SOFI TUKKER - Throw Some Ass (Official Music Video)

3 May 202403:07


TLDRThe video script appears to be a lyrical narrative, possibly from a song, that explores themes of seeking relief from pain and the exhilaration of a momentary escape. The protagonist expresses frustration with conventional treatments and hints at a newfound method that provides temporary relief, suggesting a sense of euphoria. The lyrics are repetitive, emphasizing the pleasure derived from this newfound discovery, which seems to involve a rhythmic or physical act that could metaphorically 'clap' or 'turn around'. The mention of 'giving the old man a heart attack' and 'freeing the mind' adds a layer of intensity and possibly a nod to the risks or thrills associated with the act. The music interludes suggest a rhythmic and energetic backdrop, enhancing the overall mood of the piece.


  • 💊 The individual is seeking a stronger solution for their pain, indicating they have tried various treatments without success.
  • 💰 There is a mention of financial expenditure on treatments such as Cortisone, suggesting a significant investment in finding relief.
  • 🎲 The script implies a discovery of a new method that provides temporary relief, with a sense of excitement or risk involved.
  • 👏 A metaphorical 'clap' is requested, possibly referring to a desired intense or impactful effect from the new method.
  • 👴 The phrase 'give the old man a heart attack' is used, which could be a metaphor for the powerful impact or a warning of potential risks.
  • 🧘 'Free your mind' is mentioned, suggesting that the new method might have a mental or emotional component, or it could be a form of escapism.
  • 🎶 The presence of music in the background implies a rhythmic or energetic aspect to the experience being described.
  • 🚫 There is a cautionary tone, as the individual seems to be aware of the potential dangers or side effects of the new method.
  • 🤔 The repetition of 'feels so good' indicates a strong desire for relief and a positive sensation associated with the new method.
  • 🌀 The phrase 'turn it around' could symbolize a change in approach or a new perspective in dealing with the pain.
  • ⚡ 'It make CL some fast it down' is a bit unclear but might suggest a rapid change or effect that the new method provides.

Q & A

  • What does the speaker seem to be seeking from the person they are addressing?

    -The speaker appears to be seeking a stronger solution or remedy for their pain, as they have tried everything else offered without success.

  • What does the phrase 'I've spent money I turned Cortisone' suggest about the speaker's actions?

    -This suggests that the speaker has invested money and possibly tried a medical treatment like Cortisone, which is a steroid hormone used to reduce inflammation and suppress the immune system.

  • What does the line 'it feels so good to throw some turn it around' imply?

    -This line is somewhat ambiguous, but it could imply that the speaker has discovered a new method or substance that provides temporary relief or pleasure, which they are referring to as 'throwing some' and 'turning it around.'

  • What is the significance of the phrase 'can you make it clap'?

    -The phrase 'can you make it clap' is an idiomatic expression often used in music and could mean intensifying the experience or effect, possibly asking for a stronger or more impactful version of whatever they are referring to.

  • Why might the speaker be concerned about 'giving the old man a heart attack'?

    -This could be an expression of concern about the intensity or potential risks associated with the remedy or experience they are seeking. It suggests that the effects could be extreme or potentially harmful.

  • What does 'free your mind' in the context of the script imply?

    -The phrase 'free your mind' often refers to liberating oneself from constraints or worries. In this script, it could imply that the speaker is seeking a state of mental relief or escape from their pain.

  • What might be the reason behind the repetition of the phrase 'feels so good'?

    -The repetition emphasizes the speaker's desire for relief and the pleasure they are seeking, which is possibly a temporary escape from their pain or discomfort.

  • What does the line 'down some, it make CL some fast it down' suggest about the speaker's state of mind?

    -This line is not entirely clear, but it suggests a desire for quick relief or a rapid change in their current state, possibly indicating desperation or urgency.

  • How does the use of music in the script enhance the overall message?

    -The music serves as a backdrop to the speaker's words, potentially enhancing the emotional intensity and emphasizing the desire for relief and escape.

  • What could be the reason for the speaker's focus on the physical sensation of 'throwing some turn it around'?

    -The focus on physical sensation might indicate that the speaker is seeking a tangible solution to their pain, possibly through a physical activity or substance that provides temporary relief.

  • What is the overall tone of the script, and how does it reflect the speaker's emotional state?

    -The overall tone is one of desperation and longing for relief, reflecting the speaker's emotional state as being in significant discomfort and seeking any means possible to alleviate it.



🤔 Seeking Stronger Pain Relief

The speaker expresses dissatisfaction with the current pain relief methods offered and their ineffectiveness despite the expenditure. They mention trying Cortisone and honey, and suggest a new approach that feels good when 'thrown around'. There's a playful and somewhat cryptic reference to 'clapping' and 'freeing the mind', which could be interpreted as a metaphor for a new form of relief or a change in perspective. The paragraph ends with a repeated emphasis on the positive feeling associated with this new method.




Pain is a sensory and emotional experience that is typically associated with actual or potential tissue damage. In the context of the video, it is mentioned that 'I'm still in pain,' which suggests the speaker is seeking relief from a persistent discomfort or distress, possibly physical or emotional.


Cortisone is a type of medication that is often used to reduce inflammation and suppress the immune system. It is mentioned in the script as something the speaker has 'spent money on' and 'tried,' indicating it was an attempt to alleviate their pain without success.


Honey is a natural sweetener that has been used for its medicinal properties, including its potential to soothe and heal. In the script, 'honey' is mentioned in conjunction with 'Cortisone,' suggesting it might have been used as a home remedy or complementary treatment to the medical one.

💡Throw it around

The phrase 'throw it around' is colloquial and can mean to move something with force or to distribute something widely. In the video, it seems to be used metaphorically to describe a feeling of release or letting go, possibly of pain or stress.


Clap is the sound made by striking two objects together, typically hands. In the context of the video, 'make it clap' could be a metaphor for creating a moment of impact or a significant change, perhaps in the speaker's condition or state of mind.

💡Heart attack

A heart attack, medically known as a myocardial infarction, occurs when blood flow to a part of the heart is blocked. In the script, 'give the old man a heart attack' is likely used figuratively to express a strong reaction or shock, possibly indicating a sudden or intense change in the speaker's situation.

💡Free your mind

The phrase 'free your mind' is often associated with letting go of constraints, worries, or negative thoughts. In the video, it could be related to the theme of mental liberation or overcoming mental barriers, which might be part of the speaker's journey towards relief or healing.

💡Feel so good

This phrase is a subjective expression of pleasure, relief, or satisfaction. It is repeated several times in the script, emphasizing the speaker's desire for a positive emotional state or the experience of relief from pain.


Music is an art form that involves the organized production of sound. Its mention in the script, bracketed by brackets, suggests that the video includes musical elements, which might be integral to the theme of finding relief or joy.


The term 'ass' is slang for the buttocks and can be used in a humorous or derogatory context. In the video, it seems to be used in a light-hearted or playful manner, possibly as part of a metaphor or a punchline.


The word 'some' is used to indicate an unspecified amount or number. In the script, it is used in a few instances, often preceding nouns to suggest an unspecified quantity of something that might be contributing to the speaker's experience.

💡Fast it down

The phrase 'fast it down' is not a standard English expression and could be a creative or colloquial way of saying to speed up or intensify something. In the video, it might refer to increasing the pace or intensity of an action or feeling to achieve a desired outcome.


The individual is seeking something stronger due to persistent pain.

Mentions of trying various treatments like Cortisone and honey.

A sense of discovery and relief is conveyed through the lyrics.

The phrase 'throw some turn it around' suggests a change or a new approach.

The desire for a profound experience is expressed with 'make it clap'.

The phrase 'give the old man a heart attack' is a metaphor for intensity.

The concept of freeing the mind is repeated, indicating its importance.

The repetition of 'feels so good' emphasizes the pursuit of relief or pleasure.

The line 'free the mind' is paired with music, suggesting a connection between music and mental liberation.

The mention of 'some ass' could be interpreted as a colloquial expression for a certain type of relief or enjoyment.

The lyric 'it make CL some fast it down' is unclear but suggests a rapid change or effect.

The repetition of 'feel so good too' indicates a shared or universal experience.

The use of music brackets [Music] suggests breaks or transitions in the song.

The lyrics imply a strong emotional or physical reaction to the subject matter.

There is a focus on the physical sensation and the desire for relief from pain.

The phrase 'I think I figured out a way' indicates a personal breakthrough or solution.

The lyrics suggest a possible therapeutic aspect of music or rhythm.



hey can you give me something


stronger I've tried everything you


offered but I'm still in


pain I've spent


money I turned Cortisone and


honey last night I got lucky


I think I figured out a


way it feels so good to throw some turn


it around can you make it clap give the


old man a heart attack free your mind


when you throw it back it feels so good




there some ass free the mind






feel so good to throw


some turn it around can you make it clap


give the old man a heart attack free


your mind when you throw it back it


feels so


good feel so




down some


it make CL some fast it down


the feel so


good feel so good too




I feel so good too