Lil Mabu & Lil RT
14 Mar 202403:24


TLDRThe transcript captures a dynamic exchange between two characters, Mabu and RT, set in a neighborhood context. It revolves around themes of street life, ambition, and the pressures of growing up in a challenging environment. Mabu and RT discuss their status, aspirations, and the realities of their lives, using metaphors like 'big dog' and 'Paw Patrol' to reflect their roles and experiences. The dialogue touches on the impact of gang culture, the importance of maintaining a balance between personal goals and responsibilities, and the influence of music and fame. The recurring question 'Who let the dogs outside?' serves as a metaphor for confronting the consequences of their actions and the societal issues they navigate.


  • 🐶 Encounter in the neighborhood: The script starts with a casual and friendly interaction, setting a relaxed tone for the conversation.
  • 💧 Water for sale: A transactional exchange about the price of water is mentioned, highlighting a common urban scenario.
  • 🚗 Invitation to ride: An offer to forget about the water and join for a ride suggests a shift from business to camaraderie.
  • 🎉 Recognition of status: Acknowledging someone as a 'big dog' implies respect for their achievements and position.
  • 🚪 Closing the door with a button: A detail that suggests a level of comfort and modern convenience.
  • 🐾 'Big dog' metaphor: The phrase 'I do big dog' is repeated, symbolizing taking on responsibilities and actions typical of someone with status.
  • 👶 Desire for a child: A mention of someone wanting a kid indicates personal aspirations and life goals.
  • 🚗 Luxury vehicle reference: The 'big body whip' and 'Paw Patrol' references point to a preference for high-end vehicles.
  • 🎶 Song and dance elements: The repeated question 'Who let the dogs outside?' is a catchy hook that could be from a song or a dance challenge.
  • 🏫 Education and street smarts: A discussion on what isn't taught in school and the value of street smarts is highlighted.
  • 🔥 Dispute over gang affiliation: The mention of 'C' standing for 'Crip' and the refusal to give fame to gang members shows a stance against gang culture.
  • 🍭 Lolly pop as reward: The use of a lolly pop as a reward for good behavior reflects a nurturing side amidst a tough exterior.
  • 🚶‍♂️ Community walk: A suggestion to go for a walk to show off their ride signifies a display of pride and unity within the community.
  • 🗣️ Encouragement to speak up: The encouragement for the younger individual to express himself indicates support for self-expression and authenticity.
  • 🌟 Balance of fame and education: The advice to pursue music while also being a student emphasizes the importance of a well-rounded life.
  • 💪 Empowerment through support: The final message of empowerment and the mention of 'Mabu got us' suggests a strong support system and collective effort.

Q & A

  • Who is Mabu in the context of the script?

    -Mabu is a character mentioned in the script, likely a person who is known to the speaker and is involved in the events taking place within the 'hood' or neighborhood.

  • What is the significance of the water being sold for $10 in the script?

    -The $10 water sale represents a hustle or small business within the neighborhood, possibly indicating the economic activities and challenges faced by the characters.

  • What does the phrase 'hop in' imply in this context?

    -The phrase 'hop in' suggests an invitation or a command to join the speaker in a vehicle or in an activity, indicating a shift in the narrative towards a new action or situation.

  • What is meant by 'real drip' in the script?

    -'Real drip' is slang for genuine, high-quality attire or style. The speaker is offering to provide this to Mabu, indicating a form of support or camaraderie.

  • How does the script use the term 'big dog'?

    -The term 'big dog' is used metaphorically to describe someone who is powerful, influential, or successful in their community or environment. It reflects the speaker's perception of their own status or that of Mabu.

  • What is the significance of the repeated question 'Who let the dogs outside?'

    -The repeated question 'Who let the dogs outside?' serves as a motif throughout the script. It could symbolize the speaker's or Mabu's presence in the neighborhood, or it might be a metaphor for letting certain elements or individuals into their lives.

  • What does the phrase 'A stand for aim, B stand for boom' signify?

    -This phrase is part of a coded language or slang used by the characters, where each letter of the alphabet represents a word or concept. Here, 'aim' and 'boom' likely have specific meanings relevant to their context or lifestyle.

  • What is the significance of the 'Lolly Pop' in the script?

    -The 'Lolly Pop' is used symbolically in the script. It could represent a reward or incentive, as well as a reminder of childhood or simpler times. The speaker uses it to acknowledge the young shooter's good behavior.

  • How does the script address the concept of fame and notoriety?

    -The script suggests a complex relationship with fame. The speaker acknowledges the desire for recognition but also the potential dangers of notoriety, as they choose not to say RT and Mabu's names to avoid giving them unwanted fame.

  • What message is conveyed by the line 'It’s deeper than music'?

    -The line 'It’s deeper than music' implies that the speaker's experiences and the issues they discuss extend beyond the realm of music, touching on broader social and personal struggles.

  • What is the significance of the phrase 'Run with them dogs'?

    -The phrase 'Run with them dogs' signifies being part of a group or community, particularly in the context of street life or gang culture. It reflects the speaker's and Mabu's involvement and identity within their social circle.



🚀 Encounter in the Hood

The paragraph begins with a casual and humorous interaction between two individuals, Mabu and RT, discussing the price of water and transitioning into a more serious conversation. Mabu expresses admiration for RT's hustle and invites him to step up from selling water to something more significant. The dialogue takes a turn towards a deeper discussion about reputation, status, and the influence of music and media on their lives. The characters use metaphors related to dogs and 'big dogs' to represent their status and actions in their community. The paragraph also touches on themes of ambition, the desire for family, and the impact of their actions on others. It ends with a reflection on the importance of education and balancing one's pursuits with personal growth.




The term 'hood' is a colloquial abbreviation of 'neighborhood', often used to refer to urban areas where the speaker resides or feels a sense of belonging. In the context of the video, it signifies the community or environment where the characters interact, and it sets the scene for the events that unfold.


Hustle refers to the act of working hard, often in a challenging or entrepreneurial manner, to achieve one's goals, typically implying a strong drive to succeed despite obstacles. In the video, it highlights the determination and resourcefulness of the characters, as they strive to make a living or gain recognition in their community.

💡big dog

The phrase 'big dog' is often used metaphorically to describe someone who is powerful, influential, or successful in a particular environment or community. In the video, it signifies the speaker's or another character's status and the recognition they have earned within their social circle.

💡real drip

In slang, 'real drip' refers to someone or something that exudes a high level of style, fashion, or flair. It's about showcasing one's success and taste through appearances and possessions. In the video, it likely relates to the speaker's or characters' desire to present themselves as successful and fashionable individuals.

💡Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol is a children's television show featuring a group of rescue dogs. In the context of the video, it seems to be used metaphorically or humorously to describe the characters or their actions, possibly alluding to their protective or vigilant nature within the community.


A 'gang' is a group of individuals, often in urban areas, bound together by a common identity and engaging in various activities, sometimes illegal. In the video, it signifies the social groups that the characters may be affiliated with, influencing their identity and actions.

💡young shooters

In this context, 'young shooters' likely refers to young individuals who are involved in criminal activities, particularly those related to firearms. It highlights the harsh realities and challenges faced by some youth in certain communities, where involvement in gangs or violence may be a common pathway.

💡lolly pop

A 'lolly pop' is a type of candy, but in the video, it seems to serve as a metaphor or symbol. It could represent a reward or incentive, or perhaps a simpler, innocent time, contrasting with the harsher realities of the characters' lives.

💡RT and Mabu

RT and Mabu appear to be the names or aliases of individuals or groups within the narrative of the video. They are likely central characters or entities that the speaker is referencing, possibly as part of their community or as figures within the story being told.


YGA stands for 'Young Gangsters of America', which could be a reference to a specific group or a general term for young individuals involved in street life or gangs. It underscores the theme of youth and the challenges they face in certain urban environments.


Mabu's presence in the neighborhood is questioned.

The price of water is discussed as $10.

An expression of admiration for Mabu's entrepreneurial spirit.

An invitation for Mabu to join, indicating a shift from selling water to something more significant.

A playful exchange about the method of closing a door.

A declaration of self-importance with the phrase 'I'm a big dog'.

A metaphorical statement about status and influence.

A reference to a desire for family life.

A playful allusion to a popular children's show, Paw Patrol.

A rhetorical question about who is responsible for the current situation.

A statement about the lack of education on certain life lessons.

A representation of gang affiliations through alphabetic symbolism.

A refusal to give fame to certain individuals.

A mention of nurturing young talent from childhood.

A humorous question about the time it takes to enjoy a lolly pop.

A reflection on the number of musical releases in a year.

An invitation to experience the neighborhood and its culture.

A personal statement about growing up in Atlanta and balancing music with other aspects of life.

A motivational message about the potential for success in both personal and professional life.

A final reiteration of the central theme of being a 'big dog'.

A playful threat indicating not to underestimate size.

A declaration of loyalty and camaraderie with the phrase 'Run with them dogs YGA'.





What you doing in my hood?


How much the water?




I like your hustle


Forget the water tho, hop in




Let me get you some real drip


You a big dog now


How you close the door?


Press the button, we good


I’m a big dog


I do big dog [__]


I [__] your [__] raw


I heard she been wanting a kid


I’m a big dog


And I do big dog [__]


In a big body whip


Like it’s Paw Patrol [__]


Who let the dogs outside?


(Cuz I ain’t come to play)


Who let the dogs outside?


(Woof woof, woof woof) Who let the dogs outside?


(Today is not the day)


Who let the dogs outside?


They don’t teach you this in school




“A” stand for “aim”


“B” stand for “boom” “C” cuz I’m a Crip


Sike [__], Soo Woo


“D” stand for dog


When you hear that “woof woof”


Just know it’s RT and Mabu


I could never say their name and give  them fame I know they wish I would


Speak up on the gang and let  it flame, is that understood


I got young shooters round  me found em in the child hood


I give us ass a lolly pop when he do good


Let me contribute


Thanks RT


You know what here’s a Lolly Pop


what the Hell is this?


Ain’t no baby


This ain’t the dentist


Watch your mouth son


How many licks does it take to get a lolly Popped?


How many hits in a year has lil mabu dropped


I don’t even know big bro


Let’s go spin this block


Let’s go for a walk


Show em’ how you ride


Who let the dogs outside?


Who let the dogs outside?


Who let the dogs outside?


Who let the dogs outside?


Yo lil bro


Say what you gotta say


I know a lotta people got stuff to say about me


I’m just a kid from Atlanta


This just how I grew up


Mabu told me a huned times


It’s deeper than music


And you don’t gotta stop  everything else to pursue it


You can be a star and a student


This is young genius the movement


Love you big bro


It’s up


Mabu got us


Let’s go


I’m a big dog


I do big dog [__]


I [__] your [__] raw


I heard she been wanting a kid


I’m a big dog


I do big dog [__]


In that big body whip


Like it’s Paw Patrol [__]


Who let the dogs outside? (Who let the dogs outside?)


Who let the dogs outside? Who let the dogs outside?


(Who let the dogs outside?)


Who let the dogs outside?


(Outside, outside, outside)


We finna run from these dogs


DON’T RUN I’m a lil small but don’t play wit me


I might put a bag over ya head


Big bag, big bag


Lil Mabu and RT


Run with them dogs


I run wit them dogs

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