Summarization Tool

Jeff Coots
11 May 201503:01

TLDRThe Summarization Tool on Mac allows users to quickly condense articles, saving time and focusing on key information. To enable, go to System Preferences, then Keyboard Shortcuts, Services, and ensure summarization is checked. After selecting text, right-click, choose Services, and Summarization. Adjust the summary percentage for desired length. This tool is beneficial for handling large volumes of text, aiding students with time constraints or varying reading abilities. It's a built-in feature of Mac OSX, and for inquiries, contact [email protected].


  • 😀 The Summarization Tool is designed to quickly summarize articles, allowing users to get the gist before deciding to read the entire piece.
  • 🔧 To enable the Summarization Tool on Mac, go to System Preferences, then Keyboard, and finally to Shortcuts.
  • 📑 In the Shortcuts menu, select Services and ensure the Summarization box is checked to activate the feature.
  • 📚 To use the tool, highlight the text of the article you want to summarize, right-click, go to Services, and choose Summarization.
  • 🔄 The tool offers a percentage slider to adjust the level of summarization, from 100% down to a more condensed form.
  • 📉 As you adjust the slider, the article's length decreases, providing a shorter version of the original content.
  • 📝 The summarized text can be copied and pasted into other documents or platforms, such as a Word document, for further use.
  • 🎯 The tool is particularly useful for handling large volumes of text, making it easier to digest information quickly.
  • 👨‍🎓 It can be beneficial for students who may not have the time to read full articles or for those with different reading abilities.
  • 💻 The Summarization Tool is built into the Mac OSX system, making it easily accessible for users.
  • ❓ For any questions or support, contact Jeff Coot at [email protected], and feel free to share the tool with others.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the summarization tool mentioned in the transcript?

    -The summarization tool is designed to condense articles, allowing users to quickly grasp the main points without reading the entire text, thus saving time and helping users focus on the content they are interested in.

  • How can one enable the summarization tool on a Mac?

    -To enable the summarization tool, go to System Preferences, then to Keyboard, and then to Shortcuts. Under the Shortcuts menu, select Services and ensure that the summarization tool's checkbox is checked.

  • What is the process to use the summarization tool on an article?

    -Highlight the text you want to summarize, right-click, navigate to Services, and then choose Summarization. The tool will then provide a summarized version of the highlighted text.

  • Can the summarization tool adjust the level of summary detail?

    -Yes, the tool allows users to adjust the level of summary detail by changing the percentage, which can range from 1% to 100%.

  • What are some potential use cases for the summarization tool?

    -The summarization tool can be useful for students who may not have time to read full articles, for educators working with students of different reading abilities, or for anyone dealing with large volumes of text.

  • How can the summarized content be utilized after it's generated?

    -The summarized content can be copied into other applications such as Word documents for further editing, sharing, or posting on social media platforms like Twitter.

  • Is the summarization tool a perfect solution for all reading needs?

    -While the tool is helpful, it is not perfect and may not always provide a perfect summary. It is particularly useful for long articles where the reduction in size matters.

  • What are the different summary options available in the tool?

    -Users can choose to summarize by changing the size percentage, by sentences, or by paragraphs, depending on the desired level of detail.

  • Is the summarization tool exclusive to Mac users?

    -Yes, the tool is embedded in the Mac OSX system, making it exclusive to Mac users.

  • How can users get in touch with the person who provided the transcript for further questions?

    -Users can reach out to Jeff Coot at [email protected] for any additional questions or clarifications.

  • What is the final call to action for users after learning about the summarization tool?

    -The transcript encourages users to share the information with others, post comments on the holler, and utilize the tool to enhance their reading and summarization experience.



📝 Enabling the Summarization Tool on Mac

This paragraph introduces a tool on Mac that can summarize articles quickly, allowing users to grasp the main points before deciding to read the entire content. The process to enable this summarization feature is explained, which involves accessing system preferences, navigating to keyboard shortcuts, and ensuring the summarization service is checked. The tool is particularly useful for reducing the time spent on reading and for focusing on relevant information.

🔍 Using the Summarization Tool for Articles

The second paragraph demonstrates how to use the summarization tool on an article. The user is guided through the process of highlighting the text, accessing the 'Services' menu, and selecting 'Summarization' to condense the article. The tool's functionality is showcased with a short article, and it's explained that the level of summarization can be adjusted. The benefits of using this tool for long articles and for various user needs, such as students or those with special reading requirements, are highlighted.

📋 Editing and Sharing Summarized Content

This paragraph discusses the post-summarization steps, such as copying the summarized content into other applications like a Word document for further editing, sharing, or posting on social media. It emphasizes the versatility of the tool and its potential to assist users in managing large volumes of reading material efficiently.

🗣️ Contact and Sharing Information

The final paragraph provides contact information for the presenter, Jeff Coot, for any questions regarding the summarization tool. It encourages viewers to share the information with others and to engage in the discussion by posting comments, reinforcing the collaborative spirit of the community.



💡Summarization Tool

A summarization tool is a software feature or application designed to condense lengthy text into a shorter version, capturing the main points and essence of the original content. In the context of the video, the summarization tool in Mac OS is highlighted as a time-saving feature that allows users to quickly grasp the gist of an article before deciding whether to read it in full. The script demonstrates how to enable and use this tool to summarize an article, showcasing its utility for readers with large volumes of text to process.

💡System Preferences

System Preferences is a part of Mac OS where users can adjust settings for various system functions and features. In the script, it is mentioned as the first step to enable the summarization tool, indicating that users need to navigate to this section to access and toggle the feature on. This term is crucial for understanding how to activate the tool within the operating system.

💡Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts are combinations of keys on a computer keyboard that allow users to perform certain actions more efficiently than using a mouse. In the video script, the term is used to describe how users can access the summarization tool through a specific shortcut after enabling it in the system preferences. This is an important aspect of the tool's accessibility and usability.


In Mac OS, 'Services' is a menu that provides additional functionalities and tools that can be applied to the current selection or document. The script instructs users to select 'Services' from the context menu to access the summarization feature, emphasizing its role in the workflow of using the summarization tool.


To 'highlight' in the context of text editing means to select a portion of the text by marking it in some way, usually to draw attention to it or to prepare it for a specific action. In the script, highlighting is the action taken before right-clicking to access the summarization service, indicating the user's intention to summarize the selected text.


Summarization refers to the process of condensing information into a shorter form while retaining the main ideas. In the script, this term is used to describe the action performed by the tool when reducing the length of an article. The script also mentions adjusting the level of summarization, indicating that users can control the extent to which the text is shortened.


A paragraph is a section of a text that deals with a single idea or topic and consists of one or more sentences. In the script, the term is used to describe the units of text that the summarization tool can process. The tool's ability to summarize paragraphs is important for understanding how it can be used to condense larger bodies of text.


Options in this context refer to the various settings or choices available to users when using the summarization tool. The script mentions the ability to adjust the size of the summary, indicating that users have control over the level of detail in the summarized output.


To 'copy' in a computing context means to duplicate digital content so that it can be pasted elsewhere. The script describes how users can copy the summarized text and use it in other applications, such as a Word document, which demonstrates the tool's flexibility and utility in various scenarios.

💡Word Document

A Word document is a file created using a word processing application, typically Microsoft Word. In the script, it is mentioned as an example of where the summarized text can be pasted and further edited or shared, showcasing the tool's integration with other types of digital documents.

💡Special Needs Students

Special needs students refer to individuals who require additional support or accommodations due to learning disabilities or other challenges. The script suggests that the summarization tool could be beneficial for these students by making articles more accessible and manageable, highlighting the tool's potential for educational inclusivity.


Summarization Tool can quickly provide a gist of an article before reading the whole thing.

To enable the Summarization Tool, go to System Preferences and then to Keyboard Shortcuts.

Select Services from the shortcuts menu and ensure the summarization box is checked.

Highlight the text in an article you want to summarize.

Right-click, go to Services, and select Summarization to condense the article.

Adjust the summarization level from 1 to 100% to find the optimal summary length.

The Summarization Tool is not perfect but can effectively condense paragraphs.

Options to change the size of the summary include adjusting by sentences or paragraphs.

The summarized text can be copied into other documents or tools for further use.

The tool is useful for managing large amounts of data that need to be read.

It can assist students who may not have time to read full articles.

The Summarization Tool can be helpful for students with special needs or different reading abilities.

The tool is embedded in the Mac OSX system.

For questions, contact Jeff Coot at [email protected].

The Summarization Tool is recommended for sharing with others and posting comments on the holler.

The tool can save time and help focus on relevant reading material.

The Summarization Tool is a practical application for enhancing reading efficiency.