Trying Every Level of Gymnastics

Anna McNulty
26 Apr 202419:21


TLDRThe video script details an engaging gymnastics challenge between a self-taught enthusiast and a top-level gymnast named Anna. The enthusiast, despite not making a gymnastics team, is determined to redeem themselves by competing in nine levels of increasing difficulty. Each level presents unique gymnastics challenges, from backbend races to complex routines, testing the participant's strength, balance, and agility. The video captures the spirit of competition and the pursuit of personal excellence. As the levels escalate, the enthusiast shows surprising skill, even performing a challenging 'floating backbend' on the bars. The competition culminates with a prize of a private gymnastics lesson from Anna, highlighting the theme of learning and growth through sports.


  • ūü§ł‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ The video features a challenge between a self-declared non-professional gymnast and a top-level gymnast named Anna, highlighting the difficulty of gymnastics.
  • ūüŹÖ The challenger aims to redeem themselves after failing to join a gymnastics team and is determined to win against Anna in a series of nine levels of gymnastics challenges.
  • ūüĒ• The first challenge is a backbend race, which the challenger feels confident about, but Anna's expertise becomes evident as the levels progress.
  • ūüßó‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ A rope climb challenge in level two reveals the challenger's inexperience, as they have never successfully reached the top of a rope before.
  • ūüéĘ Level three introduces a wheel filled with basic gymnastics skills, some of which the challenger does not recognize, indicating the breadth of skills in gymnastics.
  • ūü§ĺ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ The challenger shows enthusiasm and competitiveness, even when facing tasks they are unfamiliar with, such as the style jump and cartwheel.
  • ūü§ľ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ In level four, a handstand challenge on the vault tests both competitors' balance and control, with the challenger managing to secure a point.
  • ūüŹÉ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ The fifth challenge is an obstacle course requiring speed, strength, and agility, where Anna's experience gives her an advantage.
  • ūüßė‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ Level six involves a balance beam race, emphasizing the importance of balance in gymnastics, with Anna displaying superior skill.
  • ūü§ł‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ The seventh level is a floor routine, where the challenger incorporates cheer skills into their performance, but Anna's routine is more aligned with gymnastics.
  • ūüé≤ A game of grab the foam block determines who can skip a level, showcasing the strategic element of the competition.
  • ūüŹÜ The final levels are the most challenging, with the challenger seeking advice from new friends and using creative skills to try and secure the final point needed to win the prize.

Q & A

  • What is the primary challenge the speaker is undertaking in the script?

    -The speaker is attempting to compete against a top-level gymnast by completing nine levels of gymnastics challenges.

  • Why did the speaker not make the gymnastics team?

    -The speaker did not make the team because they realized they were not as close as they thought to pursuing their dream of being a gymnast.

  • What is the prize for Anna if she beats the speaker in three rounds?

    -If Anna beats the speaker in three rounds, the speaker will give her a special prize.

  • What is the first challenge of the gymnastics competition?

    -The first challenge is a back bend race, where the competitors must bend backwards and the one who goes the farthest wins.

  • What is the second challenge the speaker and Anna face?

    -The second challenge is a rope climb, where the competitors must climb up a rope as fast as they can.

  • Why is the speaker nervous about the wheel of gymnastics skills at level three?

    -The speaker is nervous because the wheel contains basic gymnastics skills, some of which they are unfamiliar with, like the 'side SOI'.

  • What is the difference between a regular gymnastics style jump and the one the speaker is used to?

    -The speaker is used to a cheerleading style jump, which is a bit different from the gymnastics style jump that includes a step and is more like a toe touch.

  • What is the fifth challenge in the script?

    -The fifth challenge is an obstacle course that includes going from a bar into a pit, holding a handstand for 3 seconds, a pike for 10 seconds, and finishing with a back flip off of rings.

  • What is the speaker's strategy for the final challenge?

    -The speaker decides to perform a 'floating backbend' on the bars, a skill they believe will showcase their flexibility and help them win the final point.

  • What is the prize the speaker offers to the winner of the competition?

    -The prize is a private gymnastics lesson given by the speaker herself.

  • What is the significance of the speaker's conversation with Ella and Rose?

    -The conversations provide the speaker with advice and encouragement, suggesting that they use their strengths and learn from Gracie, the professional gymnast.

  • Why does the speaker feel that the final challenge is crucial?

    -The speaker needs one more point to win the prize, and all the challenges have been increasingly difficult, making the final one pivotal.



ūüėÄ Attempting Gymnastics Challenges

The narrator attempts to compete in gymnastics challenges against a top-level gymnast. Despite facing difficulties, they are determined to pursue their dream of gymnastics.


ūüėÖ Back Bend Race and Rope Climb Challenges

The challenges escalate as the narrator engages in a back bend race and a rope climb, showcasing competitive spirit despite facing initial setbacks.


ūü§ł‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ Exploring Basic Gymnastics Skills

The narrator and the gymnast explore basic gymnastics skills, demonstrating various jumps, cartwheels, and front tucks with enthusiasm and determination.


ūüí™ Tackling Advanced Gymnastics Challenges

The challenges become more advanced, including front handsprings, handstands, and one-arm cartwheels, pushing the narrator's limits while showcasing the gymnast's expertise.

ūüŹÉ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ Conquering an Obstacle Course

Both participants tackle an obstacle course involving bar work, handstands, and flips, highlighting their endurance and agility in overcoming physical challenges.

ūü§ł‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ Floor Routine and Grab the Foam Block Game

The gymnast performs an impressive floor routine, while a game of 'Grab the Foam Block' tests their knowledge of gymnastics trivia, leading to a competitive yet friendly interaction.

ūüĎĮ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ Beam Race and Artistic Gymnastics Routine

A beam race and an artistic gymnastics routine showcase the participants' balance, creativity, and skill, with the gymnast ultimately winning the round.

ūüŹÜ Final Challenge: Choosing a Winning Skill

In the final challenge, both participants select skills to perform, with the gymnast ultimately winning the prize of a private gymnastics lesson.




Gymnastics is a sport that involves physical strength, flexibility, balance, and control. It is characterized by a series of complex and coordinated movements, often performed on specialized equipment such as the balance beam, uneven bars, and vault. In the video, the sport is central to the narrative as the participant attempts to compete against a top-level gymnast through a series of challenges.


A coach in the context of the video is an individual who provides training and instruction to athletes. The video mentions a strict coach, highlighting the demanding nature of gymnastics training and the role of a coach in pushing athletes to achieve their best. The coach's influence is implied throughout the participant's challenges.

ūüí°Back Bend Race

A back bend race is a specific gymnastics challenge where participants must bend backward and move forward in a race format. It tests the gymnast's flexibility and control. In the video, this is the first challenge and is described as a 'level one' difficulty, indicating the progressive nature of the challenges.

ūüí°Rope Climb

A rope climb is a test of upper body strength and endurance where participants must climb a rope to the top. It is part of the gymnastics challenges in the video and is mentioned as a significant strength requirement for higher level skills. The participant expresses nervousness about this challenge, reflecting its difficulty.

ūüí°Gymnastics Wheel

The gymnastics wheel is a device used in the sport to practice and perfect various skills. In the video, it is filled with basic gymnastics skills, some of which the participant does not recognize, indicating the breadth of skills required in gymnastics and the participant's learning journey.


A handstand is a skill in which the gymnast balances on their hands with their body perpendicular to the ground. It is a fundamental gymnastics skill that requires balance and strength. In the video, a handstand challenge is used as a test of endurance, with the participant and the gymnast competing to hold the position for the longest time.

ūüí°Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is a series of physical challenges that must be completed in a specific order. In the context of the video, it is a 'level five' challenge in the gymnastics competition, testing the participant's agility, strength, and endurance as they navigate through various apparatus and perform specific skills like handstands and pikes.

ūüí°Balance Beam

The balance beam is a narrow apparatus in gymnastics on which athletes perform a routine that includes a variety of acrobatic skills. In the video, the participant and the gymnast engage in a beam race, emphasizing the importance of balance and precision in the sport.

ūüí°Floor Routine

A floor routine in gymnastics is a choreographed sequence of tumbling, acrobatic, and dance moves performed on the floor. It is a showcase of the gymnast's ability to combine strength, flexibility, and artistry. In the video, the participant and the gymnast compete in a floor routine, highlighting the differences between their styles and skill sets.

ūüí°Release Move

A release move in gymnastics is a skill performed without the gymnast holding onto the apparatus. It involves letting go and using momentum to perform turns or flips before re-grasping the apparatus. In the video, a release move is part of the trivia game, where knowledge of gymnastics terminology is tested.

ūüí°Gymnastics Lesson

A gymnastics lesson is a session where an athlete receives instruction and training in the sport. It is often led by a coach or an experienced gymnast. In the video, the final prize for winning the competition is a private gymnastics lesson, which is highly valued by the participant as it represents an opportunity for personal improvement and learning from a skilled gymnast.


The speaker attempts to compete against a top-level gymnast after failing to join a team with a strict coach.

Nine levels of gymnastics challenges are introduced, with a special prize for the gymnast if they can beat the speaker in three rounds.

The first challenge is a back bend race, which the speaker feels confident about.

The second challenge, a rope climb, proves difficult for the speaker, who has never made it to the top before.

The third challenge involves a wheel filled with basic gymnastics skills, some of which the speaker is unfamiliar with.

The speaker successfully completes a front walkover, surprising themselves with their performance.

A front handspring is attempted, with the speaker never having seen a gymnastics version before.

The speaker expresses nervousness about a handstand roll but manages to perform it flawlessly.

In the obstacle course challenge, the speaker competes against time and a series of gymnastics apparatus.

The beam race in level six tests balance and speed, with the speaker trying to keep up with their experienced opponent.

The floor routine challenge in level seven showcases the speaker's incorporation of cheer skills into their gymnastics performance.

A trivia game involving gymnastics knowledge allows the speaker to skip a level if they win.

The speaker seeks advice from new friends online on how to win the challenge against a professional gymnast.

The final challenge involves a complex skill on the floor beam and bars, which the speaker manages to impress with their creativity.

The speaker performs a 'floating backbend' on the bars, a skill they have not done many times before.

The prize for winning the challenges is revealed to be a private gymnastics lesson from the top-level gymnast.

The speaker receives positive feedback on their performance and is encouraged to continue improving.



gymnastics is one of the hardest sports in the  world and today I'm going to try to compete  


against a top level gymnast a few weeks ago  I tried to join a gymnastics team with one of  


the strictest coaches in the entire world and  realized I was nowhere as close to pursuing my  


dream of being a gymnast you did not make the  team to redeem myself we are trying nine levels  


of gymnastics challenges if Anna can beat me in  three rounds I will give her a special prize in  


these boxes are gymnastic challenges that I have  to compete against Gracie in the challeng is get  


harder with each level let's see what we get for  level one back bend race okay I feel like I got  


this one if a back bend race is only a level one  challenge I wonder what level 9 is this could get  


really difficult later I am not going to let  stepping on my hair let me lose this challenge  


whoever can make it from this line to this line  first wins Anna may be better at back bends but I  


am really competitive so I don't know man I might  do it I don't think so I'm pretty confident with  


this one 3 2 1 go are you serious way behind you  what just happened Gracie are you coming no I'm  


not coming I guess I W you went way farther than  me I have no idea what just happened oh I take the  


L on that one that was trash one point for me now  I only need two more all I know about level two  


is that it has to be harder than a back bend race  rope climb this is not looking good for me a rope  


climb is one of the biggest strength requirements  so that you can do high Lev skills kind of nervous  


for this one I don't think I've ever made the  top of one of these before you ready yeah I'm  


ready go wait I don't even know how to do this  did whoever makes it up to the top first wind  


yep I haven't made it up at all where are you I'm  at the bottom how are you so fast she already made  


it to the top T how did she do that so quickly  I didn't even have a chance to make it up at all  


that was so unfair good job tried a for effort  right I tried my best that was way faster than I  


expected how can you that so quickly we used to  have to do it like 10 times a day especially if  


we fell off the beam that was like our punishment  10 rope CLS I'm going to need some more practice  


with this just don't fall off the beam see if I  fall off the beam later Gracie might have got me  


with the Rope climb but there's still a lot of  levels left this is not over yet I hope level  


three is something more my style all this says is  wheels so let's go back with Gracie and see what  


we're doing we are only at level three so this  wheel is filled with a bunch of basic gymnastics  


skills but some of them I don't even think I know  what they are do you know everything on this wheel  


yeah of course I know most of them but there's a  few that seem kind of weird to me like side SOI  


I have no clue what that is you'll find out soon  enough I really hope I can win this round to get  


closer to three points stum jump I love stle  jumps you're really good at St jumps you might  


beat me on that one we do St jumps a little bit  different though I'll try my best to C the yours  


in gymnastics we do a stle jump like this that's  kind of like a toe touch and cheer but I've never  


done it with the step yeah got to make sure you  get some power there you go was that it did that  


count yeah that was good okay I got the first  one but there's still a lot more on the wheel


cartwheel that was so pretty but like I knew  I could do a cartwheel gorgeous it's going to  


get a little bit more challenging front tuck  I'm kind of nervous for this one honestly I  


don't know if I'm going to land it I think  you got it if I don't land it but attempt  


it did that count no you got to land it I'm  really going to try my best um what are you  


doing I'm just putting on my Seekers I need to  wear these to Tumble um in gymnastics we don't  


wear shoes well I'm wearing them today these are  teer shoes but I think it's fine if I tumble in  


them I guess I'll make an exception just cuz  I like Anna so much okay Anna are you ready  


this one's a little bit harder I don't know if  I'm ready we're just going to do a front talk


okay okay what' you think that was so good I'm  pretty nervous cuz this is new to me you got  


it stay tight you got it oh I can't believe my L  got on the first try we can keep doing the wheel  


I did not think that was going to happen that  was so good I'm actually surprised I thought  


I was going to fail that one for sure no it  was so good front walkover oh gosh I don't  


know if I can do this one really maybe this is  what's going to get me the point I'm genuinely  


surprised with that last one my confidence  just went from like here to like up here good  


it was so good I never know maybe I'm going  to get three points I think you might is it  


a good prize it's pretty good from walkovers  are not my favorite skill but I'm determined  


to get this point so hopefully Anna can't  do it see it I kind of hope you can't do  


it so I can get the point that's not  nice I really want to get three points


here oh that was good to me your form was like  really good it was very graceful really it hurt  


oh my gosh that was beautiful okay good I'm glad  front walkovers are one of my favorites but I  


don't even know what some of the next skills  on the wheel are we're just going to have to  


look let's see what we got front handspring okay  I feel like we got this yeah you got it I think I  


can do a front handspring but I've actually never  seen how gymnasts do it I've only seen the cheer  


version I'm not completely sure how you do it so  I'm going to let you go first and hopefully I can  


do it the same way okay let's go Gracie you can  do it so you start with one foot and then land on  


and then land in two yeah that means you have to  keep going on the wheel on to the next handstand  


roll O Okay so this next skill is pretty common  in early stages of gymnastics and it's going to  


look a little something like [Music] this you did  that flawlessly these easy skills are going pretty  


good for me but I have no idea what is in the  higher levels we'll see what those challenges are


later good like that pretty basic easy round  off back hand spring this one's a little harder  


than some of the other ones how do you feel  about it I feel like I got this I think you  


got too do I have to stick this one for it to  count uh I want to see a good rebound out of  


the back hand rebound okay let's get to know  let's you don't have to stick it but I want to  


see a strong rebound so that means you have  to rebound too or else I get the okay fair


enough you have so much much power that was  cly Flawless all right you ready I'm ready  


you got it good nice beautiful another one  complete you're killing this challenge oh my  


gosh I'm surprised I'm a little bit Rusty  with my tumbling I didn't even notice let


see one arm Curt wheeel I know this  one's easy for you but remember if  


you don't stick it then it doesn't count okay


Perfection I'm not surprised so all of these have  been perfect I'm really worried for what's next  


what arm do I use are you Lefty I'm going to  C wheel with this leg so your left hand okay  


I'm going to go with so go with your left hand  there you go good it might have been easy but  


it's actually a warmup for the hardest skill  yet side so me this is the one I don't know  


you're going to have to show me okay this  skill is one of my favorites and I actually  


do it on the beam when you do this on on the  beam that sounds impossible perfect wait how  


did you even do that that like happened  so quickly I've actually never seen this


trick and then you ended like a  squat and you have to bend your


knees that you ended like bent like that  I'd say that was pretty close I think that  


should definitely count it was a really  good side aerial but it wasn't a side  


SOI so technically if we had judge here it  wouldn't count where is going to be today's


judge okay those were both really good but Anna  unfortunately you didn't do the correct skill so  


Gracie you won the round yay okay I guess  you are right I hope I get the next level  


I haven't won a challenge since level one so  I better get level four handstand both of us  


can hold a handstand for a while so this  could really go either way whoever holds  


a handstand the longest on the Vault wins and  if we fall in the pit then we're just qualified  


oh my so we automatically lose the point  if we fall in even if it was longer okay this  


is so much scarier than I thought 3 2 1 go oh  my gosh are you serious that doesn't even look  


like a handstand what is happening okay that's a  solid start you're already at 3 seconds 5 Seconds  


bending in half is how I hold it longer remember  if you fall in the pit then you lose the round oh  


okay you made it to 12 seconds my face is all red  what's my time 9 seconds 3 2 1 that was just long  


enough to get a point so that means I only need  one more point for the prize I'm getting close  


but we're running out of levels I hope I can get  one more point we're halfway through the level and  


now I already have two points but I feel like the  next levels are going to be very difficult so I  


need to step up my game you never know maybe this  fifth challenge will be how I get my third Point  


looks like level five is an obst School course  I'm actually kind of excited for this one you  


need a lot of endurance for gymnastics so that's  why we're doing this for this obstacle course we  


have to go from this bar into the pit and get  out as fast as we can then we have to hold a  


handstand on this for 3 seconds and a Pikes  it for 10 seconds to end the obstacle course  


we have to do a back flip off of these Rings  whoever can finish this the fastest wins Ready  


set go okay need to get out of here quick 3 2 1  Pikes it 1 2 3 4 5 6 this is harder than it looks  


9 10 okay we got that time for the Rings no  that's not going to work there's lower Rings right


here hopefully that was fast enough 40 seconds 40  seconds okay I feel like that was pretty fast it's  


pretty fast you think you can beat 40 seconds  yeah I think I can beat 40 seconds Ready set go  


wait what are you doing I didn't know you were  going to do that that's like so St you're going  


fast so 3 2 1 okay complete 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2  1 you did it that was so good no no you can't  


you like I messed up on this part 30 seconds I  feel like I would have had more of a chance if  


I didn't go to the tall Rings good job I'm kind of  tired I guess I just have to hope for the best for  


the next level even though it's even harder than  that one I'm so curious to see what level six is  


because so far the challenges have not been what  I've been expecting and we're doing a beam race if  


you saw last week's video you would have saw that  one of my golden play buttons was taken Anna will  


get this back but only if she reaches 10 million  subscribers I really want to get it back so make  


sure you're subscribed gymnastics requires a  lot of balance so we are going to Race Across  


these beams whoever can make it to the foam pit  for a trick first wins if either of us fall off  


the beam we automatically lose this round Ready  Set go you did the first one and only 1 second  


you're going so fast I don't know if I can go  across these this quickly you're at 10 seconds  


you can tell you've been doing beam a lot cuz  you're like running across these 20 seconds can  


you do it under 30 seconds that might be like a  record you skipped the ground you did that in 25  


seconds that just made this so much harder for me  woo that was hard I'm going to run because you ran  


I'm not used to walking from bees at all what's  my time at 9 seconds 9 seconds okay I feel like  


I'm on car right now you're doing pretty good okay  I almost just lost my balance there good I don't  


want to fall off because that means automatic  disqualification okay one more beam you like  


fully jumped but I'm not feeling up to that okay  now I need to do a trick beautiful I hope that  


was fast enough I feel like I went pretty good how  fast was I 37 seconds so close but not good enough  


not fast enough but still really fast faster than  I expected honestly let's see what's next what is  


level seven going to be for routine I do know  Gracie is known for her floor routines wish me


luck wow her flip was really high how  is she doing that like how am I going to  


beef this this is going to be such a hard  competition you're going to have to get


creative wow that jump was  beautiful her toes are so pointed


I don't even know what feel that was she  did but that looks so cool that was really  


impressive I've never done a gymnastics  floor routine in my life so I think I'm  


going to have to incorporate some more cheer  skills I just hope it's good enough to win the


round that jump was


beautiful the ending is so cool and that's my  my routine how' she been like that I feel like  


it was a little bit more like cheer but still  pretty good those are both really impressive  


routines Anna you had some really pretty jumps  and some really really flexible cool skills and  


yours was obviously very impressive but at the end  of the day yours was more of a gymnastics routine  


so you get this one hey so before we can move on  to a higher level we're going to be playing grab  


the foam block so Anna if you win you'll actually  get to skip the next level okay I'm going to try  


my best I'm going to be asking you guys questions  about gymnastics and you can only answer if you're  


holding the foam block the first person to three  points wins good luck wait where are you going and  


like what if we're both hold foam block I guess  we're doing this what does stick The Landing mean  


in gymnastics okay I think I know this because  you have to stick it in tier two it means that  


you don't take any steps or hops after right yeah  that's right that is correct I got that one how  


wide is the balance beam okay looking at it it  looks to be about 5 in I would say Anna that is  


incorrect so you guys have seconds to try again  actually it is 4 in about the size of an iPhone  


that's correct my guess was pretty close how long  is a woman's floor routine a minute and a half  


I don't know Gracie you got it right what is the  difference between artistic gymnastics and rithmic  


gymnastics I learned rithmic gymnastics before  so in rithmic gymnastics they use completely  


different equipments like they use the ribbon  and the hoop and all that and in gymnastics it's  


beam and everything so it's different equipments  basically good job Anna that's correct what are  


gymnastics skills with no hands on the apparatus  called a release move you just too fast to the  


block Gracie you got that one which means you got  three points I guess I don't get to skip the next  


level but at least it's another chance for me  to get another point we're down to our final  


two levels and I still need one more point to get  the prize best skill on floor beam and bars sounds  


like this one will be up to Brit I'm starting to get nervous I still need  


one more point to win the prize but the challenge  just keep getting harder so I don't know if I can  


do [Music] it the skill Gracie just did was so  Advanced I feel like I need to get some advice on  


how I can possibly win this I'm going to go and try to chat with some new friends on there if  


there's any chance I'm going to win this I need to  do something really bendy before I can chat with  


people I need to set up my profile so I think I'm  just going to add my profile picture and write my  


name on it I feel like that's the best picture I  have that was so easy my profile is all set up so  


let's see if we can chat with some new friends  on here andna your skill is not really a gtic  


this one goes too crazy right now I'm talking  to Ella and I just told her that I'm doing a  


gymnastic challenge against a pro and that I have  no clue how I'm going to win Ella basically just  


told me that I should try to use what I'm good at  to my advantage but the thing is with that I feel  


like Gracie is good at everything in gymnastics  Gracie's trick took a lot of skill but I've never  


seen a gymnast do this trick so maybe Brit will  like it let's message someone else and see what  


they say those are both really impressive skills  but actually Anna yours was really more creative  


than I've never seen it before so I'm me to give  you this point I'm excited I didn't think I was  


going to get that one I'm going to do an upside  down split just like this I'm now chatting with  


a girl named Rose and she told me to try to learn  from what Gracie's doing since she's the pro she  


also said that she definitely thinks I can get  another point I really hope she's right with  


that those are also both really cool skills  but I know how difficult it is to do a cast  


handstand this one's going to go to Gracie maybe  I should make some more friends sometime  


because that was actually pretty fun but first  we need to see what the next level is well we're  


at our last level and I still need another  point for the prize so it all comes down to  


this I better choose something good cofy cat  honestly I don't know this could really go  


either way but I'm going to do everything I can  to try to win this level I feel like it makes a  


big difference who goes first for this one oh  definitely how should we decide should we do  


like rock paper scissors yeah let's do rock paper  scissors okay ready Rock Paper Scissors Shoot oh  


no I get to go first so I can pick any skill oh  gosh let me think about this this is kind of a  


hard decision you know cuz I'm 1. away away from  your prize yeah are you still willing to give me  


the prize yeah I think if you earn it okay let  me think I think I have an idea these right here  


they're really good for stretching you know I love  stretching yeah I know you love stretching I don't  


like stretching I think I know a good trick to do  on these I call this the floating back bend have  


you seen this no I haven't done this that many  times I hope I don't mess up you already know  


I'm not good at back bends that's why I'm picking  this because I want the priz so what you do is you  


start with your hands on the bar so you walk down  the bar bars like this until you're in a floating  


back bend are you ready to try it not really but I  guess if I have to well if you don't then you have  


to give me the prize automatically okay I'll try  it you got this I'll say you don't have to go all  


the way touching but if you get like down to this  bar then it will count that's actually really good  


oh my that is like so good actually but you  have to get down to this bar for it to count oh my  


wait was that it ow I don't know if that was  it like that was pretty good I'm not doing that  


again I think we need to let the judge decide  that one yeah I think so too good job though  


thanks can't believe that was your first try yeah  that was pretty bendy honestly I surprised myself  


that was really impressive my back would have  broke trying to do that but didn't go as far  


down as it was supposed to so and it gets this  one wait that means I got three points you did  


so what's the prize you have to tell me now  you get a private gymnastics lesson from me  


that's so exciting that's like the best prize I  could ask for let's go beautiful but in regular  


gymnastics you're not supposed to put your  hands on the bean okay so like so try to do  


scale without touching the bean is this better  beautiful that's so much better good you know  


she's so much nicer than that other gymnastics  coach I had click here to go watch that video

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