Splitting Steel Juggernaut... Could It Be A Viable League Starter Build for 3.25?

6 Jul 202411:02

TLDRIn this video, the host tests a Splitting Steel Juggernaut build for the upcoming Path of Exile 3.25 league. Despite initial struggles, the build proves viable on Hardcore SSF, but requires some gear adjustments to meet trade league standards. The host recommends playing it on the Champion with a perseverance hybrid for better performance. The build shows potential but has limitations, suggesting it might be better as a second build rather than a league starter.


  • 😀 The video discusses testing a 'Splitting Steel Juggernaut' build for the upcoming 3.25 league start.
  • 🛡️ The build is designed to be super tanky and slow, suitable for Hardcore Self-Found (SSF) players.
  • 💥 The character managed to progress through the campaign with some bottlenecks but overall performed well.
  • 🚀 For a league starter, the build requires specific early-game support gems like 'Bleed Chance Support' to get started.
  • ⏱️ It took approximately 7 to 7.5 hours of playtime to gear up the character from scratch without any leveling gear.
  • 🗺️ The build had difficulties with damage output and survivability, especially when trying to reach higher-tier maps.
  • 🛑 The player experienced deaths frequently, which was not preferred for a build intended for a league start.
  • 🏆 The build is suggested to be better suited for the Champion class with a 'perseverance hybrid' configuration.
  • 🔄 A trickster build with 'Femoral Edge' is recommended for those who want to maximize tankiness and damage output.
  • 💰 The video creator found an alternative build that achieves low-life armor stacking but noted it as expensive.
  • 🔄 The creator plans to rework and test a 'Shield Crush' build for the next league start, addressing previous issues and enhancing tank ability.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video script?

    -The main topic of the video script is testing a 'Splitting Steel Juggernaut' build as a potential league starter for the upcoming 3.25 version of the game.

  • Why did the author decide to create a Splitting Steel Juggernaut build?

    -The author wanted to see if the Splitting Steel Juggernaut build could work as a league starter and to test its viability in terms of tankiness and damage output.

  • What are the challenges faced when starting with the Splitting Steel build from level one?

    -The challenges include needing to mule a jeweler to get the 'Splitting Steel' gem and 'Bleed Chance Support' gem from level one, as the build doesn't work with 'Ruthless Support' gem on the Marauder.

  • How did the build perform during the campaign?

    -The build performed well during the campaign, with some bottlenecks in Act 4, Act 6, and Act 8, but it caught up in the proceeding acts with better gearing and power.

  • What was the total playtime to gear up the build from start to finish?

    -The total playtime to gear up the build from start to finish was about 7 to 7 and 1/2 hours.

  • What are the author's concerns regarding the build for a league starter?

    -The author's concerns include the build hitting a damage plateau too early, not feeling tanky enough, and dying a lot, which is not preferred for a league starter.

  • Why is the author not recommending the Juggernaut build for a league start?

    -The author is not recommending the Juggernaut build for a league start because it didn't feel tanky, it was dying a lot, and there are better league starters available on the Juggernaut.

  • What alternative build does the author suggest for the Champion?

    -The author suggests playing the build on the Champion with a 'perseverance hybrid configuration' which is designed for the champion and makes more sense.

  • What is the author's plan after testing the Splitting Steel Juggernaut build?

    -The author plans to rework the 'Shield Crush' build from previous leagues and test it as the next league starter, as it was viable and has been improved with a new tree for better tank ability.

  • How can viewers suggest other builds for the author to test for league starters?

    -Viewers can suggest other builds or things they want the author to look at in the description below the video.



🛡️ Splitting Steel Juggernaut League Starter Review

The speaker discusses testing a Splitting Steel Juggernaut build for a league start in an upcoming patch 3.25. The build is designed for a tanky and slow playstyle, suitable for Hardcore SSF. Despite initial struggles with gear and damage output, the build eventually performs well in campaign mode, hitting T10 Maps with basic gear and further improved with replica dream feathers. However, the speaker expresses mixed feelings about the build's performance, noting it's okay but not great. The campaign had some bottlenecks but became easier with better gear. The speaker faced challenges starting the build, suggesting muling a jeweler for early access to key gems. The overall playtime to gear up from scratch was 7 to 7.5 hours, and the speaker died multiple times, indicating the build might not meet personal preferences for tankiness and survivability.


💥 Critique and Alternatives for the Splitting Steel Build

In this paragraph, the speaker critically examines the Splitting Steel Juggernaut build, identifying issues with survivability and damage output, especially when compared to personal preferences for tanky builds. The speaker suggests the build performs better on the champion with a perseverance hybrid configuration. Additionally, the speaker recommends using a Trickster for a more effective end-game build, utilizing the ES stack from Trickster to enhance Splitting Steel's damage. The speaker also addresses the unrealistic expectations set for a league starter, admitting to pushing the build harder than necessary and not reaching full potential with the given level and gear. The speaker concludes by recommending against the Juggernaut for a league start but endorses the champion as a viable option, providing a link to further information on the build.


🔨 Future Plans and Community Engagement

The speaker wraps up by sharing future plans to rework and test a Shield Crush build for the next league start, expressing confidence in its viability. They invite the community to suggest builds for testing or troubleshooting, showing readiness to experiment with non-meta builds. The speaker also mentions an intention to clean up the channel's format, reducing profanity and enhancing professionalism, while maintaining the same stream style. They encourage viewers to like, subscribe, and follow the Twitch channel, signaling a commitment to ongoing content creation and community interaction.



💡Splitting Steel

Splitting Steel is a skill in the game 'Path of Exile' that allows the player to deal damage in a large area in front of them. In the context of the video, it's the core mechanic of the build being tested, aimed at being a tanky and slow damage dealer. The script mentions trying to get this skill to work for a league starter, indicating its importance in the build's strategy.


In the game 'Path of Exile', the Juggernaut is an ascendancy class for the Marauder character, known for its tankiness and crowd control abilities. The video discusses a build designed for the Juggernaut class, emphasizing its high durability and survivability in combat, which is a central theme of the video.

💡League Starter Build

A 'League Starter Build' refers to a character setup that is intended to be effective right from the beginning of a new league in 'Path of Exile'. The video script discusses testing the Splitting Steel Juggernaut as a potential league starter, highlighting its viability and the challenges encountered during the testing phase.

💡Hardcore SSF

Hardcore SSF, or Solo Self-Found, is a game mode in 'Path of Exile' where players cannot trade with others and must find all their own items. The script mentions that the build is tested in Hardcore SSF, indicating a high level of difficulty and self-sufficiency required for this mode.


Tanking in gaming terminology refers to a character's ability to absorb damage and protect others. The video describes the build as 'super tanky,' meaning it is designed to withstand a lot of damage, which is a key feature of the Juggernaut class in the game.


In the context of gaming, 'bottlenecks' refer to stages or points in the game where progress is slowed or halted due to increased difficulty. The script mentions the build hitting bottlenecks in certain acts, indicating periods where the character struggled to advance.


A 'Mule' in 'Path of Exile' is a secondary character used to transfer items to a main character, often to circumvent the game's trading restrictions. The script suggests using a mule to get the 'Splitting Steel' skill and necessary support gems from level one, which is a strategic move in the game.

💡Gearing Up

Gearing up refers to the process of equipping a character with better items to enhance their abilities. The video discusses the process of gearing up the Juggernaut to increase its damage output, which is a critical step in making the build effective for higher level content.

💡Replica Dream Feathers

Replica Dream Feathers are unique items in 'Path of Exile' that provide various benefits when equipped. The script mentions using these items to improve the build's performance, indicating their importance in enhancing the character's capabilities.


In 'Path of Exile', the Champion is a type of enemy that can have various modifiers, making them more challenging and rewarding. The video suggests that the build is better suited for the Champion, indicating that it may perform better against these tough opponents.

💡Perserverance Hybrid Configuration

Perserverance is an ascendancy passive for the Marauder class, and a 'Hybrid Configuration' refers to a setup that combines different aspects or strategies. The script recommends using a Perserverance hybrid configuration for the build on the Champion, suggesting a specific strategy to optimize the build's performance.

💡Femoral Edge

Femoral Edge is a notable passive skill on the Marauder's skill tree in 'Path of Exile' that grants increased endurance charge duration and effect. The script mentions using this passive as an alternative way to play the build, indicating a different approach to enhance the character's tankiness and damage output.


Unstoppable is an ascendancy passive for the Juggernaut class that grants immunity to stun for a short duration after taking a certain amount of damage. The script discusses not being able to get this passive on the build due to level restrictions, which is a setback as it would significantly increase the build's tankiness.

💡T14 Maps

T14 Maps refer to Tier 14 maps in 'Path of Exile', which are high-level end-game content. The script mentions reaching T14 Maps with the build, indicating a high level of progression and effectiveness of the build in end-game scenarios.

💡Shield Crush

Shield Crush is another build concept in 'Path of Exile', mentioned in the script as an alternative to the Splitting Steel Juggernaut. The video discusses reworking and testing this build for the upcoming league, suggesting it as a potentially more viable option.


The build works on Hardcore SSF, designed to be super tanky and slow.

Achieved T10 maps with relatively average gear.

Faced bottlenecks in acts 4, 6, and 8, but progressed with better gear.

Required muling a Duelist to get Splitting Steel and Bleed Chance support.

Alternately, could start with Smite and Ruthless support, switching to Splitting Steel in act 3.

Leveled from 1 to mapping in about 7.5 hours with no leveling gear.

Had issues with dying and off-screen attacks due to unbalanced defenses.

Better suited for the Champion class, specifically in a perseverance hybrid configuration.

The Trickster class with es stack performs better in the endgame.

Reached T14 maps at level 67 but struggled without the fourth ascendancy.

Dual replica Dream Feathers allowed progression to T16 maps but not significantly impressive.

The build is more viable as a second build due to dying frustrations.

Identified that better Juggernaut league starters exist.

Next league start test will focus on reworking the Shield Crush build.

Requesting community feedback for other build tests and troubleshooting.