I Built Rocket Punch Cannons

Jake Carlini
1 Jun 202420:31


TLDRIn this inventive and action-packed script, the protagonist wakes up to a surreal scenario involving a portal and an 'Eagle guy' who issues a 48-hour challenge. To prepare for the impending showdown, the hero embarks on a creative endeavor to construct rocket punch cannons, which are essentially explosive devices strapped to their arms. Through a series of mishaps with PVC glue and design challenges, the protagonist perseveres, eventually crafting a pair of compact, powerful cannons. As the deadline approaches, they also enlist the help of a 3D printing expert to create lightweight and strong fist missiles. With the assistance of a quirky cast of characters, including a flying ally and a 'referee guy,' the hero readies for the climactic confrontation, showcasing a blend of resourcefulness, humor, and camaraderie.


  • 🚪 The protagonist experienced a surreal event where a portal opened in their backyard and an 'Eagle guy' emerged.
  • ⏱ The protagonist was given a 48-hour deadline by the Eagle guy, indicated by a note taped to their chest.
  • 🛠️ The protagonist decides to build rocket punch cannons as a means to prepare for the Eagle guy's return.
  • 🔨 The construction of the cannon involves cutting PVC pipes for the combustion chamber and using primer and glue to assemble the parts.
  • 💡 The firing mechanism for the cannon is a grill igniter that creates a spark to ignite the flammable substance inside the chamber, causing an explosion.
  • 🥔 The protagonist tests the cannon using potatoes as projectiles, demonstrating the cannon's power despite its small size.
  • 🤔 The protagonist consults with a 'purple dude' and a 'referee guy' for assistance, indicating a collaborative effort to confront the Eagle guy.
  • 🛫 The Eagle guy is revealed to be a genetically engineered threat, and the protagonist is urged to surrender 'purple' to avoid conflict.
  • 👊 The protagonist works on creating lightweight and strong fist missiles using 3D printing technology.
  • 🎯 Accuracy is a critical aspect of the cannon's effectiveness, which is tested by shooting at Ridge wallets as targets.
  • 🔄 Despite initial setbacks with the cannon's shinguards and the need to start over, the protagonist perseveres and builds a smaller, more powerful cannon.

Q & A

  • What unusual event occurred in the protagonist's backyard?

    -A portal opened up in the protagonist's backyard, and an Eagle guy jumped out of it.

  • What was the protagonist's reaction to the Eagle guy's appearance?

    -The protagonist found the Eagle guy's appearance to be pretty weird.

  • What did the protagonist wake up with after the dream about the Eagle guy?

    -The protagonist woke up with a horrible headache and a note taped to their chest.

  • What was the time limit mentioned in the note attached to the protagonist's chest?

    -The note mentioned a 48-hour time limit.

  • What kind of weapon did the protagonist decide to build to prepare for the Eagle guy's return?

    -The protagonist decided to build rocket punch cannons that strap to their arms and shoot rocket fists from a distance.

  • What is the purpose of the combustion chamber in the cannon the protagonist is building?

    -The combustion chamber is where an explosion will occur, creating pressure that propels the rocket fist out of the cannon.

  • What problem did the protagonist encounter with the PVC cement?

    -The PVC cement had solidified and was unusable because it was left open and had completely dried out.

  • How does the grill igniter function in the cannon's firing mechanism?

    -The grill igniter creates a spark when the button is pressed, which, when inside the chamber with flammable material, causes an explosion.

  • What was the protagonist's initial test of the cannon using?

    -The protagonist used potatoes for the initial test of the cannon's power.

  • What issue did the protagonist identify with the fist missile prototype?

    -The fist missile prototype was too heavy and unbalanced, causing it not to fly straight.

  • What solution did the protagonist consider for a lightweight and strong fist missile?

    -The protagonist considered using 3D printing to create a lightweight and strong fist missile.

  • How did the protagonist plan to attach the cannons to their arms?

    -The protagonist planned to use shinguards to attach the cannons to their arms, similar to how they attached rollerblades to their body in a previous project.

  • What promotional offer is mentioned in the script for Ridge products?

    -Ridge has a Father's Day Sale offering up to 30% off on their products.

  • What was the protagonist's strategy for testing the accuracy of the cannon?

    -The protagonist set up Ridge wallets as targets to test the cannon's accuracy.

  • What happened to the protagonist's shinguards during the build process?

    -The top of the shinguard cracked, indicating a need for a fix or replacement.

  • How did the protagonist address the issue of the cannon's weight affecting the build?

    -The protagonist decided to start over and build a lighter cannon and find new shinguards.

  • What challenge did the protagonist face with the delivery of the 3D printed fists?

    -The 3D printed fists were not going to arrive on time, prompting the protagonist's friend to fly there and retrieve them.

  • What unexpected ability of the protagonist's friend (purple dude) is revealed?

    -The purple dude can fly, which is an ability not often shown or mentioned.

  • How did the antagonist communicate with the protagonist?

    -The antagonist communicated by hacking the main frame of the protagonist's TV.

  • What was the antagonist's demand in the broadcast?

    -The antagonist demanded that the protagonist hand over 'purple,' presumably referring to the purple dude.

  • What was the protagonist's final statement about the rocket punch cannons?

    -The protagonist stated that the rocket punch cannons were pretty cool, indicating satisfaction with the build.



🛠️ DIY Rocket Punch Cannons

The protagonist experiences a strange dream involving a portal and an eagle-like figure, waking up with a headache and a note that gives them 48 hours to prepare. They decide to build rocket punch cannons, which are essentially arm-mounted devices capable of launching explosive fist-like projectiles. The process involves cutting PVC pipes for the combustion chamber, dealing with issues like solidified glue, and eventually creating a functional cannon with a removable cap and a grill igniter as the firing mechanism. The protagonist tests the cannon with potatoes as projectiles, showcasing its power despite its small size.


🚀 Crafting the Ultimate Fists

After establishing the basic functionality of the cannon, the protagonist moves on to create rocket fists. They initially struggle with the design, having no prior experience with rockets or fists. A chance encounter with a purple individual provides them with a fist-shaped object that they decide to transform into a missile. The protagonist uses various materials and their experience in building to create a prototype, but it lacks the desired flight path. Through meditation and a realization about weight and balance, they decide to use 3D printing to achieve a lightweight yet strong fist missile. Meanwhile, they also work on attaching the cannon to their arm using shinguards and contemplate the mysterious origins of the eagle-like adversary.


🔨 Refining the Cannon Design

The protagonist encounters issues with the initial cannon design, including a broken shinard and the realization that the cannon might be too heavy. They decide to start over, aiming to build a smaller and lighter cannon. After successfully creating a more compact and powerful version, they test its power with smaller potatoes and find it comparable to larger cannons. The protagonist then focuses on accuracy, setting up Ridge wallets as targets for a test. They successfully hit the targets and promote a Father's Day sale for Ridge products, offering giveaways for viewers. Despite the successful test, they acknowledge the need for further improvements, including a lighter cannon and new shinguards for arm mounting.


🎖️ Finalizing the Rocket Punch Cannons

The protagonist completes the construction of two symmetrical cannons and works on attaching them to their arms using shinguards found at their roommate's place. They also plan to use the shinguards to secure the cannons. As the antagonists approach, the protagonist faces a time crunch and decides to send their roommate to retrieve the 3D printed fists. Meanwhile, they encounter the antagonists, including the eagle-like figure and a mysterious broadcast, and engage in a confrontation. Despite setbacks, including the loss of the eagle and the figure, they remain determined to protect their friend and complete the rocket punch cannons.




A portal, in the context of this video, refers to a hypothetical gateway or entrance to another dimension or reality. It is a central element in the video's plot, as it is the means by which the 'Eagle guy' character enters the protagonist's world. The script mentions, 'so this portal opened up in my backyard,' setting the stage for the subsequent events.

💡Eagle guy

The term 'Eagle guy' is used to describe a character that appears to be a hybrid of an eagle and a human. This character is a key antagonist in the video, jumping out of the portal and challenging the protagonist. The script describes the character's impact on the protagonist: 'this Eagle guy jumped out of it and I got to say that was pretty weird.'

💡Rocket punch cannons

Rocket punch cannons are a creative invention proposed by the protagonist as a means to combat the Eagle guy. They are designed to strap to the protagonist's arms and fire rocket fists, allowing for long-range punches. The concept is integral to the video's theme of innovation and problem-solving, as the protagonist says, 'well this is the perfect opportunity to make those rocket punch cannons I've been wanting to build.'

💡Combustion chamber

The combustion chamber is a crucial part of the rocket punch cannon, where an explosion occurs to generate pressure. It is defined in the script as 'this little area right here is going to have a big old explosion and what that explosion is going to do is create a bunch of pressure inside the chamber.' This concept is central to understanding the functioning of the homemade cannon.

💡PVC pipes

PVC pipes are used as the primary construction material for the rocket punch cannons. The script mentions the need for 'primer and glue' when working with PVC pipes, indicating their importance in the building process. The protagonist encounters issues with the cement used for PVC pipes, highlighting the challenges faced during the construction.

💡Grill igniter

A grill igniter is repurposed as the firing mechanism for the rocket punch cannons. It is described as a device that 'causes a spark' when pressed, which is intended to ignite the flammable material inside the combustion chamber, leading to an explosion. The igniter is a key component that enables the cannon to function, as seen when the protagonist connects it with wires through the PVC pipe.

💡3D printing

3D printing is utilized to create lightweight and strong missile fists for the rocket punch cannons. The protagonist seeks help from a friend who is a '3D printing master' to fabricate the missile fists. This technology is highlighted as a solution to achieve the desired balance of lightness and strength for the cannon's ammunition.


Shinguards are used to attach the rocket punch cannons to the protagonist's arms. Initially, the protagonist plans to use shinguards to secure the cannons, but later realizes they need to be lighter. The shinguards serve as a practical solution for the wearable design of the weapon system, as the protagonist states, 'I'm thinking I could just attach the shin guards to the cannon.'


Accuracy is a critical aspect of the rocket punch cannons' effectiveness. The protagonist tests the cannons' accuracy by aiming at Ridge wallets, which are used as targets. The script describes the protagonist's success in hitting the targets, emphasizing the importance of precision in the weapon's design: 'I'm actually going to be giving these wallets away to you guys and a few others back here too uh I'll tell you about that in a few.'

💡Purple dude

The 'purple dude' is a character who seems to be under the protection of the protagonist. He is mentioned in the context of an incoming threat and the protagonist's efforts to prepare for it. The term 'purple dude' is used to add a layer of mystery and humor to the video, as seen when the antagonist says, 'he belongs with us what was that where did that noise come from.'


Portal opens in the backyard, followed by an Eagle guy's appearance.

Wakes up with a headache and a note indicating a 48-hour countdown.

Plans to build rocket punch cannons for long-range punches.

Begins construction of a cannon using materials found in the shed and garage.

Explains the function of the combustion chamber in the cannon.

PVC pipes used for the cannon require primer and glue for assembly.

Encountered issues with solidified PVC cement, requiring a replacement.

Grill igniter used as a firing mechanism for the cannon.

Safety precautions taken by taping around the cannon during testing.

Successful test of the small cannon's power, despite its size.

Challenges in creating rocket fists due to lack of expertise in rockets and fists.

Innovative use of a 3D printed fist to create a missile.

Designing a system to strap the cannon to the arms using shinguards.

Mysterious broadcast from an antagonist involving a genetically engineered Eagle guy.

Enlisting the help of 'referee guy' and his unique whistle superpower.

Cannons' power and accuracy tested using Ridge wallets as targets.

Gives away Ridge wallets to viewers and mentions Father's Day Sale.

Building a second, smaller cannon to improve the design.

Facing the challenge of the antagonist's return without completing the rocket punch cannons.

Final confrontation with the Eagle guy, showcasing the rocket punch cannons.



so this portal opened up in my backyard which isn't the craziest thing I've ever 


seen But then this Eagle guy jumped out of it and I got to say that was pretty 


weird and then I woke up with a horrible headache and a note tape to my chest 


that said you got 48 hours 48 hours to what I guess until he comes back yeah 


this guy seems like a real noons kind of bird we should probably prepare for the 


worst well this is the perfect opportunity to make those rocket punch 


cannons I've been wantan to build so basically what I'm thinking is 


building cannons that strap to my arms and shoot rocket fist that allow me to 


punch from really far away okay so first things first I got to build a cannon and 


to do that I'm going to need some stuff and things and I'm pretty sure I've got 


quite a bit of stuff lying around the shed and I also have all the things that 


I need to build a cannon in the garage all right we'll get to all this in a 


little bit but the first thing I got to do is cut this pipe about the length of 


my forearm 


all right now while I cut this pipe let me explain how this cannon is going to 


work so this tube that I'm cutting right here is our combustion chamber which 


basically means that this little area right here is going to have a big old 


explosion and what that explosion is going to do is create a bunch of 


pressure inside the chamber forcing air out of the barrel which will send our 


rocket fist absolutely flying and the eagle guy won't stand a chance yes 


okay now that I got my combustion chamber it's time to close the end off 


with a removable cap okay so when working with PVC pipes 


you need two things you need primer and you need glue the primer is this purple 


stuff which basically just cleans up the tube or whatever surface you want to 


glue and glue is pretty self-explanatory oh no that's not good we got a problem 


okay so last time I used this PVC cement I must have not closed it up properly 


because this is completely complely solidified like it is completely turned 


to Jello-O this is useless so unfortunately this is not going to 


work that was so sick I was not expecting that to to to 


work okay we got some more glue here and you got to be kidding me this is 


completely solid too I guess that's how you know it's good glue cuz it's glued 


to the inside of the container now now I know for a fact that I have more glue 


around here because I specifically remember coming home from the store 


being like wo I have way too much glue so that glue's got to be here okay so 


the good news is I found some more glue the bad news is you see 


that that's the glue all the way behind all of this so I just got to like reach 


behind here come on why do my arms have to be so short come 


on oh oh yes let's go oh okay if this glue is 


hardened I'm going to lose my mind we got glue 


yeah okay so the reason why glue is so important when building a cannon is 


because the second you add any sort of pressure inside the cannon all the 


pieces of said Cannon are going to go flying all over the place and then 


you're just you're going to get hurt or something and then Eagle guy wins and we 


don't want that we don't want that at all 


okay this cannon is looking pretty cool but it's pretty useless and that's 


because we don't have a firing mechanism and that is why we have a grill igniter 


and how this works is you push down on the little explosion button there and it 


causes a spark and now our goal is to get that spark to happen inside the 


chamber cuz once this chamber is filled with something flammable there's going 


to be a big old explosion in there and that explosion is what's going to give 


us our pressure so how we're going to get the 


explosion to happen inside the chamber is by connecting the wires to two screws 


and sending those screws right through the PVC 


pipe so not that I think that this is going to like blow up in my face or 


anything but I did tape all around it just in case cuz you know when you're 


talking about explosions it's just better to be safe than sorry but anyway 


this cannon is done and ready to try out I've never made a cannon this small 


before so I have no idea if it's even going to work but in order to test this 


thing out we're going to need yo cheffrey I need those potatoes you 


can't have my potatoes I'm making potato sandwiches but I like really need them 


well then you're not going to get a potato sandwich listen what I'm doing is 


way more important than potato sandwiches fine you can have 


these what I'm doing is way more important in potato 


sandwiches all right it is time to test this thing out I've got some barrels 


over here for target practice I have no idea if this is going to 


work here we go that was 


sick it's so small but it packs such a heavy punch pun intended okay so now we 


know that this works now we need to build our rocket fists now this is where 


things got kind of tricky I know nothing of Rockets or 


fists I mean I once made this cool like boxing glove cannon from a mech suit but 


it was too soft I was going to need something more 


powerful what's up purple dude oh much what are you watching just a music video 


wa is that your hand no this is not my hand really oh that's like kind of 


exactly what I need right now can I can I use that 


yeah all right we've got a fist to work with let's turn this thing into some 


sort of missile okay I've got some materials to 


work with now I'm not 100% sure as to how this thing is going to work work out 


but if I've learned anything over the years of building stuff is that if you 


take a bunch of stuff and you tape it and screw it to other stuff eventually 


you'll get a thing and that's exactly what happened here I taped a bunch of 


stuff and got a thing perfect oh okay now don't get me 


wrong it's really cool but like it doesn't fly straight at 


all time is running out and I am not prepared for for this Eagle guy to come 


back I had to figure out a way to make this work so I found myself in a deep 


meditation okay maybe a little too deep I saw the 


universe and the universe saw me and everything became 


clear okay all right I think I I think I figured it out this fist is too heavy 


and it's completely unbalanced which explains why it doesn't want to fly 


straight so the fist missile that I need needs to be lightweight and super strong 


and there's only one way that I know to achieve both of those 3D printing and 


lucky for me I just so happen to have a friend who is a 3D printing master so 


I'm going to ask her if she can make these for 


me okay so while I wait for those things to be done printing we're going to start 


working on getting this thing strapped to my arm and I think I know exactly how 


I'm going to do that so I want built this really cool rollerblades suit where 


I put roller blades all over my body here it is right here uh parts of it but 


basically how I got these wheels to stick to my arms and legs was I used 


these which are shinguards so I'm thinking I could just attach the shin 


guards to the cannon oh man I hope this is enough to take down that eagle 


guy huh yeah I cannot get a read on this guy yeah like is he a eagle or a guy 


it's like he's got this speed of a eagle but the rest of them's a guy any idea 


where he came from nope incoming broadcast incoming 


broadcast well here we go incoming broadcast incoming broadcast incoming 


broadcast sup nerds I see you met my feathery friend I genetically engineered 


that guy specifically to take you down but listen it doesn't have to be this 


way all you got to to do is hand over purple what this guy stinks yeah you 


ever notice he smells like a dog's chew toy yeah right hey I can hear 


you I thought this was just a video same no I hacked the main frame of your TV it 


was cool and diabolical just you got 24 hours well you heard the guy they're 


coming back and I don't know if we can handle these guys alone I mean I can 


call in some backup and what other superheroes do you know referee guy 


referee guy all right what's your superpower well I don't have any but I 


have this whistle and when I blow it people stop like forever well just until 


they figure out where the noise came from we're all set 


thanks we'll talk uh how are the Cannons coming along I still need some time but 


uh what are we going to do about this guy 


I'll figure something out okay I'm going to show you this but 


just be cool okay just just chill cuz it's really cool right isn't that thing 


so sick oh no it broke okay so the top of 


the sh shinard here quite literally just cracked so that's not good okay so I'm 


going to have to figure out a way to fix that okay I've done some thinking and 


not only is this shinard just like really thin cheap flimsy plastic but I 


hate to say it but I think the cannon might be too heavy so I'm going to need 


to find new shinguards and I'm going to need to build a lighter 


Cannon so starting over is not my favorite thing to do but you know you 


got to do what you got to do and starting over is what I got to do so I 


guess I'll start over if I got to do it but the cool part about starting over on 


this particular project is that I now get to build the new smallest cannon 


that I've ever built beating my own personal 


record all right it's time to test out what kind of power this thing's got but 


I just realized I'm going to need a lot smaller potatoes 


oh hey uh just take them dude I just need a couple it's fine it's fine sorry 


okay first things first let's see what this thing's power stats are we're going 


to hit the barrel yo what okay now I'm genuinely 


shocked with how powerful this little thing is and despite being under half 


the size of the mech suit Cannon and the tank Cannon I would say the power is 


pretty comparable okay now regardless of how powerful this thing is it would be 


rendered completely useless without this one thing 


accuracy okay so to properly test the accuracy I've set up a bunch of Ridge 


wallets because they can take the heat so yeah shout out to Ridge for providing 


the target practice for today I'm actually going to be giving these 


wallets away to you guys and a few others back here too uh I'll tell you 


about that in a few all right we're going for the yellow 


one so I've actually had a ridge wallet for like 5 years now and look at this 


thing there's virtually no wear or tear at all it's in perfect condition I 


absolutely love it so I'm so stoked that they're sponsoring this build they also 


have over 100,000 five-star reviews and they got a lifetime warranty look at 


that nailed it so they've got over 50 different styles including these really 


cool magnetic ones that stick to your phone you can even get an invisible 


one all right I'm going to shoot the leather one 


now you got to be kidding me I nailed it I nailed it but anyway ridg having this 


totally rad Father's Day Sale where you can get up to 30% 


off now they've got tons of high quality products like key cases watches rings 


and my personal favorite check this out Ridge pens I absolutely love this pen it 


writes so smooth and it is like really heavy just go to ridge.com 


slj okay so I'm giving away eight wallets I've got these four potatoed 


wallets and I've got four non-p potatoed wallets and here's how you can get one 


all right all you got to do is order anything at all from Ridge using my link 


DM a screenshot of your order to me on Instagram and the first eight people 


will be sent a wallet absolutely free from me and maybe I'll throw a surprise 


in the Box too but all right now that we know that this cannon works amazingly 


it's time to build another one mount on my arms and build some fist missiles and 


speaking of fist missiles our 3D printer just sent us this oh sorry hold on this 


isn't that so sick but there is still a ridiculous amount of work still to be 


done I still need to build a second Cannon and I got a mount under my arms 


which means I still need new shinguards and I need 


potatoes all right purple dude listen we've got some bad guys coming and 


they're coming for you my job is to make you super tough lift that 


weight all right lift that weight lift this pen 


how are you even alive I don't 


know so building the second tiny Cannon here was uh pretty pretty easy went by 


pretty quick considering I've built three cannons in a short amount of time 


here uh I guess I'm getting pretty good at it okay we officially have two 


perfectly symmetrical cannons these look really cool now I just got to attach 


these things to my arms but before I do that I've got a pretty cool 


idea okay both cannons are done got these cool new handles on here it is 


like a million degrees in here right now so I'm just going to go in lay down for 


a sec take a little break 


all right the Cannons are officially done and they just look so cool imagine 


rolling up to a battle and the other guys got 


these come on but now for the most important part of this entire build we 


got to strap these things to my arms which means I need a new pair of Shing 


guards and I know for a fact that my roommate purple dude used to play soccer 


professionally so I know he's got shinguards around here somewhere I just 


got to find them yeah dude check these out these 


things are super high quality and they match the Cannons perfectly dude this is 


going to be so sick okay I got to get to work I don't have time for anything here 


in oh you know what I just realized I'm not even going to have time to test 


these out great yo purple dude 


nothing uh yeah hey the the bad guys are going to be here soon so just you know 


stay out of sight what dude no no no no way I can fight no you can't yes I can I 


can do a push-up now come on Yo bad guys are going to be here any 


minute are you done I literally just finished but hey we got a problem what 


uh the 3D printed fists are done but there's no way to get them here on time 


oh dude I can just fly there right now and get them I always forget you can fly 


yeah we don't show it often yeah why don't we ever see it it's pretty hard to 


edit somebody flying we could probably use a green screen yeah we could talk 


about this all day or I can go get the fists all right all right well while I 


wait for sakas to come back with the fists I guess I can got them 


I feel like they should be here by now oh 


I'm Wai you're left  


with nothing your nose bleeding at least 


something make you cry bro stop itop 


here we go the P will make you cry here we go the P will make you cry here we go 


will make you C home run 


all right listen enough messing 


around can't protect purple dude forever he belongs with us what was that where 


did that noise come from referee was that you did you do that 


yeah oh okay well now that I know where the noise came from where was I 


oh a my Eagle guy all right this is just 


great now I'm going to need a new eagle and a new 


guy I'm going to get you we got to stop letting him get away 


so rocket punch cannons pretty cool right that's all I got