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25 Apr 202405:48


TLDRIn this engaging discussion, the panelists on CBS Sports HQ reflect on the outcomes of the first day of the NFL draft, focusing on the surprising selections of quarterbacks Michael Penick Jr. and B Nicks in the first round. The analysts debate the winners and losers of the day, with the Chicago Bears' picks of Caleb Williams and Roma Dunn being highlighted as strategic moves. The Minnesota Vikings' acquisition of JJ McCarthy and Dallas Turner is also praised. However, the San Francisco 49ers' choice of Ricky Peol is questioned, especially considering their existing roster. The conversation also touches on the dynamics within the Atlanta Falcons' quarterback room after drafting Penick Jr., and the late selection of defensive players, indicating the league's current offensive focus.


  • 🏆 The biggest winners of the first round were the two quarterbacks, Michael Vick and Nick Foles, who were unexpectedly drafted in the first round.
  • 🤩 Joe Musa, a Bears fan, is thrilled with the Bears' draft picks, including Caleb Williams as the franchise quarterback and Roma Dunn, adding more offensive power.
  • 👍 The Minnesota Vikings are praised for their strategic draft choices, including JJ McCarthy and Dallas Turner, which are expected to strengthen their team.
  • 😕 The San Francisco 49ers are considered the biggest losers for their first-round pick of Ricky Peol, which seems to be a puzzling choice given their existing roster.
  • 🤔 The selection of Michael Penck Jr. by the Atlanta Falcons at number eight overall raises questions about the future of the quarterback room with Kurt Cousins.
  • 📉 Defensive players did not fare as well in the draft, with LaTou not being picked until the 15th overall, indicating a league preference for offense.
  • 🔄 There was a significant run on quarterbacks and wide receivers in the first 10 picks, highlighting the offensive focus of this draft class.
  • 🎽 Mention of Pete Prisco's enthusiasm for Caleb Williams and his purchase of the number 18 jersey, showing his support for the Bears' new quarterback.
  • 🚨 Discussion of the dynamics within the Falcons' organization after drafting a quarterback while having a highly paid veteran in Kurt Cousins.
  • 🤝 A nod to the importance of having quarterbacks, protectors, and ball catchers in the league, as these positions were prioritized in the draft.
  • 📈 The Chicago Bears are depicted as a team ready to compete immediately, with a strong draft that complements their existing roster.

Q & A

  • What was the general consensus on the success of quarterbacks in the first round of the draft?

    -The script suggests that the success of quarterbacks in the first round was unexpected, with two quarterbacks, Michael Vick and Nick Foles, being considered the biggest winners as they were drafted earlier than anticipated.

  • Who were the two quarterbacks that were considered the biggest winners of the first round?

    -The two quarterbacks considered the biggest winners were Michael Vick, who was drafted 8th overall by the Atlanta Falcons, and Nick Foles, who was drafted 12th overall by the Denver Broncos.

  • How did the Chicago Bears' draft picks affect Joe Musa?

    -Joe Musa, a long-suffering Bears fan, was very excited about the Bears' draft picks, particularly the selection of Caleb Williams as the franchise quarterback and the addition of Roma Dunn, which further strengthens the team.

  • What was the Minnesota Vikings' strategy in the draft?

    -The Minnesota Vikings focused on securing JJ McCarthy, who they believe fits well with Kevin O'Connell's strategy, and also drafted Dallas Turner, considered the most talented edge rusher in the draft, to help replace the loss of Danielle Hunter.

  • Who was identified as the biggest loser of the draft?

    -The San Francisco 49ers were identified as the biggest loser due to their selection of Ricky Peol in the first round, which was seen as a confusing choice given their existing roster and the availability of other options.

  • What was the rationale behind the selection of Ricky Peol by the 49ers?

    -The rationale behind the selection of Ricky Peol is not explicitly stated in the script, but it is suggested that he was chosen for his potential as a receiver in the league, despite the perception that he could have been drafted later.

  • How did the signing of Kurt Cousins impact the Atlanta Falcons' draft strategy?

    -The signing of Kurt Cousins to a large contract in the past influenced the Atlanta Falcons' draft strategy, as they chose Michael Vick with the 8th overall pick, creating a potentially complex dynamic in the quarterback room.

  • What was the general trend observed in the first round of the draft?

    -The general trend observed in the first round was an emphasis on offensive players, particularly quarterbacks and wide receivers, with defensive players being drafted later in the round.

  • Who was the highest drafted defensive player mentioned in the script?

    -The highest drafted defensive player mentioned was Latavius Murray, who was picked 15th overall by the Indianapolis Colts.

  • What was the general sentiment towards the offensive players in the draft?

    -The general sentiment was that the draft was offense-driven, with a premium placed on quarterbacks, players who protect them, and those who can catch the ball.

  • How did the analysts feel about the draft picks for the Chicago Bears?

    -The analysts felt positive about the Chicago Bears' draft picks, suggesting that the team is ready to compete immediately with the addition of key players.



🏈 Draft Day Surprises: Quarterbacks & Winners

The first paragraph of the video script discusses the unexpected outcomes of the NFL draft, focusing on the surprising first-round selections of two quarterbacks, Michael Pennock and B Nicks, who were not anticipated to go in the first round. The analysts in the studio, including Joe Musa, Brian Wilson, Rick Spielman, and Pete Prisco, debate who the biggest winners of the day were. They highlight the Chicago Bears' draft strategy, which included selecting Caleb Williams as their franchise quarterback and adding another weapon, Roma Dun, to their already strong lineup. The discussion also touches on the Minnesota Vikings' choice of JJ McCarthy and their acquisition of Dallas Turner, a talented edge rusher. Finally, the analysts identify the San Francisco 49ers as a potential loser for their selection of Ricky Peol in the first round, questioning the decision given their existing roster.


📉 Offense Dominates: Defensive Players' Draft Slump

The second paragraph of the script shifts the focus to the overall trends observed during the draft. It emphasizes the offensive-driven nature of the league, where quarterbacks, offensive linemen, and wide receivers are highly valued, leading to a run on these positions in the early part of the draft. The analysts note that defensive players were not as highly sought after, with Latou, a defensive player, not being selected until the 15th pick by the Indianapolis Colts. This reflects a strategic preference for building strong offensive units in the modern NFL. The paragraph concludes with a teaser for ongoing coverage and analysis of the draft, inviting viewers to follow along for more insights and reactions.



💡Draft Coverage

Draft coverage refers to the media's extensive reporting and analysis on the selection process of new players in a sports league, such as the NFL. In the context of the video, it is the central theme as the discussion revolves around the outcomes of the draft, including the winners and losers from the first round.


A quarterback is a position in American football responsible for leading the team's offense. The term is significant in the video as it highlights the unexpected first-round draft picks of two quarterbacks, Michael Vick and Nicks, who were considered surprises by many analysts.

💡Winners and Losers

This phrase is used to describe the teams or players who are perceived to have gained or lost the most from the draft selections. In the video, the discussion identifies specific quarterbacks and teams that are considered winners due to favorable draft positions and those considered losers due to unexpected or controversial picks.

💡First Round

The first round of a draft typically involves the selection of the most coveted players. It is a crucial part of the draft process and is highlighted in the video as the time when significant decisions are made that can impact a team's future success, such as the drafting of quarterbacks and the strategy behind those choices.

💡Michael Vick

Michael Vick is mentioned as a quarterback who was unexpectedly drafted in the first round by the Atlanta Falcons. His selection is discussed as a surprise and a significant moment for both the player and the team, illustrating the high stakes and unpredictability of the draft.


Nick, another quarterback, is highlighted as a player who was also unexpectedly drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos. His inclusion in the first round is part of the discussion on the day's biggest surprises and the impact of such picks on the league dynamics.

💡Caleb Williams

Caleb Williams is identified as a franchise quarterback who was picked by the Bears in the first round. His selection is seen as a strategic move that could significantly influence the team's competitiveness, and it is tied to the excitement and anticipation for the team's future performance.

💡Roma Dun

Roma Dun is mentioned as a player who was chosen by the Bears in the ninth pick, adding to their arsenal of offensive weapons. His selection is part of the broader analysis of the Bears' draft strategy and how it positions the team for immediate competition.

💡JJ McCarthy

JJ McCarthy is a player who was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings and is discussed as a good fit for the team's offensive strategy. His draft selection is part of the analysis of the Vikings' draft performance and how it could affect their team dynamics and on-field success.

💡Ricky Peol

Ricky Peol is highlighted as a controversial first-round pick by the 49ers. The discussion around his selection touches on the team's existing roster and the strategic implications of choosing a receiver when other positions might have been more pressing needs.

💡Defensive Players

The term 'defensive players' is used to discuss the perceived lack of emphasis on drafting defensive talent in the early stages of the draft. It is noted that defensive players were not selected until later in the first round, indicating a league-wide focus on offensive talent, particularly quarterbacks and receivers.


Two quarterbacks, Michael Vick and Nick Foles, were unexpectedly selected in the first round, making them the biggest winners.

Michael Vick was picked 8th overall by the Atlanta Falcons, surprising many who didn't expect him to go in the first round.

Nick Foles was selected 12th overall by the Denver Broncos, also a surprise to many who thought he might go later.

Joe Musa, a Bears fan, is excited about the Bears' picks, including Caleb Williams as the franchise quarterback and Roma Dunn.

The Chicago Bears' selection of Caleb Williams and Roma Dunn indicates a team ready to compete immediately.

Minnesota Vikings' choice of JJ McCarthy and Dallas Turner is praised for fitting the team's strategy.

Pete Prisco expresses confusion over the San Francisco 49ers' selection of Ricky Peol in the first round.

The 49ers' pick is questioned due to the presence of Brandon Aiyuk and other receivers on the team.

Michael Vick Jr. is considered a winner for being picked earlier than expected, but there's concern about his fit with the Falcons.

Kurt Cousins, the Falcons' quarterback with a significant contract, was reportedly unaware of the team's intention to draft a quarterback.

Ricky Peol is expected to be a standout receiver in the league, despite initial skepticism about the pick.

Defensive players were the biggest losers, with Latavius not being selected until the 15th pick.

The league's focus on offense is evident as eight of the first ten picks were quarterbacks or wide receivers.

The conversation on winners and losers from day one continues with Ryan and Rick taking viewers through each pick.

The draft coverage provides comprehensive analysis, including player evaluations and strategic implications for each team.

The discussion includes a mix of agreement and disagreement among the analysts, adding depth to the analysis.

The draft's unexpected outcomes create interesting dynamics within teams and the league as a whole.

The draft coverage is interactive, with the audience encouraged to download, subscribe, and engage with the content.





back on CBS Sports


HQ as our draft coverage continues it


was a quarterback's day six of the first


12 signal callers who will see success


only time will tell in studio now to


talk winners and losers Joe muso


alongside Brian Wilson Rick Spielman and


the great Pete prisco joining us as well


the dean of admissions if you will


offering up grades all night long but


we're going to go past fail here Pete


I'm coming to you first your biggest


winner out of round one day one of the


draft is


who well I mean when you look at the


biggest winner it's the two quarterbacks


who nobody thought was going were going


in the first round they're the biggest


winners Michael Pennock I mean he goes


number eight overall there were a lot of


people and a lot of people in the league


I talked to didn't think he was going to


go in the first round he goes eight


overall to the Atlanta Falcons and then


B Nicks another guy who a lot of people


pegged as a second rounder and maybe


even a third rounder and he goes into


the first round uh number 12 overall of


the Denver Broncos so I think the two


biggest winners are the two quarterbacks


who most didn't have going in the first


round I thought they would by the way uh


but there's a lot of surprised people


around the league today I'm going to go


with uh one big winner uh Pete and Rick


our Buddy Joe Musa because he's a Bears


fan who me uh longsuffering Bears fan


and I have spent a lot of Sundays with


you in the fall I have seen you not


quite as excited as you were for the


first pick and the ninth pick Caleb


Williams franchise quarterback we know


how Pete feels about Caleb you are


certainly okay with that you've already


purchased the 18 jersey and then at


number nine Roma dun they could have


gone offensive tackle they could have


gone defensive line they went with Roma


dun yet another weapon they have DJ


Moore they got DeAndre Swift the offive


line's in pretty good shape uh they got


Keenan Allen they have Cole KT this


feels not like your even your Bears team


but even like your dad's or your


grandfather's bear team this team is


ready to compete right away yeah no and


I liked what the Minnesota Vikings did


they went up and got made sure they got


JJ McCarthy I believe he fits with ke


what Kevin okon wants to do Pete's


making faces behind me on the big wall


it's very distracting but I would really


like what they did was they went up and


got Dallas Turner who I thought was the


most talented Edge rusher in this draft


they lost Den Neil Hunter this is


definitely going to help replace that


you know Pete only agreed to be here


because we told him he'd get to call


somebody a loser so Pete let's get to


your favorite exercise of the night here


the other side of that winning coin is


The Biggest Loser who takes that for


you by the way Rick they just exercised


the demons from the GMS of past tonight


in minesing that's what they


did no The Biggest Loser is the 49ers to


me and look I get it they've done a


great job of building their roster Trey


Lance aside they've really had some good


drafts but I don't


understand The Pick of Ricky peol in the


first round yeah he's a good player


probably could have got him in the


second round if you wanted to move back


up but here's the problem what does that


tell you what are they doing with


Brandon iuk you already have auk you


have Samuel uh Jaan Jennings is there


you have receivers you have KD how many


passes can you throw I don't understand


this pick at all I think there were


better options if you did want to take


your receiver like lad makoni uh I think


the 49ers to me are The Losers of the


night so I think it's interesting people


because you mentioned uh Michael penck


Jr as your winner I think Michael penck


Jr is a winner in the fact that he was


one of the the earlier picks than what


most people expected except for Pete


going eight overall but for me Rick he


was a loser along with the other


quarterback in that building and Kurt


Cousins four years $180 million 90


million guaranteed uh you signed Kurt


Cousins to a huge deal uh back in the


day in Minnesota and it turns out


according to reports he didn't even know


they were going to take a quarterback


until he got a call while the the


Falcons were on the clock they had told


him apparently that they would take a


quarterback later in the draft they take


him at 8 this feels like a weird dynamic


when you bring in this franchise player


in 36y Old Kirk yeah that'll be an


interesting quarterback room now that


you got the eighth overall pick sitting


next to a guy you gave a four-year


kazillion Dollar Deal to so I didn't


understand that pick I think a lot of


people are a little confused I like the


Ricky peaw pick better than I like the


Michael penck Jr pick so p I'm going to


disagree with you on that and Ricky


Piero is going to be a heck of a


receiver in this league my Biggest Loser


was the defensive players yeah uh latou


did not go until a 15th pick overall to


the Indianapolis Colts this just tells


you that it is a offens driven League


you have to have quarterbacks you have


to have guys that protect you have to


have guys that catch the ball so all the


defensive players like last year we


didn't see the receivers go there was a


run on them late 20s this year it was


the defense that didn't go till late in


first round eight of our first 10 picks


were quarterbacks or wide receivers that


is where this class has put the premium


we will see what the days to come look


like with those are your winners and


losers from day


one and don't forget the conversation


always continuing on with the first pick


Ryan and Rick taking you pick by pick


round by round all the information news


and notes you need you know they did the


comps they chewed the tape now reaction


download subscribe and enjoy with the




pick e