one oh  Bruins tied up the Leafs win game three, oh the  


Bruins tied up the least win game five and it was  a tight one and it literally saved Mike Babcock's  


job! Leafs lose game six horribly on home ice,  and get destroyed in game seven. And now okay,  


we start to ask some questions but like, it's  the Bruins and they're a really good team,  


and we'll get them next time. And then it's 2020  and you're one of only two teams to have home  


ice advantage because the playoffs are only being  played in two buildings, and you couldn't even win  


a best of five against the Columbus Blue Jackets?!  And then the next year you wipe the FLOOR with the  


Canadian Division and you got a 3-1 series lead  over the Montreal Canadiens - ah choke! It's the  


biggest choke probably in team history! Name¬† a worst one ‚ÄúOh 2013 Boston Bruins!‚ÄĚ No! No,¬†¬†


that team shouldn't have been in game seven, it  was another 3-1 series lead that the Bruins blew,  


Leafs had a 4-1 lead, yes, it had never been done  before, a three-goal lead in the third period  


getting blown, yes - teams should have never never  been there, never been there. Go back and watch  


that game, I've actually gone back and watched  it you can't believe that series went seven,  


how bad that team is even leading up to them  getting the 4-1 lead! That team sucked! They  


were brutal! 2021? Ew. ‚ÄúWell they didn't have¬† John Tavares‚ÄĚ they didn't have him the whole¬†¬†


way up to 3-1! It started the moment game  five began, they sucked. They continued to  


stink. They rallied back and then they blew it in  overtime. All right! Well game six, they stink,  


they rally back ,they blow it in overtime and in  game seven they stink it's their worst game of the  


series. Alright 2022 against a Tampa Bay Lightning  and your force game seven and goar Eric Furlatt,  


who is a ref in this game, calls the pick on  Justin Holl and oh no! The Leafs lose 2-1 in  


overtime but as Sheldon Keefe so eloquently put¬† it ‚Äúthere is respect in that handshake line!‚Ä̬†¬†


And somehow things still stay together! And then  the next year, this is going to be hilarious, wait  


for it, wait for it, they finally win a playoff  series but then they lose in five. It's Florida,  


they went to the Stanley Cup Final but Kyle Dubas  has a bad press conference and he gets fired! Five  


weeks before the draft and five or six weeks  before Mitch Marner's no move kicks in! So they  


bring in Brad Treliving they're like “Here you go  Brad, here's like the most difficult job in hockey  


can you make all the decisions immediately?‚ÄĚ And¬† he's like ‚ÄúAll right but my old uh team won't¬†¬†


let me uh even be on the floor until like pick 17  because they're weird (they're so weird the Flames  


are really weird) and they won't let me do that¬† so can I like do stuff?‚ÄĚ And uh he didn't end up¬†¬†


doing stuff, he made a bunch of weird free agent  signings some of them went well some of them went  


very not well - John Klingberg. Some of them were  John Klingberg all right? And he got put on LTIR.  


Brendan Shanahan was there for ALL OF IT.  That's why I just went through that whole  


diatriad. “Well maybe this year no maybe  next year no maybe next year no maybe next  


year no maybe next year no maybe next year¬† no maybe next year no maybe this year NO!‚ÄĚ


If it seems like I'm laying it on a little  thick I just told you the amount of times  


the Leafs have blown it under this guy! There's a  new CEO at Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment.  


Yes the Leafs make a lot of money if they make  the playoffs and yes the Leafs always make the  


playoffs, if they ever won the Stanley Cup they  could buy the moon! And they could win the Spacely  


Cup every year, being the only team on the moon!¬† ‚ÄúOh but the media pressure on the moon is‚ÄĚ It's¬†¬†


-they’re the only team! So he's gone so there  it is already one or two members of the core  


are gone. The president of the team is gone. And  here's Sheldon Keefe after a game seven defeat  


“Sheldon obviously was a tight series on both  sides from your team's perspective. What was the  


biggest challenge generating offense? *deep sigh*  Well it's I mean they're a very structured team.  


You know. They're they do a very good job to the  neutral zone and they protect their net as well,  


uh or better than most any team in the NH.  And there was, they were content to do that,  


you know, they were content to do that it's,  you know it's it's very evident teams play the  


Leafs they they they they set up the game for the¬† Leafs to beat themselves.‚ÄĚ ‚ĶNo, no your internet¬†¬†


hasn't frozen. I'm still just - WHAT? Oh my,  oh my, I I can't tell if that's a bar or if  


he was fired before this press conference began!  Never mind referring to the Leafs as the Leafs,  


uh as if he's not of of them. Sheldon Keefe  just signed an extension. It's two years.  


Maple Leafs sports and entertainment has a  lot of money. He's gone, like in a few days  


I'll be making a video on this channel about  how Sheldon Keefe is fired. Dude this was a  


chess match of a series. Bruins had the better  goalie for sure, they shut down all the Leafs  


forwards and they're not even interesting. The  Bruins are not even interesting in the fact that  


they shut down the Leafs forwards. Like yes they  played a crazy smothering game, they were great  


in the neutral zone, they were great in front of  their net, and they got the saves when they needed  


it. That's every team the Leafs play! The weird  thing about the Tampa series is we're like “damn  


they're scoring goals!‚ÄĚ and they won by the way!¬† And the power play! Worked! In that one series.


This core can't do it of their own volition right?  Since they have become men like they lost with  


Mike Babcock when they were boys, they've become  men and they have lost for half a decade with this  


guy. Babcock taught them some things and they  were useful. Keefe has taught them some things,  


and they were useful. Nope! We're done here! We're  done here. Don't have anything against the guy,  


dude you got to bring in a new voice  there. A new head voice. A new head coach.  


And there are SO many available. You got to bring  them in. So that is what is at stake here, that's  


what's happening over the next little while.  The core is getting blown to smithereens. One  


or more of them are gone. The President I'm fairly  confident is gone. Sheldon Keefe the head coach,  


I'm fairly confident is gone. It's not out of  the question that Sheldon Keefe will be fired,  


Brendan Shanahan will be fired, Mitch Marner will  be traded, John Tavares will be traded or bought  


out or something, TJ Brodie ain't coming back.  Ilya Samsonov ain't coming back. Will Max Domi  


be back? We'll see. Will Tyler Bertuzzi be back?  We'll see. This team is not bad. You need to be  


good to make the playoffs. You need to be good  to go to game seven overtime with Boston. But  


one thing I know for damn sure is this team is  not great. If they were, we wouldn't be having  


this conversation. If they weren't, we wouldn't  be having this conversation every single year.  


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today  to mourn the loss (or rejoice depends who  


you ask) of this incarnation of the Toronto Maple  Leafs. It was a neat idea. It worked for a time.  


Some stuff happened. They didn't adjust. Some time  passed and nothing got better! 16. You need to win  


16 games to win the Stanley Cup. They get those  pucks, they put them in that little wooden thing. 


You got to take those pucks. You're not giving  those pucks, you got to take them from your  


opponent and this year the Leafs matched their  their second highest total since uh Shanahan  


became the president of this team of the Matthews  and Marner and Nylander era, the Leafs match their  


second highest total of play wins with THREE!  It's over. “Oh they're always in a series,  


they're always tight‚ÄĚ They always lose! Last year¬† was their best year by far because they actually¬†¬†


won a series, they won five games! You triple  the win total, you're a game short! It's over.  


It's done. Now obviously, I'm not done making  content. I might need a couple days to get my  


voice back. We are going to be doing a brand  new Steve dangle podcast tomorrow on sdpn,  


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or signed, or bought out, or fired, I'll be making  a video for it on this channel. We'll be all over  


it on sdpn. Adam Wylde is going to be streaming  the Vancouver Canucks Edmonton Oilers series and  


sdpn is going to be streaming the Boston Bruins,  Florida Panthers series because torture. I'm  


dripping sweat down my neck. I I am going to be  streaming that series, I don't know if I'm going  


to be doing game one. I'm tired. I need, I need  a couple days off. And this team needs a shakeup.  


There's no ifs ands or buts about it. Whatever  you think the problem is, has been the problem for  


too long. It's hard to let go of a good team. It's  really hard to let go of a good team. But it's all  


in the pursuit of greatness. And it keeps eluding  them. For now that is it for this season of LFR,  


thank you very much for watching, click  like if you like this season of LFR,  


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Oh. I still am holding out hope for the  day that it finally happens because these  


things are going to make it so worth it. I just  have no idea when that day is going to show up.