Ian Asher, SB19, Terry Zhong 'MOONLIGHT' Music Video

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3 May 202403:04


TLDRThe video script captures a romantic and intimate atmosphere, with the recurring theme of 'Moonlight' symbolizing the special moments shared between two people. The lyrics express a deep emotional connection and desire, with the couple's affectionate interactions and the feeling of being together in the moonlight being highlighted as their 'favorite feeling.' The song's chorus emphasizes a sense of unity and togetherness, suggesting a strong bond and mutual adoration. The narrative is set against the backdrop of a night spent in love, with the shadows on the ceiling serving as a metaphor for their shared experiences and the intimacy they share.


  • 🎶 The song emphasizes a strong emotional connection between two people, suggesting intimacy and shared experiences.
  • 💑 There is a recurring theme of togetherness, with the lyrics often referring to 'you and me', highlighting the bond between the individuals.
  • 🌙 The moonlight is a central motif, symbolizing the special moments and feelings that the couple shares.
  • 🤗 The lyrics express a desire for physical closeness and affection, with phrases like 'my hands around your waist'.
  • 🎉 There is a sense of enjoyment and fun in the activities that the couple engages in, as indicated by the repeated phrase 'doing what we do'.
  • 🕒 The song spans different times of the day, from 'night' to 'morning', indicating a continuous and enduring connection.
  • 💭 The mention of 'secrets' and 'hiding a feel' suggests an element of mystery or privacy in the relationship.
  • 🎵 The use of 'la la' and other onomatopoeic phrases adds a playful and light-hearted tone to the song.
  • 🎉 The song's chorus is repetitive, reinforcing the central themes of love and togetherness throughout the piece.
  • 🌟 The 'shadows on the ceiling' is a recurring image, which could symbolize the couple's shared dreams or the patterns they create together.
  • 🎶 The overall mood of the song is romantic and dreamy, with a focus on the emotional and physical aspects of a loving relationship.

Q & A

  • What is the central theme of the lyrics?

    -The central theme of the lyrics is a romantic and intimate connection between two individuals, with a focus on their shared experiences and feelings in the moonlight.

  • What is the significance of the moonlight in the lyrics?

    -The moonlight is a recurring motif that symbolizes the intimate and romantic moments shared between the two individuals, creating a serene and favored atmosphere for their love.

  • What does the phrase 'Shadows on the ceiling' represent?

    -The phrase 'Shadows on the ceiling' likely refers to the physical manifestation of their intimate moments, casting a visual representation of their connection onto the ceiling.

  • What does the singer express about their emotions towards the other person?

    -The singer expresses a deep desire and longing for the other person, wanting them in every way and indicating a strong emotional connection.

  • What is the tone of the lyrics?

    -The tone of the lyrics is passionate and tender, conveying a sense of love and intimacy between the two individuals.

  • What is the role of the music in the script?

    -The music serves as a backdrop to the lyrics, enhancing the emotional depth and setting the mood for the intimate moments described.

  • What does the phrase 'my desires taking over my emotions' imply?

    -This phrase suggests that the singer's physical desires are so strong that they are overwhelming their emotional responses, indicating a powerful attraction.

  • What is the significance of the repeated phrase 'doing what we do in the Moonlight'?

    -The repeated phrase emphasizes the importance and the favored moments that the couple shares under the moonlight, which are central to their relationship.

  • What does the singer suggest about their relationship with the other person?

    -The singer suggests a deep and intimate relationship, where they have been 'loving you baby all night,' indicating a long-lasting and passionate connection.

  • Why does the singer mention 'keeping a secret'?

    -The mention of 'keeping a secret' implies that there is an element of privacy and exclusivity in their relationship, suggesting a shared understanding that is not openly disclosed.

  • What is the overall message of the lyrics?

    -The overall message of the lyrics is the celebration of a deep, intimate, and passionate love shared between two individuals, particularly during their moments together in the moonlight.



🎶 Romantic Moments in Moonlight

The first paragraph of the script is a lyrical expression of intimate moments shared between two individuals. It speaks of a closeness that is not openly displayed but deeply felt, with a desire that transcends into emotions. The lyrics emphasize a longing for physical closeness, as indicated by the phrase 'want you in every way.' The setting is a romantic one, taking place under the moonlight, which is described as a favorite feeling, suggesting a serene and intimate atmosphere. The repetition of 'doing what we do in the moonlight' and 'shadows on the ceiling' creates a sense of a recurring, cherished experience between the two people. The music in the background adds to the emotional depth of the scene, making it a memorable and affectionate encounter.




In the context of the script, 'pH' is likely used metaphorically to represent a close, intimate connection between two people. The term 'pH' is scientifically used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, but here it could symbolize the balance or harmony between two individuals' emotions or personalities. The script does not provide a direct example of 'pH' being used in a literal sense.


Emotions are a critical aspect of the video's theme, as they are mentioned in relation to the feelings one has for another person. The term 'emotions' refers to the complex mental and physical state resulting from one's affective experiences. In the script, emotions are portrayed as overwhelming and influential, driving the actions and desires of the speaker, as seen in the line 'my desires taking over my emotions'.


The term 'Moonlight' is repeatedly used in the script and serves as a central image. It symbolizes the romantic and intimate setting where the actions described in the song take place. Moonlight often represents a serene and enchanting atmosphere, which aligns with the romantic theme of the video. For example, 'I like doing what we do in the Moonlight' suggests shared activities and experiences that are heightened by the ambiance of the moonlit night.


In the script, 'shadows' are used to create a visual and emotional image. Shadows on the ceiling or scene could imply the intimacy and closeness of the two individuals, as their shadows merge and intertwine. Shadows can also evoke a sense of mystery and allure, which complements the romantic and passionate tone of the video. The line 'you and me as Shadows on the ceiling' illustrates this concept, suggesting a shared, private moment between the two subjects.


The act of 'loving' is a central theme in the script, denoting the affectionate and intimate relationship between the individuals involved. 'Loving' is a broad term that encompasses various forms of love, including romantic love, deep affection, and emotional attachment. The script emphasizes the ongoing and all-consuming nature of this love, as indicated by 'I've been loving you baby all night,' which highlights the duration and intensity of the speaker's feelings.


Desire is a powerful emotion that is closely tied to the theme of the video. It refers to a strong feeling of wanting or wishing for something to happen. In the context of the script, desire is portrayed as a driving force behind the speaker's actions and feelings towards the other person. The line 'my desires taking over my emotions' illustrates how desire can be so strong that it governs one's emotional state.


The word 'motion' in the script likely refers to the act of setting something in motion or initiating action. It can be seen as a metaphor for the beginning of a sequence of events or emotions, particularly in the context of a romantic encounter. The phrase 'put it in motion' suggests that the speaker is ready to act on their feelings or desires, as indicated by 'my desires taking over my emotions'.


A 'secret' in the context of the script represents something that is meant to be kept hidden or unknown to others. It adds an element of intrigue and intimacy to the relationship being described. The line 'I keep a secret we can hide' implies that there is a shared secret between the two individuals, which could be a special moment, feeling, or aspect of their relationship that they choose not to reveal to others.


In the script, 'scream' is used in a figurative sense, likely to express the intensity of the speaker's feelings or the depth of their emotional connection. It could also imply a moment of passion or release. The phrase 'want you to scream my name' suggests a level of intimacy and desire where the speaker wants to be acknowledged and remembered by the other person in a significant way.


The mention of 'morning' in the script extends the timeframe of the romantic and intimate activities from night into the following day. It implies a continuation or endurance of the feelings and actions described. 'Morning' can also symbolize a new beginning or a fresh start, suggesting that the speaker's affection for the other person is enduring and not limited to the nighttime hours, as seen in 'doing what we do in the morning'.


The term 'feeling' is central to the script, as it relates to the emotional experience of the individuals involved. 'Feeling' encompasses a wide range of emotions and sensations, from love and desire to more subtle emotional states. The script uses 'feeling' to convey the depth of the emotional connection between the two subjects, such as in 'that's my favorite feeling,' which indicates a cherished emotional state associated with their time together.


it's in the moments when your pH is next, to mine

my desires taking over my emotions

want you in every way

squee my name with my hands around your waist

I've been loving you baby all night

you and me as Shadows on the ceiling

that's my favorite feeling

no you don't want to give me any reasons

show me what to do

we can hide a feel in between us

why you to scam my name with my hands around your waist

doing what we do in the Moonlight

you and me are Shadows on the scene

that's my favor we feeling

doing what we do in the morning

doing what we do in the Moonlight

I'll be loving you baby all night





it's in the moments when your pH is next


to mine and we don't show it but we're


thinking of the times so put it in


motion my desires taking over my


emotions my emotions want you in


every way want you to


squee my name with my hands


around your way yeah I la la like doing


what we do in the


moonight I've been loving you baby all


night baby you and me as Shadows on the


steing that's my favorite feeling yeah I


like doing what we do in the


Moonlight I've been loving you baby all


night baby you and me Shadows on the


ceiling that's my favorite feeling yeah


la la doing what we do the


moon what we do the Moon




no you don't want to give me any


reasons show me what to do I keep a


secret we can hide a feel in between US


just do and me I never leave want you in


every way why you to


scam my name with my hands


around your waist yeah I like


light doing what we do in the


Moonlight I've been loving you baby all


night you and me are Shadows on the


ceiling that's my favorite feeling




yeah doing what we do in the


Moonlight I'll be loving you baby all


night baby you and me the Shadows on the


scene that's my favor we feeling yeah I


like doing what we do in the




morning doing what we do




the doing what we do in the Moonlight