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6 May 202403:54


TLDRIn a thrilling boxing match, Luis 'The Monster' Nery demonstrates his superior technique and punching power, achieving a first-round knockdown against his opponent, Inway. Despite Inway's attempts to improve his strategy by using his jab and feinting, Nery continues to capitalize on Inway's poor fundamentals. Nery's tactical approach, including a left hook that scores another knockdown, showcases his skill. With under 30 seconds remaining, Nery's right hand combination proves to be the potential finisher, leading to Inway's collapse and Nery's victory by knockout. Nery retains his title as the Undefeated Undisputed Super Bantamweight Champion of the World, with an impressive record of 27 wins and 24 knockouts, proving once again his prowess and the entertainment value he brings to the sport.


  • 🥊 Luis Nery scores a first-round knockdown with a powerful uppercut, showcasing his punching power.
  • 📉 Nery's opponent, Inway, tends to drop his opposite hand when throwing a left, indicating poor fundamentals.
  • 🚀 Nery capitalizes on this habit, landing a good right hand and staying out of position, showing his adaptability.
  • 🔥 Nery gets into the groove, with anticipation increasing for Inway to change his strategy.
  • 🤛 Nery uses his jab effectively, another weapon in his arsenal.
  • 🕰️ With under 30 seconds left, Nery is one of the great closers in boxing history.
  • 🥇 Nery withstands a strong offensive effort from Inway, demonstrating his resilience.
  • 💥 A left hook from Nery scores another knockdown, highlighting his accuracy and power.
  • 👀 Nery notices a gap in Inway's defense and exploits it with a well-timed right hand.
  • 🗣️ Tim and Tess discuss a potential finisher, and Nery delivers with a right hand that crumbles Inway.
  • 🏆 Naoya "Monster" Inoue wins by knockout and remains the undefeated and undisputed super bantamweight champion.
  • 📈 Inoue's record stands at an impressive 27 wins and 0 losses, with 24 knockouts, a testament to his consistent performance.

Q & A

  • Who scored a first round knockdown in the described boxing match?

    -Luis 'The Monster' Inoue scored a first round knockdown.

  • What was identified as a poor fundamental habit in the script?

    -When Inway tends to throw a left hand, the opposite hand tends to drop, which is considered a poor fundamental habit.

  • What was the strategy of 'The Monster' in the fight?

    -The Monster was taking advantage of his opponent's poor fundamental habits, using a forward shift and a good right hand to fill the gap.

  • What did the commentator suggest Inway needed to do to change things up?

    -The commentator suggested that Inway needed to start fainting and using his jab to change things up.

  • How did 'The Monster' manage to score another knockdown?

    -The Monster managed to score another knockdown by landing a left hook that took advantage of his opponent's poor defensive habits.

  • What was the significance of the right hand combination from 'The Monster'?

    -The right hand combination from 'The Monster' was significant as it led to his opponent crumbling and ultimately resulted in a knockout victory.

  • Who is the Undefeated Undisputed Super Bantamweight Champion of the world mentioned in the script?

    -Naoya 'The Monster' Inoue is the Undefeated Undisputed Super Bantamweight Champion of the world.

  • What was the record of the champion after the fight?

    -After the fight, the champion's record was 27 wins and 0 losses, with 24 knockouts.

  • What was the commentator's opinion on the level of technique displayed by 'The Monster'?

    -The commentator believed that 'The Monster' displayed a different level of technique, highlighting the brilliance of his short right hand and uppercut.

  • What was the final outcome of the fight as described in the script?

    -The final outcome of the fight was a knockout victory for 'The Monster', who remained the Undefeated Undisputed Super Bantamweight Champion of the world.

  • What was the commentator's closing remark about the sport and 'The Monster'?

    -The commentator's closing remark was that the sport has seen one of the greatest, most entertaining rides in some time and encouraged the audience to come aboard and appreciate it.

  • How did 'The Monster' handle the offensive effort from his opponent?

    -Despite the offensive effort from his opponent, 'The Monster' stood up to it, showing calmness in the storm and finding gaps to land his powerful punches.



🥊 First Round Knockdown and Inway's Dominance

The paragraph describes a boxing match where the fighter 'Inway' is not intimidated by his opponent's punching power. Inway scores a first-round knockout against 'Luis ner' with a well-executed uppercut. It's noted that Luis ner has poor defensive habits, often dropping his guard when throwing a punch. Inway capitalizes on this, landing a good right hand and controlling the fight. Despite Luis ner's attempt to change tactics, Inway continues to land significant strikes, including another knockdown with a left hook. As the round nears its end, Luis ner faces an uphill battle against a formidable opponent known for his closing prowess. Inway remains composed amidst the chaos, finding gaps in Luis ner's defense and landing powerful punches. The paragraph concludes with Inway delivering a knockout blow, solidifying his status as the undefeated and undisputed super bantamweight champion of the world with an impressive record of 27 wins and 24 knockouts.




A knockdown in boxing occurs when a fighter is struck by an opponent's blow in such a way that they are forced to fall to the floor. In the script, 'knockdown' is a crucial event that signifies a moment of victory for the fighter 'Inway', as he manages to knock down his opponent 'Luis Nery' in the first round, setting the tone for the rest of the fight.


An uppercut is a type of punch thrown from the bottom up in boxing. It is a powerful and often decisive move. In the provided transcript, 'uppercut' is mentioned as a key technique used by 'Inway' to score a knockdown against 'Luis Nery', highlighting its effectiveness in the fight.

💡Fundamental Habits

Fundamental habits in boxing refer to the basic techniques and defensive postures that a fighter should maintain. The script points out 'poor fundamental habits' of 'Nery', where his left hand tends to drop when he throws a punch, which 'Inway' exploits to his advantage, showcasing the importance of maintaining proper boxing fundamentals.


Anticipation in a boxing context is the ability to predict an opponent's moves and react accordingly. The script suggests that 'Nery' needs to improve his 'anticipation' to counter 'Inway's' strategy, emphasizing the mental aspect of the sport and the need for quick thinking and adaptability.


A jab is a quick, straight punch thrown with the lead hand in boxing. It is often used to set up more powerful punches. The transcript indicates that 'Nery' should start using his 'jab' to change up his strategy, illustrating the jab's role in controlling the pace and distance in a fight.


In boxing, 'fainting' refers to feinting or pretending to throw a punch to deceive the opponent. The script suggests that 'Nery' should start 'fainting' to confuse 'Inway', which is a tactic to create openings for more effective attacks.


Technique in boxing pertains to the manner in which a fighter executes their punches, footwork, and defensive movements. The transcript describes 'Inway' as having a 'different level of technique', particularly highlighting his short, powerful punches that lead to a knockdown, emphasizing the significance of skillful execution in boxing.


In the context of the script, 'monster' is a nickname for the boxer 'Naoya Inoue', emphasizing his formidable and dominant presence in the ring. The term is used to convey his strength and the awe-inspiring nature of his performance, as he remains undefeated and continues to win with knockouts.

💡Super Bantamweight Champion

The term 'Super Bantamweight Champion' refers to the top boxer in the super bantamweight division, which is a weight class in professional boxing. The script mentions 'Naoya Inoue' as the 'Undefeated Undisputed Super Bantamweight Champion of the World', indicating his status as the best in his weight class and his dominance in the sport.


A knockout is a victory achieved when a boxer incapacitates their opponent to the point that they cannot continue the fight. The transcript notes 'Naoya Inoue's' record of '27 and 0 with 24 Knockouts', highlighting his propensity for ending fights with knockouts and his success in the ring.


In the context of the script, 'entertainment' refers to the thrilling and engaging nature of the boxing matches involving 'Naoya Inoue'. The commentator encourages viewers to 'come aboard' and experience the excitement, emphasizing the sport's appeal beyond just the competitive aspect.


Luis Nery scores a first-round knockdown with a powerful punch.

Nery demonstrates poor fundamental habits by dropping his opposite hand when throwing a punch.

Nery commits and is out of position, allowing his opponent to capitalize.

The opponent, Inway, returns to favor with a forward shift and a good right hand.

Inway is getting comfortable and finding his groove, prompting Nery to change tactics.

Inway uses a jab effectively, splitting Nery's guard.

Nery is taking advantage of Inway's poor fundamentals, softening him up for further attacks.

Inway attempts to draw Nery in with a showboat move before landing a powerful punch.

Nery scores another knockdown with a left hook under 30 seconds to go.

Facing one of the great closers in boxing history, Nery remains calm under pressure.

Inway finds a gap and lands a lead hand, but Nery counters effectively.

Nery dips under a punch and lands a short, powerful right hand.

Inway withstands Nery's offensive effort but is met with a right hand combination.

Nery crumbles under the pressure, and the 'monster' roars with a knockout victory.

Naoya Inue remains the undefeated and undisputed super bantamweight champion of the world.

Inue's performance is described as one of the most entertaining in recent boxing history.

Inue boasts an impressive record of 27 wins and 0 losses, with 24 knockouts.

The lower weight classes are not fully recognized by the mainstream, but Inue's performance is a spectacle.



n right now doesn't seem spooked by the


punching power


oh there it is anyway goes


down Luis ner with a first round


knockdown of the monster see the small


uppercut right there but you see when


inway tends to throw one hand that left


hand the opposite hand tends to drop


poor fundamental habits right there when


any way commits he's out of position


there away returns to favor ner again on


the attack coming forward reaching with


that left hand you see him forward shift


and inway right there just filling that


Gap good right hand anyway now he


getting comfortable getting in the


groove oh there's another one Timmy yeah


he's getting in the groove now


anticipation is on N better change


things up he better start fainting start


using his jab oh it's another one that


splits the guard anyway seems to be


soften him up right now he's just taking


advantage of those poor fundamental


habits oh look at this little show Buton


trying to draw him in and then firing


off like that it is there's the risk


with no reward left hook scores the




again under 30 seconds to go facing one


of the great closers in recent boxing


history here comes the monster


right hand stood up to it for the


moment in way on the


attack being calm in the storm you see


right there just found a little Gap


right there lead hand is down of ner on




inside in way noticing that he's


attempted there just missed Off the Mark


but he dips under you see his eyes he's


looking right at ner he sees those hands


pull away from that face from short


distance like that with that much torque


that much


power it's brilliant stuff right there


from inway stands up to that offensive


effort from inway from ner and Fir oh


right hand combination up top what do


you see as a potential finisher here Tim


there the right hand he just answered


the question as ner has crumbled and the


monster has roared


he's done it


again there are not enough superlatives


to paint on this performance from the


second round on no not at all and that


finish right there I mean what what do


you say Tess look at the way


ner hit the canvas knees


buckled got hit with an uppercut short


uppercut right there on the inside but


then that short right hand has that type


of effect like gosh that's just


different level of of of technique right


there is the winner by way of knockout


and still The Undefeated Undisputed


super bantamweight champion of the world






in only because of the lower weight


classes do the mainstreams not realize


what they are seeing but come aboard


folks because this is one of the Great


most entertaining rides that the sport


has seen in some time 27 and0 24


Knockouts and he does it time and time



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