Bricc Tries To Rush Flakko Live on the News!

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TLDRThe transcript appears to be from a chaotic live internet broadcast where the participants are trying to manage an unruly situation. There are references to a lack of security, a discussion about not engaging in fights, and a mention of a person named Brick causing some concern. One participant, Mikey, is present but seems uninterested in the conflict, focusing instead on eating and reporting. The overall atmosphere is tense and disorganized, with the participants struggling to maintain control and civility during the live event.


  • 🎤 The script appears to be from a live internet broadcast or video call with multiple participants.
  • 🤫 There is a sense of urgency and chaos as the participants are trying to manage the situation and maintain order.
  • 🚫 The participants are repeatedly asked to stop certain behaviors, suggesting a disruptive or uncooperative atmosphere.
  • 🕒 Time seems to be a pressing issue with mentions of minutes left and the need to wrap up.
  • 🍿 One participant mentions needing to eat something, indicating that the session might be lengthy or that it's happening around mealtime.
  • 🤬 There are references to past disagreements or fights, with an emphasis on not wanting to repeat such incidents.
  • 👮‍♂️ The mention of security suggests that there might be concerns about the safety or control of the situation.
  • 💬 There is a call for someone named 'Mikey' to report on something, indicating a specific role or responsibility within the group.
  • 👀 The script includes a moment of personal reflection where one participant expresses fear or apprehension.
  • 📣 Shouts out to 'Brick' suggest a recognition or acknowledgement of an individual's presence or contribution.
  • 📌 The mention of 'turn down to F live' could imply a reference to a specific event, person, or inside joke within the group.

Q & A

  • What is the main issue being discussed in the beginning of the transcript?

    -The main issue in the beginning is the speaker trying to manage a chaotic situation, urging others to stop engaging in inappropriate behavior and to focus on their live broadcast.

  • Who is being addressed as 'bro' multiple times throughout the transcript?

    -The term 'bro' is used to address multiple individuals involved in the conversation, but specifically it seems to be directed towards someone who is causing a disturbance or not following the agreed-upon behavior.

  • What does the speaker imply about their past agreements regarding fights?

    -The speaker implies that there was a previous agreement or discussion about not engaging in fights or calling out fights publicly, especially on the news.

  • Why is the speaker concerned about security in the transcript?

    -The speaker is concerned about security because they are in a situation where there is potential for physical altercations or disturbances, and they are looking for security to help manage the situation.

  • What is the significance of the mention of 'Flo turn down to fade live'?

    -The phrase 'Flo turn down to fade live' seems to be a call to action or a reference to an event or situation that is happening live, possibly related to the broadcast they are on.

  • Who is Brick and why is he being mentioned?

    -Brick is a person who is being given a shout out in the transcript. It appears that Brick is either a participant in the conversation or someone notable to the group.

  • What is the speaker's attitude towards violence?

    -The speaker expresses a dislike for violence and prefers to avoid it, instead focusing on less confrontational activities like snacking.

  • Why does the speaker mention eating on camera?

    -The speaker mentions eating on camera to justify their behavior, indicating that they do so when they are relaxed and not engaged in violent or confrontational activities.

  • Who is Mikey and what role does he play in the transcript?

    -Mikey is a person who is present at the event and is mentioned as having let Brick into the situation. His actions seem to have contributed to the current state of affairs.

  • What is the general atmosphere of the conversation as depicted in the transcript?

    -The general atmosphere of the conversation is tense and chaotic, with multiple individuals trying to manage a situation that is escalating towards potential conflict.

  • How does the speaker attempt to redirect the conversation?

    -The speaker attempts to redirect the conversation by asking others to handle the 'next topic', indicating a desire to move away from the current contentious issue.



🎤 Live Stream Chaos

The paragraph describes a chaotic live stream scenario where the participants are engaged in a heated discussion, with references to a countdown and the need to maintain order. The speaker seems to be trying to manage the situation, mentioning that they are live and urging others to stay back and not engage in the conflict. There's a mention of a person named Church and a repeated plea for not wanting to fight or argue on the news. The speaker also talks about a previous agreement not to engage in such behavior, and expresses disbelief at the recurrence of the situation. The paragraph ends with a mention of security and a live fade out, indicating a possible end to the live stream or a transition to a different topic.




The term 'live' in the context of the script refers to the real-time broadcasting of an event or content, typically over the internet. It is a key concept as it sets the scene for the video, indicating that the characters are aware of being on air and the immediacy of their actions. For example, the script mentions 'we're live' to signify that they are currently broadcasting to an audience.


In the script, 'security' refers to the personnel or measures taken to ensure safety and order during an event or situation, particularly in the context of a live broadcast. It is a crucial element as it relates to the management of potential disruptions or conflicts. The term is used when characters express concern about the lack of security presence, as in 'where are they [security]'.


The 'news' in the script represents the medium through which information is disseminated to the public. It is relevant as the characters discuss their past behavior and how it has been portrayed in the news, indicating their awareness of public image and media coverage. The term is used to reflect on their previous actions and the impact on their reputation.


An 'agreement' here refers to a mutual understanding or pact between the characters, which they have apparently violated according to the script. It highlights the concept of commitment and the consequences of breaking such commitments, especially in the context of a group dynamic. The term is used to express disappointment and to remind others of their previous promises.


In the context of the script, 'fighting' refers to physical confrontations or disagreements between individuals. It is a central theme as it appears to be a recurring issue among the characters, and their attempts to avoid it reflect on their relationships and the environment they are in. The term is used to describe the undesirable behavior they are trying to move away from.


A 'broadcast' is the transmission of audio or video content to a dispersed audience via any electronic mass communication medium. In the script, it is implied that the characters are part of a live broadcast, which is why their actions and words have a public dimension. The term is significant as it frames the entire interaction within the context of media production and public performance.


In this context, 'snack' refers to a small portion of food eaten between meals. It is used to characterize one of the characters who is depicted as non-violent and more interested in eating than engaging in the tension-filled situation. This term adds a layer of humor and lightness to the otherwise tense atmosphere.


A 'report' is an account given of an event, usually in a formal or official manner. In the script, it suggests that one character is there to provide an account or update on a situation, adding a journalistic element to the video. This term is significant as it indicates a purpose for one of the characters' presence and actions.


The term 'tense' describes a state of nervousness, anxiety, or strain in a situation or relationship. In the script, it is evident through the characters' interactions and the anticipation of a potential conflict. The tension is a central theme that drives the dynamics between the characters and influences their actions and words.

💡public image

Public image refers to the perception of a person, group, or entity by the general public. In the script, the characters are concerned about their public image, especially in the context of a live broadcast. This term is significant as it reflects the characters' awareness of their reputation and the impact of their actions on their audience's perception.

💡group dynamic

Group dynamic refers to the interactions, relationships, and processes within a group of individuals. In the script, the group dynamic is characterized by tension, conflict, and attempts at maintaining order. This term is important as it outlines the complex social interactions and the influence of individual characters on the group's overall behavior.


The speaker expresses frustration with the current situation, indicating a desire for change.

There is a mention of going live on the internet, suggesting a streaming or broadcasting context.

The phrase 'come on guys' is used, implying an attempt to rally or motivate a group.

The transcript includes a directive to stay back, indicating a possible disagreement or conflict.

The mention of 'Church' and the plea not to engage in certain actions suggests a religious or moral appeal.

A reference to having a limited time left indicates a sense of urgency or deadline.

The phrase 'I'm a call suspect' could imply the speaker is involved in something they shouldn't be.

The mention of security suggests there may be concerns about safety or control in the situation.

The speaker acknowledges the audience's potential disbelief in the ongoing events.

The phrase 'I thought we had gotten to the point' implies previous discussions or agreements that seem to be broken.

The use of 'treacherous' implies betrayal or deceit by someone named Mikey.

The speaker's admission of eating on camera and not being a violent person provides personal insight.

The mention of 'snack y'all' indicates the speaker's preference for a more relaxed and informal approach.

The directive to 'handle the next topic' suggests a return to a structured or planned agenda.



till let you know June yo yo yo this is


too much now not now no no no come


on guys we're live quit this sh yo come


on this is some internet [ __ ] bro




up you just stay back here you stay




L stay in here stay


in [ __ ] all that y'all [ __ ] ain't


about to do this [ __ ] right here bro


[ __ ] all that my [ __ ] man [ __ ] all that


[ __ ] [ __ ] come on Church don't do this


[ __ ] come on man we got a few more


[ __ ] minutes left all right I know no


I know F come on it's


cool weing this we're not doing this


again heyn come on come on heyn come on


bro I'mma see him after ass yeah but you


know you can't do that here


is I'mma see him


after oh this go I got to eat


something oh my God bro I bro listen yo


bro oh


my bro yo bro cat what the [ __ ] bro Hey


listen man hey man listen man it's no


jump up man listen I don't yeah sure man


you feel me sure man you feel me yeah


feel me oh my you sure you feel me bro


dude I can't believe we're doing this


[ __ ] again I thought we had gotten to


the point where we're not fighting on


the news or calling fights out bro we


talked about we literally talked about


this but we had an and agreement though


you feel me it wasn't supposed to be


here I'm a I'm a call suspect


n no no no no no let's not make him moer


bro hey I'm call folks that was whatever


that was you feel me is whatever man and


where the [ __ ] is


security where are


they Flo turn down to fade live that you


a even send $5 but I'mma read this


one FCO turn down to F live goodness


gracious oh my


goodness hey yo dub


brick y'all picking size of [ __ ] any who


uh shout out to Brick shout out to Brick


yeah shout out


brick crazy man sh out to


Brick start a


brick I feel like you're getting scared


now how you're scared you got got look


in your eye listen that was the least


terrifying the least terrifying thing


ever least terrifying thing ever ever


ever yeah man is getting beus oh my


goodness what the hell you want Mikey yo


Mikey is here to report on what why


would you


look why I come on man who let brick


in oh my goodness come on it was


Mikey it was Mike who did it it was




treacherous excuse me for eating on


camera but I eat when I'm stretched out


and I'm not a violent person I don't


like what they get all worked out I like


know snack y y'all go ahead and handle


the next topic would you please

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