Garcia vs Haney recap

Stephen A. Smith
22 Apr 202403:58


TLDRIn a stunning upset, Ryan Garcia faced Devon Haney at the Barclays Center in a non-title fight at the 140-pound limit. Despite coming in three pounds overweight, costing him $1.5 million, Garcia delivered a powerful performance that left Haney reeling. The fight saw Garcia land a left hook in the first round and ultimately knock down Haney multiple times, with some observers counting as many as five knockdowns. The referee's handling of the fight was criticized, and the outcome has raised questions about Haney's previously unblemished record and his comparison to Floyd Mayweather. Garcia's victory has positioned him as an elite fighter, with potential future matchups against the likes of Teófimo López being discussed. The event also featured commentary from Clarissa Shields and Shawn Porter, who provided insightful analysis before and after the fight.


  • 🥊 Ryan Garcia faced Devon Haney at the Barclays Center, not for a welterweight or junior welterweight title, but at a 140-pound limit.
  • 📝 Garcia came in three pounds overweight, resulting in a $1.5 million penalty paid to Haney as per their agreement.
  • 💰 Garcia was indifferent about the weight issue, prioritizing strength and performance over making weight.
  • 😲 Despite expectations of a decision win for Haney, Garcia delivered a shocking knockout victory.
  • 🥌 Garcia caught Haney with a left hook in the first round, leading to multiple knockdowns.
  • 👎 The referee's performance was criticized as being 'absolutely awful' during the fight.
  • 🚨 Haney was seen as unable to effectively avoid Garcia's punches, showing a significant gap in power and skill.
  • 👑 Garcia's victory solidified his status as an elite fighter, opening up possibilities for future high-profile fights.
  • 🤔 There is speculation about whether Garcia's previous weight issues in the fight against Javonte Davis affected his performance.
  • 🎉 Clarissa Shields and Shawn Porter were praised for their commentary, providing excellent analysis before and after the fight.
  • 🔄 The discussion and analysis of the fight will continue in more detail on a future date, likely Wednesday.

Q & A

  • What was the reason for Ryan Garcia coming in overweight for his fight against Devon Haney?

    -Ryan Garcia came in three pounds overweight, which was not for the welterweight or junior welterweight crown, but at the 140-pound limit.

  • What was the financial consequence for Ryan Garcia being overweight for the fight?

    -Ryan Garcia had to give Devon Haney $1.5 million because they had a bet that for every pound over the weight limit, Garcia would pay Haney $500,000.

  • Why did Ryan Garcia not care about coming in overweight?

    -Garcia stated he didn't want to drain himself and feel weak, as he had experienced that against Javonte Davis and it didn't work out well for him.

  • What was the outcome of the fight between Ryan Garcia and Devon Haney?

    -Ryan Garcia won the fight by knockout, which was unexpected by many who had predicted a decision win for Haney.

  • How many times did Ryan Garcia knock down Devon Haney during the fight?

    -Ryan Garcia knocked down Devon Haney three times, although the speaker initially thought it was five due to the referee's performance.

  • What was the criticism regarding the referee's performance during the fight?

    -The referee was described as 'absolutely awful' by the speaker, with issues in how knockdowns were called and slippages were not recognized.

  • Who were the commentators for the fight, and what was their role?

    -Clarissa Shields and Shawn Porter were the commentators, providing pre- and post-fight analysis and highlighting key moments of the fight.

  • What was the significance of the fight for Ryan Garcia's career?

    -The victory put Ryan Garcia on the map as one of the elite fighters and opened up possibilities for future high-profile fights.

  • What was the comparison made between Devon Haney's performance and Floyd Mayweather's career?

    -The comparison highlighted that Floyd Mayweather never experienced a similar level of domination or inability to avoid punches in his career.

  • What is the speculation about Ryan Garcia's next potential opponent?

    -There is speculation that Ryan Garcia's next fight could be against Teófimo López, although no specific opponent has been confirmed.

  • What was the speaker's final thought on Ryan Garcia's performance and past issues?

    -The speaker pondered whether the weight clause and its effects on Garcia's previous fight against Javante Davis could have influenced his improved performance.



🥊 Ryan Garcia's Overweight and KO Victory

The first paragraph discusses the boxing match between Ryan Garcia and Devon Haney at the Barclays Center. Ryan Garcia came in three pounds overweight, leading to a penalty of $1.5 million to Haney as per their pre-fight bet. Despite the weight issue, Garcia performed exceptionally, knocking out Haney in the first round. The speaker expresses surprise at Garcia's strength and power, contrasting it with Haney's inability to avoid punches. The paragraph also mentions the anticipation of Garcia's future fights and the commentary by Clarissa Shields and Shawn Porter.



💡Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia is a professional boxer who is a central figure in the video's narrative. He is known for his fighting skills and is featured in a match against Devon Haney. The video discusses his performance, his weight issues prior to the fight, and the financial implications of coming in overweight.

💡Devon Haney

Devon Haney is another professional boxer who faced Ryan Garcia in the match being discussed. He is portrayed as the opponent who was expected to win by decision but instead suffered a knockout loss, which is a significant part of the video's storyline.

💡Barclay Center

The Barclays Center is the venue where the boxing match between Ryan Garcia and Devon Haney took place. It is a key location in the video's narrative as it is the setting for the events being discussed.


The term 'overweight' refers to Ryan Garcia's weight being above the agreed limit for the fight. This had financial consequences as he had to pay Devon Haney $1.5 million for being three pounds overweight, which is a pivotal point in the video's discussion.


A 'knockout' is a term used in boxing to describe a win where one fighter incapacitates the other to the point that they cannot continue the match. In the video, Ryan Garcia's knockout victory over Devon Haney is a major focus and a surprising outcome.

💡Left Hook

A 'left hook' is a type of punch thrown by a boxer using their left hand in a hooking motion. The video highlights a left hook delivered by Ryan Garcia in the first round as a significant moment in the fight.


The 'referee' in boxing is the official who enforces the rules during a match. The video criticizes the referee's performance, suggesting that they miscounted knockdowns during the fight between Garcia and Haney.

💡Clarissa Shields

Clarissa Shields is a female boxing champion who, along with Shawn Porter, is mentioned in the video for their commentary and analysis of the fight. Their presence adds to the credibility and insight of the discussion.

💡Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is a legendary boxer often referenced for his dominance in the sport. In the video, he is used as a comparison to highlight the unexpected defeat of Devon Haney, as Mayweather never faced such a clear loss.

💡Weight Clause

A 'weight clause' is a contractual stipulation regarding the weight of a boxer before a fight. In the video, it is mentioned that Ryan Garcia had to meet a weight clause, which he failed to do, leading to the financial penalty.


The term 'performance' in this context refers to how a boxer fights in a match. The video discusses the strong performance of Ryan Garcia and the weaker performance of Devon Haney, which was unexpected by many.


Ryan Garcia fought against Devon Haney at the Barclays Center.

The fight was not for the welterweight or junior welterweight crown due to Ryan Garcia coming in three pounds overweight.

Garcia had to pay Haney $1.5 million for being overweight, as per their agreement.

Ryan Garcia claimed he didn't care about the weight issue, focusing on winning instead.

Teddy Atlas criticized Ryan Garcia's mental state and readiness for the fight.

Ryan Garcia surprised everyone by knocking out Devon Haney, contrary to expectations of a decision win for Haney.

Garcia landed a left hook in the first round that significantly impacted the fight.

The referee's performance was criticized as being 'absolutely awful'.

Devin Haney was knocked down three times, possibly five, according to the speaker's observation.

Ryan Garcia's strength and power were clearly dominant over Haney during the fight.

The victory put Ryan Garcia back on the map as one of the elite fighters.

Speculation about potential future fights for Garcia, including a possible match against Teimo Lopez.

Devin Haney's pre-fight comparisons to Floyd Mayweather were proven inaccurate during the fight.

Clarissa Shields and Shawn Porter provided excellent commentary for the fight.

The weight clause issue from Garcia's previous fight against Javonte Davis was revisited, suggesting it may have affected his performance.

Ryan Garcia's victory has prompted some to reconsider his abilities and potential for future redemption.



look y'all I got something to say all


right we gonna wait until Wednesday


where I literally have a license to show


you some of the highlights so you can


understand the the the magnitude of what


we saw Saturday night at the barlay


center when Ryan Garcia went up against


Devon Haney now wasn't for the


welterweight crown or the junior


welterweight Crown I'm sorry at the 140


pound limit because Ryan Garcia came in


three pounds overweight and as a result


had to give Devin Haney a million a half


dollars because they had promised and


Shook on it they bet that for every


pound Ryan Garcia came in overweight


he'd have to give Devin Haney $500,000


and he came in three pounds overweight


so as a result he had to cut that check


for $1.5 million which he did Ryan


Garcia said he didn't give a damn why


did he not give a damn because he said


yo I'm here to win I don't want to come


in there draining myself feeling weak


why because I had that happen to me


against Javonte Davis and look where


that got me well guess what he stepped


into the ring and after all of this


noise about how psychotic he must be he


must not be have all his faculties in


order we had Teddy Atlas come on the


show and break down to us what level of


Faith he was lacking in Ryan Garcia how


Ryan Garcia shouldn't even been allowed


to be in the boxing ring Ryan Garcia


said I was just playing y'all I was just


playing y'all blah blah blah blah blah


well guess what he did he played us all


because all of us who had Haney winning


by decision none of us had him winning


by knockout but we thought he'd probably


boxed and win by


decision he got beat up he he did I'm a


fan of Devin Haney I truly truly am but


when I saw what Ryan Garcia did to him I


said damn caught him with the left hook


in the first round from there it was it


was it I was worried knocked him down


three times I thought it was really five


times and the reason why I said five


because the referee was absolutely awful


we'll get into that Wednesday but he was


absolutely awful I thought it was five


knock Downs the two downs that he called


slippage no Devin hania got hit and he


was staggering and holding on and then


went down to his knee cuz he was going


to fall if he didn't have Ryan Garcia's


body to hold him up that's what I saw


Ryan Garcia clearly stronger clearly


with with a bigger punch clearly more


powerful too strong for Devin Haney took


advantage of the situation beat him and


put himself on the map once again it's


one of the elite Fighters out there and


as a result who knows what's next for


him it could be tiimo Lopez that's a


fight I would like to see it could be


anybody we don't know but what we do


know is this all that talk that Devin


Haney and Pops gave about being like




Mayweather that never happened to Floyd


Mayweather not one time let alone three


times not that clear level of domination


not the inability to move away from


punches not being able to avoid a


straight right or numerous left hooks


that's what we saw happen to Devon Haney


Saturday night at the parlay Center in


Brooklyn New York Clarissa Shields


Clarissa Shields that the female


champion along with Shawn Porter doing


work for the Zone outstanding job they


were calling a fight pre-fight postf


fight excellent job highlighting some of


the things that transpired we'll talk


more about this Wednesday but in the end


Ryan Garcia King Ry showed you going to


have to deal with him and he did give


you CES to pause and say that weight


Clause that he had to meet that drained


him against javante Davis could very


well have played a role in how he looked


and performed during that fight so maybe


just maybe he's given us a reason to


believe that yo give me another chance


give me another crack at it and let's


see what happens then


h h