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4 May 202416:29


TLDRIn this engaging travel vlog, the narrator shares a detailed comparison between business and first-class experiences on a transatlantic flight with Lanza. Starting from the luxurious first-class lounge in Frankfurt, the journey highlights the differences in amenities, such as the exclusive Porsche transfer to the plane for first-class passengers. The narrator reviews the quality of champagne, the extensive menu, and the first-class amenity kit, which includes a shoe horn and body cream. The video also discusses the sleeping experience, noting the spacious yet less private seats in business class compared to the cocoon-like privacy in first class. The culinary experience is a significant focus, with the narrator enjoying a special vegetarian meal and a premium Bordeaux wine. Despite a less-than-ideal breakfast sandwich, the overall experience is highly praised, especially the comfortable sleep and attentive service. The vlog concludes with the narrator's recommendation on whether the extra points for a first-class upgrade are worth it, emphasizing the unique experience and attention to detail that first class offers.


  • ūüéČ The speaker is excited about their first-class experience, contrasting it with a more typical business-class journey.
  • ūüćĺ A notable difference between first and business class is the quality of champagne served, with first class offering a superior selection.
  • ūüćĹÔłŹ First-class passengers are provided with a more extensive menu and a wider variety of food options compared to business class.
  • ūüß≥ The first-class amenity kit includes luxury items like a shoe horn, eye mask, velvety soft headphone cover, and body cream.
  • ūüõŹÔłŹ First-class seats are roomier and more spacious than business class, but may offer less privacy due to the lack of a privacy wall.
  • ūüĎö First-class passengers are given pajamas and a free Wi-Fi voucher, which are not guaranteed in business class.
  • ūüöó A unique perk of first-class on Lanza out of Frankfurt is being picked up in a Porsche and taken to the plane.
  • ūüć∑ The speaker enjoys a 2016 Bordeaux, highlighting the more premium wine options available in first class.
  • ūüõčÔłŹ The first-class seat is described as extremely comfortable, with a mattress pad and large amount of space to sleep.
  • ūüõÖ The lack of personal storage in the business-class seat is mentioned as a drawback, compared to the more accessible storage in first class.
  • ūüďļ Both classes offer in-flight entertainment, but the first-class experience includes a more personalized and attentive service.

Q & A

  • What is the main difference between business and first class mentioned in the transcript?

    -The main differences mentioned include the quality of champagne, seat configuration and privacy, the luxury of the amenity kit, and the overall service and attention received in first class.

  • How does the speaker describe their experience with the first class lounge?

    -The speaker describes the first class lounge experience as exceptional, with a private Porsche ride to the plane, a luxurious dining room with an à la carte menu, and a custom surprise cocktail.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on the value of upgrading to first class for an additional 30,000 points?

    -The speaker believes that upgrading to first class is worth the extra points if one values the flight experience as much as the trip itself, due to the enhanced comfort, service, and amenities.

  • How does the speaker compare the quality of the food and wine in business class versus first class?

    -The speaker notes that the food and wine in first class are of higher quality, with a larger menu and more expensive wine options, compared to business class.

  • What special service is mentioned for first class passengers departing from Frankfurt?

    -First class passengers departing from Frankfurt are offered a special service of being picked up in a Porsche and taken directly to their plane, avoiding the need to walk to the gate.

  • What is the significance of the travel credit card mentioned in the transcript?

    -The travel credit card mentioned has increased its sign-up bonus from 60,000 to 75,000 points, which is significant as it is historically only raised once a year and is popular among Daily Drop readers.

  • How does the speaker feel about their current situation compared to their past?

    -The speaker reflects on their current situation, feeling that they have ended up in a very different place in life than they ever thought they would be, indicating a sense of surprise and gratitude.

  • What is the speaker's strategy for maximizing the value of their flight experience?

    -The speaker's strategy includes pre-ordering meals, choosing more expensive wine options, and taking advantage of the amenities provided in first class to get the most value out of the flight.

  • What are some of the amenities provided in the first class amenity kit?

    -The first class amenity kit includes a shoe horn, eye mask, headphone cover, body cream, hand lotion, comforting cream, socks, a wooden toothbrush, toothpaste, earplugs, and a mint.

  • How does the speaker describe the seat and privacy in business class compared to first class?

    -The speaker feels the business class seat is roomy and spacious but lacks privacy compared to first class, where there is a privacy wall creating a more enclosed space.

  • What is the speaker's final verdict on whether to upgrade to first class or not?

    -The speaker concludes that the decision to upgrade to first class depends on the individual's priorities. If comfort and an enhanced flight experience are important, then the additional points for the upgrade are worth it.



ūüéČ First-Class Experience: The Journey Begins

The speaker expresses excitement for their first-class journey, contrasting it with a business-class experience. They are at the Lanza first-class Lounge in Frankford, discussing the decision between business and first-class tickets, and the benefits of flying with Lanza for award availability. The speaker also mentions their early morning start, lack of sleep, recent marathon, and the luxurious first-class lounge amenities, including a custom cocktail and the best travel credit card offer.


ūüćĺ Comparing First-Class and Business-Class Amenities

The speaker details the differences between first-class and business-class experiences, highlighting the superior quality of champagne in first-class and the extensive menu. They also discuss the first-class amenity kit, which includes a shoe horn, eye mask, headphone cover, body cream, and other items. The speaker emphasizes the value of the first-class experience, despite the higher cost, and shares their excitement about the upcoming flight and the large menu of options.


ūüõŹÔłŹ First-Class Comforts and In-Flight Service

The speaker provides a tour of the first-class seat, noting the seat controls, remote for the TV, and storage compartments. They mention the spaciousness and openness of the seat but also the lack of privacy. The speaker describes receiving a thick blanket, mattress, and pillow, and comments on the absence of pajamas at that moment. They also discuss the meal service, starting with a hot towel and an appetizer, and share their appreciation for the quality of the food and wine, comparing it to the business-class experience.


ūüõę First-Class Terminal and Post-Flight Thoughts

The speaker talks about the luxurious first-class terminal and the unique experience of being transported to the plane in a Porsche. They also mention their bag being the first one on the carousel, appreciating the attention to detail from Lanza. The speaker concludes by discussing whether it's worth the extra points to upgrade to first class, emphasizing the exceptional comfort, service, and experience in first class, and how it depends on the traveler's priorities.



ūüí°First Class Lounge

A premium waiting area for passengers who have purchased first-class tickets. It typically offers a more comfortable and exclusive environment with additional services such as complimentary food and drinks, private seating, and sometimes spa or shower facilities. In the script, the narrator describes their experience in the Lanza first-class lounge, emphasizing the difference in luxury compared to the business class lounge.

ūüí°Award Availability

Refers to the seats or rooms available for booking using reward points or miles accumulated through a frequent flyer or loyalty program. The script mentions that Lanza has good award availability for flights across the Atlantic, which is significant for travelers looking to maximize the value of their loyalty points.

ūüí°Travel Credit Card

A type of credit card that offers rewards or benefits specifically for travel-related expenses, such as airfare, hotel stays, and car rentals. The script highlights a travel credit card with a sign-up bonus, which is a promotional incentive for new cardholders to earn a large number of points upon opening an account.


A luxury sparkling wine that is often associated with celebrations and premium experiences. In the context of the video, the quality of champagne is used as an indicator of the difference in service between first-class and business-class flights. The narrator compares the champagne they receive in business class to the superior quality available in first class.

ūüí°Amenity Kit

A complimentary package provided to passengers in premium travel classes, typically containing items to enhance comfort during the journey, such as skincare products, eye masks, and headphones. The script describes the first-class amenity kit in detail, noting the inclusion of items like body cream and a shoehorn, which contribute to the overall luxury experience.


The state of being free from disturbance or observation. In the context of the video, privacy is a key differentiator between first-class and business-class seating. The narrator discusses the lack of privacy in the business-class seat compared to the more enclosed, private space offered in first class.

ūüí°Meal Service

The process of serving food and beverages to passengers during a flight. The script provides a detailed account of the meal service in both business and first class, highlighting the gourmet options and fine dining experience in first class, which is a significant part of the luxury travel experience.


Sleepwear provided to passengers in first-class cabins to enhance comfort during overnight flights or long-haul journeys. In the script, the narrator mentions receiving pajamas as part of the first-class experience, which adds to the overall sense of luxury and relaxation.

ūüí°Wi-Fi Voucher

A voucher or code that allows passengers to access in-flight Wi-Fi services, often for free or at a discounted rate. The script notes the provision of a free Wi-Fi voucher in the first-class experience, which is an added perk not always guaranteed in business class.

ūüí°Storage Compartments

Spaces designated for passengers to store their personal items during a flight. The narrator comments on the storage options in both business and first-class seats, noting the limited accessibility in business class compared to the more spacious and private storage in first class.

ūüí°In-Flight Entertainment

Audio and video content provided to passengers for their enjoyment during a flight. The script discusses the in-flight entertainment system, including the remote control for the TV and the variety of content available, which is an important aspect of the passenger experience, particularly on long flights.

ūüí°Upgrade Points

Additional points or fees required to move from a lower travel class to a higher one, such as from business to first class. The narrator ponders whether the extra 30,000 points for an upgrade to first class is worth it, considering the enhanced services and comfort provided in first class.


The speaker is comparing Lanza's first class and business class experiences on a transatlantic flight.

Lanza offers good award availability for flat-bed seats across the Atlantic.

The choice between paying 70,000 points for business class or 100,000 for first class is a common dilemma for travelers.

The first class lounge experience includes a dining room with an à la carte menu and custom surprise cocktails.

A significant sign-up bonus increase for a popular travel credit card, from 60,000 to 75,000 points.

The first class experience includes being picked up in a Porsche and taken to the plane.

The quality of champagne is notably better in first class compared to business class.

First class provides a more extensive menu and higher quality food options.

The first class amenity kit includes a shoe horn, eye mask, velvety soft headphone cover, and body cream.

A hand lotion, comforting cream, socks, wooden toothbrush and toothpaste are also provided in the first class kit.

The business class seat is described as roomy and spacious, but with less privacy compared to first class.

First class offers pajamas and free Wi-Fi, while these amenities are not guaranteed or provided in business class.

The first class seat configuration provides more privacy with a privacy wall, unlike business class.

The flight attendant's service and attention to detail are more pronounced in first class.

First class passengers have access to a more luxurious bathroom with a bench and better views.

The speaker's luggage was the first to arrive at the baggage carousel after landing, a perk appreciated by the traveler.

The decision to upgrade to first class depends on the traveler's priorities and what they value in a flight experience.

The first class terminal offers its own security and a more exclusive travel experience.



I've been looking forward to this moment wow  not quite the same as the first class champagne  


I don't think my journey to the gate could be any  more opposite of what Nate is experiencing right


now good very early morning from the Lanza first  class Lounge here in Frankford if you play the  


miles and points game and you want to lay flat  flying across the Atlantic Lanza usually has  


pretty good award availability and you may be  faced with the choice is it worth paying 70,000  


for business class or 100,000 for first class  to answer that question today Cara is going to  


review lonza business class today and I will be  reviewing the first class experience because you  


know somebody has to do it and we'll be comparing  the two experiences also if I or we look a little  


tired today this journey actually started at  1:50 a.m. in Tunisia so we haven't slept very  


much but we're going to do our best to stay up  and enjoy as much of the experience as possible  


share it with you also I uh I ran a marathon 2  days ago so I'm a pretty rough shape struggling  


way more than I thought it [Music] would so  are you going to say thank you thank you for  


letting me come with you to the first class  Lounge this is one thing that Cara definitely  


wouldn't be experiencing if she was in the  business class Lounge which is this dining  


room with the allart menu I'm sure they have a  buffet with a lot of nice food options this is


definitely we didn't ask for these the uh  bartender just made us a custom surprise  


cocktail at uh a ridiculous time before we go  any further I just wanted to let you know that  


what is arguably the best travel credit card on  the market has just increased its sign up bonus  


from 60 to 75,000 points historically this card  only raises its signup bonus once per year so  


if you have room in your wallet for a new card  now is the time to sign up we will leave a link  


in the description below and it massively helps  us out if you're going to sign up for the card  


if you click that link first because we'll get a  commission and that's how we support the team here  


at Daily drop also at the beginning of the year  we surveyed all of the daily drop readers 14,000  


people responded to that survey and this was the  most popular card in Daily drop readers wallets  


because it's amazing okay let's go fly with tza  link in the description QR code on the screen if  


you want to give us credit if you sign up for  the card thank you so much okay this is where  


the experience starts to differ if you're flying  first out of Frankfurt on luk tanza you get picked  


up in a Porche and taken to your plane instead  of having to walk to your gate meanwhile I don't  


know why I do this to myself as usual I spent way  too long in the lounge and I'm on the opposite  


side of the airport yet I started boarding 1  minute ago hopefully the shuttle gets me there


quickly honestly feels so weird and  uncomfortable doing this without Cara I  


usually have somebody to point the camera  out and now I just have to point it out


myself made it the plane is still here I  don't think my journey to the gate could  


be any more opposite of what Nate  is experiencing right now gosh I'm


sweating oh it's real cheers Cara cheers  it's going to be a good flight I'm going  


to see my sister who just had a baby yesterday  congratulations yes he's so cute I'm so excited  


I was immediately greeted with a glass of  champagne which was very lovely and yes I'm  


coming to you from the toilet they've handed  out the menu so I've gotten an idea of how  


much the champagne [Music] costs not quite  the same as the first class champagne Nate  


is drinking much better than I am today the  quality of champagne is one of the really big  


differences between first and business class and  the fact that I can say that means I've ended up  


in a very different place in my life than I ever  thought I was going to I can't believe this is my


life food wine this might be the largest menu  that I've ever received on a plane they're not one  


though all right let's check out the first class  amenity kit clear bag I think that's a first we've  


got a shoe horn that car doesn't have that ey  mask velvety soft inside headphone cover nice long


long oh mg it's body cream oh I'm definitely  stealing this I have a quick disclaimer before  


we go any further I just need to make it know any  day in business class is light yours better than a  


day in economy especially when your flight is 11  hours I am so excited that being said I have had  


the opportunity to fly lons first before so just  know that this is a comparison video this is not  


me complaining about anything that I experienced  in first that I'm not experiencing in business  


obviously first is going to be better every  single time please just don't think I'm a spoil  


BR [Music] okay a hand lotion and comforting  cream socks oh and a wooden toothbrush and  


toothpaste meant to be pretty simple not much  to it I kid you not when carefully first class  


she got one of these and I stole it and it's  the brush that I've been traveling with for  


almost 2 years now earplug a mint last but not  least a wooden toothbrush they're promoting  


reusing in the bag when you get home which  I appreciate because I have quite a few of  


these that just sit in the drawer got a set  a pajamas and also a free Wi-Fi voucher the  


fact that you pay thousands of dollars for a  business class or for first class ticket and  


this isn't guaranteed is crazy to me but I'm  very grateful that Li Tazza provides [Music]


it all right now that we're up above the cloud  so let me give you a quick tour around the seat  


down in my right armrest we have all of the  seat controls in my left armrest we have the  


remote for the TV which is good because there's  no way you're reaching it like a touch screen and  


over by the windows there are two compartments  for storage and then up in front you got your  


TV which I would say is a very normal siiz TV  for first or business class however it's so far  


away that it almost Stills small also this has  to be one of the roomiest seats flying in the  


sky super open Super spacious but with that comes  the drawback of a lack of privacy with that said  


I have not tried out my privacy about it yet so if  I lean back I'm kind of in my own cocoon but like  


if I lean up like I'm eating or something I can  still see everybody I feel very exposed in lons  


at first you have like a privacy wall and you're  basically in your own little cocoon that's not the  


case here there is very little privacy they gave  us these really nice blankets very thick and a  


mattress this pillow is pretty squishy too however  there are no PJs days at least not yet there  


really isn't a ton of storage for just personal  items that are easy to access under the armrest  


there's a teeny tiny slot for the headphones then  there's a remote for the TV and that's about it  


even though I don't love this seat configuration  compared to first class because I feel just a  


little exposed and quite awkward filming so I  really hope you enjoy this video I like being  


in the middle aisle because I don't have to go  over anyone to get to the restroom and nobody  


has to squeeze over me however there is tons of  space heaps of like room you're just really cozy  


with your neighbor and if you don't know your  neighbor it's a little awkward meal service has  


begun they are serving a 2016 Bordeaux which is  one of my personal favorites when I got to fly  


first class my flight attendant literally poured  me a red wine tasting not sure I'll be doing that  


on this flight but I am going to enjoy this class  good stuff the meal service started out with a hot  


towel and an appetizer of tomato zucchini and  hummus with another glass of champagne you feel


that starter of fancy cavar is definitely  something that sets the first class experience  


apart from business but honestly I think I'm  equally excited about my first pretzel ever on  


an airplane I could use the mustard but that  is a good pretzel I ordered the special asan  


vegetarian meal y looks like I'm starting with  a little Mesi plate of hummus some kind of yummy  


grain salad maybe babaan and those delicious  grape leaf wrapped rice things got some peer  


bread on the side a bowl of fruit some kind  of spicy like kingi kind of smelling stuff  


and warm bread very happy about this it's  just fun because I only eat this on super  


special occasions it's not even that I love  cavy it's just the memories that it brings  


back I do miss you car and I wish that you were  here to enjoy this with me so I pre-ordered the  


vegetarian meal and this is an Asian inspired  NZ we have cooked eggplant Bob and I believe  


pickle radish cooked pineapple and Pila got to  go for the bobos first oh God the Boba good is  


definitely the star of the show and last  but not least for my main I got the roast  


cauliflower with quinoa and potato puree AKA  mashed potatoes these uh toasted basil leaves  


on top really take it to the next level for my M  I have a beautiful plate of lots of rice Curry and


veggies so good definitely eating this whole thing  K and I have been texting and she sent me a bottle  


of the Bordeaux that she's drinking I just looked  both of them up this bottle cost $150 and her  


cost 25 the budget backpack G me does love  knowing that I'm drinking the most expensive  


wine on the wine list and getting the most  value possible out of this flight I think  


these are sweet potato chips on top and it's  just kind of weird to have it on top of like  


what I would expect to be a fancy meal kind of a  weird combo of things going on here if for being


honest ending my meal with a little  cheese plate I'm sorry for the acccident


a very large mirror a normal sink have a  body cream mouthwash deodorant spray facial


mest how for you car I was wrong look they have  earplugs and eye mask plus hand disinfection wipes  


mouth wash and this super yummy lotion I'm really  digging the lighting in here as well we have these  


mood lights pretty typical sink typical toilet  always appreciate buing Mir and then we've got a  


couple drawers with a few other amenities towels  ooh free collaps cone some more facial Mist Cas  


in a shave it really like that the toilet turns  into a bench have a nice view from the bathroom  


wow love that par first class and then if you  need to change clothes or maybe change a baby  


you have this little table that PS down on the  wall all right and those are the Lanza first class  


pajamas little small I can't put my arms down I  remember car's being like blue and white pretty  


unique I'm never going to complain about all black  those are the team colors these are like the best  


favor towels I've ever felt they literally feel  like a tow solid toothpaste as well I'm going to  


attempt to set alarm and only sleep for a couple  hours usually n's the one that wakes me up I just  


sleep all the way to Dallas while I was changing  into my PJs the flight attendant made my bed she  


put a mattress topper on it I've got this huge  stupid a and if I'm being honest I've been looking  


forward to this moment oh ever since I got onto  the [Applause] plane morning 4 and 1/2 hours left  


on the flight pretty proud of myself for waking  up woke up to a breakfast sandwich and a hot cup  


of coffee life is good in business class okay I  have a confession I'm usually pretty easy to pleas  


but that was the worst sandwich I've ever had the  bottom of the sandwich was soggy and the Tomato in  


the middle was frozen I tried to eat it I really  did just going to finish my coffee and the office  


meanwhile only 2 hours left in the flight and  I think I smell food I'm so excited I've been  


feeling really guilty for what I said about the  sandwich I mean it was really bad this is just a


review this bed is amazing I think I could have  slept for 24 hours straight there's so much space  


Oh and the mattress pad was everything there's  no way I can eat anything else wow I'm getting  


a whole new meal not going to lie it looks  exactly like my first meal which I love so  


I'm not complaining it was delicious wow Curry and  my fifth episode of The Office what an amazing day


perfect I was wrong it's not the same looks  like the other Curry might be the same from  


lunch no what potato Curry on the other side  this is amazing one other really nice thing  


about flying in first is that there's only  eight seats and two bathrooms so they're never


crowded thank you so much you very much was  amazing nine very short hours later we have landed  


in Chicago and I would happily get back on that  plane turn around and do it all again if given a  


chance so is it worth an extra 30,000 points to  upgrade I think that totally depends on what you  


want out of your flight if you just want to get  somewhere comfortably and well rested for your  


trip save the points fly business class business  class is exceptional I've had the best day you  


have so much like space the wine is delicious the  food is delicious the service is great obviously a  


thousand times better than economy every single  time but if you look forward to the flight  


experience almost as much as the trip like I do I  think it is totally worth an extra 30,000 points  


to upgrade to first class because it is a true  experience that first class Lounge is just nuts  


especially if you go to the first class terminal  where you have your own security not to mention  


the ride to the plane not quite the same as a  private Porche ride then there's all the little  


details like a better Infinity kit the pajamas  the comy bed Center wine options are so much  


more expensive you just get so much more attention  in first class they're always checking in filling  


your drinks um I feel ridiculous to even saying  this but this is a comparison to Y it's hard  


research somebody's got to do it also this never  happens but my bag was actually the first one on  


the carousel I really appreciate that Lanza so  hopefully this helped if you're trying to make  


that decision or at least you were entertained  we'll be in Dallas soon where now I get to go  


meet my brand new de yay hope you enjoyed this  video we will see you on this channel again


soon not tempted actually slightly sented maybe I  would say looks are 7 out of 10 tastes is 10 out


10 don't put that in there haed


thought oh

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