Trump said WHAT after voting yesterday?

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20 Mar 202407:47


TLDRIn a recent event in Florida, Donald Trump dismissed Mike Pence's lack of endorsement and faced questions about funding for his fraud trial. Trump claimed financial stability despite allegations of cash flow issues. His comments on Jews voting for Democrats stirred controversy, as he suggested it indicated self-hatred and a threat to Israel. Melania Trump, seen rarely in public, hinted at a possible return to the campaign trail with her ambiguous response, 'Stay tuned.'


  • ūüó≥ÔłŹ Donald Trump voted for himself in Florida and dismissed Mike Pence's lack of endorsement as unimportant.
  • ūüí¨ Trump insulted Pence and made controversial statements during a press conference.
  • ūüé• Melania Trump, who has been largely absent from campaign events, was spotted voting in Florida but did not commit to future campaign appearances.
  • ūüíį Trump was questioned about his financial ability to handle the bond for his fraud trial, to which he responded vaguely about his company's cash flow and the alleged 'rigged trial'.
  • ūüö® Trump accused Democrats of being against Jewish people and Israel, citing Senator Schumer's actions as 'disgraceful'.
  • ūü§Ě Trump claimed that Democrats have been very opposed to Jewish people and Israel, without providing specific evidence.
  • ūüďļ The transcript is from a Fox News broadcast, which has not extensively covered the news of Pence not endorsing Trump.
  • ūü§Ē There is speculation about Melania Trump's true feelings towards her husband's campaign and her potential involvement.
  • ūüí≠ Trump's fundraising and financial situation is a concern, with potential donors wary of where their money might end up.
  • ūüĆź The situation between Trump and Pence is described as 'unprecedented', highlighting a significant rift between a former president and vice president.

Q & A

  • What was Donald Trump's reaction to Mike Pence not endorsing him?

    -Donald Trump stated that he 'couldn't care less' about Mike Pence not endorsing him.

  • How did Trump describe the bond money situation in his fraud trial?

    -Trump claimed to have plenty of cash but suggested that there are attempts to take it away from him.

  • What is the significance of Mike Pence not endorsing Trump?

    -It is unusual and significant because it represents a major rift between a vice president and a president, which is not common in political history.

  • What did Trump say about the state of the country and its need for strong people?

    -Trump expressed concern about the country going downhill, mentioning issues like millions of people crossing the border and the need for strong, patriotic people in the United States.

  • What was Trump's response to the question about his comments on Jews voting for Democrats?

    -Trump doubled down on his previous comments, suggesting that Jews who vote for Democrats hate their religion and Israel, and warned of potential consequences for Israel.

  • How did Trump describe the trial he is involved in?

    -Trump referred to it as a 'rigged trial' by a 'crooked judge' and a 'crooked attorney general'.

  • What is the reported reason for Melania Trump's absence from Trump campaign events?

    -Reports suggest that Melania Trump is being paid not to divorce Trump and may have renegotiated her prenup, which could be a factor in her absence from campaign events.

  • What was Melania's response when asked about appearing on the campaign trail?

    -Melania responded with 'Stay tuned', which could imply that she is not committed to campaigning but might do so under certain conditions.

  • How did Fox News handle the news of Mike Pence not endorsing Trump?

    -Fox News, where Pence broke the news, has barely mentioned it since the announcement.

  • What is the potential issue with Trump's fundraising and money?

    -There are concerns among big donors that money given to Trump might be used for legal fees or funneled into settlements, which could be a problem for his campaign financing.

  • What was the reaction to Trump's use of the phrase 'I couldn't care less'?

    -The speaker credited Trump for using the correct phrase 'I couldn't care less' instead of the commonly misused 'I could care less'.



ūüó≥ÔłŹ Trump's Self-Vote and Pence's Non-Endorsement

The paragraph discusses Donald Trump's reaction to Mike Pence not endorsing him, with Trump expressing indifference. It also covers Trump's insulting remarks towards Pence and his response to questions about funding for his fraud trial. Additionally, Melania Trump's rare public appearance to vote in Florida is mentioned, with speculation on her potential involvement in campaign events and rumors about her being paid to stay in the marriage.


ūüĎ• Public Appearances and Political Allegiances

This paragraph focuses on Melania Trump's public appearance and the media's reaction to her potential role in the campaign. It also delves into the political discussion around Trump's comments on Jewish voters and Democrats, with references to Senator Schumer and Benjamin Netanyahu. The conversation includes Trump's claims about the Democrats' stance on Jewish people and Israel, as well as the anticipation for the upcoming formal nominations.



ūüí°Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States and a prominent businessman. In the context of this video, he is discussing his reaction to Mike Pence not endorsing him, his financial situation regarding a fraud trial, and his comments about Jewish voters and the Democratic party.

ūüí°Mike Pence

Mike Pence is the former Vice President of the United States who served under President Donald Trump. The keyword is significant in this video as it highlights the rift between Trump and Pence, particularly regarding Pence's decision not to endorse Trump, which is considered major news and uncommon in the political context.


In politics, an endorsement refers to a public or official expression of support for a candidate or policy. In this video, the lack of endorsement from Mike Pence for Donald Trump is a significant event, indicating a split within the Republican party.

ūüí°Fraud Trial

A fraud trial is a legal proceeding where an individual or entity is accused of fraudulent activities. In the context of this video, it relates to Donald Trump's financial situation and his response to questions about his ability to fund the bond required for a civil fraud trial he is involved in.

ūüí°Melania Trump

Melania Trump is the former First Lady of the United States and the ex-wife of Donald Trump. In this video, her appearance and potential involvement in Trump's campaign activities are discussed, as well as rumors about her possible reluctance to participate due to renegotiations in her prenuptial agreement.

ūüí°Campaign Trail

The campaign trail refers to the series of events, speeches, and appearances that politicians make to promote their candidacy and connect with voters during an election season. In this video, Melania Trump's potential involvement in the campaign trail is a point of discussion and speculation.

ūüí°Jewish Voters

Jewish voters are individuals of Jewish faith who participate in the electoral process. In the video, Trump makes controversial statements about Jewish voters, suggesting that those who vote for Democrats hate their religion and Israel, which is a contentious claim with political and social implications.


The Democrats are one of the two major political parties in the United States, with the other being the Republicans. In this video, the Democrats are portrayed by Trump as being opposed to Jewish people and Israel, which reflects the political polarization and contentious rhetoric surrounding the party's policies and values.

ūüí°Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer is a U.S. Senator from New York and a prominent figure in the Democratic Party. He is mentioned in the video as an example of a Jewish Democrat who, according to Trump, has acted against the interests of Israel, illustrating the political disagreements and personal attacks that occur in the context of U.S. politics.

ūüí°Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement, or prenup, is a legal contract signed by two individuals before they get married. It typically outlines the division of assets and financial responsibilities in the event of a divorce. In the video, it is suggested that Melania Trump may have renegotiated her prenup, which is speculated to be a reason for her potential reluctance to divorce Trump or appear on the campaign trail.


Fundraising in politics refers to the process of collecting financial contributions, typically from individual donors, to support a candidate's campaign. In the context of this video, Trump's fundraising is impacted by concerns from donors about where their money is being spent, particularly in relation to legal fees and potential misuse of funds.


Donald Trump votes for himself in Florida and dismisses Mike Pence's lack of endorsement.

Trump insults Mike Pence and delivers a 'word salad' response to questions about his fraud trial finances.

Melania Trump appears to vote in Florida, raising questions about her absence from recent campaign events.

Reports suggest Melania Trump may be paid to stay in the marriage and has renegotiated her prenup.

Trump corrects the common misphrase 'I could care less' with 'I couldn't care less' when asked about Pence's non-endorsement.

Trump claims to have plenty of cash but suggests that efforts are being made to take it away from him.

Trump describes his civil fraud trial as 'rigged' by a 'crooked judge' and 'crooked attorney general'.

Trump alleges that his company is being targeted for its billions in value and properties.

Trump accuses a 'corrupt group of people' of election interference regarding his legal situation.

Trump makes controversial statements about Jewish voters, suggesting they hate their religion if they vote Democrat.

Trump criticizes Democrats for their stance on Israel, citing Senator Schumer's actions as 'disgraceful'.

Melania's potential campaign trail appearances are shrouded in mystery, with her response 'stay tuned' indicating uncertainty.

Speculation about Melania's voting preferences, with a hint that she may have voted for Nikki Haley.

Melania's visible displeasure during her rare public appearance raises eyebrows.

The transcript highlights the rift between Trump and Pence, with Pence's decision not to endorse making major news.

Fox News' coverage of Pence's non-endorsement is scrutinized, with the network accused of downplaying the development.

Trump's fundraising and money issues are discussed, with concerns about donor money potentially going towards legal fees.



Speaker 1: After voting for himself  yesterday in the state of Florida,  


Donald Trump said he doesn't care about Mike  pence not endorsing him. He insulted Mike pence,  


and then he delivered a bizarre word salad. When  he was asked whether he can come up with the money  


for the bond in his fraud trial. You will also  notice if you're watching these videos that his  


wife, I guess technically she still his wife  Melania has, we have proof of life of Melania.  


She appeared there to vote as well in the state  of Florida. She was asked, and we will play this  


as well. She was asked whether she might appear  on the campaign trail. She has been conspicuously  


missing from every Trump campaign event. Reports  are that she is essentially being paid not to  


divorce Trump. And that has renegotiated a prenup.  It's all crazy. I don't quite care about it,  


but you have these right wingers who claim to say  that the family is the most important thing. And,  


you know, they would never vote for a, an  effectively single candidate. And I'm not  


saying too much about Melania's absence, but  let's start at the beginning. Trump asked,  


what do you think about your own  former vice president not endorsing  


you? And Trump says, I couldn't care less. Speaker 3: Do you think you can afford. 


Speaker 2: To say to what the vice  president? Oh, I couldn't care less. 


Speaker 1: Now I have to credit Trump with one  thing. He got the phrase right. I couldn't care  


less. That's correct. I am sick and tired of. I  could care less. You couldn't care less. Trump  


gets it right. And I am not hesitant to give him  credit for that. He got it right. I couldn't care  


less. Let's listen to the rest of the anthem. Speaker 2: Oh, I couldn't care less. I couldn't  


care less. We need patriots. We need strong people  in our country. Our country is going downhill  


very fast, very rapidly. Millions of people  coming across the border, coming from jails,  


from prisons, coming from mental institutions  and insane asylums, terrorists. We need strong  


people in this country. We don't need weak people. Speaker 1: Yeah. So Trump saying pence is weak,  


I guess because he didn't try to overturn  the election. Trump repeating the lies  


that so-called mental institutions in other  countries are being emptied out across the  


border. There is no evidence of that. But this  is an unprecedented situation. And by the way,  


this clip is from Fox News. You may notice.  On Fox News a few days ago, Mike pence said  


he won't be endorsing Trump. That's major news.  It's not common that you would see such a rift  


between vice president and president. That  one doesn't endorse the other. And Fox News,  


since pence broke the news on their channel,  has barely mentioned it. Trump mentioning it.  


Good for him. Trump asked, are you going  to be able to come up with the money for  


the bond in the civil fraud trial? Trump says,  I've got plenty of cash, but they're trying to  


take it from me. Are you confident you can? Speaker 2: I built a great company. One of  


the greatest companies anywhere in the country,  especially when it comes to real estate. Have some  


of the greatest assets in the world. And this is  a rig trial. This was a rigged trial by a crooked  


judge and a crooked attorney general. Speaker 1: Notice that there isn't  


an answer here, at least not yet. Speaker 2: And we're fighting it out with. And  


we have a lot of cash and we have a great company,  but they want to take it away, or at least take  


the cash limit away. Billions of dollars in  value, billions of dollars in properties. But  


they'd like to take the cash away. So I can't use  it on the campaign. And this is just a corrupt  


group of people. It's election interference,  and we'll see how the courts rule on it. And  


I'll be I'll be guided. I'll be guarded. Use me. Speaker 1: So no real answer as to whether Trump  


has the money in legal filings, if his lawyers  have said he does not have the money. And,  


of course, this is causing a real problem for  Trump. There are many big time donors who are  


realizing if I give Trump money, it's probably  going to legal fees. Maybe he'll find some way  


to funnel it into settlements, although it's  still not totally clear to me whether that  


would be legal. So Trump has a real fundraising  issue. He has a real money issue as well. Trump  


asked during this post voting tirade, about  his comments regarding Jews. Jews who vote  


for Democrats must hate their religion and they  must hate Israel. And they'd better be careful,  


because Israel will get destroyed if they vote  for Democrats and Trump, apparently defending  


all of it and even kind of doubling down I. Speaker 2: By the courts, President Trump.  


Very unique. I think that the Democrats have been  very, very opposed to Jewish people. That's true.  


And to Israel. Well, you have to do is look at  Senator Schumer. What he did with Israel is a  


disgrace. And I think Israel will probably not  forget it very soon. It's a very sad situation. 


Speaker 3: Man is smart. Do you  think a six. Do you think you. 


Speaker 2: Say to what? Speaker 1: All right. So then now he's  


asked about the pence part. So basically Trump  just doubling down saying yeah you know Democrats  


are against Jewish people. And I guess because  Chuck Schumer levied some very sensible and sober  


criticisms of Benjamin Netanyahu. Now Schumer, who  is Jewish himself, also hates Jews. It's all very,  


very bonkers stuff. Melania. Appearing in public  for the first time. And who the hell knows how  


long? Asked will you be on the campaign  trail? And she plays a little coy with it. 


Speaker 3: How are you going  to return to the campaign trail  


with your husband? Stay tuned. Stay. Speaker 1: Stay tuned. Stay tuned is  


Melania's answer, which I'm editorializing here.  I apologize, but that's this is an opinion show.  


When I hear stay tuned, I'm hearing I have no  interest in getting out on the campaign trail,  


but I may end up doing it. If I can negotiate  a good enough deal in order to start doing some  


appearances. So there is Trump voting for himself.  Maybe Melania voted for Nikki Haley. Maybe. Maybe  


Melania is one of those 150,000 Nikki Haley  voters. Who the hell knows? She doesn't seem  


pleased to be there, but we are going to continue  to follow the path to the formal nominations over  


the summer, which we will, of course, cover. We'll  take a break. So many things to talk about today.