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8 Jul 202409:07

TLDRIn this Path of Exile video, the lore of the game is explored, focusing on the upcoming 3.25 Settlers of Kalguur expansion. The video discusses the potential storyline involving the Kalguur people, their pursuit of renown, and their unique belief system that values runes over virtue gems. It also speculates on the role of Fus, the new admiral of the Rogue Harbor, in helping the Kalguur settle in King's March, potentially setting the stage for a fully-fledged port town in Path of Exile 2. The lore is presented in a way that may change the viewer's perspective, making it more engaging for those who previously disregarded it.


  • ๐Ÿ˜€ Many Path of Exile players dislike or are indifferent to the game's lore due to its presentation.
  • ๐Ÿ˜€ The lore would be more appealing if it were more action-oriented, organic, or cinematic.
  • ๐Ÿ˜€ This video provides a quick rundown of the essential lore elements for Path of Exile 3.25 Settlers of Kalguur.
  • ๐Ÿ˜€ Four returning characters are confirmed for the expansion: Danig, Tujen, Rog, and Faustus.
  • ๐Ÿ˜€ These characters were introduced in previous expansions and have specific roles related to the Kalguur expedition.
  • ๐Ÿ˜€ The Kalguur people do not value virtue gems, believing the power lies within the user, not the gem.
  • ๐Ÿ˜€ Faustus, now an admiral, is helping the Kalguur with their pursuits in the new expansion.
  • ๐Ÿ˜€ The Kalguur are attempting to settle in Rayclast again, potentially leading to a more peaceful interaction.
  • ๐Ÿ˜€ Key locations relevant to the expansion include Kalguur, Rogue Harbor, and potentially a new area called Kings March.
  • ๐Ÿ˜€ The Kalguur's crafting and magic focus on runes and starlight, differing from the virtue gems used by others in Rayclast.

Q & A

  • What is the general attitude of Path of Exile players towards the game's lore?

    -Many Path of Exile players either don't care, don't know, or outright hate the game's lore due to how it is presented to them.

  • What are the three lore facets that the video aims to explore in relation to Path of Exile 3.25?

    -The video aims to explore four characters, three locations, and two plots related to the lore of Path of Exile 3.25.

  • Who are the four returning characters confirmed for 'Settlers of Kalguur' in Path of Exile 3.25?

    -The four returning characters are Danik, a Scald, Warrior of Great Renown, Tujan, a ruthless haggler, Rag, a logistics and planning specialist, and Fus, the captain of the Marane and admiral of the Athan Navy.

  • What is the significance of the Trilian Flame in the lore of the Kalguur?

    -The Trilian Flame is a powerful relic brought to the continent ages ago by the Kalguur, capable of incinerating evil and purifying lands, but also known for committing horrific acts in the hands of the wrong Tyrant.

  • Why are virtue gems considered useless by the Kalguur?

    -The Kalguur believe that the power lies within the user of the gem, not inside the gem itself, making virtue gems useless to them.

  • What is the role of Fus in the story of Path of Exile 3.25?

    -Fus, as the new admiral of the Oran Navy and a favored smuggler, is helping transfer goods, likely artifacts, for the Kalguur, which is not legal.

  • What is the Rogue Harbor and how is it related to Fus?

    -The Rogue Harbor is a place for thieves, vagabonds, and those looking to conduct shady dealings. It is where Fus and the rest of the heist rogues are based.

  • What is the significance of the location 'Kings March' in the context of Path of Exile 3.25?

    -Kings March is a location not currently in Path of Exile 1 but is hinted to be the place where the Kalguur, led by Danik, might settle and build up a town during the time of Path of Exile 1, becoming a fully fledged port by the time of Path of Exile 2.

  • What is the cultural belief of the Kalguur regarding the power of gems and divinity?

    -The Kalguur do not respect the powers of divinity or corruption but instead believe in the might of artifice. They derive their strength from runes imbued with light captured from the stars.

  • What could be the potential new game mechanic or reward tied to the league mechanic in Path of Exile 3.25?

    -There could be a special reward or new type of crafting system where players can etch runes into their gear to unlock new valuable modifiers, implicits, or even star-based skills.

  • What is the potential implication of Gwenan's absence in the teaser and Path of Exile 2?

    -Gwenan's absence might hint that one of the original Expedition crew members is gone by the time of Path of Exile 2, suggesting a change in the dynamics of the crew.



๐Ÿ“œ Path of Exile Lore Overview

This paragraph introduces the general sentiment towards the Path of Exile lore among players, highlighting the lack of organic integration and the potential for increased player engagement if the lore were presented more cinematically. It sets the stage for a quick rundown of essential story elements for the upcoming Path of Exile 3.25, 'Settlers of Calgar'. The paragraph mentions four returning characters and hints at a possible cooperative storyline between them.


๐Ÿ›ก The Calgar and Their Quest for Renown

This section delves into the background of the Calgar people, their pursuit of renown, and their unique cultural practices. It explains the Calgar's belief in the power of the individual rather than virtue gems, and their history of colonization and conflict on the shores of Wraeclast. The paragraph also introduces the potential for a new settlement in 'Kings March', led by Danik, and speculates on the cooperative efforts between the Calgar and Fus, the admiral of the Rogue Harbor, in establishing this settlement.



๐Ÿ’กPath of Exile

Path of Exile is an action role-playing game developed by Grinding Gear Games. In the video's context, it refers to the game's lore and the specific content of the 3.25 update, 'Settlers of Kalguur'. The game is known for its complex and extensive storyline, which some players may find difficult to engage with, but the video aims to provide a quick rundown of the essential story elements for the update.


Lore in the context of Path of Exile refers to the game's backstory, history, and narratives that provide depth and context to the game world. The video discusses how the game presents its lore and suggests that a more organic, action-oriented, or cinematic presentation might enhance player engagement with the story.

๐Ÿ’กSettlers of Kalguur

Settlers of Kalguur is the name of the 3.25 update in Path of Exile. The video focuses on explaining the lore and story elements related to this update, which involves the Kalguur settlers and their interactions with other characters and factions within the game.


Danik is a character in Path of Exile, specifically mentioned as a leader of the Expedition from Kalguur. In the video, Danik is highlighted as a key figure in the 3.25 update, suggesting that he will play a central role in the story of the Kalguur settlers.


The Expedition is a party introduced in the 3.15 update of Path of Exile, which includes characters like Danik, Rag, and Tujan. They sailed to Wraeclast to search for ancient relics of their people. The video indicates that their journey and discoveries are significant to the unfolding story in the 3.25 update.

๐Ÿ’กVirtue Gems

Virtue Gems, known in the game as skill and support gems, are items that players can socket into their gear to enhance abilities. The video explains that the Kalguur people, including Danik, do not value these gems as much as the players do, believing that the power lies within the user, not the gem itself.


Fus is the captain of the Marenne, admiral of the Athan Navy, and a master smuggler. The video suggests that Fus is involved in the 3.25 update by helping the Kalguur settlers, possibly by transferring goods or artifacts, which hints at a cooperative relationship between the characters.

๐Ÿ’กRogue Harbor

Rogue Harbor is described as a location where shady dealings occur, and it is the base for characters like Fus and the heist rogues. The video implies that this location might play a role in the story of the 3.25 update, possibly as a place where the characters meet or conduct their operations.

๐Ÿ’กKings March

Kings March is mentioned as a potential new location in the Path of Exile universe, possibly introduced in the 3.25 update. The video speculates that it could be the place where the Kalguur settlers, led by Danik, attempt to establish a new settlement, which could become a fully fledged port town by the time of Path of Exile 2.


Runes are symbols imbued with magical properties in the game's lore. The Kalguur people use runes to harness starlight and empower their weapons and armor, rather than relying on virtue gems. The video suggests that this unique cultural aspect might be tied to new game mechanics or rewards in the 3.25 update.


Starlight is a source of power in Path of Exile's lore, particularly for the Kalguur people. They capture starlight in runes to empower their armaments, which is a key part of their culture and belief system. The video indicates that this concept might be central to the gameplay and story of the 3.25 update.


Almost every Path of Exile player either doesn't care, doesn't know, or outright hates the Path of Exile lore due to its presentation.

A more organic, action-oriented, or cinematic presentation of lore could increase player engagement.

Guide to the quickest rundown of the need-to-know story elements for Path of Exile 3.25 Settlers of Kalguur.

Four characters, three locations, and two plots are the focus for the lore of 3.25.

Danik, a scald, and Warrior of Great Renown are confirmed characters for Settlers of Kalguur.

Tujan, a ruthless haggler and cheerful man, is from Kalguur and part of the story.

Rag, a logistics specialist with a knack for board games, is also from Kalguur.

Fus, captain of the Marene and admiral of the Athan Navy, is involved in the expansion.

The teaser suggests that the characters, who've never met before, are working together.

Danik, Tuan, and Rag are members of the Expedition party introduced in 3.15 Expedition League.

The Calgar are not interested in virtue gems, valuing the power of the user instead.

Fus's involvement hints at illegal artifact transfers for the Calgar.

The Calgar may be settling in a new location with the help of Fus.

Kalguur is a land of proud people who pursue renown and craft armor with starlight runes.

The Rogue Harbor is a haven for thieves and the base for heist Rogues.

Kings March is a location in Path of Exile 2, potentially the new settlement for the Calgar.

The Calgar's settlement of Wraeclast could be their second chance to expand their domain.

The Calgar derive their strength from runes imbued with starlight, not virtue gems.

Fus, as a smuggler turned admiral, is likely helping the Calgar to construct something grand.

The potential development of Kings March into a fully fledged port town by the end of Path of Exile 1.

The absence of Gwenan in Kings March and the teaser suggests a possible change in the Expedition crew.