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TLDRThe transcript appears to be a rap verse or a part of a song, where the speaker addresses various allegations and rumors, asserting their innocence and dismissing the validity of the claims made against them. The speaker uses strong language to criticize those who have spread false information and to defend their reputation. They also touch upon themes of fame, public scrutiny, and the impact of personal trauma. The verse is a call for fact-checking and patience, urging the audience to be less quick to believe unverified stories. The speaker concludes by expressing their readiness to confront any further accusations and by motivating their detractors to bring their best game.


  • 🎤 The speaker is addressing allegations and rumors, emphasizing the need for proof and fact-checking.
  • 🚫 The speaker denies any involvement with illegal activities or inappropriate behavior, specifically refuting claims of being involved with minors.
  • 🤔 There is a mention of a disconnect between public perception and the speaker's reality, suggesting a theme of misunderstanding or misrepresentation.
  • 📄 The script alludes to legal documents and paperwork, hinting at a formal process or investigation that the speaker is either involved in or is referencing.
  • 👥 The speaker criticizes unnamed individuals, possibly in the media or the public, for spreading stories and creating a false narrative.
  • 🎵 The mention of 'season in preparation' and 'my jacket is covered in medals' suggests the speaker is working on a project, possibly a music release, and is proud of their accomplishments.
  • 👶 A reference to a child and the speaker's relationship with them is used to defend against accusations, indicating a personal stake in the situation.
  • 💔 The script touches on themes of trauma and personal struggle, possibly relating to the speaker's own past experiences.
  • 🤬 There is a strong emotional response to the accusations, with the speaker expressing frustration and anger at the false claims being made against them.
  • 📈 The speaker also discusses the impact of the situation on their public image and career, indicating a concern for their professional reputation.
  • 🚫 Lastly, the speaker warns against the dangers of spreading false information and the potential consequences for those involved.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the transcript?

    -The transcript appears to be a dialogue or lyrics from a song that discusses themes of personal struggle, accusations, and the desire for validation and respect. It also touches on issues of public perception and the impact of rumors and allegations.

  • What does the speaker claim about their past?

    -The speaker claims to have been metaphorically a 'rat' at one point, suggesting a difficult or lowly past, but challenges anyone to provide proof of this claim.

  • What does the speaker accuse others of doing?

    -The speaker accuses others of spreading false stories about them, being 'clowns', and being overly eager to believe unverified information without fact-checking.

  • How does the speaker describe their current state?

    -The speaker describes themselves as a 'War General', indicating a state of readiness and strength. They also mention their jacket being covered in 'metals honor and decoration', suggesting a sense of accomplishment and recognition.

  • What is the speaker's stance on the allegations made against them?

    -The speaker vehemently denies the allegations, stating they are too respected and too famous to be involved in the activities suggested by the rumors. They express disgust at the insinuations and emphasize their innocence.

  • What is the significance of the 'Epstein angle' mentioned in the transcript?

    -The 'Epstein angle' likely refers to a controversial or scandalous situation involving Jeffrey Epstein, which the speaker uses as a metaphor to discuss how they are being unfairly associated with negative allegations.

  • How does the speaker feel about the public's reaction to the allegations?

    -The speaker feels that the public is rejoicing prematurely, believing that the allegations signal the speaker's downfall. They express a desire for the public to be more discerning and patient.

  • What does the speaker suggest about the motivations of those spreading the allegations?

    -The speaker suggests that those spreading the allegations are acting out of desperation and are manipulating the situation to their advantage, possibly for personal gain or attention.

  • What is the speaker's advice to the accusers?

    -The speaker advises the accusers to learn to fact-check and be less impatient, implying that hasty accusations without evidence are harmful and misleading.

  • How does the speaker address the issue of public scrutiny and their fame?

    -The speaker acknowledges their fame and uses it as a defense against the allegations, stating that their high profile would make it unlikely for them to escape notice if they were truly involved in the activities suggested.

  • What is the tone of the transcript?

    -The tone of the transcript is confrontational and defensive, with the speaker addressing allegations head-on and expressing frustration and anger at the situation.

  • What is the speaker's final message to their audience?

    -The speaker's final message is a call for truth and honesty in public discourse. They encourage their audience to demand facts and evidence before accepting allegations as truth.



🎤 Artistic Expression and Allegations

The first paragraph of the script is a complex narrative filled with rapid-fire lyrics that touch on various themes. It begins with an energetic musical introduction and quickly dives into a self-assertive tone, where the speaker challenges unspecified allegations and demands proof. The lyrics suggest a sense of being targeted and misunderstood, with references to personal connections, a 'Montreal connect,' and a narrative of being set up or misrepresented. There's a strong emphasis on the speaker's reputation and a dismissal of the credibility of their accusers, described as 'clowns.' The paragraph continues with a detailed account of a plot, mentioning an 11-year-old daughter and the speaker's strategic release of information. It concludes with a reflection on the speaker's character, their fame, and a clear denial of any wrongdoing, particularly concerning interactions with underage individuals. The tone is assertive, defensive, and at times, aggressive, indicating a desire to clear their name and challenge their detractors.


🔍 Awaiting Response and Fact-Checking

The second paragraph is much shorter and seems to be a continuation of the narrative from the first, though it stands as an incomplete thought. It suggests an anticipation of a response or a favor being returned, possibly in the context of a dispute or disagreement. The speaker appears to be waiting for someone to reciprocate an action, with a subtle implication that there might be an unresolved issue or a challenge that has been posed. The brevity of this paragraph leaves much to interpretation, but it carries forward the theme of expecting accountability and truth from others. It ends abruptly, possibly indicating a continuation in subsequent paragraphs not provided in the input.




Speculation refers to forming an opinion or theory without the necessary evidence or facts. In the context of the video, it is used to describe the act of making assumptions about the speaker's actions or character without concrete proof, as seen in the line 'you bit on a speculation you, dumb and reactive'. This relates to the theme of the video as it addresses the issue of false accusations and the harm they can cause.

💡Fact Check

Fact checking is the process of verifying the accuracy of a piece of information. The video emphasizes the importance of this practice, as indicated by the line 'you got to learn to fact check things and be less, impatient'. It is a key concept because it ties into the video's message about the dangers of spreading unverified information and the need for responsible journalism and audience behavior.


Manipulation is the act of altering or distorting information to achieve a desired outcome. The script mentions 'master manipulator' in reference to someone who is adept at using tactics to deceive or control others. This keyword is central to the video's theme, which involves the critique of deceptive practices and the impact they have on personal and public discourse.


Trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience that can have long-lasting emotional effects. The video touches on the topic with the line 'this about to get so depressing this is, Trauma from your own confessions'. It is relevant to the video's narrative as it explores the psychological impact of past experiences and their role in shaping current behaviors and perceptions.


Neglect is the failure to care properly for someone, often resulting in harm or disadvantage. In the script, it is mentioned in the context of child neglect, 'so neglected that's, why these pedophile raps is'. The keyword is significant as it highlights a serious social issue and its potential connection to the development of certain behaviors or obsessions, which is a point of discussion in the video.


Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. The speaker asserts their own respectability in the line 'I'm too respected if I, was [__] young girls I promise I'd, have been arrested'. This keyword is important as it speaks to the theme of reputation and the societal implications of false allegations.


A predator is an individual who exploits or victimizes others, often in a manner that is underhanded or harmful. The term is used in the script to deny accusations, 'if I was really a predator'. It is a pivotal concept in the video as it addresses the serious nature of such allegations and the importance of not making light of them.

💡Breeding Resentment

Breeding resentment refers to creating or fostering feelings of bitterness and anger. The script mentions 'talk about breeding resentment' in the context of discussing the emotional fallout from certain actions. This keyword is tied to the video's theme as it deals with the consequences of actions and the emotional impact they can have on relationships.


Intimate describes something that is very personal or private. The term is used in the line 'the shit's too intimate', referring to a situation or information that is deeply personal and not meant for public consumption. It relates to the video's theme by highlighting the invasion of privacy and the emotional weight of personal matters being made public.

💡Clout Chasing

Clout chasing is the act of seeking fame or influence, often by attention-seeking or opportunistic behavior. The video mentions 'clout Chase instead of doing hard labor', criticizing those who prioritize gaining social media attention over meaningful work. This keyword is significant as it speaks to the theme of authenticity versus opportunism in the public eye.


Hypocrisy is the practice of engaging in the same behavior or activity for which one criticizes others. The script addresses this with 'if they deleted his music, then your music is going to a hypocrite'. This keyword is relevant as it discusses the concept of inconsistency in principles and the critique of double standards, which is a central point in the video's message.


Proclaims innocence and readiness to prove it.

Mentions being previously considered a 'rat' and asks for proof.

Claims to be 'doubled in', implying a strong position or support.

Refers to a 'prize winner', possibly a metaphor for a significant achievement or recognition.

Talks about being 'spiraling', which could suggest a downward trend or a cycle of events.

Addresses someone's connection in Montreal, hinting at a network or support system.

Implies that false information was given to the public.

Questions why allegations are not being denied by a certain individual.

Mentions a 'War General', possibly a self-reference to a strategic or leading role.

Talks about 'medals of honor and decoration', likely a metaphor for achievements or recognitions.

Criticizes someone for not fact-checking and being impatient.

References a 'fake name or destination', indicating a possible cover-up or misdirection.

Speaks about a 'manipulator' and 'speculation', hinting at deceit or false narratives.

Mentions 'trauma from own confessions', suggesting past admissions of wrongdoing.

Talks about 'pedophile raps', indicating a serious accusation or discussion about inappropriate behavior.

Denies any involvement with underage individuals.

Claims to be 'too famous' for the accusations to be true, indicating a level of public recognition.

Addresses a 'deep message' and 'deep cuts', possibly referring to underlying issues or past wounds.

Mentions 'breeding resentment', indicating a growing negative sentiment or feeling.

Refers to Drake and the idea of not being on a 'sex offender list', a clear denial of such allegations.

Talks about 'buying views and B comments', criticizing dishonest practices in social media or the music industry.

Speaks about 'recovering from incidents', suggesting past events that have had an impact.

Mentions 'album dropping soon', indicating upcoming work or projects.

Talks about 'clout chasers', a commentary on those who seek fame or attention.

Implies that the speaker is a 'hit maker', not a 'peacemaker', indicating a role in creating successful music rather than resolving conflicts.

Ends with a challenge or a call to action, possibly to face the truth or consequences.





now let me see prove it just let me see


Pro it all


right the pullit a prize winner is


definitely spiraling I got your [ __ ]


lines tapped I swear that I'm doubed in


first I was a rat so where's the proof


of the tri in where's the paperwork of


the cabinet is filed in 1090 Jake would


have took all the walls down the streets


would have had me hiding out in a small


town my Montreal connect stand up not


far down the ones that you getting your


stories from they are clowns I am a War


General season in preparation my jacket


is covered in metals honor and


decoration you waited for this moment


overcome with the desperation we plotted


for a week and then we fed you the


information a daughter that's 11 years


old I bet he takes it we thought about


giving a fake name or a destination but


you so thirsty you not concerned with


investigation instead you in adventage


studio it's a celebration you got to


learn to fact check things and be less


impatient your fans are rejoicing


thinking this is my expiration even the


picture you use the jokes and the


medication the mayback glove and the


drug he uses for Less inflation master


manipulator you bit on a speculation you


dumb and reactive [ __ ] I'm Petty with


dedication what about the bones we dug


up in that excavation and why isn't


Whitney denying all of the allegations


why is she following dayve free and I


miss the morale you haven't seen the


kids in 6 months the distance is wild


Dave leaving hard emojis underneath pict


of the child speaking anything with a


child let's get to that now this Epstein


angle was the [ __ ] I expected Tik Tok


videos you collected and dissected


instead of being on some DISD direct


[ __ ] you rather [ __ ] grab your pen


and misdirect [ __ ] my mom came over


today and I was like mother I mother I


mother ah wait a second that's that one


record where you say you got molested a


[ __ ] me I just made the whole connection


this about to get so depressing this is


Trauma from your own confessions it's


when your father leave you home alone


with no protection so neglected that's


why these pedophile raps is [ __ ] you so


obsessed with it's so excessive they


acting like it's so aggressive but you


just never known affection I don't want


to diss you anymore this really got me


second guessing Touch My Body by maride


carry play you probably start reflecting


I never been with no one underage but


now I understand why this the angle that


you really mess with just for clarity I


feel disgusted I'm too respected if I


was [ __ ] young girls I promise I'd


have been arrested I'm way too famous


for the [ __ ] you just suggested but


that's not the lesson clearly there's a


deeper message deep cuts that never


healed and now they got infected like if


Dave really [ __ ] your girl and got her


pregnant talk about breeding resentment


not sure how to ease the sentiment the


shit's too intimate I'm praying you


recover from both incidents but you a


piece of [ __ ] so this [ __ ] really no


coincidence Drake is not a name that you


going to see on no sex offender list


Easy Does It you mentioning a minor but


[ __ ] got to B Sharp and tell the fans


who was it you thought you left d flat D


Man Ma I slit your throat with the razor


and do Rick Ross air like that one


flight from Malaysia I'm your baby mama


screen saver only [ __ ] with Whitney


not Millie Bobby Browns I never look


twice at no teenager I'm a [ __ ] hit


maker dog not a peacemaker yeah bullets


that I'm stuffing in each chamber your


ass in extreme danger stop buying views


and B comments you may as well keep the


paper [ __ ] you about to need for later I


give a [ __ ] about your streaming data


you could drop a 100 more records I'll


see you later yeah maybe when you meet


your maker I don't want to fight with a


woman beater it feeds your nature if you


still bumping on Kelly you could think


the saor said if they deleted his music


then your music is going to a hypocrite


I don't understand why these people


praise you sounding like you send them


commissary when he needs some paper


album dropping soon no wonder you turn a


clout Chase instead of doing hard labor


[ __ ] I see you when I see you like


Fantasia Whitney you can hit me if you


need a favor and when I say I hit your


back it's a lot


safer I


promise yo I'm not going to lie this


[ __ ] was some some good exercise like


it's good to get out get the pen


working you would be a worthy competitor


if I was really a predator and you


weren't [ __ ] lying to every blogger


and editor


but it is what it


is you definitely got this [ __ ] burnt


the [ __ ] out though like you got 10 more


records to drop the the one before the


last one we finessed you into telling a


story that doesn't even


exist and then you go and drop the West


Coast one and try and cover that up I


would like that one that that that would


be some [ __ ] I could dance to if he


wasn't tripling down on some whole other


[ __ ] but you know at least your fans


are getting some raps out of you I'm


happy I can motivate you bring you back


to the game


like you know but just let me know when


we're get into the facts


everything in my [ __ ] is


facts I'm waiting on you to return the


favor like